Flip Houses Like a Girl

Flip Houses Like a Girl

How do I get started flipping houses? Build my team? Find properties? Analyze deals? Manage contractors? Estimate repairs? Manage the budget? These are just a few of the big questions that house flipping coach and mentor, Debbie DeBerry, digs into on the Flip Houses Like a Girl Podcast.

Debbie educates, empowers and celebrates everyday women who are facing their fears, juggling family and business, and wholeheartedly chasing their dream of flipping houses. Each episode is designed to help you take immediate action on the most important steps for starting or improving your house flipping business.

Discover why so many women turn to Debbie to finally turn their passion for houses into a house flipping business they absolutely love so that they never have to worry about money and can ultimately leave a legacy for their kids, while making a big impact in their local community.

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