April 27, 2022

Carmen Quickly Raises Over $150k Private Capital for Her First Flip!

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Carmen and her husband move to San Antonio, TX from Mexico in August of 2021. They knew they wanted to flip houses. Being business owners previously, they understood the value of hiring a coach to teach them so they could avoid the costly mistakes most people make when they try to figure this all out on their own. 

In September, they joined our program and by November they were under contract on their first flip. 

They used none of their own money. They raised over $150,000 in private capital, giving their friends and family the opportunity to make a profit, too. 

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Carmen's "Why" behind wanting to flip houses
  • What it took for her to get out of her own way and quickly raise the funds she needed
  • The story of her first flip, including how she found it and financed it
  • The challenges that came up
  • Her first flip profit of 20% of the sales price - amazing!
  • How she found flips 2 and 3
  • How she's structuring the next two flips so they don't use any of their own money

...and so much more!

Carmen is so impressive! I love her attitude and her willingness to get out of her own way in order to help her family get what they want. So good.



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Intro  0:01  
You're listening to the flip houses like a girl podcast where we educate, empower and celebrate everyday women who are facing their fears, juggling family and business, embracing their awesomeness and wholeheartedly chasing their dream of flipping houses. Each episode delivers honest to goodness tools, tips and strategies you can implement today to get closer to your first or next successful house flip. Here's your spiky hair to breakfast taco loving host house flipping coach Debbie DeBerry?

Debbie DeBerry  0:40  
Hey there, how's it going? I am really excited to share this conversation with you. I know I say that all the time. But I really am excited all the time to share these conversations because I know that they inspire people. And I love the courage of these women, everyday women, right? They're not claiming to be experts. They're not claiming anything, just regular, everyday women coming on here and sharing their stories. These are stories of our flip sisters, the women in our coaching program and community who have flipped their first house or flipped their ninth house. All right. This story is about Carmen and her first flip, which really she's got three, but it's about mainly her first flip. She and her husband are foreign nationals. So if people have these preconceived notions of, oh, I can't do this, because right, and they've got a list of reasons, there are reasons why it would never work for them. I will have Carmen because she just shatters all of those. She doesn't let anything get in her way. They were determined to do something. They were determined to flip houses. And they did it. So they arrived from Mexico last August 2021. And the next month there, they join our coaching program. And within a couple of months after that, they are buying their first flip, they ended up raising over $150,000 of private capital from friends and family. All because they weren't scared to ask that right there is what's holding most people back from getting where they want to go. They're scared to ask, well, I don't want to look dumb. Well, I don't want people to judge me. Well, what if I fail, and then people are just going to think all these things. All of those stories, we tell ourselves, we're just causing ourselves to suffer. Let's they're not real. They're made up stories, the longer we take to get to the next failure, or challenge, or mistake or problem to solve, the longer it's going to take us to get to the end goal. So get to problems faster, get to mistakes faster. Solve them, move on. And repeat. All right, well, let's talk to Carmen because there's nothing holding this lady back. She is phenomenal. Cannot wait to share this with you. All right. Let's just go. Okay, so let's just start with you. Introducing yourself telling us a little bit about who you are, where you are. And yeah, a little bit of your background.

Unknown Speaker  4:04  
Okay, perfect. So I'm Carmen, I'm from Mexico City, but we used to live in Nevada, that's a place nearby. And a couple of months ago, my husband and I decided that we didn't want to live there anymore. So we sold everything and came to San Antonio, Texas with our kids.

Debbie DeBerry  4:27  
Wow. Did you have family there in San Antonio? No. You just randomly chose it.

Unknown Speaker  4:33  
Yeah, well, we knew a couple of friends that came here like years ago. And with we just went like, well, we knew a couple of people. So let's just go there.

Debbie DeBerry  4:46  
That's awesome. Okay, when did y'all do that?

Unknown Speaker  4:49  
We arrived here in July. Okay.

Debbie DeBerry  4:54  
Y'all leave y'all come to San Antonio area and you're like, Okay, now what?

