Oct. 15, 2021

Sharon Capitalized on Her Team to Buy 6 Houses Her First Year

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In this episode, we get to follow up with Sharon one of our FlipSisters flipping houses in the Houston area.

Her story is awesome because she full-on embraces the importance of TEAM

This isn't a one-person show, and the quicker you bring people on around you to fill in the gaps of things that MUST be done, the faster you will get where you want to go. 

...regardless of the business you're trying to build. 

It's true for every industry.

You can build a business or create another job for yourself. 

Our students want to create businesses that don't need their daily presence in order to run smoothly.


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You're listening to the flip houses like a girl podcast where we educate, empower and celebrate everyday women who are facing their fears, juggling family and business, embracing their awesomeness and wholeheartedly chasing their dream of flipping houses. Each episode delivers the honest to goodness tools, tips and strategies you can implement today to get closer to your first or next successful house flip. Here's your spiky haired breakfast taco loving host house flipping coach, Debbie DeBerry.

Unknown Speaker  0:40  
Hey there. How's it going? Thanks for hanging out with me today. So, we are revisiting a friend of ours. Like Mr. Rogers, we are having an update conversation with Sharon, who is one of our flip sisters in the Houston area who's flipping houses on Galveston Island. And we're going to catch up with her and see what's what see what has transpired over the last few months since we last spoke. And it's pretty exciting. I mean, she is not sitting on her laurels. Okay, she is a Dewar. And she had a goal of flipping three houses in a year, and she's purchased six. So I mean, come on, how amazing is that? I love it. So I'm excited to catch up with her. We're going to talk about her most recent flip that she sold. That's her second flip. And then, of course, all the nitty gritty on that. lessons learned. All the details, all the numbers, all the things that we all love to hear. And then we'll also do a little rundown of each of the other projects. All right, cool. Okay, so one of the biggest things I love about Sharon's story is that from the beginning, she has embraced the importance of a team, having a team and relying on your team, she wouldn't be able to do it otherwise, because she has a demanding full time job. So in order to do this, in order to get this house flipping business going, she has to rely on her team. And also that's what makes it a business, right? Like it requires your constant presence. In order for things to move forward and for things to happen. That's just another job.

Unknown Speaker  2:43  
We want to create a business, okay, a business that lets people shine at what they do, right there in their zone of genius, they're operating in the space that they love to operate in. And we get to operate in the space we love to operate in. Alright, it's a really powerful thing. So I have always loved that she from the get go has embraced her team and the importance of team

Unknown Speaker  3:12  
right we're already conditioned to wear all the hats and do all the things but some of us don't on learn that some of us like to hang on to that, right? We like to say oh well I'm doing this all by myself. I'm going to figure this out by myself. I don't need anybody's help

Unknown Speaker  3:32  
you're kind of shooting yourself in the foot the faster we bring people around us who are also wanting that same goal for us. The faster we get that goal struggling in the figuring it all out on your own and doing it all on your own. That's not a badge of honor. Alright, grab people bring people along with you on this journey. Okay, you'll get there faster. Okay

Unknown Speaker  4:04  
all right. So let's get into this conversation where we catch up with Sharon

Unknown Speaker  4:10  
How about Okay, so you've sold I know you're on project six well purchase six right your purchase that maybe today because it was supposed to happen yesterday. We bought it yesterday. Oh, you did close yesterday. Maybe it was supposed to close Tuesday and yes, it was it was supposed to close Tuesday was a day behind.

Unknown Speaker  4:30  
But we got it closed yesterday. It was the fastest closing I've ever done. We're there for like five minutes. That's it. I know. It's like should not get bigger production. This feels like it's a bigger deal than just like a five minute signing. But I get it and I appreciate it. But yeah, I feel like it's a bigger deal than that. Yeah, yeah. So that was exciting. We got to do that. And we went by and got the keys got got into the house. So I was able to get a little video in before the contract. That's right. Yes. Okay.

