April 7, 2021

Juggling Career & Family Plus Managing Her First Flip with Tammy Jordan

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Tammy Jordan shares her first flip journey with us in this episode. Tammy has a demanding 10-11 hour/day job, plus a family, plus she GC'd her own flip  and she shows us that YES IT IS entirely possible to do this thing. 

Come along on this interview to hear:

  • How she found her deal
  • How she funded her deal
  • How she managed her flip
  • What she would do differently
  • What went right
  • The numbers we all love to know
  • How she found her second flip (you gotta hear this)

...and so much more.


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You're listening to the flip houses like a girl podcast where we educate, empower and celebrate everyday women who are facing their fears, juggling family and business, embracing their awesomeness and wholeheartedly chasing their dream of flipping houses. Each episode delivers the honest to goodness tools, tips and strategies you can implement today to get closer to your first or next successful house flip. Here's your spiky haired breakfast taco loving host house flipping coach, Debbie DeBerry.

Unknown Speaker  0:40  
Hey, thanks for hanging out with me today. I hope that whatever you're up to, it's easy. All right. So I'm going to share with you an interview with one of my awesome coaching program members. One of my flip sisters, her name is Tammy Jordan. And her story is really great, because well, everyone's story is great. But in particular, her angle is, you know, I work 1011 hour days. And I've got a family. And I'm busy. Right? And I'm also going to make this house flipping thing work. And she did. All right so so you definitely want to catch her story. Be inspired and go take some action. But first let me do a listener shout out. Thank you for taking the time to let me know that what we're up to here matters. All right, reviews and ratings help our podcast reach more like minded and like hearted women. So thank you. Alright, this one is by Tabitha Bruce. She says Debbie is full of amazing information and knowledge. I have always planned to flip houses. I thought I had to do most of the work myself and have the capital to buy outright. This seemed to be in my distant, distant future. Now she's given me the confidence to move forward with my dreams. I can't love that enough. Thank you so much for sharing that with me Tabitha, and I can't wait to see soar. Alright, let's jump into this conversation with Tammy Jordan, and hear about her first flip journey. All right. Let's go. Oh, I'm okay. How about just introducing yourself letting us know where you are a little bit about you maybe a little bit about your background and maybe what you do currently for work? Yeah, crazy.

Unknown Speaker  2:36  
So I am south of the DFW Metroplex and in a little town called Midlothian, we're out in Ellis County. And it seems like as DFW grows and Fort Worth gets bigger, or some of these people are moving a little further out to the suburbs. We also have a lot of people coming in from California, they're selling their really expensive house expensive houses moving into Texas trying to find a little bit of that country atmosphere because they can afford it after selling a house in California. And it's a crazy market for sure. And it's in Texas just as well. It's it's in everywhere. And Ellis county is not any different really. And so I do work full time as well. No doubt that is a challenge. So any of the ladies listening you can do it. It's difficult. You have to ask for help. You have to lean on others but it is doable. So I'm I work full time up in Dallas. So I'm up in Dallas every day, and it's a good 10 hour 11 hour days I'm in the car 45 minutes one way so it's my time is crunched, but when you're in your car, you know listen to those videos, try to catch the podcast as much as you can. There are ways that if you want to do this, you really really can. So just that's a kind of quick background on kind of where I'm at. I'm always wanted to do real estate one of those things that you hear a lot I'm sure that people are kind of saying well I wanted to do this and never did I wanted to and never did wanted to never did. I finally just like you said jumped off the cliff. Yeah, and said if I don't do it now I'm never gonna do it. Right. I'm pushing 50 so you know, at some point, I don't want to be pushing 60 and go Well, shit. I should have been doing that in my 50s Yes. So that's kind of where it happened came across your program, if you will resonated very quickly with just your personality, your vibe and the women helping women just the positivity of it all. Obviously looking into real estate. There's a lot of programs out there that are all male dominated. Yeah, they are not something I wanted to get into. It was just too testosterone driven. Really. And and I liked the fact that your support group is there like the tribe that you have built is absolutely phenomenal. So if anyone is on the fence listening to this or watching this, you need to jump in with all feet and go for it because the support is there. If it's Something that you want to do.

Unknown Speaker  5:01  
I love that shirt. Yeah, that community is I mean, it's we are so we continue to attract just the like minded like hearted women. It's just a it's just amazing. It really is. It really is. Yeah. Yep.

Unknown Speaker  5:20  
So that's kind of where I came in at it. And I'm trying to look at your Cliff Notes to kind of help keep me on track. Okay.

Unknown Speaker  5:27  
You want to just talk about that first one?

