Sept. 2, 2021

Stay-at-Home Mom Makes $70k in 6 Months Flipping Houses

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Kaylynn lives in Alaska with her husband and 4 young daughters. She's been a stay-at-home mom for the last 11 years. Then she decided she was going to bet on herself and chase a dream of hers. 

Her story is so relatable and so inspiring and I'm just ecstatic to share it with you. Getting to watch the transformation of her has been the most wonderful thing to witness. 

That's the transformation that must happen first - the personal one - before any house can ever be transformed. 

Everyone's journey looks different. And taking the first step to really get into action is the most important one. 

This is what we discuss in this episode:

  • What chasing this dream is modeling for her daughters and the message she wants them to understand
  • The challenges and fears around showing up differently with your family and friends - and why doing so is crucial for your journey
  • The details of how she found and financed her first two deals
  • The numbers from her first two deals
  • How persistence pays off when it comes to building relationships and trust

...and so much more!


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Intro  0:01  
You're listening to the flip houses like a girl podcast where we educate, empower and celebrate everyday women who are facing their fears, juggling family and business, embracing their awesomeness and wholeheartedly chasing their dream of flipping houses. Each episode delivers the honest to goodness tools, tips and strategies you can implement today to get closer to your first or next successful house flip. Here's your spiky haired breakfast, taco loving host house flipping coach, Debbie DeBerry.

Debbie DeBerry  0:39  
Hey, how's it going today, I hope that whatever you're up to, you're having an easy day. And thanks for hanging out with us for a little bit. You are going to love this conversation. I know I say that every time because they're all so great, and inspiring and encouraging and just heartwarming and awesome. So this one is nothing short of any of those. So Caitlin, and her husband live in Alaska, and they have four daughters, middle school aged and younger. And so Caitlin has been a really busy, stay at home mom for the last 11 years. And then she decided she wanted to chase this dream of hers, this dream of flipping houses. And we talk about so many really great things in this conversation, not just her two flips that she's completed. Mind you, within six months, she completed two flips, and will make around $70,000 total in those six months. I love it. Within a few short months, she has built a business, she has stepped into this new role of CEO. And this is common, this is what our flip sisters do. They go do the thing. And you can too. But here's the secret. You've got to bet on yourself. Because if you're not willing to bet on yourself,

Debbie DeBerry  2:19  
nobody else is going to I talked to some women who are really excited and want to start flipping houses and their husbands aren't on board with often the case is that she isn't convicted, she isn't bought in. She doesn't trust herself. And he feels that he sees that he knows that.

Debbie DeBerry  2:43  
And I love this story. Because kailyn started showing up for herself differently. She was all in. She was bought in. She trusted herself and the process. And she went out and started and is building a fantastic business. So I'm thrilled to share this conversation with you. She talks about navigating creating a business and stepping out of the role of stay at home mom, and being seen differently by her husband, and her friends and her circle. And all that has come with that. This is such an awesome conversation. You're going to love it. Here we go.

Debbie DeBerry  3:32  
Caitlin, thank you for sharing your story. It's a really important one. And

Debbie DeBerry  3:38  
I know that this is going to impact so many women who relate deeply to you and your story. I can't tell you the number of times I hear from people, random people that they heard whatever podcast episode and so and so made them feel like they could do it. And like that's why that's why these are so important. Like Yes, it's celebrating you but it's also

Kaylynn 4:07  
to let other women know like everyday women are doing this you can do this too. I promise you you can well that's that's my story. I mean, that was essentially joining your program and and that's what happened for me it was hearing that every day it was that first flip, hearing and people's first flip and recognize that's that's what I needed. And now I'm here which pinch me it doesn't feel real but now I'm being muted and a bizarre and exciting and all of that all wrapped into one. So I'm excited. So cool. Like tell us a little bit about you and a little bit about your backstory and where you are and what you're up to in the world aside from flipping. Okay, yeah, so my name is Caitlin views. My husband and I live in Palmer, Alaska. We've got four daughters, ranging from ages 11 down to four. He's the agriculture teacher at

Kaylynn 5:00  
former high school and so we just were involved in the community. But up into this point I've I've pretty much been stay at home mom.

