May 13, 2021

68k Profit in 2.5 Months Using None of Her Own Money

You must listen to this story of one of our FlipSisters! Massage therapist Elizabeth in Nashville is in our coaching program and just flipped her first house in 2.5 months, made a $68,000 profit, and did so WITHOUT using any of her own cash.

I've said it time and again, you can flip houses with none or very little of your own cash, IF YOU WANT TO.

Look, if you want to use your own cash, great, go for it!

I'm a huge proponent of: You do you. Do whatever you need to do to go do the damn thing. That's different for everyone. Trust yourself.

But, if you DON'T want to use your own cash, you don't have to. It's how I got started flipping houses 13 years ago and how I've been doing it since.

Two of the many things we teach our FlipSisters are creative buying strategies and creative financing strategies.

On top of that, many members of our amazing community also invest in each other's projects regularly, including myself!


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You're listening to the flip houses like a girl podcast where we educate, empower and celebrate everyday women who are facing their fears, juggling family and business, embracing their awesomeness and wholeheartedly chasing their dream of flipping houses. Each episode delivers the honest to goodness tools, tips and strategies you can implement today to get closer to your first or next successful house flip. Here's your spiky haired breakfast taco loving host house flipping coach, Debbie DeBerry.

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Hey there. Thanks for hanging out with me today, you're going to love this podcast interview I did with one of my students who completely crushed her first flip. I cannot wait to share all the details with you. But most importantly, it is proof that yes, you absolutely can use zero of your own money and flip houses. You absolutely can. I'm not lying when I say it. I know it feels kind of it can feel a little scammy. Right? Hearing people say especially like the big gurus, other people's money using OPM, I know that it can sound scammy It feels scammy I get it. The fact is that it is true. And it's possible. It's the way I've always flipped houses is by using other people's money. It's how I teach the women in my program to do it. And it's how Elizabeth O'Brian did her first flip in Nashville. All right. So whatever preconceived notions you have, of what it takes to flip houses successfully, how much money you have to have anything else you think you have to have, first, let's leave those at the door for a minute. Okay, and just listen, be open to hearing a different way of doing things than what you may believe is possible. Okay. Because if we are open to hearing and seeing other possibilities, I don't know. It's kind of a boring life. Anyway, let's jump into this conversation with Elizabeth. jump in and like just start in, introduce yourself and let us know where you are. And a little bit of your background. Yeah, awesome. Okay,

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let's go. So, I'm currently living in Nashville and about to be moving to Texas, but I found you because I actually was on looking for podcasts. And I had just typed in I think, you know, real estate, women, I was trying to find women because I know it's a very male dominated industry. And, you know, saw this little lapels is like a girl. And I was like, Oh, let me so that's kind of how I found you is actually through podcasts first, and then, you know, heard about your mentorship program. So that's, that's how I came to it. Yeah. And just said, and I said, you know, I'm gonna either Think about it, or I'm gonna do it. Yeah.

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Yeah. That's awesome. I love that. I love that. And I'm hearing that more that that women are finding the podcast first, which is so cool. So cool. I love it. And now you're on it. And that's super exciting. And we've come full circle. Okay, you're Where are you located? Again,

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I'm in Nashville currently, and about to be moving my whole family to the DFW area.

Unknown Speaker  4:03  
Yep. And what did you have real estate background? You know, a lot of women think they have to have like some sort of experience. When they get in. It's like, Oh, well, I don't have any experience at all. And well, we all start at we don't have any experience at some, like everyone, at some point has had zero experience. Yes. Did you have any

Unknown Speaker  4:27  
experience I came from massage therapy industry, which is very different. And I had no experience I have always kind of loved real estate. I've been one of those people that loves to just get on and see what's selling and, you know, I've kind of, you know, HGTV lover of course, and, you know, I always thought Oh, I want to do that one day. I want to do that one day. So yeah, zero experience no and no experience in the industry, of real estate as a whole and But just you know, I always had an interest for sure.