Unknown Speaker  5:02  
Well, back in Mexico we are. My husband and I are both industrial designers. But I have always done the interior design. And he has always done the hard work. So we starting started working like that. And then we built a factory where we used to build, like bathroom cabinets, kitchens, and everything made out of wood. That's right. Yeah. Okay. So we knew a lot of interior design furniture and finishes. We, when we came here, the factory wasn't going very well with with COVID and everything. So and we always want to flip back in Mexico, we flipped a couple of houses, one that we still have, that's a rental. But we knew everything here work very differently, from the way the houses are built, and everything. So we started, like, just finding information about flipping houses. And actually, my husband found your podcasts.

Debbie DeBerry  6:20  
I love it. When I hear that, that's fun. And he

Unknown Speaker  6:25  
showed it to me, and he was like, You need to listen to this. So I started listening to your podcast, and after a few I really I Googled you, and I found you. And I knew because I was already a business owner that I didn't want to do that the common mistakes. And if someone can teach me and show me how to do it, it will be way easier. And I could be like, way better at my job. So

Debbie DeBerry  7:01  
I agree. I like to hire people who know what they're doing, and they can reach out and do it. Right. It's just, yeah, it saves money in the long run. Yeah. Okay, so you guys joined in September of last year. And when did you buy your first flip?

Unknown Speaker  7:20  
Um, in late in the first days of November.

Debbie DeBerry  7:27  
Wow. That's crazy. That's so fast. Okay. So November. Now, where did how did you find this one?

Unknown Speaker  7:35  
Okay, so since we arrived here, we got a real estate agent, but he scammed us and we had like very bad experience with him. Oh, no. Yeah. Well, he asked for money in advance. And he was very pushy for us buying properties, but the properties didn't. The numbers didn't look well. And we he just stopped answering his phone. And well, it was a, like a great lesson for us. Yeah. But we, but we felt really bad. And we didn't know how to find a house. So we actually went through your resources. And my husband was one more meaning like, I'm, I'm gonna stay here all day, and I'm gonna find this house. And now we're like, okay, good luck. So. So he went on Craigslist. And he, he got a few phones. And we made two appointments for the next day. So we met with two wholesalers, both which we are working now, with amazing, so one of them. It was from a big company. And we as we are not US citizens, you would be very hard to buy from him. So we didn't have any moment. Any money at the time. Right. So the next wholesaler that we met, he was like, really open and he just shared with us his experience. And he was like, well, maybe I have a property for you guys. It's a small fleet is small property. It's going to be like a fast plate. So I don't know if you want it because you cannot see it from the inside, but I can give you the address. And he ran some numbers and he gave us it was $80,000 but we need it. And he was like, is that okay? And we didn't have any money any money. And we were like, Yeah, that's when do you need the money? And and he was like, Oh, well, I just need Um, 5k like in the next few days, and then I'll let you know, when I have the property and everything, you can pay the rest. I'm here like, Yeah, sure. Okay, don't worry. And we left there. And we were like, What are we going to do? Because we had called some wholesale or not some hard money lenders. But we didn't have any of the requirements they need. So it was like, Well, we do have bank accounts, but not from here from Mexico. And so that wasn't a choice for us. We didn't have any bank accounts here. So anything, so we just went and called everyone we knew and made a presentation of the project. And like, you show him in some of your interviews with the modules? Like, how can they make profit? out of money, right? Yes. So we got the money from friends and family. That's friends and family, because they were like, well, I have 2000. I have 1000. And we just got to the 880 K, one day before we have to give the money. Oh, my

Debbie DeBerry  11:23  
God, this is such a great story, Carmen. I had no idea. I had no idea.

Unknown Speaker  11:28  
Oh, yeah, it was. We were really nervous. And because they are friends. We we wanted this to work. Yeah. But we weren't confident that that we could do it. So we just went all in.

Debbie DeBerry  11:42  
That's that right there. Just knowing that you'll make it happen. Knowing that you'll pull it off. Right, that right there means you will if we could just get everyone to believe yes, they can. Yeah, of course. Oh, man. Okay,

Unknown Speaker  11:58  
so it just happened. Your sales and it's the right time?