Unknown Speaker  5:29  
Yeah. So the first first property that we just finished flipping came about through a wholesaler, and with a weird kind of connection thing. So as I'm diving into the program, and you're always pushing yourself to get out there, tell people call people talk to people, tell them what you do. And so I went through that phase, I guess, August, September timeframe. And, and we're just calling people Hey, I heard you were in real estate, or, Hey, what's going on? Hey, I heard you did a house. And my daughter's one of her really good friends. Dad is a real estate investor. So I kind of said, okay, what's his name? What's his number? Hey, I'm looking at it here. This What are you doing and he's been doing it for several years, flipped a couple houses wholesales a little bit. And then we made that connection couple of months went by and they're going into your programs watching modules. He calls me up and kind of says, I have a house that might be perfect for you. So it was a nice process to go through with a wholesaler, if you will. Yeah, it was not some of the ones that you hear that just go downhill fast, where you got to put a deposit down, you got to make a decision within three days. Yeah, it was, Hey, I think this will work. Here's what I know. Combined, check it out. Not really sure. And so it worked out really well. He was able to walk me through a couple of things and listening to your modules as well and listening to him as well ended up making the jump, you know, run the numbers through that profit analyzer. And it looked like a good deal. And we kind of went for it. So the purchase price on that one was 155. Okay. And it's a three bedroom, two bath, two car garage. 1700 square feet. I think it was 1963. Just kind of your standard perfect house to flip. Yeah, love it in a beautiful neighborhood Quiet, quiet street close to a school. I was like, Oh my gosh, the heavens have opened. Thank you. And to kind of do that as your first one was very helpful. Yeah, I didn't have a lot of stress of dealing with the 1920 houses or a wholesaler that was pushed me into something I wasn't really comfortable with. Right. And, and then to fund it. So I went ahead and did a 401k loan, because I knew it was going to be in and out pretty quick. And the rights on that is is pretty low. Right? And, and during that time period to pay it back, they just take it out of my check. So it was just kind of an out I was making the payments anyway wasn't gonna really miss the money. And so I funded it through that. Nice.

Unknown Speaker  8:02  
I love this because I I don't think any of our interviews have have used maybe some for like repairs, but not like fully funded it. So that's, that's really interesting. I like to I like this angle.

Unknown Speaker  8:17  
Yeah. And and it was a difficult decision. I didn't want to do a lock, because it's so much paperwork, and then you have to go in and sign the documents. And it just wasn't what I wanted to do. I guess we've got enough equity in our own house to do all of that. But I didn't want to tie that up. And there was an F in my 401k I got to look at it and the way the way my company does it is super simple. It's all online. It's fidelity. It's a click a button, it's a phone call, and bam, like within 36 hours refunded almost too simple. Yeah, right. Wait, wait, no, this should be harder. Right. Right. So that worked out really well. And I knew from an interest perspective. So what I took out was not the entire purchase price. So I just took out kind of gap money. Yep. In any rideaux money that I needed to have. So I only pulled out about 45,000 got it. So and a little bit of hedge because I wanted to have some just in case. Sure. And looking at the profit analyzer, it kind of told me what my gap was going to be. You know, the way that is set up is amazing. Because of that one little bottom line. It's like here's your total funds. Yeah, okay, right. That's what I kind of used was like I don't want to pull out the full purchase price I just because I'll profit money that and so I did use private money on it as well got it. And and the private money guy was the one that the wholesaler has used before night. He was familiar with him. He kind of put in a good word for me and said, you know, hey, I'm going to kind of kind of watch her a little bit. This is a good deal. And so that went pretty smoothly and the hard money lender was awesome. He I bet he was on the phone with me for an hour going through your list of 20 questions or whatever the 60 questions. Yeah. And and he was he was Great. So I think this one was 12% at two points. I'm going for my notes 70% ARV pet. Yeah, that's right. Pretty, pretty standard. Yep. Pretty standard. And the one I just purchased with him as well. He dropped it down to 11%. One point. So awesome. Yeah, you should expect them to help you a little bit more than more you get in with Absolutely. People that are out there. If you're struggling with that first hard money lender just understand they also want you to get your feet wet. Absolutely.

Unknown Speaker  10:30  
Yep. Just power through the first one. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Okay, so private money for the purchase. And then gap and Renault money came from your 401k. Um, what was the renovation amount? What were you expecting? Or what do you think? Yeah, so

Unknown Speaker  10:47  
I went in with a budget of about 30 plus a little bit of buffer, we ended up using rod at about 3637. night it was last minute, I ended up having to fix the sprinkler system that was almost $1,000 that I didn't think about or even require signage it haha. sprinkler system? Yeah, I know. And so we went over budget a little bit, but the buffer kind of helped some with that. Yep. me see any try to think through any surprises that came up. So I did actually act as my general contractor.