Unknown Speaker  5:00  
Okay, so recently you sold one I think it was Monday. It was Monday. Okay on Monday I sold the second flip. Okay. And a lot lot of lessons learned on that one. Okay. Do you want to talk about that one? Yeah, so that one you know we purchased a right after we sold our first one so we purchased it in April.

Unknown Speaker  5:26  
And we got started on it right away. But we quickly realized that I had not budgeted correctly on the rehab because I knew I really needed to put the new windows in then it really needed a new roof. And because of the freeze that pipes at home had all busted in the land that the guy who owned it was a landlord basically he was supposed to fix all the plumbing well it came down to closing and he didn't fix it all. So we ended up having to go in and re plumb the whole house so that added a little bit more to my budget than I anticipated Were there any repercussions like Could you hold him accountable for that or was it one of those things where it's like he basically said you know he had he had had a plumber in there who did a few things he goes I'm done all I'm gonna do to this house we gave it to you at a good price blah blah blah like okay whatever we're hours from closing so I'm just gonna go through it right it just see what happens on the backside. So you know, I didn't budget accordingly you know, with my lender, oh, we ended up coming out of pocket for quite a bit of expenses and just praying that the market would hold to where I could not lose money. What was the purchase price on that one? We bought that one for 190 290,000 Okay, and it's a little it's larger, right? It was like 1484 square feet okay, but it looked bigger than it really was um, it had four bedrooms in two and a half baths

Unknown Speaker  7:04  
in a big pitch well we turned it into a big kitchen I mean, my contractor and designer they they're amazing and you walk into a house and just you know look at it and say oh yeah we can do this this and this and you know just made it fantastic. It's all about the team I love it. Yeah, so I didn't really have to think too much about the design aspect of it other than yes I want to keep the hardwood floors right um anything that we could salvage we wanted to salvage there wasn't much there that we could salvage but just before Yeah, okay, so you paid 192 and going into it What were you thinking in terms of the rehab budget? The rehab originally was going to be about 60,000 well when I walked through it initially it was going to be like 40,000 I'm thinking oh we'll just keep the cabinets and we'll just do a basic you know flip Well no, that didn't end up being what it was so so I actually went back to my lender after my contractor walk through it with me and you know, they came up a little bit more and it was around 62,000 at that point and that was before we just decided we really needed to do the window so the lender only provided you know 62 five, got it. Um, the the final actual final rehab budget was around 80,000 Okay, so I came out of pocket for about 20,000 on that one. Okay, um, but knowing that okay, hopefully I'll get that back on the very end right Right. Well yeah, it's hard because when you start going

Unknown Speaker  8:37  
you start going into these houses and you think okay, I'm gonna I'm gonna just I'm going to

Unknown Speaker  8:45  
replace as little as possible right you think oh, I can salvage these things I can salvage this and but when you start pulling out and start putting in new things, those bolts things look even worse than before i know i know i every time I say you know what these other people they're not they're not changing out windows Why do I always change our windows? So then I go in I'm like not doing it this time. And I go in and I do everything and I'm like well now the windows look way worse than replacing windows.

Unknown Speaker  9:15  
exactly what I was doing and I'm like these are their nose in the hand the ones that have the little pulley chains on them and old Johnson windows, and I'm like, they're starting to leak there's rot around the edges I'm like Larry, we cannot keep these windows I have to replace them. And the old hurricane shutters hate them. Yeah, I absolutely cannot stand those hurricanes shutters so anytime they're on a house that I go look at my realtors know everyone knows Sharon's gonna get rid of the windows.

Unknown Speaker  9:46  
So yeah, I that was on me though. I just didn't plan accordingly. And so, but you know, every single flip I do I learn a little bit more on the budget. Yeah. Yeah, it's important to know how your contractor budget

Unknown Speaker  10:00  
Because everyone budgets differently, right? Every contractor charges differently. And you got to know. You got to know what they charge the actual people who are going to work. Yes, but I'm still not perfect yet. And I don't want anybody to ever think that that's perfect because it's not ever perfect. We just keep learning and doing and learning and doing like, that's the, for me, that's the fun of it. And it's, I don't know, it's just, it's like an adventurous side of me. You know, I'm a little bit more risky than some. I love it. I'm just like, no, it's got to work. I've got to make this work. Yes. Yeah. But so I mean, we ended up now selling that one also hard.

