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Debbie is the real deal. Info you can use! And no testosterone! Yay! I’m learning all I can from her before I jump. Definitely an asset for anyone interested in learning more about flipping for GOOD reasons and not just to become “rich quick”.

Inspirational but still useful!

This is not just one of those pump-you-up and leave you hanging podcasts. There is a lot of useful, how-to info provided in each episode. Applicable for all levels of experience and for average people. I’m a beginner but have been surrounded by construction/building my whole life so I’m not totally green and am finding this podcast a valuable resource.

The real deal

Debbie is definitely the real deal. No bs. The female point of view and advice on home rehabs is so refreshing. Great info and actionable advice. Thanks Debbie!

Bright and Bubbly - Debbie loves to help women grow confidence

If you’re looking to make money while making people and places around you a little better, check out this podcast! Learn how other women did their first flip. What they learned. What mistakes you don’t need to make. Debbie is so bright and cheerful. Make it a great day ya’ll.

Worth it!!

Super informative, inspiring and thoughtful episodes on everything you need to get started flipping houses!

Informative and Inspiring

Debbie clearly cares about flipping homes in a way that benefits all parties - seller, contractors, vendors and buyers. I am inspired by her enthusiasm and her positive attitude - its contagious! I feel lucky to have her as a resource and a mentor in this process.

Informative and inspiring

I was worried this would be one long infomercial (like many podcasts purporting to teach you something) but I couldn’t have been more wrong! Debbie comes across as genuine in her desire to teach and build community and in her passion for what she does. She gives real information and clear and concrete explanations. The podcast is informative without feeling like a lecture. Each episode is a perfect balance of practical information, personal anecdotes, focus on mindset, and empowerment. So happy I discovered it.

She’s a breath of fresh air!

I love Debbie’s podcast so much! She is so encouraging and positive and genuinely wants you to succeed! It is so refreshing to have an experienced and competent woman talking about flipping and investing in real estate! Each episode is packed with useful information and virtual high fives. I can’t wait to get started on this adventure especially after hearing the Adele Tan episode since I’m also in SoCal. Thank you Debbie!

Debbie is the

I couldn't love or admire Debbie more. Her energy, passion, and no-nonsense attitude fires me up constantly! The community and resources she has created are so needed in this crazy real estate world. Make sure you get involved in her Facebook groups if you haven't already!!

Great information

I found Debby on Facebook and joined her group. Then started to listen to her podcasts. She shares so much info and her Facebook page is also very helpful. I already used one of her material - 21 questions to ask HML and all of them took me very serious and it was a great way to know what to say when calling them. I hope to soon be able to do my first flip and maybe be on the show one day!! Ha!!

First time flipper

I came across Debbie DeBerrys FB page and immediately realized she had a podcast! I have been working my way through every episode and I just keep on learning more and more. I am feeling more empowered than I did before I heard all the advice she has to give! Excited to start this next chapter in my life with the help of this guidance!

Fresh perspective

Love her ability to get right to the point. It’s so refreshing to hear from a womens point of view, without all of the male ego you get from other coaches.

Thank you!

Your advice is greatly appreciated!

Genuinely a good human

Debbie is so motivating without be pushy She speaks to me in a way that I can relate to and makes me want to do my part to achieve MY goals If your dram is flip house you won’t find a better podcast to get you stared and to walk you through it step by step

Debbie has the heart of a teacher

Debbie is a giver - tons of great information and advice on this podcast because she truly wants you to succeed. Flipping is complicated, but the info here is presented in such a way that it makes you want to dive right on and work alongside Debbie to 1) create an income stream for you and 2) create a beautiful home for someone to enjoy. Listen to the podcast and check out the show notes for a ton of downloads and additional tips - you won’t be disappointed.


I have been thinking about flipping houses for a very long time, but I never knew how to get started without being rich. Debbie’s podcast is exactly what I was looking for! Step by step and specific practical advice from somebody who has been there and succeeded!

Real world experience

I’m currently in the “dip my toe” in phase of learning about real estate investing. Debbie’s podcast is awesome. She shares mindset tips, practical strategies and how-to’s and -my favorite- interviews with real women who have “taken the plunge”. I hope to be one of those women someday soon, and I’m thankful Debbie is sharing her knowledge and encouragement to empower more girls like me.

Just listen already!

Thank you! I’m obsessed with your podcast and with getting into this house flipping career. I just started a construction tech program as I am trying to break into a new career track in trades in my late 30s. I’ve been obsessed with watching real estate and design for fun and your podcast is exactly the motivational kick in the butt I needed to start getting serious. Every time I go to listen to the next podcast you are answering the questions I was just asking myself (or using to talk myself out of trying to do this for real). How do you do that? You keep all the information super accessible so anyone can understand it breaking it down into common sense and simple steps. Thank you!

Can’t wait to “do the thing!”

I have always had an interest in flipping houses. I am still in the research phase, but this podcast has been so informative and has helped paint a clearer picture of exactly how and where to get started. Hoping to start on my first project around the first of the year. Fingers crossed. Additionally, I lost my mom two years ago to ALS when my son was just 5 months old and it has been disorienting to say the least. She too was my best friend and hearing about your Mom and her words of encouragement is like hearing my mom say it to me in that moment. My mom had an addiction to HGTV and we would (slightly jokingly) mentally renovate every house we went into. She would lean over and tell me which walls they should knock down and how she would fix the house up if it were hers. She had such a great sense of humor and we would laugh as we picked apart the layout of a home, just between the two of us. I miss her so much! Thank you for sharing so candidly about the struggles you have encountered along the way, both personally and professionally. It is extremely helpful.

Real information!

Awesome information for anyone interested in flipping houses. Great strategies, interesting guests, real information that you can put to use today.

Super inspiring and informative

As I was driving back from Louisiana to Texas , I decided about looking into where to get started flipping houses and came across Debbies Podcast - 5 episodes later , I’m an on the ball with her first 5 steps. She’s super motivating and I hope to go to one of her events soon in Austin. GREAT PODCAST!

If you are new to flipping, this podcast is a MUST listen to!!!

Debbie does a great job of laying out the framework to get started and then talks about all the nuances of what it takes to be successful!! I am working on my first flip and Debbie is giving me so much confidence to get it done!!! Thank YOU Debbie!!!


Loving your podcast!! I will be listening to these over and over to make it all stick in my head!!


Thanks for reiterating lots of common sense that can get lost in the shuffle. Love your thoughts on ‘sniffing it out’. In my own experience- I also sniff out the inspiration- and sometimes it’s just not there/ meaning project is a no go!

Very informative

I’m REALLY enjoying the podcast. My husband just left me and our remodeling company. I was scared i wouldn’t be able to do it. But you give me hope! Thank you!


I am loving your podcast! It was exactly what I needed to learn about flipping houses. And your passion and personality are added bonuses! Thank you!