March 1, 2022

Creative Financing & 26k First Flip Profit!

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Another FlipSister in our Coaching Program shares her First Flip journey with us!

Stephanie and her sister made a whopping 20% profit within 3 months on their first flip - while also working full-time!

In this first flip debrief, Stephanie is sharing with us:

  • How she used creative financing to pay for the renovations
  • The surprises that came up and how she handled them
  • How she fought the urge to DIY repairs and delegated tasks
  • How she refocuses herself when fear of rejection rears its ugly head
  • How one of her past experiences makes her want to help others in similar situations
  • How showing up as the person she wants to be helped her find success faster

...and so much more!

Everyone feels scared when they start a new journey - EVERYONE.

The difference is in who lets that fear hold them back.

This is such a powerful conversation!


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Unknown Speaker  0:01  
You're listening to the flip houses like a girl podcast where we educate, empower and celebrate everyday women who are facing their fears, juggling family and business, embracing their awesomeness and wholeheartedly chasing their dream of flipping houses. Each episode delivers honest to goodness tools, tips and strategies you can implement today to get closer to your first or next successful house flip. Here's your spiky haired breakfast taco loving host house flipping coach Debbie DeBerry.

Debbie DeBerry  0:41  
Hey, thanks for hanging out today. Once again, we're going to have an awesome conversation with one of our flip sisters in our coaching program. Her name is Stephanie. She is so fun. She makes us laugh all the time. And she and her sister recently flipped a house that has been in their family since her parents bought it when she was in middle school. So a couple decades ago, all right, she recommends not taking as long on your first flip. But that aside, we are going to hear all the regular stuff how she found well, not how she found it. We know she found it, how she financed it, which involved some creativity that you're going to find interesting, who did the renovations and the surprises that came up the profit all of that jazz, which by the way, they made 20% of the ARV, which is incredibly respectable. And this is our first debrief for a property in the Detroit area. So that's exciting to now, my favorite part of the conversation actually happens toward the end of it. So definitely stick around. It's going to be the part of this episode that people find the most inspiring. So thanks, Stephanie, and sister for sharing your story. And let's just jump in. Okay, so how about we just start with you introducing yourself letting us know a little bit about you where you are in the world and that sort of thing.

Unknown Speaker  2:23  
Okay, I am Steffi, and I am over in the Grand Rapids West Michigan area. I'm originally from the Detroit area. So as far as an amenity goes or whatever, I'm kind of blowing it there. But that's those are my two locations. Got it. Okay.

Debbie DeBerry  2:42  
And have you been there a while?

Unknown Speaker  2:46  
Yes, we I moved here to get married today is actually our 15th wedding anniversary.

Debbie DeBerry  2:53  
Happy anniversary.

Unknown Speaker  2:54  
Thank you. Kind of a monumental mark. Right. So we moved here, I guess probably somewhere 2007 ish, I guess. 2006?

Debbie DeBerry  3:04  
Yeah. What took you there just work? Well, he's actually from

Unknown Speaker  3:09  
a totally different place. And this is kind of where we met in the middle. My parents were over here. They had moved. We grew up in Detroit area. And so my parents moved here to the side of the city. And then we all just kind of followed and then we went back and then we followed, you know, and then we came back. So we just, I'm here permanently, but my heart is always in Detroit. Gotcha. I mean, for for just, you know, grown up reasons.

Debbie DeBerry  3:32  
Yeah. Right. For nothing since. And. Okay, so, you recently sold your flip? Your first flip? Right?

Unknown Speaker  3:46  
My first flip your first. Congratulations.

Debbie DeBerry  3:49  
All right. Thank

Unknown Speaker  3:51  
you. Thank you.

Debbie DeBerry  3:52  
Let's do a debrief. Walk us through how? Let's start with how how did you find it? How'd you find this deal?