Kaylynn 5:09  
I did a little a few things here and there. But this has been a big change in our family starting my business and we love to fish. We love to be outside. And that's that's us. Yeah. So

Debbie DeBerry5:25  
I'm curious when you approach your husband and say, Hey, man, so I know I've been doing this for how long had you been out of the workforce? 11 years? Yeah, our marriage? Yeah, yep. Wow. Okay, that's huge. Yeah. Then you, you say, how does that conversation go? Well, I'll tell you, he's a very supportive person. But that bros obvious that brought up obvious concerns for him. And for me, we were both feeling it.

Kaylynn 5:59  
And it was more of just like how like, because he's, like I said, He's not just the teacher. He's also very involved in the community. He just, he does a lot of volunteer work. And so that conversation was very much like, Okay, if you feel strongly you need to do this, let's move forward. But but it has been a huge change. So from that conversation till now, you know, it's just been doing a lot of adjusting and having a lot of give and take and

Kaylynn 6:30  
and it's not been easy. And so I think that's why the tribe has been so beneficial for me, because there were times where it really felt like, that was the only group that I had that was saying, like, keep going keep moving forward, you can do this. So not that he's not supportive. It just was such a big change.

Kaylynn 6:51  
And it was very challenging for both of us. So yeah, I bet I bet

Debbie DeBerry 6:58  
in has,

Kaylynn  7:01  
has that become easier? Or is it just different? It's different. That's what I would say it's different. And we'll get we'll get around to a lot of the a lot of this conversation, I'm sure. But it really has been, it's really been recognizing that everybody's needs in our family matter. I think as women we have a tendency to, we've been taught, I know, for me, especially your value comes from what you give. I've got four daughters, I want them to learn the importance of their needs being met as they grow up and make choices for their lives. And so

Kaylynn  7:37  
it's something that I'm passionate about is something I shout from the rooftops now. Anybody I talked to other friends, family, it's like your needs matter. And your kids need to see that that that we pry prioritize everybody in our family, including mom.

Debbie DeBerry  7:52  
That's huge. Like, that's all all of that is bigger than the house you flipped? Yes. I mean, 1000 times bigger than that goal that was achieved. I mean, it's huge. Absolutely. Absolutely. Yep.

Debbie DeBerry  8:10  
Okay, so I'm feeling very moved. That was awesome. Um, but really, it really is. It's so much more than just the house flip. It's who we are and how we show up in our lives. And, and those the people that are watching the children, nieces, nephews, neighbors, right. People are watching people we don't even realize are watching us go do this thing that we say we want to do. And that's inspiring.

Kaylynn  8:41  
Yeah, because a lot of people won't allow themselves to do that. So that's huge, man. Awesome. Okay. I remember you saying that the biggest change that's going to take place in this business is the change that happens within me. I was like, Okay, sure. That'd be you know, okay.

Kaylynn  8:56  
Like, yeah, as time went on, I was like, holy cow, I am not the same person that I was when I started this business. Yeah. It's my favorite part, the transformation in the person. I understand that that's the goal, right? The House flipping is the goal. But the transformation in the person is it's so empowering to

Debbie DeBerry  9:18  
it's just so empowering and inspiring to see somebody go through that. Even though like there are hard times. It's not all easy. It's just part of it. It's totally part of it. Okay, this is great. Let's jump into let's jump into the flip. Let's talk about the details. So first of all, how did you find this one? This was an MLS foreclosure. So I just yeah, MLS. Okay. And

Debbie DeBerry  9:51  
I'm remembering so the the one you're working on now, was the one we talked about first? Yes.

Debbie DeBerry  9:59  

Debbie DeBerry  10:00  
conversation. Yeah, okay, I'm not that one. That one has been a blast too. So yeah, yeah, we'll talk about that one too. Because that's a great story. How that unfolded like, you're really great story. Okay, so you found this one on the MLS? And

Debbie DeBerry  10:18  
were you when you made an offer? Were you one of the 100? Or were you the only offer? How did that look? I'm not sure. Actually, I know there was a ton of activity.

