Sept. 25, 2019

7 Steps to Finish What You Start

If you are an entrepreneur or a creative person, which you likely are if you're listening to this podcast, you probably have dozens of ideas that are constantly running through your head. And I bet you get super excited about these possibilities to do something fun and different. And you feel like if you don't take action on these new ideas, then you'll experience the fear of missing out and nobody wants FOMO, right? 

Consider these questions for a minute: 

  • Are you easily distracted by new things, concepts or ideas? 
  • Are you really good at starting new things only to move onto something new when things get hard?
  • Are you kind of terrible at finishing things?
  • Do you start down on one real estate investing path only to ditch it for something else because of something you heard or something you read or because progress just doesn't happen for you as quickly as you want?
  • Do you jump from one investing course to another? Blaming each one for your lack of success? 

If any of those sound like you, it is highly likely you have Shiny Object Syndrome. And if you don't get it in check, it can very likely derail you permanently. 

Listen and learn the following:

  • The #1 mistake beginner investors make
  • How to overcome your tendency to quit when things get hard
  • Whether you should try all real estate investing strategies at once or if niching down is better

...and much more. Tune in now!


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