Unknown Speaker  11:21  
Nice, even though you're working full time. And like 1011 hour days.

Unknown Speaker  11:26  
It was a lot of weekends, a lot. A lot of white light weekends. I took some vacation there at the end to just really power through and get it done. I probably took about six days vacation, and had a really good friend helped me super, super good friend that came in. She's great at designing good, really good at rehabbing. So she helped me knock down some of the downs in the kitchen and the bathrooms. She helped me think through you know, if you open up this wall, you can put the shelving here. So I would say your suggestions on reaching out asking? You have to have some help on this. Yes. Yep. You have all the hats? Absolutely. Yep. And you just have to I mean, there's no way around it. You cannot do this as a one man show or one woman show? Yeah. And you got to have that circle of people that you trust. Yeah. And you're gonna go through people that screw you over, you just move on next. Thank you. And you helped me see that. And move on, say, I definitely had a really good friend that was really, really helpful. And she's very knowledgeable. She can kind of look at stuff and be like, Oh, yes. No. said that helped tremendously good. And a couple of bad experiences with a couple of subcontractors. But I think during your first one, you're going to go through that. Yeah. I think that that helps you build those relationships and going forward, you know who to call on the next one, I'm going to use this electrician, not that electrician, right? Use this plumber. I'm not gonna call him again, ever. Kind of things you say?

Unknown Speaker  12:57  
Yeah, I think knowing who not to call is just as valuable information is knowing who to call. Yes. Yes,

Unknown Speaker  13:04  
for sure. I keep looking over to make sure I'm not missing anything. And for sure, the neighbors in the neighborhood were super friendly. And through the process of it all, we had to leave dumpster out there for 60 plus days, I mean, longer than I wanted, but as we kept demoing and and part of it I was like, oh, they're so gonna call on me. Because the city's gonna call me or something. But they were just they understood. And the crazy thing is, they're their biggest concern was, are you going to rent it out? Are you going to sell it? Or are you going to rent and said we're gonna resell it at the retail price after it's, you know, renovated? Oh, thank goodness. Oh, you will? Okay, great.

Unknown Speaker  13:45  
Oh, interesting. They wanted like people who were invested in,

Unknown Speaker  13:49  
they didn't want rentals in the neighborhood. So that's really kind of encouraging. So yeah, the overall personality of the community is very centered on having families in there. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  13:59  
it was kind of cool. Yeah, yeah, definitely. Okay, so what was so your budget was around 30 came in at about 36. And change? What was your timeline going into it? What were you thinking would be your timeline?

Unknown Speaker  14:14  
It always takes longer than always takes longer than what you're hoping for. Right? Right. Um, we had started in early to mid October, and I thought, okay, I'll go through December because it we had the pandemic and all of that and it just, I want to finish off the year and then we'll kind of list it right around that January timeframe. We didn't we didn't get finished until the end of February. So I think part of that was just my type A personality to just get out there. I can do this problem eight weeks. But it took a good solid four to four and a half months. Okay. Okay to really get in there. And I will say what surprised me is it was The the finishing the fine the little bitty details at the very end, it was just like I mean, we got through demo and putting the walls up and all that kind of stuff. But by the time you start putting outlets in and the little cover plates on everything and the oh my god it like it never ended.

Unknown Speaker  15:17  
I can relate 100% I am all at the toward the end, I'm always like, yo, Why is it taking so long? Right? What is taking so long? Why is this taking longer than anything else that we've done? And we've totally changed itself? Yes, I know, the details. And the thing is, is those details are so important, because the people who notice them, notice them in other houses where those details aren't right. Like they see the details. I think the details matter.

Unknown Speaker  15:49  
I mean, even even kind of to the point of all the matching lat bulbs, so I didn't want some that were that yellow, soft glow, and some that were the bright white. Yes, you guys are all the rooms, make sure all the light bulbs were all the same. And the ceiling fans were all cleaned off of the dust from just being there for a couple of months. Literally, you got to give yourself like four to six weeks just at the end. It's crazy. not expect that at all. I mean, it's definitely a learning experience to know, obviously going into the next one slow down a little bit. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  16:21  
yeah, it'll happen. Right. Right. Right. I know. And the thing is, is of course it has to come at the end when you're like, I just want to get it. I just want to get out just right. over it a fake. Yeah. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  16:35  
I'm over coming to this house. It's beautiful. I love it. It's perfect for somebody that somebody wants it. Can we just be done? Right? And then let's go do it again. Right. And I will say I think it's really awesome. That part of your programming teaching is do it in a way that you want to do it again. I had to keep reminding myself through the whole thing. I want to do this again, I want to do this again. I want to do this again. So what decision Do I need to make now to make sure that this experience is enough that it makes me want to do it again? Oh,

