May 19, 2021

A 4-Day First Flip Equals a $25,000 Profit for Shannon

You read it right! Brand new investor and one of our awesome coaching program FlipSisters  Shannon in Savannah, Georgia bought TWO flips within just a few days of each other. 

While she's just about to put her first purchase which was a full renovation on the market, she decided her second purchase would work best as a wholetail deal. And as the CEO of her house flipping business, she gets to decide things like that!

She spent less than $3,000 to clean it up and had it back on the market in 4 days. It was sold and closed a month later. So, her second purchase was her first sale. And that's the one we're talking about in this episode!

Questions we'll answer include:

  • How did she find the deal?
  • How did she finance the deal?
  • How did she know to do a wholetail?
  • What the heck is a wholetail?
  • What were the numbers: purchase price, repairs, timeline, sale price and profit?
  • When did Shannon realize "enough is enough" and finally decide to jump in with both feet?

...and so much more! This conversation is a real treat and you don't want to miss it!


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You're listening to the flip houses like a girl podcast where we educate, empower and celebrate everyday women who are facing their fears, juggling family and business, embracing their awesomeness and wholeheartedly chasing their dream of flipping houses. Each episode delivers honest to goodness tools, tips and strategies you can implement today to get closer to your first or next successful house flip. Here's your spiky haired breakfast taco loving host, house flipping coach, Debbie DeBerry.

Debbie Speaking   
Hey there. Welcome to today's episode where I interview one of our flip sisters, one of the members of our coaching program about her first flip. It's interesting because it's her second flip purchase and her first flip sale, because she jumped in and bought two flips within just a few days of each other. So today's episode, we're gonna cover her first flip sale, which was a super quick project. She relisted it within four days of buying it. And she made a great profit on it after just putting in $3,000 into it. And she cleaned up this little house for someone else to use. We call that a wholetail deal. So when you buy a property, you do very little work to it, like hardly anything at all clean out. Usually it's just clean out. All right. And then you relist it, that's a whole tail. All right. And so what that does is it lets somebody else either fix up the property themselves, right, so many homeowners such a DIY period of time. Lots of homeowners want to fix up their properties themselves. So that's typically the end buyer or an investor. All right. So let's get into our conversation with super awesome, Shannon, in Savannah, Georgia. Do you want to just start by introducing yourself letting us know like, who you are, where you are, and a little bit of your background? Sure, sure.

Shannon Speaking 
Um, my name is Shannon fanning. And I live in Savannah, Georgia. We, my family, and I moved here about three years ago, in 2018, for a job for my husband. And up until this point, I have been a stay at home mom, raising my kiddos and enjoying every minute of it. And but before we had kids, of course, I was working. But I was in a corporate nine to five, painful, miserable job. And when I say miserable, the people were okay. The people I worked with were okay. With the senior level, the leadership, it was all politics, it was all sitting in the room with a bunch of men, which I was comfortable with. I've gotten used to that over the years. And I was making great money. Don't get me wrong, I was making great money. And that was why it was so hard to walk away. Yeah. But it just wasn't something I enjoyed. I was doing it because I needed to make money. And so when my kids came along, you know, and I was working long hours, I mean, because you are chained to go into the office when you're working a corporate job. Now that's that was pre-COVID.

Debbie Speaking

Shannon Speaking 
life has changed as we know it, and now works from home full time, which is a whole another dynamic.

Shannon Speaking 
You had to work through.

Shannon Speaking 
But, you know, even when I was working in corporate America, I was trying to start my own businesses. I was trying to get out, you know, so just quitting was like the best thing ever. I've been out of corporate America for nine years, loving it. But I've always had this nagging thing with a poll for renovating houses and flipping houses. And we've bought and sold lots of houses, throughout our marriage and relationship and we renovate and it's fun for me, and I enjoy it. And I've always enjoyed it. And so I just wanted to get into it. I just loved it. So I started snooping around on the internet, and found you thank goodness found you and started listening to your podcast, just I think like most everybody else to stay in the program. And

Shannon Speaking 
you just

Shannon Speaking 
everything was so compelling and just hit right at home. That I was like, This is the program for me. This is what I want to do. And it wasn't anything about me having to go back to work or make a living so for my why wasn't Oh, I need to support my family or Oh, I need to get out of this corporate America. It was more of a passion thing. And it was also kind of I want my kids to see me doing something I love Yes.

Debbie Speaking   
Amen. Amen. Amen.