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Yeah, I love that you're that you come from massage therapy background like, and you just you've been loving houses. I think we all I know we all have that common thread where we're, it's not just that we like houses, we're kind of obsessed. We're kind of obsessed like we're so ultra curious about houses. I think that's a good thing. I think it's a good kind of obsession to have, which is definitely a common theme I hear. Okay, so you decided you're going to start flipping houses, and you join the program. And let's talk about your first flip that you just finished and sold. Okay, so how did you find it? Okay, so

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it's actually cross across the street from my home. And I live on the corner of a cul de sac. We have a really cool dynamic with my neighbors. They're awesome. We all hang out. We play cornhole, it's great. There was this particular adorable little house that when I purchased my home five years ago, was occupied by an old man, not sure if he had Alzheimer's or dementia, he really shouldn't have been living alone. But he lived there. And it was just this cute little house, he eventually passed away, and his family inherited it. And in 2019, my neighbor who lives across for me the other direction is 92 now and he walks himself over there, pays cash for the house and buys it from the man's family. So I at that time was like, Ben, I should have bought that house. But I didn't know at the time how to do that, you know, I'm thinking, I didn't know about, you know, other people's money. That term was not something that I really had a concept about. So I missed out on the opportunity, then. Yeah, so fast forward a year. My other my neighbor who purchased the home had it as a rental. He had tenants move out it, he kind of had a bad situation with that he was kind of just done with the house. And I'm sick feeling terrible for him, because he's the sweetest neighbor. And feeling terrible for him. I'm asking him, you know, do you want to just get another renter in there? Or do you want to sell it? And he's like, No, I'm done with this house. I just want to sell it. And I wish I had pictures. I should ask him for pictures. But he when those tenants moved out, he sent he has a lady that cleans his house, he sent her over there to clean it out. There were 40 bags of trash on the first day, just that bad. And we all knew something wasn't right. But they were very kept to themselves. And it was so weird, because it was completely different than the dynamic of all of the rest of the houses in the cul de sac. So it was one of those things I felt terrible for him he had completely gotten taken advantage of and, you know, it was just it was just sad. He's, they're the sweetest neighbors and and he just got taken advantage of so I kept telling him, I said, you know, let me buy it. And he was like, okay, and he just, he said, Well, I'm not in a hurry. I'm not in a hurry. I just want to you know, this and that he put new floors in it because the carpet that was in there had gotten ruined, obviously from mounds and mounds of trash. And then I found I did one kind of little quick masterclass about real estate investing. And then I was listening to your podcasts a lot. And then I said, You know what, if I'm gonna get this house, I need to get my ducks in a row. You know, I was like, I need to figure out how to make this happen. And you can do it because he wasn't in a hurry. As he said, and then I signed up for your mentorship barely even got the modules because I signed up right before Christmas. So it was kind of this weird time where there was a little bit of a break, and barely even got the modules and I already had an accepted offer. And I was like, I don't even know what I'm doing but I haven't.

Unknown Speaker  9:49  
I love it. I remember this

Unknown Speaker  9:51  
backwards. Instead of listening models. I was like, Okay, now let's figure it out.

Unknown Speaker  9:57  
And he was in a hurry. He was telling me I'm not in a hurry. You're not in a hurry. And so it's like, Oh, good. Maybe this will give me some time to get these modules kind of figured out so I can know what I'm doing a little bit. And, and then all of a sudden, he's like, I'm about to put a for sale by owner sign out there. I'm like, What? No, no. What's happening? Right? Yeah. Your buyer, your buyer? No, sir, stop whenever you stop. Slow down. You said you weren't hurry. What's happening, man? Yeah, he was he was his wife's health isn't doing great. And so I it kind of was one of those situations where suddenly he needed the money out of the house. And, and so that was what kind of got him to be in a distressed place with it.