Unknown Speaker  4:01  
Okay, so I this is why I was like a little nervous to do the podcast because I'm just kind of like a like, talking to me. He's like a whack a mole. Right? Like, you just don't know what's coming up next. And I'm just trying to stay focused, because this flip actually started when I was in junior high. So that's how far back this flip goes.

Debbie DeBerry  4:23  
That's right. Okay. Why? Yeah. Walk us through that. How is that base?

Unknown Speaker  4:29  
So my parents bought it. When I was in junior high. And we it was like a family thing. We were so excited. It was like this terrible little smelly, like, secret garden house. Right? It was just it was amazing to us. We just thought it was so cool. So they bought it and then they had you know, they did a lot of work on it. And then like over the years just you know, life happens and you're you're just going through the motions and they have four kids and they're working super hard and great people you know, and then it's just like Fast Forward down the years and I always dreamed about this house, like I always loved it, I would go there. And it was always vacant, right? It was vacant for a really long time. And I would go there and paint and do things and dream about living here. And you know, and then college came, and my parents ended up moving like to this side of the state. And then we went back and we still had this house. And I was just like, oh, you know, let's fix this up and live here. Like, I always wanted to live there. And so I was like, Oh, my gosh, talk about manifestation from like, a long time ago, right? Yeah. So we, my sister and I are like, What a great idea. So I'm 20 at this point, you know, 20, somewhere between 20 and 22 years old, and my sister is like, 1819. I don't know, we're four years apart. So she, like I got a loan to do the plumbing and heating. Like this was just a shell of a house. Right. Like my parents had gotten the outside down. It looks super cute from the road. And then, but it didn't have anything in the inside. Right. So

Debbie DeBerry  6:06  
this whole time from junior high to 22 ish with the house bacon, or did you all have tenants? Yes. Oh, it was vacant this whole time? Wow. How Intrado okay,

Unknown Speaker  6:18  
it's Yeah, so somebody else probably drove by a house, right? And we're like, oh, I want to drive over dollars. Yeah. Why don't they do I one of those people? Like, why don't they, you know, sell it or whatever. So, um, but it has a happy ending, right? So yeah, so she gets the mortgage on it, and I get the, the, like, funds to flip it or whatever, you know, to do the inside. And then we lived there until, like, 2005. I think we lived there together. There were different stints like that I moved to Detroit, I tried to buy a house in Detroit and do all the things in the beautiful neighborhoods they have there. And I just didn't know enough about anything, right. Like, I, my parents taught me to work hard. And I worked hard and was making you know, grown up money, finally, but I didn't know how to harness the power and do all that. So, um, we were going to sell it and then one of the first market downsizing happened, right. And we, um, I basically I fell in love with my husband, and he, you know, I lost my job. And so I was just like, alright, you keep the house and the cats and the pets and you know, I'm gonna go fall in love and get married and have a baby. So I did that. And we couldn't sell it. Right. So we had put it on the market with like a company called, I don't know, can I say the company? I don't know how that worked. Yeah. We with, with help you sell. And so I remember, like, you know, like, we didn't know, we were so young. Um, so this was like, mid to, like, 2007 2008 ish. Like, even before, so like, 2005 484. Okay. And we had an open house, it was so beautiful. We made these flyers. And, um, and nobody came. Not not a single soul. And so we were just like, Okay, we totally failed, like this didn't know about holding costs, right? So, you know, we've had it for 20 years. So fast forward, we, I move, she keeps the house, and then she gets married, and she has babies and, and then, you know, this last, and then I don't see this is where I get kind of confusing. So then I find your program and 220 and I'm like, come on family, let's do this, we're gonna you know, we're gonna make a legacy here. So everyone's just like, okay, stuff, you know, I have a lot of practice starting things. I just need that wolf. I just need to learn how to finish some of those things. So, um, 2020 I find your program I don't sign up. But I do this whole vision board thing, right. So that's like, you know, one of the other things so then I write this all down on the board, I'm going to flip houses like a girl someday I'm going to do this. So COVID Next year, 2021. I'm like, I'm doing it. I'm gonna invest in myself. I'm gonna do it. So of course, I get all hyped up again, I joined the program. You guys are amazing. It's so fun. And I'm like people like me, like people who understand like this can really work. And then you gave me the tools, right? So you were like, This is how it's done. And I'm just like, oh, gosh, this would have been so helpful. So, and I don't know, maybe like, we didn't have the internet, right? Like, I was still reading through the newspaper and stuff for like, you know, contractors and whatever. But so then we, I get on this train and I'm like, okay, you know, sit, my sister Sam. Like, she's, she's awesome. My best friend. We fall in love in my senior year of high school. Before that, she was like the little sister and then she was like my best friend ever. Um, so I'm like, let's, you know, let's finish this house. Let's finally get this done and they wanted to move into a bigger space and her husband was just like bouquet, you know? Yeah, I I like you guys enough. Your sister's pretty cool. So we started the whole thing over,

