Feb. 18, 2022

Sabrina's First Flip Profit Equals Her Salary!

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Another FlipSister in our coaching program shares her First Flip journey with us!

Within just 4 months, Sabrina made a profit equal to an entire YEAR of her full-time salary. 

In this first debrief, she's sharing with us:

  • How she found the house
  • How she financed the purchase, renovation and carrying costs
  • The tough conversation she had to have to save the deal and how she found the courage to do so
  • How she leaned on her team for their expertise
  • The Universal thing that gets in every single person's way as they chase a goal and what to do about it

...and so much more!

Everyone feels scared when they start a new journey - EVERYONE.

The difference is in who lets that fear hold them back.

We get to choose if it's going to prevent us from chasing a dream or if we're going to chase it despite the fear.

I think a lot about regret when it comes to deciding whether I'm going to go after something I want.

Will I regret not going after this or will I regret letting the fear control me?

And then ... BOOM ... I'm in action.

Regret or action? We choose.


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Unknown Speaker  0:01  
You're listening to the flip houses like a girl podcast where we educate, empower and celebrate everyday women who are facing their fears, juggling family and business, embracing their awesomeness and wholeheartedly chasing their dream of flipping houses. Each episode delivers honest to goodness tools, tips and strategies you can implement today to get closer to your first or next successful house flip. Here's your spiky haired, breakfast taco loving host, house flipping coach Debbie DeBerry.

Debbie DeBerry  0:40  
Hey there, thanks for hanging out with me today, I'm really excited to share this conversation with you that I had with one of our flip sisters named Sabrina. And she lives in Tennessee, she's telling us all about her first flip journey. And you're definitely going to want to listen in because she somehow drank a cup of courage, found courage and a cup of coffee, and had a hard conversation with the wholesaler and saved this transaction and went on to complete her first flip, make a profit that is more than her annual salary. And I love that we've come full circle, because before joining our coaching program, Sabrina was a podcast listener, just like you. And so here we are. She listened to a bunch of inspirational stories, joined our program flipped her first house. And here we are debriefing her own first flip story, and so cool. You're gonna love her her story and the inspiration that comes from it all. Alright, let's go. Let's jump in. If you want to just introduce yourself and give us a little bit of background about you, where you are what you do in your regular life, that sort of thing.

Unknown Speaker  2:14  
My name is Sabrina, and I live in Knoxville, Tennessee. And for a regular job. I'm a vet tech nurse. And I've been doing that since 2004.

Debbie DeBerry  2:25  
Oh, wow. How long have you been in Knoxville? Are you from Knoxville?

Unknown Speaker  2:29  
No, not too far away from here. But I'm moved here to specifically to be in the veterinary field.

Debbie DeBerry  2:37  
Cool, okay. And so my guess is you probably had this dream to flip houses for a while. And you finally said fine doing it. And you recently closed on the sale of your first flip. So we want to debrief all that. Because we love numbers. And we love hearing people's stories. And the cool part is that so many people will be inspired by you. And that's like it's just awesome. It's really awesome. And it creates these little ripples. And that's why I love doing these. These interviews.

Unknown Speaker  3:13  
I can definitely remember listening to the first couple podcasts and being like, I wonder if I could do that one day. I wonder if I could be on a podcast.

Debbie DeBerry  3:22  
I love. Yes, I love it. And here we are full circle.

Unknown Speaker  3:26  
Yeah, I definitely thought of that this morning.

Debbie DeBerry  3:29  
That is so cool. Oh my gosh, that gives me chills. I love that. That's so cool. Okay, so let's talk about your first deal. Let's talk about how about walk us through how you found it.

Unknown Speaker  3:40  
I found it on a wholesaler list. And I had reached out to the wholesaler before like a different company had a really good experience with them. Just that deal wasn't going to work out for me at that time. I was probably still a little bit too scared. And in hindsight, we could have done that. And we could have done a much better job than the person that did flip it. I've definitely stopped it since then. Oh, for

Debbie DeBerry  4:08  
sure. Oh, for sure. It's I think that's important. Because really, because first of all, you see what it sold for and you see it you were anywhere close to projections. And you see, oh, man, I could have done. So could have created such a better product than that. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  4:27  
Yeah, I'm still kicking myself on that one.

