March 17, 2022

Yvette's Journey from Wearing the Single Mom Hat to House Flipping CEO

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This is such a great conversation with our FlipSister Coaching Program member Yvette in the Denver area! 

She walks us through her journey of her first flip including:

  • How she found it
  • How she financed it
  • The issues with the contractor and how she handled it
  • Navigating renovations with an HOA 
  • Her a-ha moments around goals and what she wanted
  • Her profit!

You will love this! So many takeaways here!


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Unknown Speaker  0:01  
You're listening to the flip houses like a girl podcast where we educate, empower and celebrate everyday women who are facing their fears, juggling family and business, embracing their awesomeness and wholeheartedly chasing their dream of flipping houses. Each episode delivers honest to goodness tool, tips and strategies you can implement today to get closer to your first or next successful house flip. Here's your spiky haired breakfast taco loving host house flipping coach Debbie DeBerry.

Debbie DeBerry  0:40  
Hey, how's it going today? Thanks for hanging out with us. So today's interview is with one of our awesome flip sisters in the Denver area. He that story is so similar to so many women who join our programme, where she spent many of her recent years wearing a mom hat. And so navigating a new business and stepping into this whole new identity for herself as a CEO of her house flipping business instead of just the mom, right, who wears about 2000 hats, and also keeps humans alive. Right that thing. And also, she's a single mom, and she's got three kids. So her story is so incredibly inspiring, because we hear from women all the time. Oh, but I'm a single mom, I'll never get financing. I'm a single mom. I don't have a tonne of income. I don't have years of awesome credit history and revenue. I've been a mom. And no matter how many times I say that doesn't matter. Yes, you can get financing doesn't matter. Doesn't matter. Doesn't matter. Yes, you can get financing, whatever your story is, it doesn't matter. Yes, you can. So having evidence, right? More evidence that yes, it is possible. Debbie's not just saying it's possible. There's more evidence in this story alone, that whatever stage of life you're in, even if you have been wearing the mom hat for many years, you absolutely can chase this dream of yours, if you want to. Yes, you absolutely can. So I'm really excited to share that story with you. There's so much richness in this conversation. So definitely play it through to the end, you are bound to be inspired. And thank you, Yvette for sharing your story with us. All right, let's just jump in. Let us know who you are, where you are a little bit of your background. And then we'll talk about like, we'll jump into how you found the house and all that.

Unknown Speaker  3:19  
Hi, my name is Yvette, I live in the Denver area up in the Congress city reunion area. I'm obviously flip sister. I started as a real estate agent. So I've had my licence for about four years now. Missy prior to this, I've done hospitality, hotel hotels, I did some time at the airport. So dealt with the crazy at the airport for a while that was fun. Um, it's a whole life experience right there. Like, I still talk to a lot of those people that I worked with there because that I don't know, that was just a fun time in my life. And then to be able to work for the airline who's like, I'm going to Vegas and then just hop on the plane and go to Vegas and be back by the next shift. You know, like that. That was just commonplace for us. So then like during that time I got my bachelor's degree. That was about 2008. So I graduated into recession. Yay. Awesome. Let me see after that. Let me see. I did freight brokering for a while. Oh, yeah. Yeah, so like I handled an account where we did Styrofoam out of the Dallas area. And like the distribution of their stuff there. I worked with truck drivers and then that kind of led to another job where I was on the dispatching side. So I was handling truck drivers and like the kind of people like I don't want to be home for a month. I want to buy a Harley next next time when I come home like I don't want to be home for three months. Send me out like those kinds of people. And it was a lot of fun. And it taught me a lot about brokering negotiating paperwork. I feel like brokering like all These other steps have kind of just led up to me becoming a real estate agent. Yeah, just kind of seemed like a logical step like, I was already brokering freight. And people are trucks and freight. So to change it over to people and real estate and property, was it too much of a difference? Yeah. But there's more. There's a lot more emotion involved with numbers. Yes. And it totally depends on the person you're dealing with. I mean, I have first time homebuyers. I have second time homebuyers. I have investors all different motivations. Yes. So it's kind of fun to work with different people all the time. Like, I feel like that's an act. So and then like COVID hits. I mean, you go through a CI, I think everybody goes through change, when they hit 40 start to reevaluate your life. There was a pretty significant training that I went through with Keller had me kind of put a microscope on a couple of things that were going on in my life. And I decided, um, my decisions, a lot of things went into it wasn't the best place for me to be anymore. And my now ex husband, and I didn't bring out the best in each other anymore. So that was a large change for me. And during the whole COVID thing. Yes. And I think that's about the I'm almost certain that was about the time that I picked up in your programme. Yeah. Like I had listened to before. And it listened to other podcasts and other people, you know, there's a lot of voices out there. Some resonate with you, some don't. And this one did. I mean, I knew that this was where I kind of needed to be. There's only you can only go so far without certain guidance, and like, I grow you have going on, okay, just this is where I need to be, you just realise that this is where you need to be. And this programme was very much a catalyst for me, like, you can do this, these things are achievable. And I think in a lot of other programmes, it's very much male dominated, like just go get the deal, go get this. You don't have any of the foundational stuff built. If you don't have the foundation me like how many analogies if you don't have the foundation, then it doesn't work when you get to live in LA, but it's true. Yeah, it totally is. And it helps us to because we know we have this set. Now we can build on it. Yes, exactly. I think a lot of other programmes, don't focus on that. And when you ask questions like, Well, we, you know, that's just silly that you should, but here, you can, who call it the other day of flip Google or something like that. We can just search within the group and you can find the answers that you're looking for no judgement, it is all positive. Encouraging. And that that was that's a big thing. You know, it's huge. Those are the kind of influences that we need in our life. So yeah, I mean, we were familiar Denver market is highly competitive, it is turning into very much a full contact sport.