Debbie DeBerry  10:06  
you started over again. And basically, you started the flip. So when did you guys actually start working on? The the the recent flip

Unknown Speaker  10:19  
over there recently? Yeah. Okay. That the 2021 Flip started I, we got our first contractor in there on September. I think 13th was our first one. Okay.

Debbie DeBerry  10:30  
Yeah. So was your sister living there? Or did she eventually move out? And it was vacant again for a while?

Unknown Speaker  10:37  
Yep. Nope. We were waiting for it to be vacant. They had bought a house, but it was like a long process for them to you know, move into it. So finally, when they were able to exit, we're like, Okay, we're gonna go in, we're just gonna, like, turn this puppy around super quick. And get it on the market. You know, before we wanted to do it before Thanksgiving, and literally the day before we managed to do that. So skin of our teeth. That's awesome.

Debbie DeBerry  11:00  
I love it. Okay, so do y'all still, like at this point? Do y'all still have Did y'all still have a mortgage on it? Or was it paid off at this point?

Unknown Speaker  11:12  
No, it wasn't paid off. It was it was but it was close. I mean, it was 66,000. Right. Got Oh, okay. Um, we had, you know, renovate it or not renovated, like refinanced and done the whole thing and whatever. So, but she still had a mortgage on it. And so she paid for those couple months. And like, we just kind of split like how we were going to do it, like your whole JV thing. Like, right, like, who does what, who's in charge of what and, you know, she's, I mean, best thing to work with in the world, like, my super favorite. So it was like, super fun, super easy. And not remember, this is the second time we've done this now. So we already know we can work together like, you know, right. But we did hire contractors this time. Good. Okay. Well, I

Debbie DeBerry  11:53  
was gonna ask you that. Yeah, yeah, y'all decide to you're gonna do the work yourselves? Or did you hire that out?

Unknown Speaker  12:00  
We did a little bit of both. Now in the very beginning. Other than like, the plumbing in the heating, we learned to do drywall, we learned to, you know, get those hammers with the little dynamite powders in them and drill them into the ground, you know, like we did, I have more tools than you know, I'm very proud of my tool collections. So we did it in the beginning. And so this time, we were like, okay, Debbie teaches me get our contractors. So I had a budget in mind. And our only issue was, even though we own the house for such a long time, there were so many variables that we didn't even know about, you know, so we get into the crawlspace. And we find it's like this totally different thing than we anticipated. Like literally like tree stumps, like they use, they just, there was a tree, they're like, Let's build a porch. And then they're like, cut the tree off in the middle. And we're like, Okay, that'll be a support beam. And then we'll use the top of the tree as another support beam. And it'll just be fine. Right? And you're like, oh, that's why it balances, right? So, had it all this time, and just had no idea these things were going on. And so that was just like, a big piece of the budget that we wanted for like the fun stuff, right? Yeah. So you never know. Get your inspections?