Debbie DeBerry  12:04  
Absolutely. self trust is so important. Okay, so you don't have any money. You have accounting. In Mexico. Lenders are like, No. And you're like, yeah, we'll buy this house. And knowing that you will pull it off like you're just like, Yeah, sure. And so you make a presentation. You show all your friends and family and a bunch of people buy in, they're like, Yeah, I want to do this. Yeah, this is cool. Oh, my gosh, this is amazing. Okay, so you pull all the money together a day before closing? And

Unknown Speaker  12:40  
you close? Yeah.

Debbie DeBerry  12:43  
Okay. So you weren't able to go inside? Was it? I assume it's because people were living there. Yeah, yeah. Okay, so you weren't able to go inside? So you're kind of just like, did you have pictures of inside?

Unknown Speaker  12:57  
We had a couple of pictures, but the house was a mess. So the guy could not took so many pictures. They called us. It's in very bad shape. But, but the numbers just just weren't correct. So we were bad. In a worst case scenario, right? Yeah, maybe we'll learn but we're not losing money. So yep, we'll do it.

Debbie DeBerry  13:24  
Okay. So you buy it for 80k? Yeah. Were you did you kind of have Did you have some sort of repair estimate in mind?

Unknown Speaker  13:34  
Yeah, we did had we thought like, 65k. Okay, that's pretty good. Like, that's, that's a lot. Yeah. But we didn't have any money to the rehab.

Debbie DeBerry  13:49  
Right, so we're back to we don't have any more money. That's right. Okay, so you had raised the ADK to buy it. And so now you've got 65k. Yeah, but you need to rehab it. Where the heck did that come from?

Unknown Speaker  14:06  
Well, we my husband is very handy. So he was I'm gonna work there and do everything on my own. But then he was like, No, we have to make this fast. So we need people. I don't know, working in this kind of property. So. So we need to get the money. So we were honest with the guy that sold us the property. Yeah. And we were like, well, I know. Because he she was very open and very friendly. And we were like, well, you You once told us that you lent money to people. So could you lend us some? And he was like, Well, I do but not this sir. I read them them for a property not only for a rehab. Oh, got it. But he made an exception of But and London a couple of money. And the other part, we just used all our credit cards to buy all the materials. Yeah. Yeah.

Debbie DeBerry  15:11  
Okay, so you used credit cards to, to buy what you could which is materials and stuff.

Unknown Speaker  15:19  
Yep. Yeah, materials. They see everyone who accepted credit cards. It went, it went to the credit cards. Yeah.

Debbie DeBerry  15:28  
Okay, so how much money did you borrow from the the wholesaler?

Unknown Speaker  15:33  
Um, it was, I think 35k and the other 35 It was on our credit cards. Okay.

Debbie DeBerry  15:45  
This is amazing. I had no idea. All this was happening. Okay. All right. So, did the renovation end up being about 65?

Unknown Speaker  15:56  
Yeah. Okay, because some things were like, We were surprised that it didn't need any work like the foundation. Nice, but we didn't think we are going to spend so much money on getting all the junk out.

Debbie DeBerry  16:14  
It's expensive. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. So did you guys have several big dumpsters that you filled?

Unknown Speaker  16:22  
Yeah, like, three or four? It was a small property. What do you have a field with very dirty things.

Debbie DeBerry  16:30  
Yes. Yeah, I remember that. I feel like I can still smell it.

Unknown Speaker  16:37  
Yeah. Yeah, you went in and you're still big. Oh, absolutely. Got to take a shower and just spray Leisel all over us. Yeah,

Debbie DeBerry  16:50  
I totally know what you mean. Yeah, I've been I've had some of those. Okay, so any major surprises?

Unknown Speaker  17:00  
Well, the flip went really well. Because we made it pretty quickly. It was like Christmas time we started like in December 20. Okay, so by the first date of January, like the heart stuff was always done. We had to do this sewer, the plumbing the electricity all knew it didn't work at all. Yeah, that's why the smell was so bad. Also. Oh my god.

Debbie DeBerry  17:34  
Yeah. Even like, mush. Yeah. Did you think people were living in that? Right?

