July 6, 2021

Kristin Went from Yoga Instructor to First Flip Profit of $65k

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In this episode, I'm interviewing and celebrating one of our FlipSisters who recently sold her first flip - Kristin Allen in Oregon!

Covid impacted each of us in different ways. For Kristin, one of the ways was professionally. As a yoga instructor, she was forced to shift to an online experience that just wasn't the same.

With her newfound free time, and a little too much HGTV watching, she decided it was time to chase this curiosity of hers!

This was such a great conversation and I'm excited to share it with you!

Here's some of what we discuss:
- How she found it
- How she financed it
- Her rehab hudget
- How she managed the project
- Her timeline
- Any surprises that came up
- 3 self-limiting beliefs she smashed

...and so much more!


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You're listening to the flip houses like a girl podcast where we educate, empower and celebrate everyday women who are facing their fears, juggling family and business, embracing their awesomeness and wholeheartedly chasing their dream of flipping houses. Each episode delivers the honest to goodness tools, tips and strategies you can implement today to get closer to your first or next successful house flip. Here's your spiky haired breakfast taco loving host house flipping Coach Debbie DeBerry.

Unknown Speaker  0:39  
Hey, thanks for hanging out with us today. So we are going to have a conversation with one of our flip sisters. Kristin, who is in Eugene, Oregon. And she's going to tell us all about her first flip. We love these right? I love sharing stories of everyday women out there doing the thing. It's so inspiring to me. And it's so inspiring to see somebody chase after what it is they want. Or say they want to go do something and then see them actually go do it. And I love that it's like minded like hearted women out there doing the thing. It's so, so inspiring. Thank you, Kristin, for sharing your story with us. All right, you don't want to miss this. She's going to tell you all about how she found the deal financed it, what the numbers were, what the issues were that came up, and then she's going to drop some golden nuggets of wisdom on us. So stick around. Alright, let's talk to Kristen.

Unknown Speaker  1:46  
All right, so how about you introduce yourself, let us know where you are. And just a little bit of background about you. Okay, my name is Kristen Allen. I live in Eugene, Oregon. And I was prior to this, I was a yoga teacher.

Unknown Speaker  2:07  
We had moved here just six months before COVID hit. So I found and I in my previous life, I had opened a yoga studio, which was a complete remodel with an office space. And a yoga studio

Unknown Speaker  2:26  
was awesome. And then I moved here and luckily found a couple of yoga positions.

Unknown Speaker  2:34  
And when COVID hit, I switched online. And, you know, made like a fourth of what I was making, my husband was told, you know, be ready for pay cuts, because the whole company is going to get pay cuts. And so we had already taken a pay cut to move here. And then we were facing COVID with basically I had a loss of income because I've burned out quickly on the online thing. Oh, it's so different. It's so different, especially doing something like yoga like, yeah, that's such a connection, energy space kind of thing. Exactly.

Unknown Speaker  3:14  
So anyway, we sold my pretty car because it still had a car payment on it. And then and then all of a sudden, like everybody else in the world, I was just had time to time with everybody around me. I'd always had this dream of flipping houses since honestly, you know, the dream kind of comes from my mom, because we move like every two years.

Unknown Speaker  3:40  
Yeah, so you're really good at adapting. Yeah, exactly. Yes. It was awful in the moment. But right. Yeah, as an adult. I'm very adaptable. Exactly. And I look forward to new places where I have continued this is an adult like I moved and I'm trying I'm trying to settle down. Oh my gosh, I'm the same way I love I I rarely hear that I usually hear the office that like I hate change. I hate moving. I love it so much. I love it. That's so fun. I'm so glad to know that about you.

Unknown Speaker  4:14  
So my mom would she's an artist and she would every time we move she would make the best of the situation and I always had a beautiful room. We usually had a beautiful house and I didn't even know that that was a blessing until I got a little older and started going to other people's houses and I was like how come you know you don't have lace the sheets and like how come you you're you know, you don't have a color coded room like i don't i don't get it you know. So and we always would go like whenever there was an open house if we were on our way back from a soccer game or something we would go to the open house and it was like so exciting what's going to be in this house and and sometimes you find this beautiful home where like everything set up in your imagination. just popping like

Unknown Speaker  5:00  
Wow, it must be like this to live here and what a great life. And then sometimes I remember this one house we went to and Los Angeles was in our TV for a while. And it was huge as a mansion. So we knew we were just looking for looking not for thinking we live in it. And I was so excited to see inside this house, this must be glorious inside. And it was a monstrosity. It was body like everything, spoke to wealth. Without a there was no sense of love. There was no sense. And I literally got a summer gig. I literally left. And my little eight year old body was like, Ill like how could somebody do that? With all that gift? How could they create all that just for themselves? And it's not even nice.