Debbie DeBerry  13:14  
Yes. Get your inspection. Okay, so, so y'all started work? September ish. So really, you'll in a couple of months, y'all had it on the market? Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker  13:29  
Yep. Super. It was, yeah, it was mostly cosmetic. I mean, honest to goodness, it was but, um, but there were things that came up, you know, like, there was a weird spot on the wall when I did my walkthrough and was just like, Oh, what's that? And it was just like, oh, this window has been leaking. Like, we need to tear out this whole wall and do it. You know, it's just funny things like that, that you just go like, okay, so that set us back a little bit, you know, and, yeah. And so you just got to figure out how to work, you know, get it done. Okay,

Debbie DeBerry  13:58  
what I want to backtrack for just a second. Um, you and your sister, what was your lane? What was in your lane? And what was in her lane?

Unknown Speaker  14:09  
That's, oh, gosh, um, I would say we were both kind of project manager, Mary, she, she cracks me up, she will say she picks things up and puts things down. Like, if she has a business card. That's what it's gonna say, I pick things up and I put things down, she doesn't give herself enough credit. But she, she's a powerhouse. And she and we always were able to, like balance each other out. But I did like the money and the financing. And do you know, like contracts and things and then she was kind of like, because she's No, keep in mind. She's in Detroit area, and I'm in Grand Rapids, right? So I'm traveling back and forth. But everyday she can kind of go to the house and look at it and you know, give me progress. Do the walkthroughs and that was awesome. Like that was so fun. So it was kind of like being there, right? We were like, we just need to get little cams that we're always like, you know, attached to each other. So right,

Debbie DeBerry  14:58  
right. Okay, how far away so the project was in Detroit? How far away? Are you from there? Two and a half hours. Okay. Now, did you? How did you you mentioned financing? Did you finance the repairs? Or did you guys pay out of pocket? Or how to juggle? You already own the house? So how did you finance the renovations that you did? This time? creatively?

Unknown Speaker  15:26  
Very creative. Nice. Yeah. So I'm just like, my husband trusted me enough to let me use, like some of our funds. I got a I got a personal loan, she got a personal loan. Um, you know, my, my Home Depot card, my Lowe's card, my Visa card. So just creative. And then. And that's how we did the first one, because keep in mind, like, just money or money and things like that we, because she's my sister. It's a What did they call it an arm's length transaction? Right. So we couldn't just do like their traditional it was an LLC, it had to be like, our personal thing. Right. So yeah, so we just had to get creative and it worked out. Okay.

Debbie DeBerry  16:14  
I love it. I think it's important for people to hear that you can get creative and make things work. Right. Okay, so what was your What did you think the renovation budget was going to be? And what did it end up being?

Unknown Speaker  16:29  
We thought it would be 25. Okay, um, and we ended up at 30. And then two days before close, we had to get a new furnace. So we ended up at 32, or somewhere between 30 and 32. How about that? Like, okay, awesome. Well scan receipts that I did folks, like keep your receipts and stay focused.

Debbie DeBerry  17:01  
Oh, gosh, okay. Okay, so a couple months, about $30,000 in renovations, all on finding creative money, right, like creatively finding money to do this, which is fantastic. And then when you initially started working on the house, what did you think you were going to be able to list it for?

