July 31, 2019

13 House Flipping Mistakes to Avoid

In this episode, I'm uncovering the top 13 mistakes I see house flippers making, seasoned and newbies alike. 

So many women I talk to who have this big dream of flipping houses for a living also have a lot of different fears around doing so. Most of those fears come from the "advice" or negative opinions they hear from people who aren't actually even out there flipping houses successfully. 

Flipping houses can absolutely result in time freedom, energy freedom, financial security, and a life you love! It can also cause you to lose money, especially if you just decide to go all “willy nilly” and figure things out as you go. 

You’ve got to have plans and processes in place in order to control the things you can actually control in a flip. 

And if something out of the ordinary comes up, you better know who you’re going to for help before you actually need it. 

My goal for a student's first flip is for her to do it in a way that makes her want to do another one, and another one, and so on. My goal for you would obviously be the same!

In other words, to do it in a way that: 

  • minimizes your risks
  • maximizes your profits
  • doesn't add unnecessary stress to your life
  • feeds your passion for houses and creating
  • and brings you a crap ton of joy (that's not asking too much, huh?)

By avoiding the mistakes I discuss in this episode, I wholeheartedly believe that you will check off all of those items. 

Be smart. Make good choices. And don’t listen to people’s opinions unless they’re actually out there successfully flipping houses!

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