Kaylynn  10:29  
I just I think it was one of those that was just a little bit of a high purchase price. And, and I was able to pick it up and Yeah. Did you walk the property with a contractor? I did. Yes. Yeah. So I, The unfortunate thing was when I put in the offer, I had to kind of have a conversation with my contractor and kind of do a video walkthrough. Nice. That was a little bit nerve wracking. He was out of town. That's the only house that I have walked without him. But we did a video walkthrough and then after the offer was accepted, we went in and made sure that we were we were on target. That's fantastic. Okay, great. Yeah. So you had an inspection contingency? You had some contingencies there. Yeah. That allows you to do some due diligence. Good. Absolutely. Yep. What did you what was the purchase price? 269,000. Okay. And what were you thinking the repairs would be, I was thinking 35,000, it was very much a cosmetic flip. So I was thinking, I'm gonna go in, change the flooring, do the paint walk away, just really, really simple and easy. And then as we went into it, it was kind of like, hey, let's, let's put a little bit more into this. We were watching into it, we were watching the market. All of a sudden, I was like, Oh, this ARV is changing, even in the little bit of time that we were working. And I knew and it wasn't so much that I was going to make that much more money. But I was excited to make it that much more livable, and beautiful for the next family that was coming in. And so so that jumped up the final renovation budget ended up being $52,000. But like I said, as we move forward, I knew I had that room to add. Just because what the market was doing. That's awesome. Yeah, that's nice that you that those weren't surprises. Yeah, you chose to spend a little bit more because you saw what was happening with the market and you were able to you had that that margin to play with. Yes, that's fantastic. Okay, how long was the renovation? Three weeks, my contractor got in there and he rocked it. I mean, just he put in a ton of time. You know, he, it just they he flew through it. It was it was awesome. And you know, even when people say I was just a cosmetic flip. I mean, I had a full dumpster. I mean, it was still a ton of work. We're really proud of that timeline. That's fantastic. Yeah. Okay. So you When did you buy it? When did you close on it? closed on that on March 17? Okay. The purchase closing on March 17. March 17th. You guys, we're in like, the next day working? I remember that. And then so super fast to then you are on the market for sale when?

Kaylynn  13:11  
Oh, I think that because we closed June. I want to say

Kaylynn 13:16  
that would have been mid April. Okay. It's on the market. Okay.

Kaylynn  13:21  
So all of that was great. And fine, and really fast. And then all of a sudden, you're under contract. And you kind of just you kind of just dropped a hint you didn't close so you're under contract like April 15. ish. We'll go with Yep. And you closed when? June 20. June. Double check on that. June 18. Gosh, yeah. So two months? Yeah, there was a few things The first thing was we went pending and the people who put in the offer drove in and they couldn't fit their truck in the garage so they backed out I totally forgot that I that's a bizarre that that's the thing. Okay. Yes. And it's like it's like you talk about the frustrating part about that is that everybody wonders What's wrong with it? Like what's the matter with this house and it's control and so you know, luckily we put it back on the market I was really stressed about it, but then two days later, I was back pending again. Thank goodness thank goodness because that is an and and then to write in the remarks something like no, really his truck didn't fit in the garage. Like that's the only reason why we Yes, that's it. Everything else is great, beautiful home. Like Okay, good. I'm glad you got a contract quickly. Okay. What took so long though, because the 60 day escrow or ish? As long if anybody who listening has any interest in moving to Alaska with the title company, like, please do it because it's very common right now. With this market. Our title companies Our appraisers are super backed up. It's the most frustrating part.