Unknown Speaker  10:44  
Because it was the first house on the street that was got it. Okay. So when did you guys put that one on the market? We got it. It was a about a nine week.

Unknown Speaker  10:57  
rehab. So we got it. Listen, I think the weekend of July 4 right before July 4. Okay. Um, and so of course, July 4. It was a holiday weekend, but I think it rained that weekend, too. So it was a harder time to put it on the market. Sure. Um, but it sat for a good two months. To paint. We had lookers, but the comps were all over the place. So when my realtor ran the first set of comps, we're starting to list it. And she's not real familiar with the Galveston area. So she's like, No, I'm pretty confident in these comps. I think we can list it for 390. I'm like, Well, okay, so I kind of went with her.

Unknown Speaker  11:40  
But then you know, more realtors are brought folks to come look at the house, the more feedback we gotten out you got to do hi for that particular Street. It's too high. So we kept lowering and lowering and we finally found the right range, which was still above my ARV. So I was happy with that. Because I wasn't gonna lose money. I was okay with lowering the price. Yeah, we finally got it down to the last time we dropped it was at 320-423-2059 I believe.

Unknown Speaker  12:13  
And then so we finally got that offer and one offer.

Unknown Speaker  12:18  
And it was at they offered 330 8000 that way we still get our full asking him out but still be able to provide them 9000 Yeah, forgot anything. Okay. Worked out. Okay. Okay, good. Yeah, I was like, Wait a second. Why did they? Yeah, for over. Okay, that makes perfect sense. Okay. So during those two months,

Unknown Speaker  12:44  
I know that feeling of hard. Oh my gosh, isn't it the worst, like, it was such a gorgeous house. Beautiful rock. That was that was my favorite house still beautiful. I love the colors in that house. I mean, everything was designed perfectly. Everything was new on that house. It was just the feedback. It was the wrong neighborhood, the wrong name. Like a patient that was great. Don't like the location. And so we knew it had to be somebody that lived on the island that kind of knew the territory that was finally invested in it. So I found the perfect buyer Finally,

Unknown Speaker  13:24  
then hard was so happy to be done with that one. It is the It's so painful. When you're like Why? I mean, at some point, it's like,

Unknown Speaker  13:36  
you know, you drop and drop and drop and drop the price and you're like, Okay, now I'm chasing the market. You know, we learned we learned a lot of lessons and one of those is going back to my modules and remembering my Debbie said know your surroundings look at look at the street you're buying on. And yeah, so that one was a big lesson. And so even Larry's like, nope, we're gonna pay attention to what's around us whenever we buy the next one. And I feel like this sixth property, this one that we just purchased is like the best one that we bought on the best Street. It's the worst house on the on the best Street. So like, this one's got to be good. Are you are you holding that one as a rental? I really want to hold it. I really do. But so funny because we went to the house yesterday and the neighbors were out and why they were so happy that we bought the house but they're like, Oh, I'm so glad it was you guys that bought the house. We just don't want someone coming in here and turning into a party, a house rental and that our neighborhoods just not going to go for that. And Larry and I are looking at

Unknown Speaker  14:44  
our thought and that's how we haven't designed our designer designed it for short term rental. So we'll see how that goes. Well, you can be a short term rental without being a party house, right? You can have yes or just have to, you know, have the law set down on that one. So