Unknown Speaker  17:43  
Yeah. Oh, my God. Remember, they left us with 10 Dogs inside,

Debbie DeBerry  17:48  
right? Oh, my gosh.

Unknown Speaker  17:52  
Yeah, but Well, we call the dog pound. And they took all of them. But we know because one of them like two weeks ago, came back to the property. And my husband saw it. And he was like, well, maybe his owner is around here. He had a little plate with a number he called. And he was adopted from the duck town. So yeah, those guys had. Good luck and found.

Debbie DeBerry  18:27  
I'm so glad I had forgotten about that. I hate it when there are animals involved. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  18:32  
They weren't very clean. So yeah,

Debbie DeBerry  18:36  
yeah. Oh, my God. Patient. Oh, I totally forgot about that. Okay. So when did you guys your body in November? Yeah. And then when did y'all list it for sale?

Unknown Speaker  18:51  
We got it in November that we did the 5k. But we paid it until December like 1517.

Debbie DeBerry  19:02  
Oh, so you didn't close on it until the end of December? Oh, yeah. Okay. Okay. So when did you guys list it for sale?

Unknown Speaker  19:10  
The first week of February?

Debbie DeBerry  19:13  
Yeah, the over so fast. I remember thinking oh my gosh, that was so fast. Like six weeks. So did your husband get some help hire some people to help.

Unknown Speaker  19:24  
Yeah, we are. Yeah, we we knew we knew a guy a friend of ours who just works in constructions. He gave us a number and we call that guy and he helped and we just starting to know people around. And we actually with many of them are still working with nice. Yeah,

Debbie DeBerry  19:47  
you know what I keep hearing is that you will don't try to do it on your own. And you call people right? You're not afraid to call people you're not afraid to like reach out you're not afraid to Ask, you're not like, you're not afraid of those things. And that's the biggest thing we see is that people don't, they don't want to make phone calls. They don't want to ask for things they don't. And it's like you have to you have to ask it. Or if you didn't ask for money, you wouldn't have bought this house.

Unknown Speaker  20:16  
Yeah. So yes, you have to do. Yeah. And this guy, sometimes they knew where to find the materials, because Home Depot didn't have them and stuff. So and they knew how to get them. So Right.

Debbie DeBerry  20:31  
Exactly. They felt a lot. Yes, totally. Okay. So you're listed it at the beginning of February. Yeah. And I was watching it. So I know it went under contract pretty fast.

Unknown Speaker  20:44  
Yeah, it went under contract, like a week after. Okay, we got a few options, but we chose one. That was 2005. But cash 205? Yeah. 205 cash. And the closing would be in 10 days. Because we needed to pay the credit cards, and we needed money to leave. So we were in a hurry. Yeah, oh, my gosh. Okay. So then there's a problem. We did everything it was, we were going to sign like on Monday, and it was a Thursday. And we'll say, girl called us. And she's she's like, Oh, you have some papers here. And there are fines, because you didn't get the permits the permits, right. So we were like, what? We really didn't know what she was talking about. So we went crazy. We knew that that was very bad. We didn't know how, how bad is it? And how long it would take now to close because we couldn't close on Monday. Right? So we told the buyers the situation and just asked for a couple of weeks to make everything right. So the good thing is that we did everything right. And everything was some code. And and that worked. That thing is that when the inspections happen, you have to open so yeah, and get sick shirt tours away. Yeah, it's Yes. Big issues. So we and we had to hire some new people to do it. So things factions and everything. We're right. So we've spent 10k, homie. Yeah, just for that issue. Yeah, that was a very expensive learning. Yeah, yeah.

Debbie DeBerry  22:59  
Yeah, I had voted to begin. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  23:02  
Yeah, we just didn't know. But my husband just went to the city, and ask and get all the information. And he just started to call and people say like, what do I what do I need to do? You know, have it happened to you? And many people helped us. Yeah. And we'll see him. He made everything right. In about three weeks. And then we'll close with that same the same buyer. Yeah. The same buyers, right. Yeah. They waited for us. Yeah,

Debbie DeBerry  23:35  
that's nice. Nice. Okay, so. So you ended up? It was initially 65k rehab, but it ended up being 75k? Because the extra 10,000. All right. So you sold it for 205. So what was your profit? Well, after

Unknown Speaker  23:57  
all closing costs, and the interest for the lenders and everything we ended up with 30k. That's amazing. Yeah, it could have been 40k. But it's also very good.