Shannon Speaking 
You know, I just, you know, they see me, you know, driving them to and from carpooling or caravan in them everywhere. I'm always available and I will always be available. And that's the one beautiful thing. There's many beautiful things. But that's one of the beautiful things of doing it. Doing this is your schedule is your schedule. Yep. You choose how your life goes. What your day is going to be like you schedule in time for your family, you schedule in time for your passion. So that's you know a little bit about how I found the program but, and how I kind of came to wanting to flip houses. I've got two kiddos, I've got a nine year old named Brody loves video games and Minecraft, as, as you well know, we talked about. And then I've got a little girl who's six, her name is Noel and then a fur baby Coco. And my husband, Steve also has been very supportive. But it's interesting. He's very conservative financially, it can get frustrating when you have all these questions like, well, how is it going to work? And what does that look like? And then they're actually really diving into the numbers with you will, it was really good that he did that. Because there were a couple of deals before this one where he was like, I don't know, Shannon, I don't think that's a good one to do. I think you need to be more patient. And take your time. I know you're excited. You know, he's just like, but just take your time. And so as frustrating as it wasn't a moment because I just wanted to jump in. He was right. And it was good to have that support. So, so he's been really a great sounding board to have that support there.

Debbie Speaking
Awesome. How did you Okay, so let's talk about your first deal. How did you find it?

Shannon Speaking 
Okay, so it's a funny thing. It's not it's not really, I don't know if it's my first deal or my second deal, because they kind of happened at the same time. That's right.

Unknown Speaker  6:59  
Okay. That's right. That's right. Yes.

Shannon Speaking 
So I put an offer in on my first place, it got accepted. And I was chugging along, and this one had that the first one had specific repairs that I was going to do. And then all of a sudden, the same realtor that I had found that helped me find this one job, she calls me up. And she was like, now listen, I know you're already involved in this one deal. I'm not sure if you're ready for this. Let's talk it through. But there's a really good deal that I think we should talk about. And I was like, I don't know. And her name is Laurie to vector. Great realtor here local and Savannah, great human being She's awesome. She's just good people wants to do, you know, help, you know, lower income areas and rebuild that and just, I'm looking forward to building our relationship and continuing to work together because she's been great. And so anyways, she's talking me through this and I'm like, Oh, no, Lori, and I'd actually heard about this particular deal. We'll call this deal Texas, because that's the street name, which we all tend to do, Texas, and had been presented to me by a wholesaler. And I hadn't done any work with this wholesaler. And, you know, I just didn't have a good feel for the wholesaler and their integrity yet, and just just that trust issue wasn't quite there yet.

Debbie Speaking
I remember you asking questions. I remember asking questions about Okay.

Shannon Speaking 
Uh huh. And just, you know, how do you know wholesalers good, how do you know their ARV is legit? All of those things. And so I just hadn't built up a rapport with this wholesaler yet to know like, okay, should I trust his numbers? Is this right? What am I doing? So he had presented me this deal. And I passed on it because I just I was like, I don't know if this is the deal I want. Because this is a part of this particular deal is a wholesale, more of a wholetail deal as you coin Yeah, yeah. And I really wanted to do the cosmetics. Yes. So anyways, Lori calls me up and she was like, Listen, there are some really great opportunities with this deal. She talked me into it. She was like this, here are the reasons why it's a great deal. Um, they were selling they were asking at 35 for it, okay. And it had the property itself was a two bedroom, one bath, which I was more looking for three bedroom, one bath and three bedroom, two bath. So it didn't really fall in my criteria, right. And we try and stay really focused on that criteria. And so I said, I don't know Laurie, you know, it's a two bedroom, one bath. She goes, Okay, but let's talk about it. I'm like, okay, we'll talk about it. Let's do that. And so, she says, it's actually sitting on three lots of cheese. She's like, so what you could do is you could parcel them out and sell the individual lots, she goes, I just bought, I just fought to buy a house, one street over, and I paid 120 for it and I was fighting for it. All you have to do if you want to, is buy it for at three, five, clean it out, literally get the junk out and turn around and put it right back on the MLS. It's not going to be you know, anything major. Like she's like, you can look into separating out the parcels, we can talk to the city. And then she goes, here's the thing, you want a piece of land for free, and you can sell it later. And this is kind of sounding really good. And so I thought about it, I went home, I talked to Steve about it. And he was like, it does sound like a really good deal. I think maybe you should consider it. So then I thought okay, I said, well, even if I don't, you know, I don't want to rehab it because it's this is not my, you know, criteria, all I have to do is clean it out, right? You know, turn around and see what I can get for it on the market. Right? So I put the numbers into the deal analyzer, right? And I thought, okay, what's clean out gonna cost me, I'm gonna do I did do an inspection because I wasn't having a full GC go in and tell me what the improvements were going to be. So I thought, okay, let's just make sure that it's structurally sound that there's no major issues that an investor because here's what I'm really doing is I'm turning around and selling it to another investor,