Unknown Speaker  10:50  
Well, I think that's such an important point, though. Like, just because the person isn't ready immediately. Don't just stop communicating with them. Because you have no idea when that's when that switch is going to be flipped. And all of a sudden, they're like, No, I'm going to sell now. And they're putting a sign in the frickin yard. And you're like, No, wait, we're not putting signs in yards. I've got this. Really, that's such a good thing. That's a really important point for people to get like, just because it's not an immediate Oh, yes. Great. Let's sell today. Don't lose touch with that person. Like, follow up. That's where people lose the deals is in the follow up because they don't follow up. They want that instant. Yes. Kudos to you. Okay, awesome. So then all of a sudden, he's ready to sell yesterday. And then and then, okay, and then what happens?

Unknown Speaker  11:42  
So, New Year's Eve, actually, so he brought he's, he's really sweet. But he just, he was so distressed with his wife's health that his niece actually is, owns a mortgage company. So she said, You know, I'm going to kind of help you with the whole transaction of selling it, whether it was me or whoever, she volunteered to kind of help him out. And she told him, that he needed to ask more money for it. And so I ended up paying a little bit more for it than what he had originally told. But it was, at the end of the day, it was all fine. But I was like, man, right? Maybe stop talking. So she was really silly, but she kind of handled, you know, doing a promissory note, all that kind of good stuff. So I actually was talking to her and got an accepted offer on New Year's Eve. Verbal accepted offer. Okay. Uh huh. The process of trying to actually get something signed and written of an offer, it took like a week, because he doesn't do email, you know, she was driving things over, she lives 40 minutes from us. So that was definitely nerve racking, because I'm like, I know, he said, you know, she said with her mouth anyway. And he was kind of just going to be on board with whatever she and, you know, agree with. And so we finally got a written, you know, accepted offer. And then then, you know, that makes my timeline a little bit more. Well, I've not even really gotten into the modules. And I'm like, gosh, I have no team. But I mean, I hadn't, I had not called any hard money lenders. I had not contacted any contractors, I'm, um, I'm literally going 90 miles an hour trying to pull this together. And I'm like, I don't know if it's gonna happen. You know, are we gonna be able to close and so I found actually a hard money lender. And then I got the deal analyzer. And I put in the the quotes that I'd gotten from I two contractors that had come out and give me quotes on the work. And one guy was more of kind of a handyman because the house because he had put new floors in and he had had this woman in there cleaning it up for a couple months. It wasn't in dire condition when I got it, so I knew that it was going to be a little more cosmetic, because house was in good condition. It just had been dirty, and he had already done a lot of cleaning. So I was gonna be mostly just updating finishes. So we got a couple quotes. And when I put the larger one in to the deal analyzer, and then added in all of the hard money and the hard money lender that I found was a really great guy. He's local to Nashville. He has a great reputation. Love it, but once you add in you know origination fee And draw off a lot of that all these things. I was looking at the numbers, and I was like, this still doesn't make sense. Like, I'm going to be upside down and what the ARV was at the time was, you know, it's like, I have $5,000 of a buffer that I can't, I'm scared that I'm going to be demoing this, you know? And so, I kinda was like, Well, what do I do? Yeah. So I went with the guy who gave me the lower bid. Okay. And that also was for the financing said, you know, what? Why don't I just ask because my neighbor knows me. And he, I know he bought a cash, so he has no mortgage on it. And so I said, you know, what, uh, why don't I just ask, you don't know, if you don't ask. And I said, Would you consider doing owner financing, seller financing, and I will give you an I offered him a 4% interest. I was like, you'll get your money back. We'll do a four month timeline. So I'm pushing myself.

Unknown Speaker  16:17  
I love the way you work. You're just gonna put all these tight, like restrictions around everything. And then I'm just gonna go in and I'm going to do it. And we'll figure out I'm gonna get it done. I love it. It's kind of like you force yourself to jump. Oh, yeah,

Unknown Speaker  16:34  
there is I you know, prior to being a massage therapist, I did event planning, and coordinated weddings, and, you know, business meetings, all kinds of things like that. And so you kind of just learn that you have to just kind of get out there to the ledge. You look over and you go, Oh, that's scary. You're gonna go

Unknown Speaker  16:54  
Yeah, you really do you really do. And trust yourself, but you'll figure it out. I knew I had to get that house.