Unknown Speaker  8:04  
This was the third one that I was under. Contract with, because I found it with a wholesaler. Okay, and I had just run so many numbers that I just knew like you, this is it, nothing else is gonna come that's kind of fit. It doesn't fit perfectly into the box. It's close enough. Yeah. So and I mean, I was at a job. I took a 15 minute break to run numbers. And like, I came back and I was like, Guys, I bought a house. Like, what? Like, you just went on break, like 15 minutes ago. Anyway, you bought a house?

Debbie DeBerry  8:41  
That is awesome. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  8:43  
Even the people at that job. They I mean, I've been there for like four and a half, almost five years. And some of those ladies like they're familiar with what I've been doing so like, it's important for me to like, for them to see it to you don't mean like

Debbie DeBerry  8:58  
I do. It's the ripple effect, even if it's not about them, wanting to go flip houses. It's about them wanting to go start whatever business it is. Yeah, seeing you do it seeing you chase something inspires other people to go chase their thing.

Unknown Speaker  9:15  
Yeah. And some of them were like, You really did that. I was like, Yeah, I really did that. Like the owner of the company. Like you are already sold it. He's like, You didn't even have that for like two months. I was like I had it for 10 weeks.

Debbie DeBerry  9:27  
Wow. Okay, so you found it through a wholesaler?

Unknown Speaker  9:33  
Yeah, I found it through wholesalers. I mean, with a wholesaler. It's kind of tricky, because as soon as you sign that 10,000 is gone. Whether you buy the house or not.

Debbie DeBerry  9:43  
It's good though. Right? Because it also yes. Because if it's just fear that's coming up that $10,000 is like you got to do it, man. Yeah, it's really the numbers, right? Like you uncover things and you're like, Oh my God. No, I'm Gonna lose way more if I do this, then that then so it's it's good like it's good. It's important to have that skin in the game. Okay, so was it an apartment or condo or it's a

Unknown Speaker  10:14  
it was a condo, a condo, okay? It's a small 659 Square feets in a nice little area off 100 and 20th and the interstate. So really super convenient for a person. Some versions of that floor plan. It's a studio. Other versions. It's got like a little half wall with like a barn door and people at some point, put a wall up. So it was a legit one bedroom. Whoa. Okay, cool. Yeah. So we just kind of expanded on that. And, okay,

Debbie DeBerry  10:46  
what did you pay for it? So I

Unknown Speaker  10:49  
bought it at 135.

Debbie DeBerry  10:54  
And what were you thinking the repairs would be?