Unknown Speaker  5:53  
I love the girl eight year old body was totally rejecting it. It's like, no, this isn't right. Yeah, this doesn't feel right at all. That's so funny. Like, I Yes. My mom made me go to open houses all the time. Like that's what we did. We went to open houses every weekend. Um, we all like she always had the the books, you know, like the magazines with all the listings everywhere. Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker  6:21  

Unknown Speaker  6:23  
Oh, my gosh. And then she had a

Unknown Speaker  6:27  
she was super into interior design. But she wasn't really like she wasn't. She just did it for herself. Like she just did it for, like the interior decorating and stuff. So she had her little interior design license so she could get discounts at the little

Unknown Speaker  6:41  
like the suppliers and stuff. Okay. Oh my gosh, we had such similar upbringing. I love it. Yeah. I love that. Now I have this, like, I realize now that is to give. And I realized that comes from her. And we share this together. And we even now we still talk about she's actually flipping a house of our own right now. And so when we talk, it's like, How are your cabinets? How's the electricity and all this stuff that other people would be like, this is so boring. That's so cool. Okay, so you've had this interview? I hear it like you this is in your blood. It's been in your blood? Yeah, for sure. Alright, so you guys are going through a hard time. And you decide, alright, I'm just gonna go do this and see what happens? Well, so I'm an HGTV junkie, like probably almost everybody in the group. And I've been watching for 10 years, at least, if not 20. And so all of them have all this time. And I would sit there like Well, my, my whole family is working right? My husband's upstairs working, the kids are doing school and I'm just sitting downstairs in my room watching HGTV TV. And like literally crying at the end of the show, like literally like, Oh my god, that's so amazing. I want to do that. And then one day, I'm like, What the hell are you doing? Like you literally live in 1970s house that needs to be completely sucked up and you're crying over. So write, like, get up. And I didn't know how to start. And so I just started reading. And then I painted the outside of the house, and then I demo part of the kitchen. And then I found money to remodel a bathroom. And somewhere around there. When I was feeling just massive irritation, like I need to make money doing this. Because I'm spending money. I'm really good at spending the money. Right? I'm like, how can I make money? And

Unknown Speaker  8:33  
and then I found your class. And I saw and I found it on Facebook.

Unknown Speaker  8:39  
And I wanted to just say go right off the bat. But I was like, No, don't need to think about it. I only do I thought about it for half an hour. And I was like,

Unknown Speaker  8:49  
I need to do this. Like I can't make any more excuses. I'm on it. I love it. And you jumped in. And I jumped in and it was overwhelming all the information and just incredible. Yeah. So I wasn't overwhelmed for a long time just studying. Yeah, we try to minimize that as much as possible. Right? We'll give you a little bit of information here and there. And people are like, No, I want it all. And no, you don't want it all. No. Trust. Yeah. And I was really glad that you told us to do the LLC and get the bank set up because I wouldn't have done all that. Right. And still, like with those things done. When I got the house. It was like there were still so many other things. I had to do that if I hadn't done that. Yeah, I don't know if I could have handled it. All right. I know. I know. And that's the thing. That's one of the big things like that people question. Are you sure I need to do this first? Yes. Because you can't jump if you don't have these things like if you have an apple. Yeah. Okay. So let's talk about your first slip. I think it's sold in April. Yes, it hit I

Unknown Speaker  10:00  
Went on the market April 17, and 18th and had three offers in a few days. And yeah, oh my gosh, that the before and afters on that house. Like,

Unknown Speaker  10:11  
we get a lot of comments on it.

Unknown Speaker  10:15  
I love it. Okay, so let's talk about the details on that. Um, how did yeah, how did you find the deal? And then how did you finance it? Okay. So I found it very in a very unique way very unique and unusual.

Unknown Speaker  10:32  
I found it through the group, as you know, and somebody in the group had posted. My Is there anybody in the group who lives in Oregon, my uncle passed, we don't want to deal with the health, we can't deal with it

Unknown Speaker  10:52  
up for grabs, basically, somebody in the group and, and I had just gotten on Facebook. And I was like, really, like I had been chasing deals left and right all over town and showing up the properties. And there's like five people there already.

Unknown Speaker  11:07  
And so I wrote, yeah, I'm here. That's only an hour way. And I kind of expected some elbows to be thrown, like from other people to Oregon, like, No, I was here before, you know, nobody competed. The family who,

Unknown Speaker  11:25  
who was going through this at the time, they didn't offer the house to the general public, they could have, you know, they could have made it like cutthroat and tried to make as much money. And they, they were the most generous kind. People and even the other women from Oregon in the group, one of them in particular, Chris Pierce's she, like how can I help you? Like why are you for real? Like,

Unknown Speaker  11:51  
you're not mad at me? Like, you know? Yeah, yes. It was absolutely a gift. It was a complete gift. And yet it came on the heels of this wonderful family losing somebody that they that they love. So, you know, yeah, there is another side. Yeah, it's not just what? Our side? Yeah. Right. There are things happening on the other side that we have to be mindful of. And it's, I think that's,

Unknown Speaker  12:24  
like when I talk about, we need to be different, we can do better, we can speak to people and, like, have empathy and compassion about what they're going through, instead of just making it about the transaction. We've got to make it about the people. And I feel like, and I say this often, but Gosh, I hope it's true. I feel like the like,

Unknown Speaker  12:44  
as time continues to go by it will be more and more important that we are focusing on people in what they're going through and just showing up to serve and if it if it works out for everyone great. If it doesn't, it doesn't like we did. It's like one of those you did your best. Like you serve them the best you could, and sometimes we are their answer. Sometimes when you answer Right, right. Um, so I appreciate that you were you were sensitive to that and just present to the fact that

Unknown Speaker  13:17  
this is a great opportunity. And like this awful thing had to happen. And these beautiful people are going through this terrible thing. Right? It's hard. It's so hard.