Unknown Speaker  17:02  
Yeah. Okay. I love that. And I totally get that I, there have been many times where it's like, I'm, there's something pulling me to a house. Even if like the numbers are awesome. It's not a slam dunk, per se. But there's something pulling me to a house. And so I totally get that. Okay, so you decide where you first of all, were you nervous asking him? Or were you just like, whatever? All you can say is no.

Unknown Speaker  17:28  
I mean, I knew he wasn't gonna hate me. If I asked him that, you know, he was like, you know, he's my sweet neighbor. He buys my daughter yard sale stuff all the time, you know,

Unknown Speaker  17:39  
and it's more money to him in the long run anyway, or in the short run, really? in four months. He's going to get more money. Okay, awesome. So you ask? And they say, Yeah, okay. Do you? Did you ask him or did you have to go? Are you still going through her?

Unknown Speaker  17:53  
I talked to her. Yeah. Okay. So I was talking to her. She said, you know, I'll talk to him and see. And so because of that, it ended up pushing our closing date back a little bit. They did agree, and they agreed to the 4%. But I offered. I was like, I can't, I'm just, you know, I mean, for him is extra money. And for me, I just was like, I can't believe it worked out.

Unknown Speaker  18:18  
It made the made the deal work upfront, right now. It's like, okay, it's not just a $5,000 profit margin anymore. Now. It's like, okay, I can breathe, I can actually do this project and breathe up. Okay, this is awesome. I love this story. Okay. So he ended up owner financing it. Mm hmm. And how did you? Okay, so, so then when you're plugging in the numbers with the, the less expensive contractor and with him financing, then it looks better?

Unknown Speaker  18:50  
Okay. Yes. So then I'm like, okay, that's, you know, doable. Okay. I have a little wiggle room in case anything, surprises come up? Yep. And I had asked him if we could just pay all of it in on the sale, and so I'm not paying any monthly interest. And so, I not paying any monthly interest. And, you know, I had calculated up my rehab costs. And my friend who's my realtor who ended up selling it. He told me about a program where you can get a loan through his brokerage, and it's a 0% loan to do rehab. This is compass. Yeah. Oh, okay. Yeah, look, the concierge thing. Yeah. Huh. So he's tells me about that. And like, I'm gonna do that. Well, you have to close on it first. Okay, wait a second. You use their concierge service for a flip? No. Okay. I thought I was going to, oh, okay. I'm thinking on set up for the rehab part. We close, same day that we close on the house. I go and fill out my application since technically I own the house now. And there, they deny me because I'm the business. And I'm like, oh, and he goes, Oh, my gosh, I didn't know, you know, I'm so sorry. I know.

Unknown Speaker  20:31  
So, you know, I'm like, Okay, now I need money. So that's what I did the group and said, oh,

Unknown Speaker  20:39  
I've already closed and I needed the money for the fees. So, um, so then, you know, actually, through the group, I wonderful, amazing, awesome group of women love it. There was someone that that she's actually not in the group, but a private lender, who was connected to me through someone in the group. Oh, and, um, and then she, you know, we we actually, it took like, a couple of weeks to get the money. Because not because of the lender herself. But because the the title company, I don't know why it was. I don't know, I don't know why she was taking so long to just do this promissory note. And, and so it took forever for me to actually get the money. Oh, gosh, two weeks is a long time. You know? Yeah, it was so weird how long it took but so basically, I was like, Well, if I'm going to keep this guy, guy, I have to get this guy started. If he's going to stay stick around, you know, I've got to get him going. So I actually just pulled out a two 0% APR credit cards and was like, I'm starting here, and I'll pay myself back when I get the money. And just to keep him getting, you know, going on the project, because I was like, Oh my gosh, I don't have the money to get you started and pay you. And so anyway, we that's what I did is just this Oh, I love