Unknown Speaker  11:33  

Shannon Speaking 
Most likely. So what's something that's going to be a real red flag to an investor? And why hasn't anybody else picked this deal up so

Debbie Speaking 
far? Then that's exactly what I was wondering if you were thinking, why is nobody getting this deal? What am I missing here? Because that's what I would be thinking even like, what am I missing here?

Shannon Speaking 
Right. And I was really worried about that. Because here I am. I'm a newbie, still. I'm a rookie, I'm questioning everything. And there are a ton of real estate investors in Savannah here. I mean, they and they are sharks. Yeah. Yeah. And I mean, I've gotten out hustled on a few deals, just dirty, just dirty activity happening. Yes. Well, it was at the time I was frustrated, but I was like, Well, now I know how you operate. And I'm not going to do business with you. It's easy. But anyways, you know, this is a very well known wholesaler. They have lots of investors. Why is no one else biting on this one? Yeah. And so I just kind of kept looking at it kept looking at it. And I just had enough data. Once I put the numbers in. I said, Okay, we'll just turn around, put it on the market. See how it does. Plus, my realtor was telling me, you know, I just 10 days ago, closed on this house, I thought over there were 15 offers, and she's like, you will get your money back. It's a good deal.

Shannon Speaking 
Take it right.

Shannon Speaking 
And so, I again, I analyzed and put it all all the numbers in I'm like, okay, Lord, let's do it. But there was one thing that I was also it was, before I got to that point, I should back that there was, you know, a, an issue with the tenants. Okay, these tenants had been playing games with the wholesaler. And they said they needed a few extra days, after close to move out. Well, to me, that's a big red flag. Because guess what, I didn't get in this business to kick people out. I don't care if they're good people, bad people. They I don't care. Yeah, I do not want to kick people out. That's not why I'm in this business. Yep. And so that was a concern I had I said to Lori, my realtor. I said, Look, this looks like a really great deal. And I bet you the reason that nobody's picking this up is those tenants are asking to stand after I own it, or after the buyer after the buyer closes. And I just think that's really risky. And I don't know if that's a risk I want to take. She said, Well, we can talk to the wholesaler about holding back funds to the seller until they move out. And I said that's fine. But if they get the chunk of their money, what's two or $3,000 to them? They'll probably just walk away from that and say we're staying. Right? So she said, Okay, well, let's talk to the wholesaler about it. Well, the wholesaler actually suggested, okay, that's fine. I will give you $100 a day for every day, they don't move out. And I thought well, $100 a day would cover all of my costs. And it's going to incentivize the wholesaler to also help me get these people out.

Debbie Speaking 
That's interesting. I haven't ever had a wholesaler do that. Like that really is interesting. I mean, I've had them put it on the seller, of course, but not for the wholesaler. And absolutely, like, yeah, let's get you involved because you're the person who's been talking to them this whole time anyway, you've built the relationship. You have some sort of credibility with them.

Shannon Speaking   
Yeah, right. And you know how they operate. I have no exposure to them whatsoever. And so, initially, they had suggested, well, we'll just hold funds back. And that will be more on you. And then I said, I'm not feeling good about that. And so then they actually suggested it, which I was like done because they can still the wholesaler can hold the funds if they want. But you still owe me money. Yes. So that was really more of insurance for me. Sure. And so guess what happened? We close crickets from the, from the sellers. They weren't moving out. Yep. So Laura, and I actually went, and she's much more brave than I am. Okay. She went and we knocked on that door. And the mom of the seller answered the door. There was a TV going in the background, there was junk everywhere in the house. It did not look like they weren't going anywhere. And she was like, Yes, you know, we just wanted to check in and see how the moving was going. And the mom was just like, well, it's not gonna be today. And I was like, Okay, this isn't going well. I'm just gonna go now.

Unknown Speaker  16:12  
Sit in the car.