Unknown Speaker  13:28  
Okay, so you went, you looked at it. And that day, you were like, Okay, I will see, she told me she was going to be in town like the next day. And so I actually went out and met the whole family, and how they were all there cleaning up. And I'm just amazed that they allowed me to be there in the first place, you know? So yeah, I checked it out and then went home made an offer. She made it very clear. She wasn't taking offers from anybody else. Even their realtor said to me, I don't know why they're doing this for you. And I'm like, I don't either. Oh, she they had a realtor there. They had they had a realtor, not there. But I connected with her because I thought it would be better on their finances if I just use their realtor instead of bringing my own. Gotcha. And she said to me, I don't know why. You know, I'm like, Hey, I don't either.

Unknown Speaker  14:27  
There's some some reason. Like,

Unknown Speaker  14:31  
I'm okay. So you went under contract. What was

Unknown Speaker  14:39  
what was the purchase price? Oh, great. 200,200 flat. Okay. And then when you initially walked through and prepared the offer,

Unknown Speaker  14:53  
what did you come back with as your repair estimate?

Unknown Speaker  14:57  
I didn't know what I was doing. And I

Unknown Speaker  15:00  
didn't have a general contractor with me. And so I estimated 60. Okay, then.

Unknown Speaker  15:07  
And I was told that the comps in the area were 350. I mean, I could see the comps in the area with 350. I believed that they could be more, but that was the reasonable comp at the time. Yep, got it. Okay, so 60k initially, what did that? What did that end up being? And then being 7475. And some of it was truly like my decision, like I decided to put in those enormous windows in the front of it was a design decision. Right? It costs an extra, like 15 $100. Yeah, right. Yeah. Yeah. It's hard. It's hard. When you when you have this shell that you start doing things to, and you look over and you're like, Well, now that doesn't look as great as it could if we just did so then it's like, let me just spend a little bit more. I know, I won't do all the things. I do, too. I do too.

Unknown Speaker  16:06  
That's why I like doing those kinds of all the things get to get done. Okay, so ended up being said before, and then what was your, what was your timeline on the on the renovation piece? Okay, this is funny, because I was just telling people for forever now that I did it in seven weeks. And like, I don't know where I got that number from, because it was 11.

Unknown Speaker  16:31  
I'm like bragging to people.

Unknown Speaker  16:33  
I did not get it done in seven weeks. I got it done. 11 which is still calling yourself out.

Unknown Speaker  16:42  
It feels like seven It feels like you're just working so hard for such a short. You know, it's just so intense. Did you do a lot of the work yourself. I mean, I was painting from beginning to end, I was constantly painting. My family. We all demoed, which was awesome, because I have two girls 16 and 12. And may have been watching shows with me forever. And we all went in there like we're the boss. Like we know. So cool. I love it. I love it. I could totally see like this. Charlie's Angels theme song of you guys walking in with sledgehammer.

Unknown Speaker  17:19  
Yeah, so mostly just painting and demo, and then I cleaned up a lot after contractors. And then I was my general I was the general. Yep. Which I didn't really realize I was doing but that's how, that's how it worked out. Okay. I don't remember seeing many complaints about any of your subs did was that pretty smooth. The people you work with? Or did were you just handling it? Well, I okay. So I interviewed a lot of people, I looked on home advisor. So, advisor, they're already they already have to have a referral. Yeah. And then sometimes I'll even call additional referral to vet them out. So I worked really hard in that initial like two weeks just calling and interviewing. And, and, and then I ended up hiring like six different teams of people. And some of them were great. Some of them No.

Unknown Speaker  18:21  
And yet, you learned so much about like,

Unknown Speaker  18:25  
is this the time to gripe? Or this is a time for me to be patient? Because they're almost done. Like do i do i need to bring this up again? Or do I need to accept they don't, they're not going to change? And I just need to wait this past, you know, so there was that always like that's always happens. That is such a great point. That is that's such a constant battle. Yeah, yes. Okay. Yeah, it's Yeah. Yes, that one's constant. Okay, so you better them somewhere great. Some use again. So you wouldn't, which is fine. I'm eliminating people is just as important as you know, adding them to our list. Okay, so 11 weeks, you hired out most of the work except for the demo and the pain. Mm hmm. Okay, so initially, your ARV was 350? What did you guys come on the market at?

Unknown Speaker  19:24  
Well, I did something that actually everybody says not to do. I went on the market high on purpose. And at three, seven days, and the house was open on Saturday, I didn't want it to hit until Friday. And the reason I did that is because the market was nuts. And I didn't want if I put up 350 I didn't want to sift through 25 offers at 350. Right like

Unknown Speaker  19:53  
I feel sensitive to all those people who walk in and see themselves there and fall in love.