Unknown Speaker  17:32  
Okay, that's a good question. Um, we were pretty confident that we just wanted to get, like, originally, it was like, we want to get you know, about 125. Okay, so, um, and then our, our increased a little bit, you know, our, our bredow budget, and we're like, oh, you know, because I think we just were just hoping that we could both walk away with like, 15 got it, roughly. And so when that wasn't gonna happen, then it got to be like, a little bit different. And then it started to get towards Thanksgiving. And we were like, okay, you know, because we did think it was going to go a little bit faster, but I knew, there's always things that come up. So you know, just let's get it before Thanksgiving. Right. So, um, we decided that we really wanted to do we listed at 129 Okay, we were pretty adamant about that. By the time it was done, because it was so cute. And the the market around there didn't really necessarily cuz it was only a two bed, one bath, no basement, no garage. It's just it's it's a great starter house, great yard. But it was in a kind of funny neighborhood with like, a lot of rentals, and apartment buildings, but the kind of its own little oasis. So we were like, we think that just because it's so different. It could work. Right? So and you teach us a lot of stuff. And we already had this house. So it wasn't like we you know, picked it special offer our criteria is like we already had it we work with what you got. And so finally, we get everything done in last push effort. We get it on the market the day before Thanksgiving. And our Realtors, like, you know, okay, all right, so we get it up. We like I want people to be able to look at it and sit around Thanksgiving and be like, Oh, isn't this cute? You know, we're pretending they're having these conversations. I don't know they're probably talking about pie but um, so we by Friday, we ended up getting our realtor calls which is like you have this many showings and this many and we're just like, oh my gosh, this is so exciting. Right? And so Friday comes Saturday comes Sunday comes and we have no offers and it's okay, but we've had like nine showings I think at this point are like seven showings or something. And I mean, obviously there's a holiday there's you know, people are busy. They're out of town. You know. Monday comes we have a couple more showings, and then we get four offers, like three to four offers that night. And we're like, oh my gosh, you know, and, um, our realtor kept telling us that, you know, she was very knowledgeable about the market and just, you know, she kept worrying about appraisal. Yeah, we do. inspection was good. We knew the house was solid, we knew other than the furnace, but that's, you know, we can either get into that or not, but, um, we thought that, like, what happens if we, you know, don't, so we ended up getting two offers that were beautiful. More than, like, absolute blast, God, like totally came through, like, I wouldn't even have asked for these. But so one of them was at 150. Wow, never gonna appraise for that, like, I love that someone wants to pay this, and I'd love to give it to him. But it's, that's not gonna happen, you know, it's not gonna. And then we got a full price offer, or you wanted 29. And we got 130 for all cash, no inspection, no. Rule. And we were just like, you know, I'm good, because we knew we knew that it didn't need an inspection. And we didn't you know, we weren't worried about that for a new home. Yep, I did think like, well, the appraisal. Oh, yeah. It's it's dicey. Yeah, for sure.

Debbie DeBerry  21:25  
Totally valid concern. People don't realize that, right. Like, they get it and they're like, oh, yeah, I'm just gonna sell it for this. Well, you're not gonna sell it for that. appraiser. Can't find numbers to match that. Because yeah, lenders not gonna say yes, yeah. Yeah. So So y'all sold for 134 134.

Unknown Speaker  21:44  
With about 13,000. So that's awesome. It was fine. It was great. You know, and, and we made more. We made more now than we would have in 2005. So right,

Debbie DeBerry  21:58  
right. Yeah. Yeah. Will you and your sister flip together? Oh, all day long. Yeah, we're,

Unknown Speaker  22:08  
we we already are like, Okay, how are we going to do this? You know, so we've written, we're already making plans.

Debbie DeBerry  22:14  
I love that.

Unknown Speaker  22:15  
We have a three year plan where she can just move here. Like, we got to be so successful, that in three years she's done with her job and her husband's like, Alright, let's move to Grand Rapids. So that's our plan. Pray for awesome.

Debbie DeBerry  22:28  
I love it. I'm totally on board for your plan. Well, I mean, gosh, 134,000. So really, like 20% of the ARV was yours profit. That's awesome. Yeah, yeah. That it is really exciting. Congratulations, you did it ripped off the band aid? Finally, flip this house that y'all bought when you were in junior high? I love it. Yeah. Don't do like me do it a little faster. A little faster. Cuz that's your, that's your takeaway through a little faster? Yeah. Yeah. So what was the furnace situation? At the end of there?