Shannon Speaking   
So Laurie kind of looked at me and I was like, she looked at me and I looked at her and we're like, Okay, well, thanks. You know, we'll just let us keep us posted. We walked out and Lori looked at me and she goes, you better call that wholesaler because you were. They are not moving out anytime soon. So then I said, Okay, well, I'm getting my 500 bucks a day. So the stress level for me. It was nerve racking, right? Yeah. But financially I was protected, right? Because I had $100 a day guaranteed, which was written into the contract that said, This wholesaler is going to pay me $100 a day. Yeah. So I immediately got in that car and I called the wholesaler and I said, hey, look, I just knocked on the door. And they're going anywhere. So he, you know, he was like, What? He was all riled up, right. But we had now closed. Yeah, I still had the wholesaler in my back pocket to help. Right? Get them out.

Unknown Speaker  17:07  
Yes. Awesome.

Shannon Speaking   
So five days later, they finally moved out. And I reached out to the wholesaler and I said pay up. And he sure enough, did. He gave me the 500 bucks. You Venmo me that 500 bucks. And he was like it. Even though the seller was not on the up and up with integrity. I am. And this was our first deal together. And this really demonstrated to me Okay, I'm feeling good about doing business with this wholesaler in the future. Absolutely. Wow. And so he, you know, they got out they vacated, they left a lot of junk. I mean, a lot of junk. And there was stuff in the house. There was stuff in the attic. There was stuff in the yard. I mean, just everywhere. So as far as expenses go, I didn't have renovations, but I paid a pretty penny to get all of that stuff out. I mean, that terrible. It was about 3000 bucks to get it all cleaned out. And it's funny, I missed the attic. So I had the guys come and do a junk removal for me. Right? They cleaned everything out. It looked great. They did everything I asked them to do. And then this is how I found out there was something in the attic. Laurie, my realtor happened to be driving by the house. She sees the sellers on the porch well after they had moved out and given me the keys. And she pulls over and she was like I didn't have a good feeling like what were they doing there? What were they doing on the porch? Well, they had left a video camera. And so they were taking their video camera, which was totally trespassing at this point. And they asked, they said to my realtor, Laurie, they said, We left stuff in the attic. We want to get out. And she said, Well, I'll have to talk to the seller. And they said we have sentimental items in there and you know, stuff from our grandmother and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And so Lori's like, maybe you can just let them in to check the attic. And I'm like, No, I'm like, Look, they had an extra five days to get out. She's like, see, I'm just a sucker for this stuff. And I was like, I know and I feel really bad. But if something was really sentimental to them, they would have gotten it out by now. They already had five days that we were telling them they needed to get out and much a lot more time before that to get out. And it's just it's no I'm feeling I'm not getting good feeling here in my my jellies, as my kids call it. Yeah. It's not feeling good. They're trespassing on the property. They're taking things from the house that they should not be taking. This is feeling weird. So I called the wholesaler Getting the wholesaler said, You're trespassing called him and said you were trespassing. It is not okay. Please do not go back to that property. And he told him the attic had been cleaned out. Well guess what? It happened.

Unknown Speaker  20:17  

Shannon Speaking   
call it the junk removal people. And I'm thinking it's going to be a few boxes, girl. I mean, this attic was full from the floor to the ceiling and the attic. It's one of those old Craftsman style houses, where it went from the front of the house to the back of the house.

Unknown Speaker  20:39  
Oh my gosh. And I mean, it was chock

Shannon Speaking   
full and they hadn't been up in that attic in years. Right. And so it was like, Okay, come back. They cost me just as much to clean out the attic and the whole house and yard. Oh my gosh. I mean, so it was it was pretty it was chock full. So they're probably and originally I said, Okay, you know what, if you see any sentimental things, put it to the side, because I did feel bad. And then I was like thinking through, okay, I can let them come back when they're the junk removal, people are there. But then I thought, No, that's a risk and liability. What if an altercation happens on the property? I'm trying to get a good person, right. But they've been playing games, and I can't take that risk. Right. And I'm trying to build a relationship here with these junk removal companies, junk removal company, and if and they were willing to let the people come back, as you know, a nice gesture, but I thought no, I'm not gonna do that to them, and put them in the middle. And so I didn't. So anyways $3,000 later, I had it all cleaned out. So

Debbie Speaking   
it was a total of 6000 for the for Oh,

Shannon Speaking   
no, everything was 3000. It was another originally it was like 1414 1500 before and then another 1500 to get the

Debbie Speaking   
the attic removed. removal. Oh my gosh. Okay. Oh, yeah. So is that is that all you did? Was that was 3000 for the cleanup? Or was there anything else you did?