Unknown Speaker  20:00  
And then they don't even have a chance. Right? Honestly, I hate multiple offers. I hate them. I hate it. It's like It's awful. You feel like you're playing God and you're, you know, you're not God. Right. So by pricing it high, I eliminated the, you know, the chance of having all those offers. And then we still had three offers. And they all were asking price. And they all said we will escalate. What are you kidding me with somebody just throw their heart over?

Unknown Speaker  20:31  
Like, don't make me think.

Unknown Speaker  20:36  
Wow, all three had escalation clauses. Exactly. Yeah. One of them was like, I will go up to 386. And then the other ones were like, I'll go, you know. Anyway, it ended up 386 and then it didn't appraise it appraised at 385. So no big deal. $1,000 at the end,

Unknown Speaker  20:57  
what I wanted was the offer to say, despite no matter what the appraisal comes back at, we will pay this much. And nobody was doing that at that time. Okay. Yeah. That was March. No, April you listed? Yeah. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  21:14  
Okay, so 385 because the appraiser couldn't find 1000 more dollars. add on.

Unknown Speaker  21:22  
That's just silly. But Okay.

Unknown Speaker  21:25  
Um, oh, how did you finance the purchase price in the renovations? Okay. I'm glad you brought that up.

Unknown Speaker  21:34  
We use 401k. We found First of all, I wanted to say that my husband was not on board. Right. I think we've talked about this. He He is a strong, stable, consistent, risk averse person. Uh huh. Yeah. And I'm creative. entrepreneurial. Yes. taker. Of course. Of course. Y'all are married. Yeah, of course. I love it. And for and I want to do this forever. And for years, it was like, Okay, I won't do it. Cuz he hates the idea. He hates it. And then at this point in our lives, like, I'm 48, and I'm just like, I'm still on the clock ticking like, I don't have time to wait. And I and I really laid it out. Like, I'm always telling him the numbers. I'm always saying, I know, I can make money off of this. I know, I can do this. And I finally had to say, this isn't about the numbers. This is about me.

Unknown Speaker  22:26  
Dang, man, my entire body just like zing. It was like, wow, that makes me teary. That makes me teary.

Unknown Speaker  22:38  
Like, how am I gonna launch on like, honey, who's gonna want to invest in me? If we don't invest in me, right? Like, we're not investing in a house, we're investing in me. And if I can get on my feet, that I can support us too. But as long as we're, you know, running away and not not willing to show up, then I can't engaged, I can't do this thing. So it was literally like two weeks of like, I'm not sure if we're going to be married anymore. Because he was just trying to break down the walls in his body. And I right, just like, I'm not giving him this time. I cannot given. So Wow. And we learned from that. We didn't even know that we could take a 401k loan out like without we could we can take it out. And then we can put it back and then we can take it out. We had no idea. Wow. Instead of paying someone else interest we pay our own money. Yeah. Yeah. It's your money sitting there doing nothing really. I mean, it's doing a little bit. But yeah. So it was so empowering. When we finally started moving forward, like, Oh, my gosh, we have more money than we thought. You can actually use it. Yes. So we did. 50 from 401k. And then we had a personal line of credit. I had to have extra money in the in the account for my hard money lender to see that we had money to work with. Right. And that was really important. All right, so you used hard money for the purchase and renovation. Use some 401k money. We understand how it was finance.

Unknown Speaker  24:18  
The only number we're waiting for? Oh, wait, the profit. Yeah. 65. What did your husband have to say about that?

Unknown Speaker  24:30  
Okay, well, so my husband, my husband's fears were way late. Is that the right word? Like as soon as I start doing it, like when I opened my yoga studio, he was also afraid and then that's right. You've been through this, right? Yeah, but this this was a larger scale. But sure, like once he sees how hard I work, he's like, oh, like shoot, she got this. And then when it came profit time, you know, of course we're all just like one

Unknown Speaker  24:59  

Unknown Speaker  25:02  
Wait, wait.

Unknown Speaker  25:04  
Wow. Yeah. When did you buy the house? When did you close on the purchase? Oh, January 28. Oh, okay. Okay, awesome. So

Unknown Speaker  25:18  
five months. No funds?

Unknown Speaker  25:21  
Yeah. That's awesome. Congratulations. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker  25:27  
It's hard. I feel like it's hard to be like, celebrating that. I'm projecting. So wouldn't like I've, whatever my profit is I've always like, it was like, I just kind of want to say it under my breath. And let's keep going. Because it's like,

Unknown Speaker  25:46  
because then it comes back to right this other, this other beautiful family had to go through this terrible thing. And now here we are. And we are like trying to celebrate and also honor and do all these things. And it's really hard to be like, it's just so hard to do all of that. Yeah. But I think the fact that you are present to that and mindful of it means you're doing it, right. Like it means you're doing it the fact that you would even acknowledge that, I hope so. I thought about the former owner a lot when I was in the house. And sometimes I thought I felt his energy. And I felt like what I felt from him was a sense of joy and delight, like he was thrilled that I was doing. He was like, I could even hear the laugh. But I don't know if it was real, or just my imaginary feel. And and I kept in touch with the family. And they were watching the flip on my Facebook page. And I think there was some, you know, she told me there was some healing there because he had been concerned about the house not being, you know, in a good, good shape. And so it was for them to see it. You know, go through the transformation. I think there was some healing there. And then ultimately, yeah, I feel like there's no way I can repay these people like I can't, right.