Kaylynn  15:00  
Have flipping for me right now because I've got a great contractor, we stay on our timeline, we're working hard to make sure it all follows through and then, and it's like, hurry up and wait. And so nothing really held it up. It was just that finally, when we got the appraisal, which took, I think three or four weeks, I think I remember telling you the title company was like, we'll be able to close in two weeks from now, right? And you're thinking why so I have actually established a relationship with a title company, I came in and said, Hey, I'm gonna be turning three or four properties a year. Like if you can get make me a priority, like, I want to work with you. And they've been awesome. So I'm working on a third house right now that I'm trying to close on. And they said that they'd be willing to work it in a week. Oh, nice. Little have that now. But then on the sale, you know, I'm not in control of the title company that the purchaser chooses. So anyway, yeah.

Debbie DeBerry  15:53  
It's It's killing me slowly. That's

Debbie DeBerry  15:56  
Oh, my gosh, that was, I'm sure that was a long two months for you. It was even the long two months for me. I was like, What is happening? What is going on? Yeah, that's crazy. Okay. All right. So were there any major surprises on that on any part of the deal? So luckily, because the house is pretty much cut and dry, there were two things one, my husband's cousin who was more like a sister passed away, right when I was getting ready to start painting, Oh, God, only part of the project that I was doing myself. And so it's just a personal thing in those happen, but then I was left to find out, okay, I've got these four kids. And this is my part of the deal. And I can't hold up the project. And so the other part too, is I underestimated the amount of time it would take to paint a 3000 square foot house, you know, I, I've painted house, like my house room to room, and I'm thinking oh, I can knock that out. And then you start getting into and you're like, holy cow, I'm in over my head. So luckily, my amazing contractor who works with his wife and his 15 year old son, he's now 16 they are just amazing. And just seeing what was going on with my family, they jumped in, we worked out a deal where I was going to pay them but we all just because that's the only part of the project he does not do his painting. And so luckily, they were awesome, we rallied together and we knocked it out, I got I don't have a lot of family up here. My sister in law lives here but she was out of town. And so I was able to find friends to step in and everybody rallied and helped me out and that was just like so.

Kaylynn  17:28  
So touching, you know, just to again, going back to what we talked to before like realizing that if I ask for help, and I prioritize myself, people want to step up, they want to help you you know and bring an intake and so that was very inspiring. wouldn't have got it done without them and so so that was that was the That was a tough thing to get through but also a lot of silver linings came out of that Yeah, the other surprise I think you'll remember this the day before we were getting ready for our open house in April the snow starts to melt in Alaska

Kaylynn  18:02  
starts to melt and so we're getting ready like my realtors got the sign out we're getting ready for this awesome you know reveal like so excited for the buzz and literally all of a sudden I pull in the driveway and I can see the top of what looks like black garbage bags. So I go over there and just the biggest nastiest pile of garbage you have ever seen just melting away and the hard part in Alaska is it's like that's not just snowed on that is frozen to the earth like oh, like it show we get out these big heaters like I get those it's like a lawn torch. We're trying to melt it off. It smells terrible. And we realized like this is not going to work and so we ended up tarping it and just throwing snow there was plenty of snow so we threw the snow on the top but I feel dishonest about that because I knew I'd come back and clean it but it was like just for the open house. Let's get through this. And so we ended up keeping that tarp on all the way till like after I had already gone under contract and like I think I remember two weeks before we closed I was still kind of like digging it off the earth and

Debbie DeBerry  19:03  
I completely forgot about that. That is the wildest thing that's not even anything my brain would think is possible so far from my reality.

Kaylynn  19:17  
Yeah, and I think up here people they knew what was going on you know, they knew sure Oh, yeah. But you think in your brain like especially on your first one it was my first one I'm thinking this is gonna break it like nobody's gonna want this house and you're like so overwhelmed and it's a very fixable problem but you can only wait it's you can't force that one.

Debbie DeBerry  19:37  
That's a trick.

Debbie DeBerry 19:39  
So I mean, really

Debbie DeBerry 19:42  
all in all pretty

Debbie DeBerry 19:46  
smooth. Yes. First flip like Yep, yeah, definitely and Okay, so overall timeline.

Debbie DeBerry 19:57  
Oh, like three months. Yeah.