Unknown Speaker  23:09  
Well, you know, we had gotten, like our inspections. And we had, originally what we wanted to do was just replace, like, because when we first bought the house, um, we had a new furnace put in while so it was 20 years old at that point, maybe even. Yeah, like 20 years old. So cuz it was 2000, I guess, when we actually, you know, started to move in. So, um, my guy came out, and we got a bunch of quotes. And he said, like, oh, this furnace should have like, another 10 years, like, you're good. We were gonna add an air conditioning on to it. So I think that's kind of that's why we had him out was like, you know, do we need to replace and he was like, no, just add the air. And I was like, Okay, well, then we started to kind of run out of money. And we're like, Well, you know, how about we get crafty at the end? And if somebody really wants it, you know, they could pay for it or whatever. Like, let's negotiate. Right? That's, that's a thing. Yep. So he had come out and he didn't do like a, like a furnace inspection. It was just kind of like a quick like, oh, you can keep this we'll just add the AC. Well, then we weren't gonna have AC but the city that we flipped in, has their own spike certificate of occupancy. Oh, got it with them in 2000 2000. And it had been like, you know, they came out, they give us an inspection. They're like, fix these things. And then, you know, and then have us back out, we'll sign off and then you can move in. Well, in 2000, they came back and they're like, Oh, you need to fix this stuff. And I was like, that's the first time I ever put on my big girl pants and said, I love it. No, we are homeless, like we are moving into this house today. Yes, gaming. You told us to fix this. This is the deal. So I knew we had to have an inspection for Were asked to move into this house. And we did it thinking everything was good. And the furnace didn't sign off. I was like, oh, it's got a cracked something or other. And I was like, what? You know, because he had I thought he had come out like the week before. And I guess for whatever reason he hadn't so he gave us a really great deal on it. It was like 2200 to replace the furnace. He did it. Same the wow, we're able to close. Like, we only had to push our closing by like, three days, I think. So it all worked out. So I think was December 17. You know, cuz it was like a 15 day clothes. That was the other thing

Debbie DeBerry  25:39  
like, Oh, got it. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  25:42  
I want this, this and this. And I'm going to close in 15 days. And we were like

Debbie DeBerry  25:49  
we can accommodate that. Yeah, we

Unknown Speaker  25:52  
offer all day long.

Debbie DeBerry  25:56  
Oh, my gosh. All right. Are you looking for your next flip? Now? What are you doing? I'm

Unknown Speaker  26:01  
looking for my next flip. Yeah. Um, but it's not. Because I can't find it. I've actually gotten offers, or I've actually had contracts accepted on to, and I've had to, after like inspections, I've had to say no one was asbestos siding, which now I'm not afraid of anymore. Good. But that was like way in the beginning of the program. And the other one was just like foundation issues. And in Michigan. We have basements. You know? Yeah. So Right. It's different than here. Yeah. It's just kind of a funny thing that I'm just like, I'm not ready. So, yes, um, we're looking for our next ones. Um, and I got to do marketing.

Debbie DeBerry  26:47  
But hey, you're putting in offers, you're going under contract, you're using your due diligence period, like you're supposed to, right? We're going we go and we walk away with the numbers don't work anymore. Yeah, doing it. We're doing a sister. I love.

Unknown Speaker  27:01  
Like, and you guys gave me permission to say y'all. So all y'all Oh. Oh,

Debbie DeBerry  27:11  
you're such a joy. Thanks for sharing your story. It's, it's interesting. One question I do want to ask, and then I'll let you go, you know, like to talk about, like, what are your fears? What were you thinking about? What were you What were you worried about going into flipping a house, if I don't know if it's different, because you already own the house, I don't know, if it's different. It's

Unknown Speaker  27:33  
different. A whole different because when I was in my 20s, and I did this, I didn't have life's karate chop yet, right? Like, I was so full of wonder and promise and hope I could do anything. Um, I wasn't afraid in the beginning, like, you know, I didn't have a family to support our suite. And so it was just like, grabbing life by, you know, the, the horns or whatever was easy to do, then, um, and so, but now, it you go into it, with a still a lot of wonder, and I have a lot of knowledge. So I'm educated about it now. But that kind of goes to fold. Right. So you're educated on it, and it makes those scary, but you also have those tools that make you successful, right when you properly so you do have to use them properly. Um, but I think that, you know, I, I know I don't stay as focused as I need to, to complete certain things like and like shiny objects squirrel like that for quote, you know, foreclosure route or probate because I've been through foreclosure. So I know how it feels. Yeah, sympathize. And so that has been one of those things where I feel like I want to help them and say, like, I know, I've been you like, yes, good person. Yes, bad thing happened. Let's keep going. You know, but I'm so afraid of rejection. I really like people to like me. And I have to I have to let my desire to help overcome my fear of

Debbie DeBerry  29:14  
rejection. Every day. I do.