Unknown Speaker  15:00  
But it's such as cute house, I don't want to get rid of it. So I really want to try to hold on to it if we can, but we're going to, well, as we go through it, we'll keep looking at the market and see how it's doing and, and how you know, other things are coming along for us. Yeah, yeah, I know, we always want to know what we're going to do. But I think we want to have multiple options. Yeah, I think if we have multiple options that we can exercise, yeah, that's, that's way better than just having the one focus, like maybe we think, Okay, this is gonna be this. But we also have these other strategies that we have, if we need to, yeah, just like, I mean, I've been in the middle of flips that I thought I was going to hold on to. And then I would see something weird in the market and be like, I'm actually going to sell this. Again, I think it's time to sell this one, or whatever, to be able to have the flexibility to use different strategies on that same property, I think is way smarter than having like tunnel vision where it can only work if it's this one thing. Yeah, cuz that's where I've screwed up before. Like, okay, this has to work. There's no other option. Like, oh, gosh, no, yeah, so I think that's great. I'm learning where to buy now and where not to buy. I'm getting smarter in that regard. And that's all about just knowing your target market. And honestly, that's why I haven't pulled out a Galveston yet because I feel like I'm just starting to learn it after properties. I'm just now starting to learn it. And I'm like, Whoa, it's so hard to move out of that territory, the nuances like knowing those nuances. That's because that's what the that's what most people don't know are those nuances. So yeah, learning those it's in valuable and I mean, you've already purchased six properties on this tiny island on time. Yeah, yeah. In here, like don't go anywhere. It's working for you. It is working for me and I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

Unknown Speaker  17:00  
We have our third ones listed that one we get it's got so many lookers it's the problem with that one is it's a two one and that one bathroom just kind of scares folks or it's a little smaller house so it's going to take a specific family. It could even be students. I i've been actually looking into furnished binders and thinking well maybe I should midterm it. So good Ansel soon I'll make a decision on that one, but I really want that one to sell because yeah, again, that is not a prime territory where I really should have bought but I learned through a process those first three on that that process it taught me so much and now the fourth one is the one that's almost done now we're starting to stage it for Airbnb, getting it set up on short term rental and so that one we really like it. It's it's not down by the beach, but it's close to moody gardens. Good. It's right off Broadway. Anybody wrote Galveston sets right off Broadway it's easy to get to the string easy to get to the beach easily get to moody gardens and it's a great big backyard so we can turn it into a fire pit back there with some Adirondack chairs and you know, all kinds of fun little things. So we're almost done with that one. The rehabs done it's just Larry and I finished that we had a fence replaced and finished painting the deck and put some landscaping in I think we're good to go so flip number two what did you end up profiting on that?

Unknown Speaker  18:33  
Not as much as I wanted but we ended up not losing we got we ended up profiting about $13,000 Hey, for a house that sat on the market for two months, like Austin the wrong neighborhood with a very large rehab and I was not expecting Yeah, I my goal was just not to lose money. And I told my realtor that I told Larry that's like as long as we don't lose money. We've learned a lot of lessons and we're getting better at it. So with everyone again a little bit better and I'm happy with that. So as long as I'm not losing that money, I'm investing and I'm okay with it. Totally. I'm okay with it. Yeah, you you were paid to learn. That's pretty awesome. And no matter how much money I made on that one, it was a win all the way around. I love that it is more than I hear. Yeah, it is more than just the money. Yes, we look at the money and we consider that our our metric of whether it was good or not. But there are all those other things that you don't you can't measure because and they keep giving a return right like they keep returning and returning and returning. They do. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  19:38  
Okay, so flip number three is on the market. That's the two one. That's the two one flip number four is the one that's being staged right now and about to be on the Airbnb. Yeah, between three and four. I had bought that Lodge. Yeah. So we have a that's still in the

Unknown Speaker  19:58  
engineering phase.