Unknown Speaker  11:01  
I was hoping that they were going to be around 12,000. Okay. I didn't go much further off of that. It ended up being 15 Oh, nice. Okay. However, because I ended up doing work myself. So, like I said that the contractor issue. This was a person that I thought was a friend. I mean, like, I helped him buy a house. Even when he was looking for a house, we were looking for houses to flip together because he has that kind of contractor. He's contractor, he has the experience. He just didn't have the licence yet. Okay. And I had told him, I need you to work on this. We had I had plans in the work beforehand, like some other ones that have fallen through. They told him I was like, Look, we have this opportunity. I'd like to work with you or trust you, uh, like you, let's do this. Okay, you know, um, so first red flag should have been he didn't want to sign my independent contractor agreement, and then it just kind of it fell apart.

Debbie DeBerry  11:59  
Why did he not want to sign that?

Unknown Speaker  12:02  
Um, I believe it may have to do with social security information. Okay. Um, there may be assistantships, issues. They're not exactly sure. Um, I mean, but obviously, he bought a house. So he's got some of his credentials, Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to get that for. True. True. So the plan was to have the house ran out and ready to go in about three to four weeks, and ended up taking six. Um, I had some issues where, you know, what I was promised. And what I got were two different things.

Debbie DeBerry  12:40  
Did y'all have a scope of work that he was working off of? Or was it like, was it super detailed? And he was working off of that? And he just

Unknown Speaker  12:48  
Yes. I mean, and it was, it was just frustrating. And I in that recommendation of when you see it, you know, just pull the trigger, find something else pull the trigger, find something else? You mean, there's issues, there's reasons there's excuses, but you know, my floor stolen? Right? And that was due like last week, right? And you're telling me to not pay the granite guy full rate? Because he's not on time, but you're on time either. Interesting? Yeah. So like, how am I supposed to charge you back when I haven't, you know, it just got it got frustrating, because I thought I had explained to this person. I don't have margin for error. Like, right, this needs to be done. i You said you could do it. It's not that big of a project. I couldn't afford I didn't want to, um, and thankfully like when I grew up as a kid my dad was the kind of person that was a handy person he had the books you know, not like now where we can like YouTube everything. You know how to do it. You know, my dad did the DIY the plug Phila like we spent time at at the time builders square, which is now home do you play? That was just my I knew that like that is just in my day. I like that stuff. You know, like why? So it was frustrating when it fell apart? Because I thought I had clearly explained like, this needs to get done like this is Christmas money for your kids. This is Christmas money for my kids like what's going on here? Right? So and I trusted him. And it didn't work out.

Debbie DeBerry  14:26  
So did you end up firing him? Or did you end up finishing with him and just you're never going to work with him again?

Unknown Speaker  14:32  
Um, I unfortunately had to fire him via text because he wouldn't pick up the phone. Yeah. Um, he had all of his equipment and tools in the apartment. So I locked the door. Yeah, but I had told him beforehand that that was going to happen if it didn't, we didn't on time. I mean, like I had stagers waiting on him. I had photographers waiting on him. So it it was frustrating and that's why I'm saying it made me cry because you know, like How could you do this to me like to me like, I thought we were here and

Debbie DeBerry  15:05  
oh my gosh, yes. Yep. So yes, I lived in that space for like five years, which is why that's a whole lesson about Yes. Firing fast, right? Yeah, you're slow fire fast and it's not being ruthless. It's not being a jerk. It's being it's owning your voice and your worth, because every day they're late. That's your money. That impacts you. Yes, it's an extra payment to the month there's the lender it's an extra carrying like I wanted this to all be done by the end of the year. My accountants gonna be upset at me like what you want at the end of your closure? Yeah, that's the six

Unknown Speaker  15:49  
money okay, it was frustrating but at the same time, like the the staging person do contractor they you know, and then you make contact with that person, that person cuz like, oh, yeah, we got this no big deal was like for real? Like you got this or like, you got this right. I already have trust issues. Like I'm just gonna throw it out there and you have trust issues. And if you told me you got this and you don't got this, I'm gonna be mad. Yeah.