Unknown Speaker  17:11  
my gosh, I love to know that you're like thinking about that? Because that's how that's it? Yeah, for the first one. That's it. And yeah, everyone has a different definition of what that needs to look like, which is great, great know what, what you need? What needs to happen for you to want to do it again. I love that that came kept coming back to you. Because I think that's totally Yeah, I think it's a really key thing to check in on. All right. So is this decision going to help me make like, gonna want to do that? Right. Like, sometimes people are like, well, you say, you know that you do it this way? Well, that's just my like, that's just how I do it. For me, it works for me, don't worry about that, like, how does it how do you want it to work? How do you want to feel and look in your life. And that's the beautiful part is one of the beautiful things about this is you can do this business in so many different ways. It can look so many different ways. There's not just one right way to do anything. Yeah, I mean, when it comes to safety, obviously, we have to address safety items. But when it comes to you know how to manage the project, how to who does what we're like any of that it can just look so different.

Unknown Speaker  18:28  
So different. I can I mean, you can have different design ideas, you can have different implementations, you can construct the interior the exterior differently, you can use big companies as contractors to come in and help you you can do it yourself, you can finance it yourself, you can use private money you can take as long as you want, or you can get in there and get out it. It is amazing just how diverse it can be based on just your individual needs and wants and desires out of it. But I will say part of the process of this, oh my gosh, it's 100% mindset 100% you have to you have to be rock going into this. And I think sometimes that's where real estate investing has gotten that bad rap out on the street, because people don't and they go in and they fail and then it's just a miserable thing. And they spread that misery around and nobody wants to do it because it's the hardest thing ever. It is totally mindset. Oh my gosh,

Unknown Speaker  19:27  
yes. Yes. Yes. This is a mindset program. I happen to teach you how to flip houses. Nobody needs mindset. Nobody needs it. Right. I know I need mindset every day I need some

Unknown Speaker  19:41  
mindset and there's there's tough decisions that you're going to have during this so this is not for the faint of heart by no means

Unknown Speaker  19:47  
Yeah, no, no, no, no. Yeah, no fertility you can't be fragile either. Like

Unknown Speaker  19:54  
you can't be fragile and you got to be able to make those quick, hard decisions. Yes, and and it's kind of a really quick decision as well. Do we fix the sprinkler system? Or we just pull it out and plug it in? Just Hey, whatever deal with it when you move in? Do you? Yeah, yeah. Yes. It's a lot of hard decisions. And it's a lot of what's the word I'm looking for? You got to just keep pushing through. And what I did learn is you got to get quote, after quote, after what and what people on their first one, whoever's watching and listen to this. Yeah, I mean, you'll come in, and you'll get some more than I'll quote you $12,000 for, say, a foundation, you'll get another guy that'll come in and say, Oh, it's 3000, you only need six piers. And you'll have some couple of guys somewhere in the middle. So part of that you can't be fragile thing is you've really got to vet those people coming in trying to do business for you. Yes. And making those hard decisions of who to use and why to use them and holding them accountable

Unknown Speaker  20:44  
to Yes, absolutely. That right there. Like if anybody took anything away from this. That's taken take away this, like, that's a really good point. I mean, it just, yes, that that. It is no, it is harder than harder to do than to say. But it's, it's so much. It comes back to this mindset thing of we are choosing who we work with, we aren't like begging Oh, gosh, I hope they pick me. I hope they say they'll work with me. Like no screw that. Who do you want to work with? Who aligns with you? Like, who do you want to support? And maybe they're more expensive than the other guy. But yeah, you like there's something listen to your gut, too. There's something you're feeling a little bit off with this. Listen to that. Because every time I don't listen to that, I'm always regretting not listening to that little nudge of Oh, something's not right, right here.

Unknown Speaker  21:42  
Oh, and, and I had that experience. So the the wholesaler that had helped me get the house, I kind of called him a couple of times, hey, I'm needing some electrical work. I want to put some canned lines in. I just need a wire split. So I can put a candle out here and can lie here. And he said, Yeah, I got so and so. And I'll send him over while the guy shows up. And I just had that feeling like, like, okay, I mean, talk the right talk, and you're gonna sound like you know what you're doing? I don't all right. I mean, he's used you. Right? Okay. So he did a few things, put in some light switches and stuff. And off he goes. And then a couple of weeks or so go on, we're working on a few things. And then the lights don't work. The can lights aren't killing on and we're like, what the heck. So I call the map and he says, Oh, it's just probably the switches. They probably don't have enough amperage in the switch. All right, sir. You're out. Called it called a licensed electrician to kind of come in and look at this stuff. And he was like, Oh, my God, this guy didn't know what the hell he was doing. Oh, gosh, to your point I should have at the time listen to the fact that right.