Unknown Speaker  20:00  
Guess what the structural engineer

Unknown Speaker  20:03  
you know, going through all the hurricane stuff

Unknown Speaker  20:06  
and I you know, I'm good with holding that one a little bit longer until we get some of the we're really trying to see if that material cost comes down a little bit. Yeah, and it has I mean it has come down it's trending that way. With new construction it definitely has a bigger impact than on a remodel right like those lumber prices are pretty key. Yeah, they are so we have no we actually haven't even got the budget done for that one expert wait for it. I've seen the layout of it. I've seen we've actually sent it back for changes last week. So

Unknown Speaker  20:40  
after it gets stamped finalized then he'll work on the budget for me and then we can start that process so we're crossing our fingers that that one still works out well with the budget. Yeah, yeah. It will it will if not, you'll figure it out. I have no doubt. Oh, yeah. Okay, so that's project five, right? That was four and then the fifth one is the one that we're actually setting up on everything current Okay, Okay, got it. That's what we call Avenue Okay. Um, so you know, Tiffany has won on Avenue Kang and so I know I love that walks apart but we both have one on Avenue K. That's cool. I think that's so cool. We're both doing short term rental condos. So you know, I'm gonna try it I I'm still trying to figure out the short term rental piece of it.

Unknown Speaker  21:33  
If we're going to manage it ourselves, or use evolve, I don't know that yet. I'm still trying to figure it out and still trying to figure out the refinance on it.

Unknown Speaker  21:41  
But learning a little bit every single day in regards to those and I think I found the lender I want to go with just I'm holding off on getting on actually pulling the trigger until I get the fence done because I want to make sure the appraisal comes back.

Unknown Speaker  21:57  
And that's all it's it's all hinges on that. That is the most important part on that. refi Yeah. appraisers are humans. Yep. And like you just it depends on their mood. It depends on the comps they're pulling it depends on how they assess things so yeah, actually the one lender that I'm gearing towards He's like, if you can just send me comps that you have that way I can share those with the appraiser Um, so you know as we go along I'm kind of jotting those down Put them in an email to myself so I have them

Unknown Speaker  22:32  
Oh, I'm gonna pull the trigger on that one soon. I'm just I would just want to get the I wanted to get it finished before I guess I don't want that appraisal too soon. Yeah, no, totally makes sense. Makes perfect sense. I love the houses that you keep finding they have they all have these really cute porches and I just I love them so much. They're all so charming. Like they are just so charming. How are you? How are you finding them? The second one I feel like the second one there's a story to it. I feel like that one came back to you that way it's it went on the market and that one someone actually I think it went into escrow and then it came out of escrow and then we went in and got it the same day I got it Okay, so that was MLS, it was MLS third one in and have it still on the market that one was through a wholesaler. Okay, that was my first wholesale deal. Okay, um, I learned so much through that process. And there's things I would do differently I probably would have asked for a little bit less you know, in negotiating that one

Unknown Speaker  23:40  
because that one had that property just has so many different nuances to it because it's got the main property, which is a two one right? But it also has an additional unit behind it, but doesn't have plumbing, it only has electrical and it's got an AC unit and if

Unknown Speaker  23:56  
we added a closet, so it could be a bedroom, but you can't count that really a square footage. Well, my lender told me differently, but my real estate agents like no, you can't do this footage. Like Okay, so it's that was so hard to pull comps on Yeah. And then it's got a different structure behind it that we it's like a big storage unit. But it's also got power. It's got electricity in it, and it's got a big 220 outlet for a generator. So if someone had like a diesel truck or a generator on their truck, yeah, I'll get into that building and run the whole house off of it. Which is on that smaller house. Yes. Oh, I didn't realize that was there. Oh, okay. Oh, yeah, there's three, three buildings on that property. That's amazing. Yeah, I had no idea I bought it. I bought it and I'm like, Okay, this one should be good for someone. But again, I'm still having a little trouble selling it. So we'll see how that one turns out, but it would still make a good

Unknown Speaker  25:00  
rental even if I can't get it to sell yeah and you know maybe sell it later yeah

Unknown Speaker  25:07  
she's got an open house set for this week this weekend so we'll see how that one works out Yeah, but love the porch no one I know it's so cute So cute. Yeah seriously I love all the parties I just want to come sit on all of your porches and then how flip three

Unknown Speaker  25:25  
Where did you find that one?