Debbie DeBerry 20:00  
God, that's amazing. Yes. would have been much faster. But yes, yeah, three months is great. That's fantastic. Okay, and so when you purchased the house, what was the ARV you were thinking. So when I originally went in, I was thinking somewhere in the 360s 365.

Kaylynn  20:24  
And then as I started looking closer at it talking with my contractor, we were like, we're gonna list this for 380. It's hard to come up with hard numbers, because like I said, we just shifted it as we moved on. But yeah, I mean, that's what you have to do. Yeah, yep. Yeah, you have to see what's happening in that moment. And yeah, totally.

Debbie DeBerry 20:42  
What was the profit? So my profit on that was $23,658. That's amazing. In three months, like 23 grand to go from nothing like you not working. And then you come in and you're like, I'm going to flip houses, hon. And you make almost $24,000 on your first flip in three months. That's ridiculous.

Debbie DeBerry 21:05  
It was amazing. It's been. Wow, okay.

Kaylynn  21:11  
How did you Oh, I meant to ask, how did you finance the purchase and the renovations, so it was all private money for me, which actually, my realtor is an investor up here. And that's what he does. And so that's just what I did. We don't have hard money lenders up here. But there's a lot of people who like to invest in real estate up here, for obvious reasons. I'm learning like what a great investment real estate is. And so sure, you know, I was able to, to pull it off. And and yeah, it was all private. Did you know that when you met him, like when you said, hey, you're my realtor, or how did you know that about how I ended up I started, I started the process with a different realtor. And she was amazing. She was awesome. She helped me get to the to the purchase closing when I bought the property. And then as time went on, it was super hard for me because we had this relationship. I'm a very loyal person. But she was super understanding. When I just told her, I said, Hey, he's an investor. This is this is a direction I need to go to gain the knowledge I need for my future. And she was super awesome about it. And so I just came across him through some friends of mine who have used him before. That's fantastic. Okay, so great. First flip. Let's talk about your second one. Okay. Okay. So, yeah, when we first talked, when did you join? I joined in November. Okay. My daughter's birthday, November 17. Oh, wow. When you joined we had a conversation. And you had I feel like you saw a flyer? Yes. Okay. At our get at a local grocery store, an older gentleman had just put up a flyer up with you know, the tags or you can pull the phone number off, you know, give me a call so call them came out and looked at his house.

Kaylynn  23:01  
And obviously, we it this is a situation very common for distressed sellers, you know, the house is in very bad condition, the the property's covered in garbage. And we can't get into the property because his tenant has changed the locks and did not give him a key. So totally taken advantage of this man and just sweet man who just couldn't assert himself and total abusive situation in my, in my opinion. And so, but I kept trying. So I just said, Hey, just keep talking to your tenant, let's try to get in there. And eventually, we were able to get into the property and I was able to take a look. As time went on, I realized this was before I joined the program before I'd done my first flip side still just was like I there's so many factors here. I just don't, I don't know what I'm doing. So I backed away from it. After doing my first flip, I was like, You know what, I think the numbers make sense in that house. And so it was the same thing trying to get back into the property. This time, I was able to take my contractor and my realtor and we were finally able to get a time to get in we kind of just surprise the tenant and we were all able to go in and take a look. And once we looked at it, it was like oh, we can convert the garage into two more bedrooms

Kaylynn  24:15  
and an increase the value of the home by a lot and so so that's Yeah, that was the initial part of the process. So then my realtor helped me help the help the owner evict the tenants, which went a lot smoother than we thought it would Oh, good. So this man he was behind on his payments probably going to lose his house. Just all these all these factors that just made me feel like oh man, if I can just help him and still make money. You know, we should do this. And I didn't think I was going to make very much but I doubled my profits from the first flip with this one. So we close on this one next week ended up being way more lucrative than I thought it was going to be. This guy was able to walk away with a good amount of cash to start over. And yeah, it was it was