Unknown Speaker  27:07  
But I, I did donate. And I think I'm going to do this with every flip. I donated 10% of my net to

Unknown Speaker  27:17  
us to nonprofits. And I asked them what they wanted. And we we basically they chose the Oregon State foundation for cardiovascular health,

Unknown Speaker  27:32  
for conducting more research, because he did pass from heart failure. Yep. So that, you know, that felt good. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  27:44  
You know,

Unknown Speaker  27:46  
yeah. Bring him back or anything, right. Sure. Sure. But it honors, it honors and honors, what they went through and honors, like all of that. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  28:00  
I love that. I also do the 10%.

Unknown Speaker  28:04  
donation to to organizations and it's just like, it helps with that. Oh, my gosh, I can't believe I just made this profit that helps with that. Because then I'm like, that means I get to give that much more. Exactly. Yeah. It means I can make a bigger impact and do more good.

Unknown Speaker  28:25  
Yeah. That's awesome. Congratulations. Congratulations. That is really fantastic. Thank you. Yeah. Wow, amazing. First one done. first one's the hardest one. It's ripping off that band aid proving to yourself that you can do it. Yeah. You don't really did that. Did you? Like I'm telling you the before and afters of this house is just especially the exterior alone.

Unknown Speaker  28:53  
Did you design did you do all the design stuff? Or did you have help with that? No, I did all the design. And I was really worried about the facade. Like I I thought the inside like I knew the inside would transform. But the outside when I first looked at I'm like, I did not know how to dress this baby up. And it just bloomed like before my eyes just changing. like adding the siding and then the windows. And then the pay and I was in love with it. When I was done. I was like my whole family was like let's move in here. Let's Yeah, seriously.

Unknown Speaker  29:30  
It's a good time. That's always good.

Unknown Speaker  29:33  
That the exterior and I remember I remember when we talked. You were like, I don't know what to do with this front entry. And then and then something about a back patio, maybe something like, Uh huh. And so when I saw the before and after photos, I was like, Okay, I get it like I get why you were struggling. I don't know that I would have come up with those solutions like you did such an amazing job.

Unknown Speaker  30:00  
He really did. Like, I'm super impressed. I'm super impressed. It's just,

Unknown Speaker  30:06  
it's, it's a stunning transformation. It really is. Thank you. So good. You're welcome. This is the part that I love of the job is the design I want to be. I want to be the boss of that. But it's also where my ego was just so big like before the house, like throughout the whole thing, I was so worried that it wasn't going to be pretty enough. Like I wasn't going to make it beautiful and, and I had to talk myself down and like say, Kristen, like, this is not a beauty pageant where there's a bunch of houses walking down and people holding up tents, like, this is not that like you're making a home like, stepped down. You know, I had to constantly get my ego to sell down because I was so worried that it wasn't going to be special. Well.

Unknown Speaker  30:54  
Wow. I mean, it 100% is special. It 100% is I'm not sure that I've seen an exterior transformation that is that.

Unknown Speaker  31:06  
That was that was that, like,

Unknown Speaker  31:09  
much of a transformation by not doing much like you did things but it's not like you rearranged all these things.

Unknown Speaker  31:18  
You didn't do much. And that's what is so like, wow, this like, wow, changing the size for the windows and new and like whatever you did, like, and then the little

Unknown Speaker  31:30  
I guess it's Is it an arbor that you put up at the front? Yeah. Cool. Arbor? theater wood? Yeah, it's just awesome. It's really awesome. Um, okay.

Unknown Speaker  31:43  
What were some of the surprises that came up? I'm wearing were there some repair surprises, or? Yeah, there were I mean, so the plumbing was really challenging. And I had used the plumber before, because I've done a rental in my own home. And so I knew he was good. And yet, the day that he was finally able to get in, he had sprained his ankle. And he was really, really big guy, like, really big guy. And he had to get underneath the house. So he had his journeyman, going down and doing the work while he talked to him above. And they worked on it for I mean, two or three days. And then he leaves. And the inspector comes out the next day and says to me,

Unknown Speaker  32:31  
that like I don't even know what that is under the house. Like that is so far from passing. And I was like, my first thought was like, I've got like a brilliant artists on my hands. Like this kid was like, like, coloring way outside the lines, you know? And, and I was really nervous to call my plumber, because I believed in him. And like, this is what I do. Like I interviewed people, and then I believe in them. And I thought, how, how could somebody who's been doing this for so long sales, so like, Maybe I was wrong. And then I tripped out for like, two minutes. And I was like, stop it just text him. I texted them or no, I called him. And like within a second. He's like, I'll call the inspector, we'll get up there right now. And there were literally like, four enormous trucks in front of the house that whole day, it was like the 911, no plumbing.