Unknown Speaker  25:28  
And so the one that's going up on Airbnb is we found an MLS as well awesome so I think all of them were MLS except the lot and the one on one and a half I love it you just have to be able to act that's it you can find deals on MLS you have to act yeah and this last one that we bought it had gone into escrow three times and fallen out three times I put three offers in on that one last out the first two times this last time I saw it I tell it to my real military like is Are you kidding me? This is happening again. And she's like oh we're on it so we put copper off and finally got and I love that house and just so cute. So cute. Big nice front porch, back deck. Love it. I love that house. Yeah, I mean

Unknown Speaker  26:17  
so what did you end up? You offered three times on that house? Mm hmm did you end up having to do Did you come up each time or was it around this lake? What were the offers like I came up the last time about $5,000 but it was still under asking price so because I think they were offering two they wanted to 35 we offer to 25 finally on that last round and my realtor knew that they had accepted an offer the second time at 225 got it on the last day of when they were supposed to close Something happened and it didn't it didn't go through and so I went ahead and offered the 225 and they gave it to me that day so I was pleasantly surprised so it went under contract twice it fell out of contract twice yep you don't do you know why? I want to say it was due to the inspection and I don't know if these were not investors that you know it does need a lot of work and I wasn't scared of the work I've never seen the work because I know Louis can handle it

Unknown Speaker  27:21  
but how much work yeah sometimes I'm scared of that but this one is mainly cosmetic like foundations good It does new h back these new roof it needs plumbing and electrical you know all those things. But if I'm going to hold on to it, I want those things changed. Right? Right. The roof hasn't been done since probably before Hurricane Ike Oh gosh. No one knows I've been there for probably through several hurricanes and so I just don't know how much longer either one of those would last right? Right. I'm gonna invest in Galveston. I need it to be new. Yeah, right. Well and it's easier to bid it's easier to estimate when you're replacing everything that's what I learned that's what I learned like I'm good I love the big projects because there are there's less room for my error less room for me screwing up like forgetting Oh, I left that out or oh I didn't even consider that Nope, everything I consider everything Yep. And then if I don't have to it's like oh you get a little bonus you don't have to do that one thing or it's not as bad as you thought. Yeah, that's awesome. I'm like you're just awesome I love watching your journey It's so fun you're just out there doing it I just love that so much and you just keep going yeah but you know i i still have goals for myself I still want to get better at marketing I want to get those letters done those you know whatever it I need to do but I you know I still focus a lot on MLS and I still find them highly focus on wholesale deals. I get tons of home wholesalers sending me stuff every single day. Yeah, but network constantly um, through our group through you know, the events here in the Houston area through you know, you've learned so much by just talking to people and really not a talker at all. I try to push myself to get out and meet more people. So that is awesome way to get out of your comfort zone uncomfortable. Yes, super. It can be absolutely super uncomfortable. Yep. I love that you're doing it anyway. It's a people business. Right? It's it's it is a people business and relationships. So it's, yeah, it's so good. It's so good to hear. I love it. I love hearing all of these updates. It's so fun. It is fun. And so when you look back, could you ever have imagined that you would have bought six properties in this year. My goal when I first started was to flip three and a year.

Unknown Speaker  29:54  
The beginning I never wanted to be a landlord. I didn't want to hold houses. I was just all about the flips. Yeah. And then

Unknown Speaker  30:00  
I started like, oh, okay, I need to start holding, you know, for tax purposes for long term investing and s, long term wealth. Yes, trying to figure out the best way for us. And I really feel like short term rentals is our best route. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  30:18  
So we're in a prime area for it. Gauss is very friendly with the short term rentals, they have made a few adjustments. There's one particular area in Galveston that's really pushing hard for no short term rentals. So and we sit just outside of that area.