Unknown Speaker  22:21  
it. This is so creative. I mean, look at the way you did this freaking deal. This is amazing. You got an owner financed, you use private money, you also use some 0% credit cards, like you did. So really you were zero of your cash. Yeah, yes. Right. None of your own cash. None at all. So when I say it's freaking possible, then it is possible. I love a person. This is amazing. This is amazing. Oh my gosh. Okay. Um, this is such a great story. I didn't know. I didn't. I knew I was pretty sure you got a private loan. Within the credit card stuff. This is awesome. Okay. So I feel like this was a really fast flip. Yeah, like, I feel like your contractor, how did you find your contractor First of all,

Unknown Speaker  23:12  
so there's a group. So I'm actually in the Donaldson neighborhood of Nashville. It's actually Nashville city limits, but the neighborhood's called Donaldson and there's a little Facebook group, that neighborhood group, I love it. I love little neighborhood groups. And, and I had, well, my particular neighborhood has their own one, and then Donaldson as a whole as a zip code. And so this, this guy who ended up doing a lot of the work, actually live in my neighborhood just a little bit further down the road. And, you know, he's the one that I ended up, he was one of the two that I had had come out and give me bid. And then I found another guy who, we ended up doing butcher block countertops and I found a guy who was also in the Dolson area, just through that the larger Facebook group and he came out and did the countertops and backsplash tile and a couple other things. So I had a little bit of I was sort of GC it because I had a painter who my realtor recommended to me who was so awesome to work with and, and then you know, a couple of other guys that did kind of more of the interior repairs. So, okay, so what was your initial rehab budget? initial rehab was I thought was going to be 15,000. Okay, the other guy had said 30 Okay, but the one that was more Yep. And that included his life. GC charge. Yep. And so I said, You know, I work part time, and I live across the street. I can manage subs.

Unknown Speaker  25:14  
I'm just gonna jump, I'm just gonna jump again. And I'll figure it out. Okay. Okay, so you're managing the project. Okay, so the initial budget from him, the initial estimate was 15. The one you used? Hmm, did it?

Unknown Speaker  25:30  
Did you end up going over? Yeah, it ended up being 20. Okay. So it was, you know, extra little bits of plumbing thing, you know, like the outdoor spigots. We This was also in February, so I closed February 1, okay. And we got that same storm that everybody in Texas got. And we're going to shut down for like a week. But we luckily had power and so and the guy who lives in my neighborhood, actually, he builds bikes as kind of a hobby and so he was out, he just would has like an electric bike that he was riding over. He still did a little bit of work that week, not as much as we would have gotten done. But you know, we were also just playing in the snow too.

Unknown Speaker  26:20  
Right, right. I mean, cheese, the weeds. Yeah, there was so much snow. It was crazy. Yes. Okay. So 20 Okay, so it was 15 and then it went to 20. Okay, Beth, okay. What was your purchase price? purchase price was 195. Okay. All right. So, how long was how long did you estimate the rehab would take?

Unknown Speaker  26:47  
Originally, the handyman that had done most of the work? He said, Oh, this should be three weeks. Okay. And six, eight, okay. Okay. Yep. Still shortly. Hey, you know,

Unknown Speaker  27:02  
if we're gonna double the timeline, let's start with a short one. Yeah. Right. Like not, let's not start with a two month and then it turns into four months. turns into a year. Oh, God. Yeah. No, let's not do that. Okay. All right. So when did you list the property?

Unknown Speaker  27:22  
So February 1 was purchased date, we think listed on March 19. Okay. But it was it was Friday night. And started showings on that Saturday, the 20th and then did a final bring your final and Best Buy Monday at six. And, you know, we had a madhouse of showings going that whole weekend. And

Unknown Speaker  27:49  
that houses. It's, it was beautiful. Like you did such a great job. Thank you. You're welcome. Okay. Well, hold on. How did you feel when you put the house on the market? Like, were you just excited? Or were you nervous? Were you anxious? Were you like, what are people gonna think? What What were you feeling?