Debbie DeBerry  16:18  
Okay. So you asked your stager, they gave you a recommendation and that that they follow through and they

Unknown Speaker  16:24  
did the Okay. Yes. So the stager herself, her husband is the one who likes throws all it puts all the stuff in the back of the trailer, they show up that day. They're the ones that undo it, and then the girls come in and they, you know, they put the chacha up and they polish everything. So they both walked in the first day. And he's you know, he's got that background, also his name Steve. He's got that background because I'm sure he's walked into plenty of projects like this. And you know, and after talking to my find out that he is, you know, like, he's helped others in the office. Like, I don't know why I didn't find Steve to begin with.

Debbie DeBerry  16:58  
But you had to have the experience. Yep. trust it. I know. But you had to have that experience.

Unknown Speaker  17:05  
Yeah, it sucked. I cried. It was not it just whatever. So now we're here. But now you want to save? Yes. And it was nice to lock in, like on the first two days, like, I had other things to like, I did not have time to sit and cry. And I did not have time to babysit him like you're an adult. You're gonna do something, do it like, right? Don't make me Mom, you like that's not my job. Like, I have other things to go take care of. I can't. So it took me about two to three days until I was able to go and check and see what they were doing. And I walked in, I was like, Oh, my the letter is like I started using like, are you okay? Like, it's fine.

Debbie DeBerry  17:53  
It feels so good, though. Like, yes, it's like, Okay, finally I can breathe. Yeah, I saw that. Yes, I saw that release from your shoulders and. Okay. Okay, like, it's gonna be okay.

Unknown Speaker  18:07  
Like, yes. And then it's like one of those like, you had to go through the muck in order to understand the reward at the end. So it is true. I am thankful for running across. Steve second contractor, I would have liked to have not had the experience with the first one. But you know, that's okay. We live in learn, um, cost me more.

Debbie DeBerry  18:33  
So, okay, so you ended up spending about 15k? Yeah. And then you and that was six weeks, just for the the work and then you put it on the market. All staged in queue. And that's scary. Yes. Wonder what are they going to think? What are they going to say? Are they going to like it? Did I do okay? Oh, yeah. To be

Unknown Speaker  19:00  
honest, even when I put it on the MLS, it wasn't ready. Like, ready? Ready, like in my mind, it wasn't ready. But like, they saw things the agents saw things that I did it you know, I mean, like, oh, oh, shoot, we forgot baseboards. Oh, that's not Oh, I forgot to put that light over there. But I was like, in such a scene. I was in such a hurry. But like, at the time, I was like, so like, I want to be done with this. But like, it's like this weird feeling of like, I'm about to be unemployed. Like we need to hurry this along because I want to be done but I'm going to be unemployed at the end of it. So. So like he wasn't ready. And I got some feedback on it. I ended up with a couple of offers. I mean, at that point, unfortunately, I had to go with over asking which is, you know, common in Denver. That's just this is the other real estate is and it's gotten now even worse with the marshal burn because now that's All those people looking to find houses, but I think I struck at the right time. We were doing last minute items in the house up until the day before final walkthrough. Because I mean, there were things that came up in inspection. Yep, it happens. I had a whole electrical issue in there. So let's talk about that. Yeah, so we were we had already pulled the first contract and I had already pulled the bathroom apart. Like there's nothing but flooring in there. And we were trying to change out the faucets because they were the old 1970 There it was all OG the original. Everything was in there. Yeah. So we turned off what we thought was the water for just our units. It was the water for the building. Okay. These buildings at one point used to be apartments. And this unit used to be the laundry unit of the building. So everybody had access to this unit, which is why majority of the main electrical main water main gas cut off and a lot of those main features are in this unit

Debbie DeBerry  21:09  
for the whole entire build the whole building.

Unknown Speaker  21:12  
And yeah, you didn't know. So I'm painting in the living room windows open office, and I see all these golf carts going all over the place is going on. Do I need to do am I supposed to be evacuating? guys walking around going on? No stairs neighbours are on the balcony don't like the waters off? Where's the water? Is your water off? First contract and I really hate each other like, oh shit turn it off for the

Debbie DeBerry  21:42  
whole building.

Unknown Speaker  21:44  
Oh my god. So then the maintenance guy. What are you guys doing in here? Um, well, we thought it was just hours.

Debbie DeBerry  21:54  
You're supposed to know, like, gonna know. Yeah. How are you supposed to know that you control the entire grid for the whole building.