Debbie DeBerry 25:00  
Awesome. That's amazing. Those wins like that were Yeah, the profits great, but you really helped somebody in a terrible situation and you were able to problem solve and

Debbie DeBerry 25:14  
those feels so good to me. Like, those are the ones those the problem solving ones are the most rewarding to me because they're the ones that most people won't take on. Because they don't, they don't know how it's like, yeah, they don't know how and so they get intimidated. They're like f Forget it. It's too hard. So it goes to you for holding out on that. So when did you Okay, so you. So you are in touch with him before? November, October. Okay. So October and you, you finally, after months, you finally got under contract and closed on the purchase when

Kaylynn  25:51  
we closed on that one shortly after we finished? Still like the beginning of May was like may 1, that tenacity, right, like 678 months, people aren't going to hang around. Like that's like, you're amazing. Okay.

kaylynn  26:08  
That's awesome. I love that you. I love everything about that story. Okay. Um, so what were the numbers on that one? What was the purchase price on that one? purchase price on that one was 98,000. Okay, um, the renovation on that one ended up being like, around $65,000. And we sold it to my contractor's brother for 220. Grand. Wow. Yeah. So your profit on that one is 45 grand, which it might be a little bit more I we haven't gotten to title yet. But it may be closer to 50,000. So that that one blew my mind. It was just a big win all the way around. It just was cool. Now when that one, we had more surprises that one took two, two weeks longer than we expected. And, you know, there were a few other factors. But it was super fun, right? Because now we're adding in the fact that the contractors brother is the one who ends up buying it like Shut up.

Kaylynn  27:05  
I freaking love this deal. Well, it was in what's really cool about that too. It pulled at my heartstrings, because he's a single dad with two kids.

Kaylynn  27:14  
He needed a family home with two extra bedrooms. So we were able to we actually converted the house it was only a one bed one bath. With adding the garage, it became a three bed two bath because we added a primary bathroom and primary room in the upstairs. And so then it became a family home, which was was so cool. And this was his first purchase. And now he's got his kids in there. And and yeah, just it was awesome. That's amazing. Okay, so you closed in May? Again, three about three months? Yes. Yeah, you're doing it, man.

Debbie DeBerry  27:49  
That's what I say three to four months, we need to be in and out. that protects us from craziness. Wow. Okay. Did your numbers change much on on that one? Or were they around what you expected when you closed in May, they were around where I expected minus that. Both my contractor and I kind of underestimated how much it was going to take. So what was cool about that is he was really willing to work with me because he said, Hey, this is what I thought was gonna happen. But so we came in the middle. And we just found a way to, like I said, I have an amazing contractor. And just we make a really good team. We work well together. And so yeah, just but everything else materials all that was I'm getting really good. I think it kind of anticipating what all that stuff's going to cost. Nice. So I keep hearing a theme with you about relationships, right? Like the contractor, the title company, you reach out to the title company, and you're like, this is what's happening. And are you do you want to step up? The realtor, like, another thing is women that we do is we feel like we have to wear every hat there is or else we aren't doing it. Right.

Debbie DeBerry 29:01  
So kudos to you for really harnessing the importance of a team and like really utilizing that and utilizing relationships, and

Debbie DeBerry 29:14  
it makes it more fun. And also, everybody does better. Like everybody feels better. Everybody does better. Everybody wins. And it's just like, it's hard for people to think that it's because especially women, like we have to do all the things.

Kaylynn  29:31  
Well, and I and I think like if you can tell me, I'm sure that you relate to this, where I've noticed in business, there were certain times where I would interact with people. And I could tell they were coming from very much like taking care of themselves and making sure they were taken care of. And that was all they thought about. And I've learned for me and people even said like when you go into business, you have to do that. Caitlin, you've got to make sure because nobody's going to do that for you. Make sure you go into it. Make sure your needs are met. And you got to stop worrying about everybody and I've learned that that