Debbie DeBerry  24:11  
30k that's 15% of the sales price. Like that's a great margin. Oh my gosh. Congratulations. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  24:20  
Thank you. We were really happy

Debbie DeBerry  24:22  
that like, none of your own money.

Unknown Speaker  24:25  
None borrowed.

Debbie DeBerry  24:26  
You borrowed all the money. Yeah. Like you, a US citizen. Like all of these things that people are like, Oh, I can't do it. Because well, Carmen just did it because of all those things. Like yeah, yeah. So you sold that? Probably in February, maybe a march?

Unknown Speaker  24:48  
Yeah, March. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Now.

Debbie DeBerry  24:55  
You've got two more projects you're working on now.

Unknown Speaker  24:57  
Yeah. Well, since we are We went to Mexico to do some paperwork. Just to not to become US citizens, but we to get like the social security number and everything. Yeah. So when we got back, we were like, Okay, well, we need another property. Because for me and my husband is our full time job. So we needed to find something. And it went, like a couple of weeks and, and it just didn't happen. And they hadn't paid us the property. So we couldn't, we didn't have any money. And we couldn't ask for more, because it's not that easy.

Debbie DeBerry  25:37  
Like, okay, I should probably wait until I get this money out. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  25:41  
As soon as we close and we got money, but it didn't. It wasn't on our account yet. We received the mail from the wholesaler that we met, like, Yeah, a few months ago. And it was like, the price was perfect. And we went to see the house because we just saw the mail and call him and she says like, Okay, I'll see you there in 10 minutes. And I'm like, okay, but my house is like 25 minutes away. And he was like, just come now. So we went there, there were already a few people looking at it. And it was a it was cutting a fire. So that was burnt.

Debbie DeBerry  26:34  
Okay. That's right.

Unknown Speaker  26:36  
Yeah. But they the like the it was one story. So all the rooms and everything were okay. It just on the roof. Oh, okay. Yeah, I heard another guy that seemed to flip many houses. He said that, oh, I always buy these burned houses. So this one is very easy, because he just stayed on the roof. And I was like, okay, then we fortunate. We were very lucky. And we were there we with our agent. And those guys weren't. So we had. We had the first like the first sales chance. Yeah, first chance to buy it. Yeah. And we were like, Okay, we need it. So okay, we'll buy it. And we have money. There was a guy that we knew that he told us like, well, I can invest whenever you find a property. So I called him I'm like, remember when you told me that you want to invest? Well, now's the time. I need 5k now. Oh, but it would take a couple hours. And I was like, no, no, I needed like in the few minutes. So I called another friend that we were it's very nice. And and we were like, okay, just lend us 5k And we'll pay it in the afternoon because we are receiving the payment for our first property. And he was like, Okay, I trust you guys are paid. That's amazing. Yeah. And we wanted the other guy paid it one minute before us. But we wanted because we were stealing the property with our agent.

Debbie DeBerry  28:19  
Oh, yeah. Right. When you're with a wholesaler they have a process. Right? Like, yep. Via we one

Unknown Speaker  28:26  
day process. Yeah. Nice.

Debbie DeBerry  28:28  
Nice. That's amazing. Okay. I love it. Yeah, you just make phone calls and make it happen. Hey, I need 5k I can get it to you two hours. Nope. That's not gonna work. Yeah. Hey, I made 5k. I'll give it to you later when we close. Okay. Like, you just do it. You're just doing it. You make it we didn't have

Unknown Speaker  28:50  
any idea that wholesaling is works that fast. We didn't know. Yeah,

Debbie DeBerry  28:56  
yeah. Yep. There it is. Right then. Right. Then you got to decide. Yep. You don't have fun. That's amazing. Okay, so. Okay, so that's flipped number two. Did you guys close on that?

Unknown Speaker  29:09  
Now? We're closing on the tip, team. Partner that he is going to give us all the money and we're going to do all the work.