Unknown Speaker  33:23  
And they worked on it till like midnight and fix the whole thing.

Unknown Speaker  33:29  
So that's like, you know, work with people who you believe them. Because they will come through even if even if they met, everybody messes up. Everybody messes up. And one thing I learned in through this process, and I've been learning my whole life, and it's so hard to remember it when you're in it.

Unknown Speaker  33:48  
There's no place for blame. But there are only problems and solutions. Yeah, absolutely. Get off the blame boat. Okay, what do I do? Yes, that that's huge. The problems are always going to be there. Like, they just are there. Oh, there's always going to be something to solve something to figure out, which is one of the reasons why I love this so much. I love the puzzles and love. But it's also equally frustrating.

Unknown Speaker  34:17  

Unknown Speaker  34:19  
So it's like, oh, but I love that.

Unknown Speaker  34:25  
It's a really important thing you said that I want people to get because so many times is as beginners or

Unknown Speaker  34:37  
as women. We're like, Oh gosh, I hope this person chooses to work with me. Versus No, I am choosing this person. And like you said, I'm putting my belief in them. Like I'm not just choosing them. I'm totally believing them like I'm their biggest fan now. That's that's what we're that's how we need to choose to work with people.

Unknown Speaker  35:00  
Because it's it is about relationships, and it's about having those people that you do believe in that, you know, you can call and they send for vehicles and spend the entire day fixing the problem. They're not gonna leave you hanging good people will not leave you hanging. If you've got somebody who's substandard. You run into a problem and they suddenly are in Tahiti. Yeah, right. Exactly.

Unknown Speaker  35:25  
Or I didn't do it. Yeah. No, I didn't do it. That wasn't me. That was their fault. That's it's on them. Wrong. Yeah. That's huge. work with people you believe in. I love that. I love that quote, so much like, yeah, it's so simple. And it means so much like that means a lot to me. Those words mean a lot to me. That's awesome. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Let's see. Did you learn anything new about yourself? Throughout this, like, you've started a yoga business? You've done that right? You've started a business. What's the big deal? Starting another one? Yeah. Oh, so big. so different.

Unknown Speaker  36:05  
There three days, when I when I was looking at that question, I thought,

Unknown Speaker  36:09  
Oh, my gosh, I had three false ideas about myself. One, I'm not a hard worker was number one. That is so not true. To I'm difficult to work with. Also completely not true. Three, I'm not detail oriented. If I'm difficult, it's because I'm so detail oriented. But I'm like, Whoa, let's not look over this thing here. Let's take.

Unknown Speaker  36:36  
And one thing I want to speak to about the hard worker, kind of all of it is, you know, I've had a lot of jobs in my life. And I really struggled with sticking with phone. And this is something my husband, I always went back and forth. He says like just go get a job. And it's like, I literally feel like I'm dying in those jobs, like, I am done with this is so boring for me. And so when it looks like you're not a hard worker, it's probably that you're not working in something that interests you and not it, like stop the judgment, the bullshit about, oh, I'm not good enough, because I don't fit in with the accountant. I'm not an accountant. If you if you put me in there with accountants, I will look really bad.

Unknown Speaker  37:27  
Well, I think that's a great point. I mean, of course, and it's like,

Unknown Speaker  37:32  
it's like when we have you know, oftentimes you'll hear, oh,

Unknown Speaker  37:37  
this kid stuff he's, you know, getting in a lot of trouble. And he's just this troublemaker at school when in fact, he's just not stimulated. Right. Looks like he's lazy. And he's a bad kid. And he doesn't follow directions when it's the entirely opposite. That's true. Is that? No, we're failing him.

Unknown Speaker  37:58  
We aren't stimulating him. Yeah. Yeah. And when I was in high school, I mean, I think people thought that I was done. And you know, I didn't do well at all. It wasn't till I got into junior college, I had the hardest English professor. And the very first week we show up, there's like 40 people, and like, supposed to be 30. And he's like, okay, tonight, I want you to write a four page essay. And then we all come back the next day. I want you to write a five page essay. We did this all week. And so I'm like, hell yeah. Like, I love this. Like, this is awesome, right? And, and yet, by the end of the week, this 40. Now we had 15. And he was like, now we can get to work. Wow, Baby, you're so hard. And I realized, I love this. Like, I love this. And I love to work hard at this. And it just blew my mind because I thought I was lazy. I thought I wasn't very smart. I thought I was a crappy writer. And you know, and all of a sudden, I had this new idea about myself, and it was beautiful and also hard to believe.

Unknown Speaker  39:10  
Oh my gosh, that's huge. That's huge. Okay, I want to talk about So okay, you and you mentioned about what makes you difficult. And that's because you are detail oriented. And that's because you do care about the presentation of things. Yeah. I do work. What do you think those stories came from? I understand the hard worker one. What about oh my gosh, being difficult or not being detail oriented?