Unknown Speaker  22:02  
And when they have the unit, like two weeks at a time, I didn't have any HOA paperwork other than the length of the general notice things that they have in the hallway. So I called I mean, I again, I thought it was just our unit. No, it's the whole building. So we got in trouble with the maintenance guys. And a week and a half later, um, that was about I want to say I bought the house on the 28th and I had already relationship with the HOA ladies because I had to ask for status letters. There were things that had to happen on a quick turnaround. Yeah. So when I had documents to renovate the house that had was supposed to go through a board, get final approval like all these steps are supposed to happen. Well, it took the HOA now that I know this later. It took the HOA until December 28 to actually process my HOA paperwork. That's right. So I was a phantom owner for like two months. So this whole time that I'm sending in maintenance requests and request to change my window because they're old windows like they were cracked and tried to change them. Now we know that like supply issues, I can't find those. So I mean, all of these requests were going

Debbie DeBerry  23:22  
I don't know where Yeah, some black hole somewhere.

Unknown Speaker  23:25  
sighs You didn't exist as a as an owner? Yeah, there was a guy who's this lady that was equitable mess. Like why does she care what happens with 102? That's so weird. So I think like all these emails are just kind of sitting in somebody's like folders somewhere, like needing to be connected. So like once the HOA finally figured out that I was the owner. They're like, Oh, you had a request about busting a hole in the wall. What happened with that? I was like, Girl, that hole is already there. It's there.

Debbie DeBerry  23:53  
What happened with that is it's there.

Unknown Speaker  23:55  
Yeah. And that was impact from us turning off the water because like a week later, the head maintenance guy for the building, who's like the guest guy or whatever for the HOA, the one that clears everything came into our apartment to saw off that little knobs so that the next person can't turn off the water for the whole building. And he saw that my kitchen was kind of painted kind of weird. He's like, Well, why don't you paint that corner right there. Like there's a three foot piece of white. Why did you do that? I was like, well, because I'm waiting for the HOA to give me approval to bust the hole in that wall. He's like, why is he because that's what they told me. I had to do. Like I fill out the paperwork. I sent the email he's like, Well, that's just dumb. I'm the one that's gonna approve it anyways, he's like it's not load bearing and there is no electricity there's that just punch. Here's my card. This is my number if they have any questions just tell them to get a hold of me. How's it awesome on tell me twice plus the whole that

Debbie DeBerry  24:55  
wall like an hour later Done and done. Yeah, so

Unknown Speaker  24:59  
By the time you know I come over to sell the house and they look it up on the MLS like wait a second. When we sold you that house that pole isn't there like yeah, no. Busted all the walls and non load bearing wall. There's no electricity. There's the water like surprising This is the one wall it doesn't have water in it. Because I mean, it used to be washer dryer room so sorry. I think like, Who told you to do that? You didn't ask? I guess they did. Here's my email. This is where it went. This is the paperwork. Well, who told you you could do that? So I told him the water situation. I gave him the current deal like oh, okay, well, we guess it was like one of those like, Okay, well, I mean, like the holes already law, like, what are we going to do about it now? Right. So that and then so they got there, come up in Slater when I was asking for HOA documents because I needed them to give to my buyer. And they took forever if they delay the closing, um, it only took like two or three days. It wasn't that much. Okay, so then what I did is I took those username and passwords and I just sent that over to the buyer. I'm like, okay, until they process your paperwork, if you have any kind of issues, just use this because it's gonna take them a while and they're not happy with me. So going home. Sorry about that.

Debbie DeBerry  26:27  
And you're welcome.

Unknown Speaker  26:28  
Exactly. When I need just is a three foot wall, a three foot hole. I just pushed the refrigerator over to the other side of the wall and open that hole. It just made such a big difference. Yeah, I took it from Batman caves to something a little bit nicer, you know?

Debbie DeBerry  26:47  
Yeah. I love it. Okay. Now, what did you end up selling it for?

Unknown Speaker  26:55  
I put it on the market at 175. Um, there were other comps are in the area, but like one wasn't completely done. Some are similar. It's a small little community. So not a lot. goes. Not a lot of changes go on in there. So I put it at 175. I ended up selling it

Debbie DeBerry  27:14  
at 181. Oh, nice. Yeah. Fantastic. Okay. And your profit ended up being at 500? That's awesome. Yeah. First flip done. The biggest the biggest thing is first flip check. You're done? Yeah, that's in the rear view. You rip off the band aid. It's done. And you can go on with your house flipping self.

