Oct. 2, 2019

A $40k First Flip Profit Using a Home Equity Line of Credit with Kate Fulford

Kate Fulford began her career life as a project manager for various marketing/design/software firms for about a decade. When the dot bomb fell, she decided to pursue her dream of opening a women's clothing boutique. 

The shop was a colorful success in San Francisco, but when she got married and pregnant, they decided to move to Portland and she sold her store. 

After a few years off with her children, she opened a stationery boutique in Portland, but closed it after a year to pursue a career in Real Estate.  

She's been a broker for 6 years and just started flipping houses last Fall; she loves it all!

In this episode, she is sharing all kinds of things she learned as she navigated her first flip.

Listen and learn the following:

  • How she found and funded the deal
  • How she handled some unexpected surprises 
  • How she found her contractors 
  • The fears she felt around doing her first flip & how she overcame them 
  • What she's up to now

...and much more. Tune in now!


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