Unknown Speaker  29:17  
Yeah. So it's one of those things where I'm, I'm not every day that I put more tools in my chest and take rocks out of my backpack. I'm getting better at being who I'm going to be. I just can't I have to stop waiting to be that person. And do it now.

Debbie DeBerry  29:38  
Yeah. Oh, my God.

Unknown Speaker  29:40  
Everybody can do it. You just have to. You have to study you know, you got to put the time in and you have to go to your girls for support. You guys have just been so fabulous as far as just reading everything that everyone's going through good bad otherwise, and then It gives you more tools. So yeah,

Debbie DeBerry  30:01  
absolutely. It's been. Yeah, it's you know, that's I mean, every day, every day I have to refocus, like, Okay, stop. It's not about me, like, the fear of rejection, the fear of like, all those things when I get stuck there. I know, okay, I'm making this about me. And like, it's like, okay, no, make it about serving make it about helping people make it about them feeling them not feeling shame, because they're in a terrible situation. Right, like, refocusing that. So I love that you said that. That's, you said it really well. Thanks for sharing that. Yeah, that will definitely resonate. Like that will definitely resonate with people.

Unknown Speaker  30:42  
I feel like people who are listening to this podcast want to do this. But some people find this on accident, looking for a way out of their current situation. And I couldn't get myself out of my current situation, you know, when it when it was my time, I couldn't do I couldn't get myself out. But somebody else could. And now that I'm healed, I can, right. So

Debbie DeBerry  31:08  
full circle. Yeah, that's being able to help people who are in a similar position that we've been in, we can relate to them, we can approach them with a passion, and they will, they will see that they will feel that they will resonate with us. More so then. It's not always fast, cash. Close, quick. Like it's just not it's not always that it's, you're going through a hard time. And let's like you're a person, you're a human being let's let's deal with humans first. Yeah. Absolutely. Oh, my gosh, this, I love this. I love connecting with you. Like I said, you're such a joy. You're so fun. I appreciate your energy and your vibe and your connection in the group really, because it makes like, more people like you in the community make the community even better. So thank you for that.

Unknown Speaker  32:01  
Yeah, you make it easy. So yeah,

Debbie DeBerry  32:03  
I appreciate that. All right. Thank you, Stephanie. Okay, see you. Alright, see you in the group. Bye. Bye. One of the biggest things I love about this conversation is the fact that her past, right? The Foreclosure didn't prevent her from chasing this dream. Because I hear that often, like, Oh, I've had a lot of whatever in my past foreclosure, bankruptcy, financial hardships, whatever it is, you can use that as a superpower. You can use your experiences to help other people in similar situations. That's the beauty of our scars. It's not hiding them. So pretending those things didn't happen. It's helping people in similar situations, because you can relate in a way that people who haven't had that experience can't possibly it's your superpower. If you're sick of sitting on the sideline, and you want not just the step by step processes and systems, yeah, that stuff's great, right? Why reinvent the wheel. But you want a community of women who are out there doing this thing regularly, supporting you, and encouraging you, basically part of your extended team. Go to her first flip comm and schedule a call with my team. And let's see if we're a good fit to work together. This happens to be our specialty. Helping Women get off the sideline and chase this dream of theirs. confidently. How about Alright, that's it. Thanks for hanging out with us today. And until next time, go out there flip houses like a girl lead people in places better than you find them and chase your curiosities. Bye y'all.