Unknown Speaker  28:11  
I was feeling a little bit of the having to let go of perfection. Ooh, that was a hard one. Because there were so many things that I didn't get done. It just ran out of time. You know, it's like, okay, the stagers here. I can't still be painting little miniscule details. And, you know, judging up this or that, right, I just was like, at the end of the day, it's not going to matter. On the final end of the deal, it's not going to be a deal breaker. And, you know, it was it was one of those things. So that was a little bit of it. And then other bit of it was just excitement. You know, I'm, yeah, I was mostly mostly excited, but then mostly kind of like, Oh, I wish I'd done this. I wish I could have done this. I wish I could have done this. So it was hard to to not overdo it, you know, and to kind of, I wanted to build a little built in bench in the kitchen. Didn't happen.

Unknown Speaker  29:24  
And it still looks adorable. It wasn't missing anything. Yeah. It's hard. So hard. We have a vision. We're like, no, but we want to let's do what's in the vision. Sometimes it's like, this is like, it's not even that this is enough. This is fantastic. This is fantastic. Leave it alone. Yes. hard. It's really hard. Yeah. Okay. So you put it on the market and you got a bazillion offers. Mm hmm. And how was the escrow period like were there was there a lot of repair negotiation Was it a Smooth transaction for the closing. How'd that go?

Unknown Speaker  30:02  
So the club it went, I would say pretty smooth. I mean, you know, there, the offer was, there was we were okay. So the offer was about 21 over asking with, like a $10,000. appraisal gap. Yep. coverage. Yep. In the event that the appraisal came in. So, um, so that was great. But then when we did the inspection, so the inspection he had put down as a, as a pass or fail, but buying it as is. So during that inspection period, you know, there was things that came up that we I knew about, and, you know, already and he was, he's an engineer, and I think he kind of was wanting to just do his due diligence to make sure this wasn't going to be an issue. But his agent kept coming back and was like, just so you know, really loves the house. He really loves the house like just, Oh, good. House. So yeah. So that we wouldn't get the feeling like he's trying to back out of it. He just was kind of wanting to make sure that he was checking out what's going on.

Unknown Speaker  31:30  
Oh, gosh, I totally know that kind of buyer. I totally know that kind of buyer. Oh, I love them to death. But damn man. Sometimes they can be very stressful, because it's like, are you happy or not? I don't understand what's happening. So I'm glad that his agent was communicating and reassuring you like really? That's so nice. Yeah, I appreciate that agent for doing that.

Unknown Speaker  31:55  
Yes, for sure. Yeah, they were I would say they were great to work with I mean, as in, you know, the escrow process process. And then appraisal came in, you know, it takes much longer than you ever want it to. I'm sitting there, like, I know, and

Unknown Speaker  32:11  
they're so backed up right now, like they've been backed up for a couple of years because of low interest rates and refinances and purchases. I know. It's crazy.

Unknown Speaker  32:18  
So, you know, we're waiting, waiting, waiting, oh, it's fine. You know, no big deal. And so we didn't have to worry about any gap coverage, we ended up closing for 10,000 over asking, okay, because there was a couple things that came up on the inspection that weren't on my inspection. And so I think it was some things because of the work that had gotten done. And so I was like, that's on me. And so here's, here's some money that too, you know, so we did have a little bit of negotiations, and I came down a little bit from the original accepted offer. But you know, I felt like, it was more I felt terrible, you know, because there were some things that weren't up to par. And it was something that I didn't know, until he got it inspected. And it was not online inspection. So it absolutely was because of the work that got done. Got it. And so that's kind of where it was. I said, You know, I don't I don't want to give you a house that, you know, isn't a car.

Unknown Speaker  33:35  
I love you for that. I love you for that. Yep, it matters, right? Like how we, I don't ever want a buyer to feel like they got screwed, right? Or they got the shorter end of the stick. Like, I want them to feel like, Oh, wow. Like, I feel awesome. Like I would absolutely buy from that seller again. And you have to put ego aside a lot of times to do that. And it's hard, but it's like, it feels better for me. It just feels better doing it that way than being like this hard ass. No, no. Yeah. being super firm. Nope. Yes. Sometimes you got to, I don't know pick your battles, I guess. But I'm glad you felt good about I mean, ultimately, you have to feel good about how you handled it and you feel good about it. So that's awesome. Okay, what was your original ARV

Unknown Speaker  34:25  
originally was 280 Okay, what did you sell for? We closed at 310 Uh huh. So we listed at 299. Nine, yep. When we when we listed because the there had been a house in the neighborhood that had just sold for over 300. And so we kind of went on a conservative right under 300 to get more buyers in the pool.