Unknown Speaker  27:39  
Yes. So that's something point to look, I can do this. I did do that. Right. And all the background that went with it, too, because that financing was hard. Tell me about the financing. Yeah.

Debbie DeBerry  27:51  
How did you finance it?

Unknown Speaker  27:53  
Okay, so I did. Did all the phone calls. Thank you for the checklist, that definitely helps a lot. I mean, from a real estate agent, the I'm a real estate agent. I mean, the the conversations that you have with lenders as an investor is similar but different. You know, they're just different questions to ask. So like, I was familiar, but not I'm so having that questionnaire. And those things were very helpful. I mean, um, so I went through that list. And that's where I found Lesley, she was, from the time that I signed to purchase the house to closing was two weeks. Nice. So and there were a couple that I talked to, I mean, I get it. I'm a State, I was a stay at home mom, I did not have a lot of income. And you were to real estate, it has been a battle. My profit and loss is not pretty. I get it. And you know, but for some of these people to gouge in like interest rates and points like, how do you sleep at night? Like, that's not okay. I understand that you're in lending to be able to help make money and help others but like, I don't. So, it took me a little bit to find a lender that wasn't going to charge me something ridiculous. So she was at 11%. And she charged me what ended up being about two and a half points to do it. So I mean, manageable. And I understood she was gonna have to do a credit check on me. I got it. You know, I don't I get it. It's like I get it. So I mean, and that's and I kept in contact with her. Her draws were easy. She understood what I was doing. She understood what I was up against. I think maybe being a female definitely helped a lot too. Yeah. So I find myself now leaning more, more than before on female resources. Then male. Yes. I don't know about equal opportunity.

Debbie DeBerry  30:04  
I don't know. Well, yes, that is equal opportunity because we already have, right like, we are already coming from behind. So yes. Okay, so 11%, two and a half points? Did she finance everything? Or did you have to use some obreon cash? Or did you have to use any private lending? How did what did that look like?

Unknown Speaker  30:28  
She did 90 of purchase and 90 of repair. Okay. Um, I did, I chose to do a lot of it out of my own pocket that you're trying to build up my credit, trying to get those things taking, you know, other other little benefits of trying to do this. So I didn't totally use up all the money that I could have with the draw. I did kind of end up having to use a private money lender, which you know, it's fine. You know, those kinds of terms are definitely flexible. Got it. Okay. Yeah, Christmas. Yeah.

Debbie DeBerry  31:06  
What did you close on that on the sale?

Unknown Speaker  31:08  
Closed on January 6. Okay.

Debbie DeBerry  31:10  
So you went under contract?

Unknown Speaker  31:13  
December the 10th 13.

Debbie DeBerry  31:16  
Yeah. Okay. So for we closing Yep. So waiting, waiting, waiting. Were there any issues during escrow that came up? No. Okay, cool. It

Unknown Speaker  31:27  
was pretty, pretty easy. It was just awesome. I misunderstood the appraiser. I thought he just wanted to pack it. And that's kind of what I'm used to, you know, leave a packet. This is what I did. You know, that kind of thing. Yeah. And then he calls me on Wednesday morning. He's like, where are you? I'm like, What do you mean? Where am I I'm in. I'm in El Paso. I run away for Christmas. Like, I was supposed to meet you. I'm totally got good. I mean, it was still staged. I left everything that I was supposed to like. He's like, Oh, cool. And I'm like, I talked to him, which is kind of weird. Like, it was one of those like, Why? Why am I talking to an appraiser? Like, right?

Debbie DeBerry  32:02  
What was he? What was that?

Unknown Speaker  32:03  
He was kind of cool about it. He's like, Wow, I like this outlet. You know, the that one ring? Yeah, light that was in my dining room. That was my favourite piece. It was like a, like it took a bracelet off and just stuck it on the ceiling was awesome. And he loved it. Like that was the first time that I ever got to talk to an appraiser.

Debbie DeBerry  32:23  
Yeah, so he was just like, touching base. Yeah, he liked it.

Unknown Speaker  32:29  
So I thought I messed up. Thankfully, it didn't. But that was the only snag that I ran into the entire time. So I mean, like after we got it under contract late. Yeah.