Shannon Speaking   
So no. Okay. It was, you know, it was? You know, I think it was probably closer to 26 2700. Then I had the locks changed and the inspection done. So the total grand total for everything I did was 3000 bucks. Okay.

Unknown Speaker  22:27  
All right.

Shannon Speaking   
You paid 83 580 353 1000 bucks in it. You know, just get it cleaned out. Locks change. Uh huh.

Debbie Speaking
Little like that's like the epitome of a whole tail. Do

Unknown Speaker  22:43  
I Do any of your painting girl? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  22:44  
you nailed it. Okay.

Shannon Speaking   
And I left now I left I was gonna have the appliances removed. However, I learned through this process, that if you remove the appliances, and a buyer comes in, that needs a loan, a bank will not lend to them if appliances are not in the property. Regardless if they work or not,

Unknown Speaker  23:06  
right, certain ones.

Shannon Speaking   
Yep. I left the appliances even though and I was gonna have them jumped out. I left them just in case. Yep. So just a little tidbit learning on that. Yes.

Debbie Speaking
Yeah. Yeah. That's totally FHA, for sure. Also, yeah, like they. It's interesting, the things that they deem livable and not livable. Okay, so that now I'm cute. Okay, let's, let's talk about sales price and who the end buyer ended up being Was it a, was it an investor or was it like an end user who was going to live there?

Shannon Speaking   
Okay. So we ended up listing it literally four days later, after we have it cleaned out. So I closed on March 31. And I listed it on April 3, April 4 time-frame. And it went live, you know, my realtor did coming soon. And then it went live. And within, you know, and I'm freaking out, hey, I'm freaking out. I'm not gonna get any offers. We listed it for 120. Okay. And I had kind of pinged a few investors that I knew, because I was just thinking, Okay, I just need some input. I need more input from live voices. And I didn't really get any bites or feedback from them that made me feel like okay, yeah, you're gonna be fine. So is nervous. Um, but within 24 hours, I had another realtor give me an offer all cash offer, but it was low as a lowball offer. He offered like 105 Um, and I think I said I listed it for 120. I got an offer for 105. Then I had another offer for 115. So it's starting to come up, right so I'm getting a little I'm feeling a little bit better about things. But I'm still like, I'm still not getting like over asking, and everybody else is getting over what's happening here. And then I had another investor come in and offer, like 90,000. So then I'm, oh,

Unknown Speaker  25:16  
we're going the wrong way. Wait, wait, wait, turn around.

Shannon Speaking   
And this whole time, I'm like, talking to my realtor and she's having to talk me off the ledge. She's like, it's gonna be fine, you're gonna be fine. We're, you're doing great, don't worry. And then all of a sudden, lo and behold, four days later, I get an over asking offer for 120 to 250. And I was like, Yes, I'm screaming, I'm so excited. I was just good. I was just over the moon. And she was like, I told you not to worry. And this was an investor. Okay. And a realtor had helped this investor find our property and our listing. And so it was an all cash offer, showed proof of funds, and had offered a 30 day close. Actually, it was closer to 40 something days, because it was no, it was 30. Because the offer came in. We finalized all the details on the 14th of April, and then may 14, we closed. And when he gave me the offer, I wanted to push back and negotiate. I wanted to push back and say no, I want my money sooner. Right? I want it in two weeks, right? Because it's an all cash. I know. Yeah, but let's just do this thing. But then I thought, don't be greedy.

Unknown Speaker  26:50  
It's hard.

Unknown Speaker  26:51  
Don't be greedy.

Unknown Speaker  26:52  
You gotta love. Like, I love that you notice, like you recognize that was your ego?

Shannon Speaking   
Yeah. Yeah. And it was a hard thing to do as excited as I was. I just was like, you know, you hear I got this piece of advice A long time ago. And a lot of times people will say, a lot of people have said to me, realtors, usually the first offer you get is usually going to be your best offer, and you should go with it. That's not always the case. And you should be patient, you should definitely be patient, because in this case, it wasn't the best offer. And sometimes the highest offer is not always the best offer. Right? And so I thought, well, this is the highest offer. It's my over asking offer. I mean, it's exceeded my expectations in so many ways. And I'm just going to give them that 30 days, he wants that 30 days he can have it. He's getting what I want. Why should I give him what he wants? 