Unknown Speaker  39:36  
Well, not being nice. Oh, that's definitely from being married to my husband who's like radically detailed, and he's detailed in ways that I'm not like, there's things I just don't care about. And like, who cares, you know, and he's so detailed about it. So, if you put here and are next to each other in normal daily things, you would think, oh, he's a decent one. And she's not and that's generally true. But you put me in my

Unknown Speaker  40:00  
Little world, right? All of a sudden, I'm like, Boss Lady details. I know. Wow. Again, it's all relative. Yes.

Unknown Speaker  40:09  
And then the difficult I think that's just the childhood like family thing.

Unknown Speaker  40:14  
Yeah, yeah. I had a feeling that might be where that one came. Yeah, yeah, I get that. I totally get that. It's hard to get these from people. And that's why I love that you were able to be this is it because this is huge. Now, if people can relate to these three false ideas of themselves, like, I think everybody has said at least one of these things, for sure. And what I love about running your own business, whether it was being a yoga city owner, or this is you get to see yourself now, if you're not ready to see your attributes and your flaws, you know, don't do your own thing, right. But when you do your own thing, there is nobody else to point to you. Like, if you're having a rough relationship. Why do you have that? You know, either work it out or let it go? Yep, it's on you. It's

Unknown Speaker  41:07  
blaming other people. So I love that. Yeah. Love that.

Unknown Speaker  41:12  
Oh, my gosh, wow, I this this has been such a fun talk. I just like this has been, it's been so great. And I love talking about this kind of like, this kind of like, the inner workings. I could geek out when you asked me. Oh my gosh, high school and in college. Like, it was hard for me to like really connect with multiple people because I like when I meet you. I'm like, okay, that's great. And like, five minutes later, I'm like, let's go deeper.

Unknown Speaker  41:40  
Right? Yeah. And people are like, Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  41:44  
no, let's like, talk about the weather support. I'm like, No, I want to talk about what hurts like what are your hurts on the inside?

Unknown Speaker  41:52  
What are your What are your always talking about? are always and let's just heal each other. Like, wow, and why do you believe these things? And yeah, so I'm gonna, I'm gonna stress and bring a brown at you who I know you adore. Also love her. I love her. And she says, and I used to read this quote in my yoga classes all the time, and I'm paraphrasing something like, you don't want to fit in you want to belong. And I try to teach that to my kids. Like, no, don't change yourself to fit in and you'll never feel safe. You'll never feel authentically yourself. Like, you want to go where people say, all of you. I love you. Come on in. Right? You want to belong? Yes. Oh, it's huge. That's huge. I also talk to my son a lot about that. Like, oh, he's, he's such a quirky dude. And he's such a fun, sweet guy. And like, I'm always like, You're You're so weird. And I'm so glad you're weird. Like, I love you. Like be you be weird. It's awesome. That's like, those are your people find those people where you do your work yourself. Find those people and who cares what everybody else thinks? Let's say hard. Golly, that's so harder. Oh my god, especially when the people who aren't weird. look so good. And outside. Oh, really? Present? Like the picture that you're like, wow, guys got it all together. He's the man. Yeah, he is.

Unknown Speaker  43:25  
Oh, my gosh, I have loved this so much. And I'm trying to be mindful of time. Um, do you have anything else you want to add? Before we go? This has been such a great talk. This has been so fun. But

Unknown Speaker  43:40  
I did have an issue with an electrician. Who who mansplain me.

Unknown Speaker  43:47  
He came in. And I only had two weeks before open house. So and and he

Unknown Speaker  43:53  
put three holes in the wall that shouldn't have been there. And like Sorry, I'm not, I don't usually make these mistakes. But my person just did this.

Unknown Speaker  44:00  
And I'm like, Oh, you know, I have two weeks. And I don't have a drywaller at this point, like they moved on. I don't know how to get this done. And he stopped and said, we'll see. That's the thing. You're not supposed to do it like this. You're supposed to have you elect any goals to the list. He's like first to do this, then you do this and you do this.

Unknown Speaker  44:20  
And I'm standing there like undisguised in my house and 30 minutes, and you've got three big assholes. And I said, Well,

Unknown Speaker  44:28  
I don't know about that. But I do know that we have a problem that we need to solve right now. So call up the drywall guy, and I'll call up mine. And I really I had believed in this guy and then he was such

Unknown Speaker  44:42  
an act.

Unknown Speaker  44:45  
And it took him three different times coming back to do the work when he said he would take him once and and the last day that he was there. He said, I'm sorry. I couldn't believe it. He was like, hey, about that.

Unknown Speaker  45:00  
time when we had that, Miss understanding, I was like, I didn't have a misunderstanding. You just told me what to do. I understand completely what you were doing. And he's like, I, I am sorry, I don't want to be like that. And he's like, I'm working so much. I'm working all the time. And he and he was these contractors. They're literally like the heroes, like, they would come and work till six. And then they'd go to somebody's house and finish the job. They couldn't finish report till like 11. And then they'd get up and do it again. Yeah. I don't know what, I don't know how they do it. So I was glad I didn't like have a confrontation with them. Because I initially thought, this is a good guy. And yet he kept proving me wrong.