Unknown Speaker  34:56  
Always be under that always be under that like those 50 1000 thresholds like yes, it's you're gonna get more eyes and you will give it up people think oh, but but then I'm leaving money on the table. No, if you're under valued if your property is under listed it will get bid up. I promise you. Yeah, yeah. Okay, so that sounds like a pretty healthy profit. Yes. What was your profit? So 68,000. Okay. And when you analyzed it, and you had all the things in it, it was like 5000. Yes. You end up doing this deal. You need 68 grand. That was mine that mine was 67. So yeah. And so that first one, when it's real juicy like that. It's like, Oh, my gosh, why didn't I do this? 15 years ago when I first started thinking about it. Yes, and it makes me happier. And I love doing this. Oh, my God, that is awesome. All right. Have you celebrated that way? When did y'all close? April 22. Have you celebrated that? Like, really?

Unknown Speaker  36:07  
I don't think so. I have. I mean, I was that day, kind of I felt like I was like in shock. I was just like, that happened.

Unknown Speaker  36:19  
That really happened. So wait a second. It was like a two and a half month timeline. Okay. Wow, two and a half month timeline. 68 grand, that is just amazing. And and there's nothing. It's not like, again, you didn't screw anybody out of anything. You did it the right way. You left the place better. You left that buyer better. Like, yeah, let's keep doing that some more. It feels really good. That's amazing. And, and you know, as women, it's really hard for us to celebrate ourselves. We're really good at celebrating other people like, Oh, my gosh, we're the we're everyone's biggest cheerleader, except for ourselves. So maybe something like even if, for me, I'm not somebody that I don't really buy myself things. I don't I buy other people things. I don't buy myself things. So I've made it a point of when I do clothes, when I close a deal. I buy myself something and it can be like it can be something stupid. It can be a pair of sneakers, or it can be whatever, but I always buy myself something as a kid. You don't good. Yeah, maybe you can find something like that, that you just do to celebrate yourself, because I think it's really important. And it's hard, but it's really good practice if we can start doing that. Is it fair to say I'm buying myself a move to Texas? That's fair. All right. That counts. That counts. That totally counts. Yeah, that's fair. That's a good that's a good celebration. I'll take it. Austin, Texas. Yeah, that's awesome. Yeah, that is just I mean that. What a fantastic. First flip. Congratulations. That's. Yeah. It's definitely surreal. Yeah, I know. I know. I know. It is in it. I know it is. My first flip was very similar. And it was fast. And it was like, wait, what just happened? And what? up, so I get it. I totally get that. Oh, I love this story. I love the way you put this together. The way you put the deal together, you put zero of your own cash into this and you made 68 grand. Like, it can be done people. I'm not lying. When I say it can be done. This is just awesome. This is such an inspiring story. I cannot wait for people to hear it. Okay, do you have anything to add? Were there any? Was there anything along the way that you wish you'd done differently on the flip? Or did it was a pretty smooth or was it everything?