Debbie Speaking
Exactly. And like, I love that so much. And I feel like there's so much anxiety and like ego around negotiations. And you know what I realized? Finally, in some point in my 30s, I finally realized that if the other person comes away feeling like they won, then I've totally like that is the negotiation that I want. Because I want the other person to feel like they won and if they are winning within my parameters, awesome. We're all winning,

Unknown Speaker  28:22  
everybody's happy. Everybody's happy.

Debbie Speaking
Yes, it's really hard. And we, I constantly have to check in with my ego, like, okay, what's really going on? Am I just scared something's going to happen, and they're not going to close in my like, what's what's really going on? And yes, let's just leave well enough alone. And that offer was well enough

Shannon Speaking   
that it was absolutely well enough. And it was it was it was hard, but I was like, No, you give as well. Everybody can win in this transaction. And in fact, the realtor that helped me find the deal. She sent me a text message, you know, after we found it, and after we closed and she asked, you didn't assume she asked, Hey, can I have the listing to sell it for you? And I said, you know, okay, I didn't say okay, he goes to get this deal. I only got I didn't even get my commission because it was through a wholesaler. And I only got 1000 bucks right I got the finder's fee. And, you know, that's I have to split that with my company or whatever. So I was like, here's the thing. You not only can you have the listing, when we list it, you can have the 6% I'm not going to negotiate you down to 5%. Because guess what, you were the reason I have this deal. You were the reason I'm here, and I want you to make money as much money. You know, I want you to make money too in this deal. There's no reason why everybody can't make money. Exactly going to be greedy.

Unknown Speaker  29:53  

Shannon Speaking   
So, you know, it's all part of building those relationships in my mind.

Unknown Speaker  29:59  
so important.

Shannon Speaking   
And so that's why you know, so it was that go giver Yes. mentality and you know when people ask me for referrals I give them it's the go giver mentality is I'm not hiding good people, you know if you can benefit from that, why? Why am I going to hold that back? Because I'm selfish and greedy and I don't want to share? Yeah, I kind of I'm scared that they won't be available. But if you give you will get like, yeah, just it's just, it's just is. Yeah. Murphy's Law and karma. I'm a big believer in karma.

Debbie Speaking
Totally agree. It's, it's easy. A lot of people. Gosh, especially right now, right? Let's is like the craziest market ever. And even

Unknown Speaker  30:49  
like it,

Debbie Speaking
we don't want to share our resources. We don't want to share our contractor. We don't want to share our our lead sources. We don't want to share what's working for us. We don't want to share anything. Oh, but it's such scarcity mindset. There's enough to go around. I promise you, there is. And but if you're approaching it with a scarcity mindset, that's why you're getting scarcity back. Because it's that's you're putting that out there. Yes. as well. Is that sounds it's true.

Shannon Speaking   
it's 100% true. And you come across it and when you know when you share these pieces of golden nuggets, right, when you share these people will share right back with you. Absolutely. If you need something there, they'll share. So yes, 100% I'm with you on that. And I love that believe

Debbie Speaking
it so so what did your profit end up being on your first slash second slide or? Yep, purchase first closing? Yes,

Shannon Speaking   
yes. Let's call that that's a good. I knew that in the back of my mind. Second purchase first closing. The profit was $25,446. I don't have the pennies. But I think for 46 but yes, $25,446 on literally, just cleaning it out, and turning around and selling it. It's amazing. It's amazing. It's incredible.

Debbie Speaking
I know. I know. The my biggest like whole tale was last October. And it was just like, what, this is crazy. I didn't do anything to this.

Unknown Speaker  32:29  

Debbie Speaking
It's amazing. But people want like, it's such it's so great, because it works for an investor and buyer. But it also works for the the home buyer who wants to fix up their house, like this are such a DIY nation, right? We want to fix up our houses. But if we're if we can't do that, when we're buying a house, it's already been fixed up and we're paying top dollar for retail. A house that's already been fixed up. Right? It's a sweet spot. It really is a sweet spot.

Unknown Speaker  32:59  
Yeah, I agree.

Debbie Speaking
Yeah, great. But they're not fun. They're not as fun because we don't want to create.