Debbie DeBerry  32:41  
And then you closed and yay. How did you celebrate?

Unknown Speaker  32:45  
How did I celebrate? I am going on a trip to Chicago now.

Debbie DeBerry  32:52  
What did your kids think about this? Did they understand what you were doing?

Unknown Speaker  32:55  
Yes, kind of, um, I think it was kind of like, what is mom doing? Like, why did she buy a house that we can't live in?

Debbie DeBerry  33:04  
This? Uh, huh.

Unknown Speaker  33:07  
Like, he came home and they're like, What are you doing? I was like, so you remember that house that I bought, like, we're fixing it, and we're gonna make it pretty and somebody else is gonna buy it. And we're gonna do it again. Or what again, and we're gonna do it again. And then we're gonna take all that money, and we're gonna buy our own house. And this is how you do this.

Debbie DeBerry  33:24  
So cool. Yes. So freaking cool. And it's so important to share that with them. So they can understand, okay, so you can have this goal. And you can do these things along the way to reach that goal. That's so cool. That gives me chills. I love that. I do. I love that.

Unknown Speaker  33:41  
And it's a change for me too. Because like, I never really had relationship with goals. Yeah. I just didn't like Yeah, I think we get and I don't I don't want to say to everybody, but I know it was me. Like, I got stuck with a mom hat on. Oh, for sure. But I had to in diapers. I think I got maybe a six, seven month break of diapers. And then there's number three. Okay, so like I made Pampers.

Debbie DeBerry  34:07  

Unknown Speaker  34:08  
um, and like, I mean, I just stopped. I was just mom for so long. And it's, I just functioned on a okay day to day basis, week to week basis. And like, I didn't really have goals, like I have a house over my head. I have my at the time, my husband's income. This is nice. This is comfortable, things could be better. Things could be worse. Right? And it wasn't until like I went to this training session with Keller and it was like an eight week session, I think was eight or 10 weeks. And one week was just about goals. Like what do you want to do with your life? Where do you want to go? Where do you want to? Like what and I saw that whole week. I felt like I was auditing a class like I see all these people. They have goals. Olson they want to do this. They're like, I don't I don't have that. And we sat. And I remember one of the biggest exercises that we had was you were supposed to write a letter to yourself. Mm hmm. The future like that? Did we do X goal? Did we do this? You know, did we have this planned? Are you going to do that? Like, what were the steps? And I remember sitting there and like, I'm on a table with like eight or nine of us. And there are several tables are in this big conference room. And I'm looking around and these people are just scribbling scribbling people cannot. So cannot write fast enough to get all of it that scribbling. And I'm just like, I don't, I don't. Don't like yeah, I'm too busy trying day to day, week to week to like, even think ahead. Yeah. Didn't even direct where we're going. Yeah. So, and I and that was a catalyst for change for me. And huge. I thought about it for what I did. I got a letter in the mail a year later, and all it had was my name event. This way. I looked like I was doing something.

Debbie DeBerry  36:07  
Oh, my gosh, yeah. Huge. Oh,

Unknown Speaker  36:12  
kind of like what have I been doing? But at the same time, like, not like,

Debbie DeBerry  36:17  
right, right heart? It is long term goals. Like it's hard because it's like, well, do I do I dream big? Or do I dream low? And then exceed that? And then like, what's better? What feels better? And then am I am I selling myself short? Yes, we all are. We are all selling ourselves short. That's the Yes. That is the answer for everyone. Yes, you can absolutely achieve more than we think we can. 100%. Yes. And then it's like, but what if I don't? And then I can feel like a failure? And what does that mean? What do I make that mean? Oh, there's a whole thing.

Unknown Speaker  36:51  
It's three months later, what have you done? I haven't done yet. But you know what, I've gotten this done. And this done. And this done. It's not exactly towards my goal, but it makes a life a little bit easier. And there's a little bit less spaghetti to untangle. But I mean, still I haven't. So so like, that was part of the reason why when this came up, like, you're gonna do this event, you're gonna do this. And this is the one like, the wholesaler that I worked with on this one to buy it. He's like, I can't I can't you know what you need to do? You know what you need to do? Yeah, I know, you're, I know you did numbers. You're smart enough. You can do this. You're the one who needs to talk yourself into this. Yes. And I'll say, Yeah, you know, me.