Debbie DeBerry  4:29  
I get it. I get it. I have some of those two, and a couple of them. I drive by every day because they're in my neighborhood. And I'm like doing it. But it's true. Like you have to it takes that little extra nudge of confidence that says yes, you're ready to go. Yeah. And you had on this one.

Unknown Speaker  4:54  
Yeah, I feel like in hindsight, if I had known the extent of the repairs I probably wouldn't have jumped on this one. Okay, found an excuse to talk myself out self out of this one. Just like before. I'm kind of glad that it ended up the way that it did. Yes. I just had to do it.

Debbie DeBerry  5:16  
Oh my gosh. Absolutely, absolutely. So, okay, when did you close on the purchase?

Unknown Speaker  5:23  
August 16.

Debbie DeBerry  5:26  
Okay, you got it in August from a wholesaler. How did you? What was the purchase price?

Unknown Speaker  5:35  
We ended up deciding on 145.

Debbie DeBerry  5:40  
And what were you thinking the repairs were going to be?

Unknown Speaker  5:43  
I had 50,000 in my in my head. Okay. The wholesaler? You know, on their website, they thought 25,000 how to do it? Oh, sure.

Debbie DeBerry  5:53  
Yeah, they usually do. Yeah, they're usually about that far off. The only thing we can trust is their asking price. And then everything else it's like, and I love wholesalers, one of my number one sources of deals, but we just look at one number and that's their asking price. Yeah. Okay, so 145,000 for the purchase 50,000 for the repairs. How were you? What, how are you going to finance it? Or how did you finance this?

Unknown Speaker  6:26  
We use the HELOC Okay. From our home. Also found a private money lender. Nice. We also ended up having some money from the sale of a rental house that I pushed to buy a few years ago. So this was a really good year to sell. Yeah. And so we did.

Debbie DeBerry  6:47  
Yeah. Awesome. Awesome. So you didn't have much financing? Just the private money lender? Really? Right. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  6:58  
That's great. So a really good friend and I was a little nervous about, you know, the outcome. Yeah. Would we still be friends? How's this gonna go? But they went very well. Awesome.

Debbie DeBerry  7:13  
Were they involved at all? Or were they just the silent investor? The more silent the better. Amen. That's when it like, honestly, the times where I've let a partner have more a bigger role than that. Those are the times that we're not really friends anymore. Like, honestly, it's too much.

Unknown Speaker  7:33  
This person was so much so was silent that I was like, Are you? Are we still

Debbie DeBerry  7:38  
okay, yeah.

Unknown Speaker  7:40  
We still talking? Because I didn't want to talk about it around other others. Sure.

Debbie DeBerry  7:48  
That's funny. We okay,

Unknown Speaker  7:50  
just kind of checked in. Do some updates here and there as far as where we are in the process and

Debbie DeBerry  7:59  
give some reassurance.

Unknown Speaker  8:01  
I will. Yeah, yeah, I would definitely use a private money lender again. For sure.

Debbie DeBerry  8:05  
For sure. Okay, so. Okay. So you get into it. What did you repair estimate? Okay, so it was estimated at 50k. What did you end up spending?

Unknown Speaker  8:20  
60. Okay.

Debbie DeBerry  8:23  
That's not bad. Okay, so what were some of the surprises that came up?

Unknown Speaker  8:30  
We couldn't locate a septic tank. Oh, there was no permit from the county. Oh, gosh. So we didn't know. You know, where it was, how big it was, if it was suited for a three bedroom two bath like this home was? Why wasn't it permitted? Just all those questions came up. So yeah, we did go through and have an inspection done a letter by the county issued. And then I guess a septic tank company came out, actually, you know, located it out, verified that it was the correct size. Okay. Yeah. So that was like, right. That was definitely one of my talking points to the wholesaler. Uh huh. Do you remember that whole situation where almost backed out of that deal?