Shannon Speaking   
No, and that was the thing is, you know, when I was I'll be honest. When I was dealing with those tenants, and even though I knew that I was getting paid for it, and that my financials were covered. I kind of thought to myself, this isn't what I got into it for Yeah, right. Yep. And what am I doing this for? Like I'm having a kick these people out. I don't know if this is really, I wanted to be picking making selections on kitchen accents and flooring and pink colors and, you know, light fixtures, not waiting for somebody to move out and then cleaning up after their mess and then turning around. You know, it's it's definitely not as glamorous and fun. It's definitely rewarding because you you know, you get that paycheck. Right. But it's a different feel. Right? It's it's not that fun. You know, this is what I got into it for renovating, making it beautiful. Yes. So yeah, so it definitely forced me to kind of assess. Okay, is this the focus? I really want to do? I don't think so. You know, I really want to get into renovating and updating. Was it a great deal? Was it a great experience? Did I learn a ton? And am I grateful and thankful for it? Yes. 100%? Yes. Yeah. So I would do it all over again, if I was presented with the opportunity. But in the future, I probably will think twice about it. Because I don't know that that's really where I want to put my energy, my energy into making things beautiful again,

Unknown Speaker  34:47  
I totally get that mean, totally do.

Unknown Speaker  34:49  
Yeah. But it's still fun to make my

Debbie Speaking
right. No, yes, it's still very rewarding, right. And it's like, I don't want to say that I'm not grateful. It's not that we're not grateful. It's that you The creative outlet wasn't expressed right when that's not expressed. It's first of all I go crazy when I'm not creating like I literally like I am not like creating things helps keep me chill. Yeah. Keeps me balanced focus. Right right. So when I'm not creating and it's it but it's interesting because it's we can store still creating but we're we're because we're creating the deal and we're creating that. But the saving the house, we're not really saving the house. We don't get to love it back to life. And that part. If that's what you're into. It's not a satisfying doing. Oh, but yes, but yes, it route. It's rewarding.

Shannon Speaking   
Yeah. Yeah, I think you that's a great word for it is it's not as satisfying. Yeah. Because my other flip that I'm working on, that one I just had staged. And I walked in, I have to send you out post pictures, because it literally just got staged yesterday morning. Oh

Unknown Speaker  35:59  
my god, I'm so excited.

Shannon Speaking   
And I walked in. And it was this feeling of just, I don't know, joy. And just,

Unknown Speaker  36:07  
I did it. Yes.

Shannon Speaking   
Finish Line is here. It was like this, whoa, the sun was coming in the windows. And the staging was all the colors and all the things and it was just this moment of I did this.

Debbie Speaking
I'm so proud of you, Shannon. Thank you. I'm, I'm so proud of you for jumping in and doing it like,

Shannon Speaking   
and it's scary. It is so smooth. It's scary. And you can talk yourself out of it so easily. Gosh, yeah. out of it so much easier than you can talk yourself into it.

Debbie Speaking
So what was it that made you finally do it? What made you pull the trigger on the first one,

Shannon Speaking   
I wanted it, I wanted it more than I didn't want it. Exactly. That's it's just been years of, I'd love to do that. That would be so great. And I would really enjoy that too. Girl, you got this. And you have done all of your homework and you have a great support system. And you know what you're doing, you have the education you have the numbers you have there, you have more reasons to do it than to not do it.

Unknown Speaker  37:21  
And so you pulled the trigger. I pulled

Shannon Speaking   
the trigger. I was scared. You know, but I did it anyway. And I'm so thankful. And it's this market that we're in. It's crazy, because the numbers I had originally put in. They've gone up I know. So my profit has gone up. So that'll be for another podcast, you know, that I can share with you? Yeah, Robertson. But yeah, it was an amazing feeling and accomplishment and a goal I set for myself. So here, I set a goal for myself to flip one house this year. And I'm on to

Debbie Speaking
you're at two, and this is the same time, right? So like by June so by halfway through the year, you will have done to Yes, sister like I am so I am so impressed. I'm so inspired. I'm so happy for you for, for just doing it. And I know that feeling of

Shannon Speaking   
there's that thing that you want to do and you've put off for years. And it's like you have to you have to decide enough's enough. Nobody can decide that for you. We can show you all the steps and all the things and all the ways. But ultimately you have to decide enough's enough. And I'm gonna agreed, and you know, you have been such an inspiration. So while you say I'm inspiring, it's you that have been inspirational and you've taken the fear out of it for me, the every excuse I had you had an answer for. And, you know, the education just built the confidence in the mindset work. It's just so critical and important. And putting yourself out there all the scary things that you talk about. Yeah. And just having an answer for all of our excuses. You have been there, and you're always there. And our team, I call it the team, the flipping team, the women flipping houses team has just been just the most amazing support and I just have you to thank for all that I wouldn't have gotten off of my chair behind up out from behind my computer to do this without you. So I owe you.