Unknown Speaker  22:53  
Right part of the process. It is. Yep. Absolutely. It's all part of the process. It's not. Yeah, it's it. The journey is. There's so much that happens in the journey along the way to completing your first flip that that completion is like, it's just a slice of the like, what happens, right? It's Yeah, that journey is so it's so valuable in so many lessons learned. And it's just Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker  23:23  
Yeah. And I struggled through it and a lot of confidence issues, you know, because you're scared to death because it's the first time you've done it. Yeah. A lot of faith is us trusting in the process. Yes, trusting that you're going to get through it trusting that you're going to want to do it again after all of this is over. Right. Yeah. So you know a couple of nights crying couple nights just refocusing. Lorna, I don't remember her name is Lana lon mana. She's phenomenal. It's awesome. I with my work schedule, I just can't catch the stinkin calls. And I know but i do listen, I'm glad go back and I listen at night or or listen in the car. I do a lot of late night stuff just to catch up. And so she's she's amazing really getting the team and the tribe to focus where it needs to be focused. Because I feel like if you can get that mindset, listen to the modules do the homework. The deals will come. The deals are out there. Yep. They're in every market because they're happening all day every day. Yes. So it's just, it will come when you are in that moment to receive it. Yes. I don't mean to sound all kind of crazy, but that's how it happens.

Unknown Speaker  24:33  
Yeah, absolutely. I totally agree. I totally agree. And if your mind isn't right, you aren't going to just jump. Right. It's so hard to try to get like we can get people all the way to the edge. We can't be like we can't jump for them. I would love to be able to jump for everybody. But you and everyone has their own journey right. So people come in with differently. I call it like mindset mud. Like we all come in with different amounts of mud in our minds, right that we have to get through. And so everybody's journey is different. And so when somebody says to me, well, well, how fast can I be flipping a house? It's like, I don't know. I'm like, yeah, there's, we've got some layers to pull back. You know? It just depends, because it is 100% mindset. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, for sure. Okay, exciting. What was your sales price?

Unknown Speaker  25:32  
And we had listed it at. So there's a couple of layers to that answer. hard money lender sends out his appraisal value, because they do their own our own internal appraisal for ARV, and I'm sure what they're loaning. So they had appraised it at 215. And the market is obviously insane. We're like, Okay, well, we can probably push this to to 20 to 25, maybe. So I actually went in and started asking to 34, I just went, who might as well, where they only has out there, right, and there's nothing else rehabbed in the area, we're just gonna go to 34. Right. And we got an offer at 230. And through their process, they actually used an FHA loan, and the appraisal from the hcfa came back at 225. We ended up agreeing on 228. Okay, got it. It was a lot of back and forth. Some of it with the market, some of it with the appraisal, some of those trying to push the market higher. Yeah. And that they came in and we agreed on it to 28. That is great. Okay, so your profit on your first one? And 13? Awesome. 13? Yeah, so I think it was about 6%. Yeah, mon, is that again, it goes back to that.

Unknown Speaker  26:48  
You gotta want to do it again. Exactly. And yes, exactly. And I have to put certain numbers out there for protection, right. So I have to be like, Look, y'all come in here. Do you shoot for 10%? Um, but you get to adjust that for your comfort level. But also, like, just be safe, right. Be safe. So a 6% return or 6%? profit margin is pretty darn good on?

Unknown Speaker  27:16  
Oh, yeah. I mean, send it it's the learning experience. Straight up.

Unknown Speaker  27:20  
And like, yeah, you actually want to do it again. And you are doing right. You all right. In your second foot. Yeah. closed on it last week. That's right. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Awesome. Awesome. Okay. I'm crazy. We talked about some surprises. There weren't any, like, repair surprises, necessarily, except for the sprinkler. Not

Unknown Speaker  27:42  
really trying to think. Now we had to repair a pipe that I thought they fixed initially, but that was just they didn't do it. So I don't come back and fix it. No real big surprises. Yeah. And I knew we were gonna have to fix the sprinkler. I just didn't expect it to be that much.