Kaylynn  30:00  
Does not resonate for me, I think I'm always going to approach business. It's how I approach life in a way that recognizes everybody involved. And I expect the people that work with me to do the same thing. And so luckily, as time has gone on, I've built that team. And I'll continue to build that team where it's like, we're all gonna make sure this is a win win for everybody. And that's just something that's been really important to me that goes back to what I talked about before where it's like, my needs, everybody's needs are equally important. Let's make sure we can, we can do that all the way across the board. Totally. And I just, your journey has been so fun to watch. It's our first conversation. I was like, Oh, my gosh, I love this girl. And I knew I knew you were gonna do it. I think what was there was something at first where you were like, Oh, you were kind of fighting? being seen? A little bit? Right, for sure. It's that it's that was the scariest part. And I this is probably what you're remembering. The scariest part was putting out on Facebook, hey, this is what I'm doing.

Kaylynn  31:04  
Because he, you become this person, right? You become this person that people expect you to be and when you step out of that kind of freaks everybody out. Yeah, that's all. Yes, absolutely. Like coming out saying this is what I'm going to be this is what I'm going to do it be very terrifying. But it's like the thing that could have happened for me because yeah, once it's out there, it's like, here I am. Right. Right.

Kaylynn  31:28  
And we got we anticipate it to

Debbie DeBerry 31:33  
we build it up so much that it's going to be this terrible, awful thing. And it's just, it's not. And that's not to say that there aren't some people who are naysayers on like, some people have naysayers who are just rude on their posts, right? Like, that's just the internet. That's, but it honors you by saying, This is what I'm up to it. prioritizes you in it. It's such an important act.

Unknown Speaker  32:05  
Because it does it just you stand up for yourself. And you set and you're like, this is what I'm up to, like, who knows, but this is what I'm up to. And more times than not that's met with? Oh my gosh, so cool. First of all, everybody wants to flip houses, like it's the coolest thing you can do, right? It's, we're all in it for the before and after photos, the transformation, like everybody wants to be part of that.

Debbie DeBerry 32:32  
And a lot of times, what we get is, oh, I have money to invest, hey, I want to invest. And it's usually the people you don't ever imagine.

Debbie DeBerry 32:42  
I have just loved watching your journey, I really have. I've seen your transformation, like, I'm here for it. And I've been watching and I am so proud of. And I don't mean that in a condescending way. It's like I'm so inspired by you in the way you're showing up. And

Debbie DeBerry 33:07  
the woman that your daughters See, going and doing it, whatever it is, right, just don't do it.

Kaylynn  33:16  
Like, I'm just I'm inspired by you and totally in awe. So thank you for sharing your journey with us. And thank you and I would I would say, of there's lots of things that I've taken away from being a part of the tribe and part of your program. But I think the coolest thing, the thing that I've learned the most about is how women should be supporting other women. I know that's your monster. I know, that's part of who you are. But I don't know that that's something we're necessarily taught No. And so it has been life changing for me to go into that program and take away what that should look like and what that should feel like and that we're not competing with each other. We're encouraging each other. We're a team. And it's probably you know, we're both college athletes. And so we have we have that background of competition and competing with each other. And I have really, that has been life changing for me to have a group of women supporting me the way that you and the other women of the tribe habit has just been incredible.

Debbie DeBerry 34:18  
That totally like that everything. The group really is very special. And it's it's not a bunch of catty women, right? We're not withholding information from each other. We're not like, we're not coming from a mindset of lack and scarcity. We really are coming from abundance and let's lift her up. And it's just amazing. It's amazing. So I'm glad that that's what you're taking away from it for sure. I don't want to just be thinking that. So it's very reassuring that that's what you're feeling. In those maker breakpoints. That's what got me through those moments like because they were there and you know that you have those moments.

Debbie DeBerry 35:00  
have like, I don't know if I can do this, what have I gotten myself into? Yeah. And it was, it was the group that that's what made the difference for me to keep to keep going. Awesome. Well, I'm so glad you've inspired so many people in our tribe. And now, listeners. So know that it's a big deal. It really is a big deal. Just the fact that you went and did it. And I'm just I'm so inspired. Okay, wait, you.