Unknown Speaker  45:48  
And ultimately, he was a good guy who, who needed to realize, you know, he was doing way too much. So it was like, there was a moment of grace that I was able to offer, which I'm not always able to do. And then that came back to me. And then ultimately, like, that relationship is kind of okay, like, I could use that guy again. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  46:10  
So I think there's just a lot of space, like as a business owner, like you get to choose your response. And it doesn't have to be the knee jerk. Where you just messed up my wall. Right? Right.

Unknown Speaker  46:25  
Right. It all works out. Well, what a lesson in again, you don't know what the other person's going through. And, like just trying to, um, and he wasn't letting you know, right? So he's just showing you this. I'm being a jerk. And I'm a jerk. And you're wrong.

Unknown Speaker  46:45  
And I'm a professional. Yeah, what I'm doing. Oh, gosh. Oh, gosh. Uh huh.

Unknown Speaker  46:51  
Sister, I'm impressed with you. were like, able to just like, okay, like, we'll see. And then he can press that he was able to drop his guard. That's huge. Like, I know, I was.

Unknown Speaker  47:08  
He could not he could have just been polite from then on and like, not come back to it. Right. It wasn't. It didn't sit well with him. He did the show. Yeah, he did the hard thing. Wow. Yeah. It is impressive. Now.

Unknown Speaker  47:22  
I love that. Yeah. That's a great. That's a great

Unknown Speaker  47:27  
little anecdote, I think. Yeah, I think it's you just

Unknown Speaker  47:32  
not everything has to be combative. Mm hmm. And also seed round, because it's not like, you didn't stand your ground. You still stood your ground. And you were like, Okay, well, what's, what are we doing to solve it? Right, let's move on. Right. I hear you and I hear all these things. You're saying, Well, what are we doing to actually solve it? Yeah, right. Wow, soup. Like, it's just really impressive. There's so much and that was an impressive moment. Right? I had a moment. So I'm not telling you about all on moments where I was like, bawling on the way into work. And you know, like, those, those are all the time, but like, I had a moment of grace. Thank you, God for giving that that moment. But, you know, it pays off to give people space. And to be easy on them, because they are probably working way too hard. Yeah. Anyway, I love I love this program. I love what you're doing. I, I love that you chose to create a community. I think that the fact that you were able to see that you couldn't support all these woman by herself, was really mindful and forward thinking. And instead, we are all leaning on each other. And like, Whoa, the community is amazing. And honestly, like, I, I

Unknown Speaker  48:51  
yes, I started it. But the women who are attracted to it, like we just continue to co create it. And it's this amazing space, that

Unknown Speaker  49:03  
it's just, I can't put words to it. It's so much more. It's everything I wanted it to be and it's so much more than I ever thought it would be. If that

Unknown Speaker  49:13  
change changing and developing and it's all kind of out of your hands. And that like sense of belonging is huge. Like that's that's a huge, huge, huge theme.

Unknown Speaker  49:25  
Because that's not ever what I felt in the real estate investing space at all. Like, I never

Unknown Speaker  49:31  
like I would walk into a meeting. It's like, record scratches. And I'm like, Wait, where are my people? I don't see my people anywhere in here.

Unknown Speaker  49:41  
But now I do I have this room full of love. So awesome. Thanks for letting me be part of your journey. Thank you for being a part of my journey and changing my life changed my life. Well, I'm super honored to

Unknown Speaker  49:56  
just like just get to be like

Unknown Speaker  50:00  
This little guide right on your path. Thanks for sharing your story. Thanks for hanging out. today. Thanks for inviting me to share my story. I loved it.

Unknown Speaker  50:10  
Super fun. It was so much fun. And that's it for now. I'll see you in the group. Sounds good. Thank you, Kristin. Bye, bye.

Unknown Speaker  50:23  
That was such a fun interview. And thank you, Kristin, for sharing some of your innards with me.

Unknown Speaker  50:30  
Some of the deeper level stuff, I think it's so important to

Unknown Speaker  50:36  
have deeper conversations. That's what moves people, right. That's what inspires people. That's when people feel connected. So thank you. Now, one of my favorite quotes, really, it was two different quotes in a section of the conversation. And it was when Kristin said to her husband, this isn't about the numbers, this is about me. And then she went on to say, who's going to want to invest in me if we don't invest in me, even repeating, it gives me chills. I got chills the first time she said those things. And now I'm getting chills again, just repeating it.

Unknown Speaker  51:19  
It's so powerful.

Unknown Speaker  51:22  
And I want you to think about that, who's going to invest in you, if you don't invest in you. Invest in yourself, whatever that means to you. Okay, and if that means joining our community, where we help you every step of the way, as you navigate your first flip or your 20th flip whatever number you're on. If you want to have an entire community supporting you, and cheering you on, and encouraging you then get on the waitlist. Go to join the flip sisters.com again, that's join the flip sisters.com Alright, and then add your name to the list, and we'll notify you when we've got a spot. All right. Go out there flip houses like a girl lead people in places better than you find them and make it a great day. Bye. Oh