Unknown Speaker  28:01  
And it seems like that's it. It's like, we don't even see it. I don't want to spend $1,000 on this. We don't even see it. It's a pretty awesome profit, but it's right. That's how I feel about pretty much every single house. I do needs foundation work. Yeah. And of course, when we do foundation work, the cast iron pipes, we've got to replace those two. And so I'm spending 20 to 30 grand on things that nobody sees, and it's just disgusting. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  28:30  
the second house that I have, the second will have no foundation issues. It's insane. It's got one piece of the corner of a garage. And that's it. Like we're not even gonna mess with that. The weird thing is, is the second house is in Midlothian. I know itself in the Metroplex, like nobody knows where it is, but it's the same capital of the of Texas. So what that means is it's almost like on a better rock. So we don't have a lot of foundation issues in general because the soul is really not shifting. So when they put them in, they're pretty consistent with where they're at. And this is a 7873 70s house. So I'm not going to have to do foundation on it.

Unknown Speaker  29:05  
Oh, that's amazing. Yeah, in Texas. That's amazing. Are you did was the first house in that in Midlothian as well.

Unknown Speaker  29:13  
It was an ns it was Oh, got it. Okay, which is a little closer to 45. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  29:17  
yeah. Okay. Um, we touched on some of the other things like how you got contractors and mindset stuff. Is there anything? Is there anything you wish you had done differently when you look back?

Unknown Speaker  29:33  
Yeah, I mean, I think always I think if somebody looks back and they might have the ability to critique themselves for just self help, and they probably should, I would say, over rehabbing it just you hear it all the time. Don't over rehab, don't over rehab deal with the market says Dude, that is so freakin hard. Let me know when you figure that part out. I'm working. I'm still working on that. house and you're just like it. I can make it so beautiful. Yes. It's so hard. It's so hard. So hard, so hard. And part of our going over budget was the rehab in the day. It just, you know, we didn't have to take the tile to the ceiling, but I did. Yeah, we didn't have to put in a new toilet, but I did it. So some of that is that's the hardest part. I think that's just the hardest part, though over rehab, constant battle, constant battle, very a constant battle because you can nitpick it to death, new ceiling fan wall and ceiling fan there look just fine. It worked perfect. But no, I

Unknown Speaker  30:36  
want to do what I say.

Unknown Speaker  30:42  
It's it, I would say for people coming in it. You'll you'll hear it and you'll hear it and you'll struggle with it. Just know you're going to struggle with it. It's It's tough.

Unknown Speaker  30:52  
Yep, it is. It is. You know what, though? I think, um, I think it's a good sign. I think it means that we are putting a little more care and love into the Hungary's. Yeah, I think it's a good problem to have. Now. Like, let's let's like, within reason, I'm in it. Yeah. But yeah, I think it's it's a it's, it means we're on the right track.

Unknown Speaker  31:23  
Oh, for sure. Because I feel like in the other thing is on the over rehabbing you have daily reminder, I'm not living here. I'm not live right. This is not my house. Right. It's it's while I want to make it as beautiful as possible for those ones coming into live here. I'm not living here, right. Yeah, that's that's gonna be my struggle, I think with everyone. But at every point, that's a good thing, because I want to give more gifts, and you want it to be beautiful and awesome and amazing. But it doesn't have to be the Taj Mahal

Unknown Speaker  31:55  
either. Right? We don't have to create the Yeah, we don't have to create the most painful market. Yeah, exactly. I know. It's It's tough. so tough. Yes. 13 years later, 14 years later, I'm still I'm still working on it.

Unknown Speaker  32:09  
Yeah. And I think that's what sets us apart from the male dominated industry that comes in and doesn't really give that extra attention, that extra love and that extra over wanting to give back to the person that's going to be moving in, they just kind of slap up the paint and if it's all over the place, oh, well, if the trim pieces don't match up on the door, oh, well, you have a little trim that's like that, whatever. And so and that is what sets us apart, but it is a struggle. Yes. For me at least.

Unknown Speaker  32:42  
I totally agree. I totally agree. And we talked about different fears. Is there anything that we haven't touched on that you want to make sure that we've talked about

Unknown Speaker  32:57  
I don't think so. I think other things so I mean you are spot on, you've been doing this long enough you know everything from the ins and outs and how to lead and guide people through this process it it is an amazing journey. For sure. my end goal is to you can see my office in the background. my end goal is to eventually not have you know, office settings in my background, but maybe my kitchen or my living room or something so yeah, it'll take me a little while to get there. And I tend to overestimate my ability to do things so I'm thinking oh, by the end of this year, it'll be fine I'll just quit my job but it'll probably take me a little bit longer but no it's it's amazing being in this program. I think any anyone that jumps into the tribe will think themselves in the end that they did it that they did it and and walk themselves through the process of doing it it's been phenomenal it's crazy it's crazy rod