Debbie DeBerry 35:28  
You're closing on a third one. I'm working on a third one, I had one that I was going to close on. And I think

Kaylynn  35:36  
it was about that time we were finishing up this second property that my contractor and I were like, Hey, we need to go in back into this third property we were going to purchase and let's make sure we've got this thing nailed down. So I had to renegotiate. And the owner, they they decided not to take my offer, which I'm so glad to be at a point now where that like, that doesn't scare me that does. Like, I remember the first time putting in an offer, I was so concerned like, Oh, I'm gonna make somebody upset. And now it's just, there's no feeling behind that I just am totally fine saying, Hey, this is what I can do. If it doesn't work, you know, I'll move along. So moving on, you know, moving on, and there's one right now, I'll keep you guys posted. I'm really hopeful about it. It's an off market deal, which I'm learning I just want to do off market. I just like working with distressed sellers. Yeah, like the only person in the game. I like being the only negotiator because I feel like once you establish that relationship, things can just be so good. Absolutely. It is different working with off market deals because you do get to have that relationship with the seller, you do get to know them and really understand their needs. Because MLS You don't know anything? No. And it's really hard to

Debbie DeBerry  36:43  
solve people's problems when you don't know what they are for the most part. Yep, yep.

Kaylynn  36:49  
So you're working on that one? Your problem, maybe what's going on in your brain is we're renovating my house. Now, that might be what you're thinking. That's right. Okay, thank you. I'm like, I swear something's happening. It's chaos, because my house is torn apart. But this is like, like, I mean, we live in a fixer upper, we've lived in a fixer upper for three years, my husband's a teacher, I was getting ready to become a teacher. And this was gonna be like a 10 year ordeal. And it's getting done. Like, it'll be done in a week. And it blows my mind. Like, I'm so excited, nine months and change into you saying, This is my business. And this is what I'm doing. And you've made, you've had two great deals that were wins for everyone. And he you get to also renovate your own house. Like that's just it's huge. That's huge. Yeah, wow. Well, I'm super inspired. And I know others will be for sure. Is there anything else that I didn't touch on that you wanted to be sure you said,

Kaylynn 37:58  
I feel like the I shared it, the main thing is just just learning how to I don't know, I hate to use the word like,

Kaylynn  38:08  
people interpret when you say prioritize yourself, they interpret that maybe as you saying that you're putting your self above others, because that's just what we do as women. But again, it's just learning how to be a part of the equation and learning how to teach your family and friends and everybody you interact with that, that everybody deserves a piece of the pie, you know, and, and that's been the biggest change for me. So we've already kind of covered that. But I just want to emphasize that because I know that for me, and for many of my friends, many of the women I interact with just learning that, like I want my daughters to continue to have goals to continue to have dreams to, to show up for themselves, as well as everybody around them. So totally show up for yourself. I love it. I was looking forward to this a lot. So thank you. I appreciate you taking your time, taking time out of your busy life and schedule and business to do this to sit in hang out with me. So thanks, Caitlin. I'm so glad you're here. I really am. Yes, thank you. I am so happy that I got to be a part of this. And I told you I I'm always whatever, any way I can help let me know because it's been life changing for me. So thank you so much for having me here. Oh, my gosh. Thanks, Caitlin. we'll have you back. we'll have you back to talk about the next one. Sounds good, but no win. Awesome. I'll see you in the group. Thank you. Thanks, Debbie. Bye, bye. So great. So, so great. These results, this kind of business. This kind of sense of accomplishment and pride is 100% possible for you. If you're sick of not making any progress and tired of watching other people do this thing.

Debbie DeBerry 40:00  
And you know, you need help, because if you did it, you would already be doing the thing. Go to her first Again, that's her first flip calm and see if we might be a fit to work together. We have an awesome community. Obviously, you've met so many of these women and heard their stories and we have so many wins because our processes and program work and we would love to add your wins to that list. All right, And until next time, go out there, flip houses like a girl and leave people in places better than you find them. Make it a great day. Bye Ya'll!