Unknown Speaker  39:42  
Oh my gosh,

Shannon Speaking   
thank you. And I'm so appreciative and grateful for all that you do and for all everyone that you do everything for

Unknown Speaker  39:55  

Shannon Speaking   
Yes shaped everything you're doing is making a huge impact and difference Me and everyone else. So like,

Unknown Speaker  40:02  
I'm gonna cry.

Unknown Speaker  40:04  

Debbie Speaking
I'm gonna cry. That's huge. That's why I do it. It's exactly why I do it seeing when you're talking about walking into your first stage flip yesterday. I feel that like, I know that feeling you felt when you were like, Oh my gosh, I did it. I did. I freaking did it. And I survived and I'm okay. And everything's gonna be okay. I know that feeling. And I am so excited that you felt that because, like, I just want more women to feel that sense of accomplishment. Because like, our kids are watching. Yes, people we don't know are watching. But like more ultimately, our kids are watching that. Yeah, whether you think they are or not. They're absolutely watching that. And they've seen like they're seeing oh my gosh, my mom did this thing. I don't know what that what it is. My son didn't understand flipping houses until he was like 10. He finally was like, Oh, I get it. I get what you do now. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, like, but you're watching. Yeah. That. Yeah,

Shannon Speaking   
it feels amazing that you do this for women. Because, yeah. You know, being in such a male dominated industry. It's very intimidating. And you take that intimidation out, and you help us is just what you're doing. You're doing amazing things for us. And it's you're making a difference. You just have had such a huge impact on my life and everyone else's life that that you come across. You're doing the thing.

Unknown Speaker  41:35  
Oh, my gosh. And seriously.

Shannon Speaking   
You You make a difference? a huge difference.

Unknown Speaker  41:43  
Thank you. Yeah, gosh, thank

Unknown Speaker  41:44  
you, Lily,

Debbie Speaking
that that means more to me than I could ever convey. So thank you. Oh,

Unknown Speaker  41:50  
you're more than welcome. You are.

Unknown Speaker  41:52  
I appreciate it very much.

Unknown Speaker  41:54  
I appreciate you, girl.

Unknown Speaker  41:56  
You have no idea.

Debbie Speaking
Yeah. Well, thank you for sharing your story. And we are going to have a podcast episode number two. We're having Part Two when you close on Robertson. Yes, Robin. Okay. Perfect. Because we need to talk about that one, too. Yeah, do it. Please post pictures. I can't I can't even stand it. I cannot wait to see pictures

Unknown Speaker  42:19  
today. I promise.

Debbie Speaking
That's it on my end. I'm, I'm just so excited for you. I'm so happy for you. Congratulations on doing the thing on Thank you scared and everything and still doing it. I love it. I'm so happy for you. Thank you for letting me be part of your journey. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

Shannon Speaking   
Thank you for coming along with me. And thank you for helping me walk this journey. I'm here. So

Unknown Speaker  42:45  
I am totally here for it. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  42:49  
Yeah, you are. And I appreciate that. So thank you, Debbie. You're welcome, Shannon.

Debbie Speaking
Bye. Hi. That was so fun to connect with you and hear your story. Thanks again, Shannon. So one thing I forgot to ask. Because I was so excited and caught up in the story was I forgot to ask one of my favorite questions I asked every time and that is how did you finance the deal. So I followed up with Shannon afterward. And she let me know that she used a HELOC. So she tapped into on used money on used equity, and they got a home equity line of credit. So money that is sitting there in your house not doing anything for you is such a great source of financing, whether it's financing the whole thing or financing part of it. We've got several other episodes with students who used HELOC to fund their projects. Alright, so let's put to use money that we actually have access to. It's just sitting there doing nothing. All right. All right. So if you've reached the point of enough is enough, and you're ready to go all in and do this thing already. And you want incredible support. In addition to the step by step process, you're in the right place, Mr. Go to first flip get on our wait list, you'll be notified within just a few days of an opening. Alright. It is the number one program and community for women who are interested in any facet of loving old houses back to life. If you want to flip a house and living it if you want to flip it and sell it if you want to flip it and rent it. All of the above. Those are the things we are doing inside this program. All right. Get your name on the way list and then when the opportunity comes, jump on it. Alright, enough enough, right? Go out there flip houses like a girl. Leave people in places better than you find them and make it a great day. Bye