Unknown Speaker  33:54  
Yeah, yeah. Well I I'm just so inspired by you jumping in and doing and so this second flip Have you started Have you guys started on I'm sure you have you just closed

Unknown Speaker  34:10  
yeah we just closed I got all the paint paper and all that and got the water water supposed to be turned on today electrical getting turned on this week. So probably this weekend will be a good solid work weekend. Yeah, got it. Yeah. And the second one is as a backup a second my husband while he is super supportive and just as loving as can be. Not his thing within a house not his thing. Change you know changing the light switch new not going to touch that. So and I kind of said Okay, the first one was crazy. It was a get and move in kitchen around and foundation all that kind of stuff. This one it's more of a hotel kind of thing. So nine has already been remodeled. The kitchens already got granite countertop. Nice floors have already been redone. It's just more of a updating the paint getting a better Visual on it so that the countertops match a little bit more with the floors. We're gonna paint the outside put a pretty front door on it. And that's really it.

Unknown Speaker  35:07  
Wow, the Where did you find? Where did you find this? And, oh,

Unknown Speaker  35:14  
oddly enough, that was dropping my kid off at school from going to the orthodontist appointment, and there's an estate sign sale on one of the roads we pass. I'm like, oh, you're gonna be late for school. This is important. You know, you never know. Yeah, I walked in, and the owner was not there. But they were having the estate sale from some company that you know, does all that. Hey, do you know if they're selling the property? You just again, throw yourself out there. To your point you've got to you. You got to take action.

Unknown Speaker  35:43  
This isn't a secret mission. Yes. I cannot do this in secrecy. If you can, it's gonna be a hell of a lot harder than it needs to. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  35:51  
yeah. In longer. Yes. Yep. That was just one of those things. And and he took my name took my number, and I'm like, okay, you don't look like you're interested in passing this on. So I skip trace the guy and just called him up. Hey, was it and what I would think was your parents house over the weekend and state sale? Just curious if you were interested in selling, I know, it's not on the market, you know, just starting that conversation. And sure enough, he lives somewhere up north, the colony or somewhere. And he was going to list it had an agent. And then it just kind of went from there, boom, boom, boom, boom, his agent called me We made an offer. We went back and forth a little bit. And within four weeks we close.

Unknown Speaker  36:33  
That's amazing. Just because you followed the estate sale sign. Yeah. And you went there and you're like, you know what, I'm gonna skip trace this dude, I'm going to call him, I don't know what's gonna happen. You know, he might be really angry on the other side of the phone, you have no idea what's going to happen. You can't control that. So let's control what we can control. So you call and boom, four weeks later, you've got your second flip. strangest thing. It's not I think it's like it is but it's not because it's true. It's just like, it's just like Tammy in Tennessee, Tennessee, slash Mississippi area where she like goes and knocks on the door if she sees a house that she's interested in, you know, yeah, because y'all are willing to do the extra thing. It separates you from people because most people are going after the lowest hanging fruit. So Oh, man MLS and wholesale. Right. Whatever is the easiest if I don't have any additive. Yeah. Anytime you put any extra level of effort, you're weeding out 90% of the competition. So kudos to you. I love that. I love that part of the story. I can't wait for people to hear that. I think that's just

Unknown Speaker  37:50  
incredible. So yeah, the takeaway is stop at any stage. Because you never know. You honestly don't know. Wow, I love it. I love it that my daughter's driving around send me pictures of estate sales now that she's

Unknown Speaker  38:05  
there you go. Yeah. Nice. train them young. Yeah. Nice. Nice.

Unknown Speaker  38:12  
That's awesome. I'm excited. I can't wait to see you at number two. Well, that one's probably going to be pretty quick here.

Unknown Speaker  38:20  
I hope so. Yeah, I'm giving myself six to eight weeks because again, I'm doing a lot of the work myself. It's just painting. Yeah, and I went ahead on the first one and budgeted in it. Well, the funny thing is when you make your profit off the first one, like I bought a nice new paint sprayer on the interior the exterior pet repaid myself for your program fees. So it's not that you just go buy a new car and you're just bankrolling no whales yeah to grow your business you're putting it all back in prayers, the attachments and all that kind of stuff so yeah, we're just getting ready to tackle that one. Yeah. And that the plan for that so this is Abraham hoping to have it done in that six to eight week time frame so when School's out it can hit that early June market so people that are wanting to move can do it over the summer

Unknown Speaker  39:06  
awesome. Yeah. Excellent. Okay quick Yeah, I can't wait to see before and afters that you know what was really cool First of all, your first flip was beautiful that what was it called? The the wash you did on the fireplace?