Unknown Speaker  30:35  
But you know, I put Larry on that task of getting a permit for the short term rental and he, when I when he when I give him things like that to do, he's like, all in and he researches the laws, he he understands everything that's going on within that area. And he likes to do that kind of research. Yeah, he's fascinated with the architectural pieces of Galveston. And even in the homes, we'd like to protect some of the things that are existing to the home and keep some of those things. Anyway, it's, it's fun for both of us, and we both have our things that we like to do. I don't like doing all the research. I don't like looking at the loss. I don't like doing any of that stuff. And that's all things we have to do. But um, he he enjoys figuring all that stuff out. And I let him do it. I like I like the numbers. Yeah, exactly. Let everybody do the thing they enjoy doing. We don't have to do the things we hate somebody does. Yeah. So that's why I like having people around you helping you do this thing, and letting them do what they enjoy doing. Everybody's light gets to shine brighter. That's right. Like, I I want to say I don't like doing design, but I'm not good at it. So I let Maddie do my design. Let loose do the contracting I'll let Larry do all the marketing and well, the posting on the Facebook's and stuff like that.

Unknown Speaker  31:59  
You know things but I just kind of stand back and watch sometimes. I love it. I love it. I love it. That's awesome.

Unknown Speaker  32:07  
That's awesome. Yeah. Um, all right, we're gonna have to have you back. For another update. I love this update. This is so fun. It's so fun to hear all the things that are going on. And yeah, we'll just keep watching Oh, I'm gonna add this note to those who haven't shared their story yet. So it doesn't matter big or small, share your story, because we all learn and this is how I learned. I came to you, Debbie, because of a podcast. And it was from Rachel, that podcast as well what made me just jump in and start doing it. And I'm still scared every time I pull the trigger and buy a new house and I'm like, okay, we're gonna make this work, we're gonna make it work. And, and somehow we've always made it work, and I'm gonna find ways if it's not gonna sell, we'll figure out another path.

Unknown Speaker  32:56  
But that's just part of it. And it's the fun of managing it. So, exactly, you're going to figure it out. You're gonna figure it out. Yeah, that's huge. It's, there's always gonna be something, there's always something to learn. There's always something new, and just knowing that you're gonna figure it out. And yeah, you've got people that you can ask questions of you can you are resourceful. You will figure it out. You'll be okay. Yeah, yeah. And you just really rely on the people that have been there and done that. Yes, absolutely. And I appreciate you. And all you do, we I would not be here without you guys, you and sissy and everyone else who is very responsive to all of our questions all the time. I could not have done this could not have. So you're awesome. I appreciate that. Well, thanks for sharing your stories. Because just like you said, the stories are so important. And not the guru stories of the expert stories. But every day people doing this thing. Yes, that's what's inspiring. So thank you for coming back in the middle of your busy crazy life and trying to manage your own personal things. You can still do this. Yes, you absolutely can do it if you want to. You absolutely can. Yeah. Thank you for sharing your story again, sharing an update of your story. And we'll have you on again. Okay. I look forward to it. Thank Thank you, Sharon. I appreciate you. You too. You have a great day too. Bye. Bye. Bye.

Unknown Speaker  34:24  
I loved it. Thanks again, Sharon. That was so fun to catch up with you. And I just love seeing all of your action taking. And you trusting yourself. trusting yourself trusting the process and just going and doing it's it's super exciting. So thanks. And obviously we'll have you back. Okay. All right. So if

Unknown Speaker  34:47  
you're sick of not making progress, you're sick of putting this off.

Unknown Speaker  34:52  
Right? So many of us put this off for years. Let's just put our dreams on the back burner. Right? No, let's stop doing that. All right. Let's

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go after what we want. Let's chase our curiosities. So if you're sick of not making progress or sick of sitting on the sidelines and you want some help, you want to know the steps, and you want an incredible community of women, supporting you, guiding you and coaching you to get where you want to go. That's what we do. That is our specialty. We help women from all walks of life, Chase this dream they have of loving old houses back to life.

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And we support them the entire way. So if you want to do that, if you want to see if we might be a fit to work together, schedule a call with us. All right, go to her first flip COMM And let's talk Alright, until next time, go out there flip houses like a girl. Leave people in places better than you find them and make it a great day. Bye, y'all.