Debbie DeBerry  29:17  
Nice. Yeah. Is this a friend of yours?

Unknown Speaker  29:21  
Ah, not really. Okay. We met him through a flip sister. Oh, okay. For her, and he was like, Oh, well, he's going to be like a hard money lender, but without the paperwork because we don't have it. So we're going to just figure out another kind of contract. Okay, got it.

Debbie DeBerry  29:43  
Okay, so that was April 15. Yeah. Is there another one?

Unknown Speaker  29:49  
Yeah. So they second wholesaler, the one that sold us our first home. We we did all that. process through him. So when you? Yeah, when when he paid us, and we paid him back what he has learned us. We were like, Okay, we need another property. Yeah. So he was well, I, he had talked to us about a few properties, but he didn't cut them yet. So he invited us to his property. So we're partners in that clip. Oh, nice. Yeah. Very nice.

Debbie DeBerry  30:30  
So Are y'all what is your all's role?

Unknown Speaker  30:33  
Okay, so we're going to 5050

Debbie DeBerry  30:37  
Okay, so he's the money and you're managing the project to doing everything. Okay. And so that's what you're doing on both of these. It sounds like,

Unknown Speaker  30:45  
Yeah, that's awesome. We're waiting on property number three, which we're going to pay with the money of our friends and family back in Mexico, because they know most of them didn't want their money back. Because we were like, Okay, now we can pay you and they were like, oh, no, I don't need it. So just keep it and keep working nice. And just keep giving us profit. And we were like, okay, then we need another property.

Debbie DeBerry  31:15  
It really is. Because your approach, right? A lot of these women are like begging people, right? They think they have to beg people to give the money. No, you don't the people want to invest. There's not a better return that you can get than investing in a real estate flip. There's just not. Yeah, there's plenty of money out there.

Unknown Speaker  31:41  
Yeah. And it's one for them. It's very good business. And for us it is too. So we figure out a way of telling them what's a flick, because it's not that popular in Mexico. And just to let them know how things work. So we used to send them like a weekly memo. With a description and photographs before and afters and everything that people have. Yes. And so they most of them were really, like excited with the process and with the selling and everything. So they liked the this kind of investment. Yes, they do.

Debbie DeBerry  32:22  
They do. So all of my private lenders they love to be to watch the flip. Yeah, they don't want to do the flip. Right? They just want to invest. They don't want anything to do with anything. They don't want to make decisions. They don't want to do anything. They just want to put their money in, see the transformation? And then do it again. Yeah. Yeah, it really is that simple.

Unknown Speaker  32:46  
It really is that simple. And they like love to be part of but just liking. Around we we try to like, Oh, nice, daily things and things that happen and how you go to Home Depot and buy their materials and everything. That's the fun part. And they love it. Yes.

Debbie DeBerry  33:09  
Yep. It lets them be everybody wants to flip houses. But a lot of people don't want to be in charge of flipping the house. They just want to be part of it. Yes. Oh my gosh, I'm so inspired after this phone call like I I know for sure. This story is so inspirational. Like you're definitely going to inspire people. Thank you for sharing it for so many reasons.

Unknown Speaker  33:33  
Well, thank you. We're, we're really thankful for you because well, you gave us like the steps to do it. Yeah. It's amazing group I really enjoy when I first knew the flip sisters, because one of them just posted like we're meeting this Saturday, am I aware of like, okay, I'm going have never been enough sleep. It was my first time in a real fleet. So I was very excited to do that. I took my kids and everything. And I was like, oh, yeah, teach me everything. I asked all of the questions. They were really, really nice. We still keep in touch. And I feel like I have a support there. So

Debbie DeBerry  34:18  
yes, it's so important. It's so important. Oh my gosh, I love it. It was there anything I didn't ask that you wanted to talk about?

Unknown Speaker  34:30  
Um, no, not really,

Debbie DeBerry  34:33  
I think any parting words of wisdom?