Unknown Speaker  39:18  
There the the German schmear. Oh my gosh, that place my favorite wet fireplace came out yeah amazing. Yeah. And then we popped it with the black man all and then the blog inset that they have sophisticated. Like it was super pretty. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  39:36  
Learn how to German schmear again if you ladies want to get your hands dirty. I mean, literally, you can step in in any process of this. Yeah. And learn something new. Yeah, not know what the hell it was. Know how to do. It. didn't know what it was gonna look like, but jumped right in and my friend helped me the one that I mentioned earlier. She was like, Oh, we can totally do this. Let me go get it's a piping bag and it's this and let's just go okay.

Unknown Speaker  40:00  
Sure how did how did you come up with the idea? Did you see it like on Pinterest or something? Good old Pinterest Pinterest in house. Those are my my. Yeah, they're evil. Yeah. That's why we overdue properly. Yes, agreed. Well, this has been awesome. Tammy, I really enjoyed this. I know you have a job to go do. Is there anything else you want to mention before we get off? You know, I

Unknown Speaker  40:27  
don't think so. You've been phenomenal. You're, if this goes out and people listen to it, literally, you can do it working a full time job because I know we have women on our tribe that I've seen some concerns I try to at not scroll through and keep up with what's going on and respond where I can. But it it, it can be done. It is hard. It's don't sugarcoat it, like it's not going to be that you know, you can do it. You definitely can't do it. So if you're if you've taken that jump off the cliff, yeah, then you better start swimming and you better stop paddling because it's it's gonna be hard work. But in the end, you're going to reach that beautiful, you know, Island out in the sea from the cliff, you jumped off and you're like, hell yes, I did that because I stayed consistent. You know, I'm working a full time job. But I can carve out 30 minutes here, I can carve out an hour here, I got vacation. So schedule that vacation around where you need to be involved in the rehab or stuff like that. Just work it work the system, because Debbie's system is amazing.

Unknown Speaker  41:23  
Well, that is such good feedback for people because it is a constant. Well, not a constant, but it's something that comes up that hole. Oh, but I have, right, all these other things going on? I know. I know. We all do. Yeah, the things that we give our time to like when people say I don't have enough time. Well, let's just because the priorities, your priorities are a little bit off. Because we give our time to things we want to give our time to, like, if we want to make it happen. We absolutely can make it happen. No, it's not gonna be easy. The journey alone isn't easy, right? So No, nobody, nobody. Well, some people might be saying it's easy. It's not easy. There's a lot. There's a lot of hard work that you're lying if they say that the hard work is in it's all mindset, like the hard work is the mindset stuff and getting your mind right. will say somebody had said, How does it go?

Unknown Speaker  42:19  
If you want to do something, you'll find a way if you don't, you'll find an excuse, oh, my god, you're either finding a way or you're finding excuses. Just what side of that are you going to be on?

Unknown Speaker  42:28  
Oh my gosh, I can't think of a better way to end the conversation. It's just I want to just keep talking, that is such a great way to end because I know

Unknown Speaker  42:36  
you're just as busy. And thank you for your time of carving that out.

Unknown Speaker  42:39  
Oh my gosh, these call I love these calls. It's important. I love hearing your stories and your your story is going to inspire so many other women and women you don't even know. And so just know that that's definitely going to happen. And thank you for taking the time to share your story, as definitely. Thank you. Thanks so much, so much. Thank you for being here, Tammy. All right. All right. You too, by. There are numerous little bits of wisdom sprinkled throughout this conversation with Tammy. But I've got to say, what she ended on is what I'm going to be thinking about. I'm going to carry that with me for a while. And that is you're either finding away or you're finding an excuse. Which side are you going to be on? And yes, it is that simple is choosing declaring committing and doing the damn thing already. And if you're sick of being on the sideline, and not taking action because you're scared, and you don't want to do this alone, you don't have to. Alright, get on my waitlist, because the women inside my program. First of all, the community is unbeatable. The place is awesome. All right, I guarantee you you've never experienced anything like it. Secondly, we are closing on deals left and right. We have so many first flips happening right now. Yes, in the middle of a pandemic right now. And they're smart flips and they're doing good in their communities. If you want to be part of something really incredible, we would love to have you if you resonate with my message. If you resonate with my vibe, I know that you're going to love the other women inside the community. All right, go to first flip dunrite.com get on the waitlist and you'll have first dibs on the next opening. Because I give so much personal attention to people inside my community. I don't let a ton of people join at once. So it's on a rolling ongoing basis. Alright, so put your name on that list. You will be notified within a week or two of your chance to join. Alright, first lift on right dot com. Until next time, go out there flip houses like a girl. Leave people in places better than you find them and make it a great day.

Unknown Speaker  45:08