May 14, 2020

Flipping Her Life One House at a Time with Rachel Spezzapria

Ever needed or wanted or been forced to rebuild your life? 

I'm currently on Debbie DeBerry 2.0 so I understand the rebuild all too well. 

Less than a year ago, Rachel was newly divorced and didn't know how she was going to provide for herself and her kids. 

For many years, she had a burning desire to flip houses. 

But she kept hearing she couldn't possible manage a flip and she wasn't smart enough to run a house flipping business. So, she did as society trains women to do and put her dream on the back-burner while supporting everyone else pursuing theirs. 

Until right now in 2020 where she's knee-deep in the middle of her first flip. 

This is an episode not to be missed!​


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