Unknown Speaker  39:18  
I know I learned a lot for sure. A lot of things that don't go there, I think because it was so fast. And I felt like I was not in front of it. Leading the project. I felt like the project was going and I was running to catch up. Because it was just everything sort of felt like it was in front of me and I was trying to hurry and get through modules and learn the things and get all the documents. And so I felt like I was kind of trying to catch up to it. Yeah, I still it's done and I'm I'm still running behind. Don't leave. I think, you know, definitely clarification on the scope of practice with something. You know, just there's things I think with like communication. Oh, it's always I hear it a lot with contractors. Just clarifying expectation. Yeah, yep. It, I think one of the hardest things to find the balance between is being specific on expectations. And not micromanaging. It's, you know, it's, it's hard to figure that out. And so I think that that is kind of where I probably was like, hey, do a good job. And that's very general, right, you know, you clean up a mess after you're done. Yep. You know, things like that. So yeah, yeah. It that was kind of that's, I think, probably going to be something that I'm going to continue to have to figure out. And it every person and contractors different. And, you know, once I get someone that I'm working with more consistently, you've probably get more into a groove with them and kind of learn how they're they communicate and what I need to tell them and when I don't, and, you know, those sort of things. So that was definitely a learning curve for me, for sure. Also, the organization aspect of it, because I did feel behind I was kind of very much flying by the seat of my pants. And so definitely going forward, I would love to go into it more with an organized, you know, like a spreadsheet, but this is all the scope of practice. These are what we're doing and everything. So for sure, those are some learning curves. But yeah, you know, we got through it. We did, but it didn't, yeah,

Unknown Speaker  42:07  
it didn't hold you back. It didn't hold you back. Yeah, it's, there's so much learning in the doing, like doing is the most important piece, you're gonna learn so much, and every project is going to teach you something different. And then some projects, well, sometimes every project, you're going to be taught the same lesson over and over until you freaking get it like me. And that's the way when you talk about contractors. That's totally, that was totally me. It took probably five, five years. I'm being like, you know, do this, do that and not being super specific, but then also not following through on consequences. I said, huh? Okay, I'm like, I'm so excited for you. I'm so happy. Congratulations on an amazing flip. Do you have anything, any parting words that you want to leave or anything you want to say that we didn't cover?

Unknown Speaker  43:07  
We are much more capable of things than we know. And it I think it's just listening to your gut. I knew that if I just got the house, just get it. You know, if I could just figure out how to purchase it. Yeah. Then it would work out. Yes. And and I think you know, how to not just kind of pushed and leaned in and ran a little faster. Catch up. Yeah, I would have missed out on a great opportunity.

Unknown Speaker  43:40  

Unknown Speaker  43:41  
I think it's just, you know, listening to your gut and that you are more capable than you know.

Unknown Speaker  43:48  
I love it. I mean, absolutely. Trust yourself. Trust yourself. Trust yourself. Trust yourself. Well, that's an awesome way to end the conversation. Like, I don't know. Yeah, I can't think of anything better. Thank you, Elizabeth. This has been amazing. Congratulations. I'm so happy for you. So inspired by you just jumping in doing and going. I love it. Thank you so much. For your guidance, of course. Oh my gosh. I love it. I love I love being part of your journey. Thanks for your time today. I really appreciate it. Thank you. Awesome, Elizabeth. I'll see you in the great Bye. All right, so let's recap this. She used creative buying strategy. She used creative financing. She had zero of her own money in this flip her very first flip. And in two and a half months. She had a $68,000 profit. Yes, it is possible. Okay. This is why it's so important to me that we share stories of everyday women who are doing this thing. That's why this podcast, you're not going to hear experts, experts, so and so experts so and so it this, it's the same people floating around with a different podcast, right? It's always the same people. Here's what's inspiring, everyday women saying they want to do this thing, and going out and doing this thing. That's what inspires me. And those are the stories I'm going to continue sharing. I'm so grateful to be part of their journey. It's amazing to watch them grow and change. And even in two and a half months, they're a different person. And that change that who you become in the process is so much more rewarding than that $68,000 profit. All right, if you're sick of sitting on the sideline, and not chasing this curiosity you have about renovating houses. And you want a step by step approach. And you want hand holding and you want daily interaction with me and the incredible community that we've built of flip sisters who are doing this thing nationwide, then join the wait list. Alright, you'll get an invitation to join us. Usually within a few days once you join the wait list. Alright, it just depends on the timing. So go to first flip done get on the wait list. Alright, if you keep doing the same things, expecting different results, you aren't going to get those different results. You've got to do other things. Get a plan and implement it. All right. All right. That's it. Go out there flip houses like a girl. Leave people in places better than you find them and make it a great day. Bye. ya'll,