Debbie DeBerry  37:35  
Don't make me adult. I don't want to adult.

Unknown Speaker  37:41  
You're calling my cards match. Right.

Debbie DeBerry  37:43  
Right. Oh, that's the best.

Unknown Speaker  37:47  
So like that whole thing about you are the some of the people that you surround yourself with? Totally. I, I have changed that. I think I've made significant changes. Yeah, it's a struggle. It is a struggle. Yeah. I mean, self improvement looking. You go to self improvement? How many books you got? Right? How many podcasts like, right? You have to like get through the muck in order to get to. And that's where we're at. Yeah,

Debbie DeBerry  38:15  
everyone's MCC is different, too. So like, Don't compare stop comparing. We're so bad at comparing, were we? It all it does is make us feel worse. Yes. Well, I am so thankful that you shared your story, because you have no idea who it's going to inspire because it will inspire it will. So even if it inspires just one person to go do whatever thing it is that they've been putting off that they've you know, they've been wearing the mom hat forever. That's the that is the common theme we hear. Right? I've been for others. Yeah, I've been doing for others for decades. And I'm ready to do for myself so that you will inspire that.

Unknown Speaker  38:54  
Yes. And thank you for putting this group together. Like, like I've said, I mean, there are a lot of other podcasts that are out there and the like. This, this was the one that finally it was like, it pushed me to do it. And it's you. It's CES, it's all the ladies behind the scenes. It's everybody in the group, everybody. And like I was anally admit I was like, if I would just as like, you know, like, you make the decision. You're like, like buyer's remorse. You're like, oh, this is a lot, but I get it. And then like, I was like, you showed up and that makes a difference. Because I think sometimes you get caught up in podcasts, and you lose a lot of personal one on one with people and makes a big difference.

Debbie DeBerry  39:42  
Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Again, thank you. Thank you. You're welcome, everybody.

Unknown Speaker  39:48  
I mean, use this everybody. I mean, this is a group effort. It is a community. Yes. I mean, no one person operates alone. You have impact on others and I'm I'm so glad. And I am grateful for the people that you choose to be in this programme because it does it makes a difference. It's important is it really is like killing our sisters a child pass? No. Yeah, we are sisters. Like there is a camaraderie here. And it. I mean, other people have said it, it totally is. It's a mindset programme. Yeah, who I was in October is totally different than who I am now. And yes, there was a transformation and crying and tears that had to happen. But you know, there it's part of a growth process and all of us by being here, no, that we're part of something and we're going to learn we're going to be better after being this. We're part of it for each other. I mean, then that's what it should be. We should be lifting each other up. Yes. And that's what I

Debbie DeBerry  40:49  
appreciate the most about this group. Oh, my God, I'm gonna go cry. The fact that you feel that and get that that is absolutely what we're, what our goal is. That's all. That's all we aim to embody. So that's awesome.

Unknown Speaker  41:04  
Thank you. You did it.

Debbie DeBerry  41:06  
I threw the party. And all you awesome. People keep showing up. That's the best part. Yes. The best part. Yeah. Um, thank you for sharing your story. Yeah, I'm so excited for you. So happy for you and inspired by your action taking and can't wait to celebrate number two, whenever that happens, which will be soon. Thanks for being here. Thanks for help. Yes. All right. I'll see you soon. I'll see you in the group. All right, interview

Unknown Speaker  41:29  
number one done check. Have a great day.

Debbie DeBerry  41:37  
All right, so a little update on Yvette since recording this episode. She has purchased, renovated and put on the market her second flip. She did number two. Oh my gosh. So awesome. Congrats on that event. And thanks again for sharing your story. Now if you are still sitting on the sideline, still wishing you could still thinking, No, this wasn't for me. I could never make it work. Yes, other people can but I can't get out of your own way. I mean, come on. If it's something you want to chase, chase it. And if you want an incredible community around you while you do that, and when that gives you step by step processes and systems and is there to guide you every single day. book a call with us and see if we're a fit. Go to her first flip comm and book a call. Alright, until next time, go out there flip houses like a girl. Leave people in places better than you find them and keep chasing your curiosities. Bye