Unknown Speaker  34:38  
Well, I'll say just like trust in you trust by the time will come when everything feels right. Follow your gut, I'll say because we didn't see the property. But he was like, Yes, I liked this one. And we've seen another one. And we were like, No, I don't know why but no, I don't like this? Yes. Your Guide for don't be afraid to say no.

Debbie DeBerry  35:05  
Yes. Like that's huge for women in general, to have permission to say

Unknown Speaker  35:12  
no. Yeah. So when see when you don't like it or a price doesn't feel right or something you just know, something will

Debbie DeBerry  35:21  
always come along. If you're taking action and you're out there doing the thing, you will always find a deal. The only way you don't is if you stop. That's the only way you don't.

Unknown Speaker  35:31  
Yeah. And we're we're really like, upset when we didn't get like a fast property. But I think it's it's a business where you have to be patient. And we're when it is right, it just everything flows.

Debbie DeBerry  35:50  
It's so funny, because you got one pretty fast.

Unknown Speaker  35:53  
Yeah, forever, but it's not. Yeah, it is.

Debbie DeBerry  35:58  
It really was just a few weeks. Oh, I love it. Oh my gosh. Well, thank you for sharing your story. Thank you for hanging out with me today. This is so inspiring. I'm so excited to share this. I am.

Unknown Speaker  36:15  
Well, thank you for having me. For me. It's a pleasure. I always listen to podcasts. So it was like a dream come true to be oh my gosh, we're really excited about like the journey. We definitely are staying in San Antonio. We're definitely like moving forward with all the paperwork and everything. Good. We, we know we want to flip houses. But I told you the first time that I talked to you that I was sick of clients that I work with. I did remodel patients, but for clients so yep. I love to work by myself. Having the time by myself having small kids. Yeah,

Debbie DeBerry  36:58  
it's so important. How old are your kids?

Unknown Speaker  37:01  
three and six. Okay, yeah,

Debbie DeBerry  37:04  
that's such a fun age. Yeah, those are both funny. Like they're so young still. So yeah. And it goes so fast.

Unknown Speaker  37:11  
And then love to go to the houses and they like, oh, there's so smelly. They're learning a lot.

Debbie DeBerry  37:18  
Yeah, for sure. For sure. I think my son was finally like, nine. When he finally got it. He was like, Oh, I understand what you do now. And I'm like, muddy. We've been doing this for nine years. Like you've been here for nine years of it. Yeah, he finally got it. He was like a before that. He's like, I don't really understand why we go to these houses. And like, I don't understand what

Unknown Speaker  37:41  
my son was like. Why are you buying these? It's awful, right? Yeah.

Debbie DeBerry  37:46  
I know. Right? That's why I know. Yeah, it smells disgusting. It smells like money. Yeah, this is what

you're awesome. Carmen. I love your attitude. I love your spirit. I love that you guys just go do. Honestly, like it's awesome. It's super inspiring. Oh, thank you for sharing. Thank you so much. Thank you for being here. Thanks for being part of the community. Thank you. We'll see you in the group. Yeah. Thanks, Carmen.

Unknown Speaker  38:18  
Thank you have a nice day.

Debbie DeBerry  38:19  
You too. Bye. So inspiring. Thank you, Carmen for sharing that. I mean, really, I love it. Because she just doesn't let things get in her way. If you are still sitting on the sideline, you're not chasing this house flipping dream you have. Or maybe you have flipped a house or two. But your processes are terrible. And so you don't really enjoy it. This should be fun. Like we're doing this because it's fun, right? We're able to make an impact, make a profit. Have fun, have time freedom. It's really fantastic. But you've got to get out of your own way. You've got to put yourself out there. Just like Carmen does so easily. Ask for help. All right, you're not supposed to know everything. You're not supposed to have all the answers. You have permission to not know all the answers. How freeing is that? All right, if you want help, we're here. We've got an amazing community. Of course, we provide all the step by step processes, everything you need. But we also hold your hand and walk alongside you while you do this thing. While you go implement. That's where people need support is in the doing because it's in the doing all the mindset stuff comes up. All our stories, all our issues come up, go to her first flip.com Fill out the application And then book a call all right until next time go out there flip houses like a girl leave people in places better than you find them and keep chasing your curiosities Bye y'all.