Debbie DeBerry  9:32  
Oh, yeah. Yes. Okay. Now I do. Yes. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  9:38  
Yeah, almost three days before the closing walked away from it. That's right. I had totally forgotten. All the things you taught us. That's what it actually is. I was so excited about getting this deal on with this deal. This looks good.

Debbie DeBerry  9:55  
I get it. I still do. I still forget

Unknown Speaker  10:00  
My husband hadn't walked the property with me the contractor hadn't walked with me. I had only walked it. And with my rose colored glasses, I wasn't able to see all the things. I thought we could keep the kitchen cabinets. Uh huh. I knew some more obvious things, but then others. I just didn't see. Yeah, it was an occupied property. Okay. And so all of their belongings were there. Yeah, were pets there. Oh, gosh, they were there while we were oh, gosh, so smoking.

Debbie DeBerry  10:38  
Oh, God.

Unknown Speaker  10:40  
I'm not a smoker and I can't stand cigarette smoke. So I really just wanted to, you know, get see it as fast as I could. I liked it with a wholesaler that day. That was their first time being there because they made an offer sight unseen. Oh, my gosh. And I left that day going. This is not bad. Yeah. But it wasn't until three days before the closing that I was like, Oh, I'm there. Ah ARV. The wholesaler ARV was 220,000. Okay. My real estate agents ARV was 260,000. And with the 260. It worked, okay. With the 220. It just wasn't going to work. And so I went ahead and reached out to another real estate agent who we've done business with before that works more in the area where this house is good. I said, Hey, I already have an agent. But I want to ask you a question. I said I've got this property. Can you tell me what you think your eight year you would have for an ARV? Yeah. He said, Yeah, just text me the address. This is all over text. Yeah. So I texted him and he saw the address. And he immediately wrote back call me.

Debbie DeBerry  12:03  
He knew the house.

Unknown Speaker  12:05  
Debbie, he had been trying to buy the house himself. For months, okay, in he knew the owner, okay. They had gone high school together. He had been in the property multiple times.

Debbie DeBerry  12:20  
Oh, my gosh. And he told

Unknown Speaker  12:24  
me what the owner told him that the wholesaler offered, okay. And I knew what I had promised to pay. And I wasn't okay with that margin that they were going to make on this just for fun in the house. Yeah. So I, I had to really, really, really have a very serious conversation with myself. And then with my husband, about whether or not we were going to move forward with this. The morning after we walk the property with the contractor and my husband, I was still prepared to lose the $2,500 earnest money, okay. But I was finishing a cup of coffee at the kitchen sink that morning, after like a sleepless night and might have a very tense situation at the house the evening before. And I thought to myself, as I drink that last, last sip of coffee, it hit me. I've got the upper hand in this. And I'm going to stand up for myself and tell them exactly how much I'm willing to pay for this house. Look, yeah. So I drove to work that morning. And on the way I called the wholesaler. And I know we we talked about stuff that you talked about with the wholesaler. How are you? How are you doing? How are you feeling? We're closing in three days, I had already told them that I was having second thoughts. And so that was new to them because we've mentioned it a few days before. And he starts going into how the decisions I'm getting ready to make are affecting all these families that aren't in on the conversation trying to make me feel bad. And I said, You know what, there's one family that we've lifted out of this and that's mine. I'm not willing to lose a bunch of money on this house. And I really feel like they took advantage of me being a woman number one, and they were very aware that this was real estate investing was very new to me. So I did not appreciate any of that I told them that the most out I was going to pay for that property was 140,000. The guy laughed at me, oh my gosh, he told me, this is not how this works. And this is not a negotiation. And then he started to negotiate with me. Yeah, how about 150,000? No. I said, my husband and I talked about 140. And that's where I am. And that's Yeah. After that, he told me that it was out of his hands at this point. And I had better answer my phone when it rings again. Oh,

Debbie DeBerry  15:43  
ah, this guy.

Unknown Speaker  15:47  

Debbie DeBerry  15:48  
Oh, my gosh.

Unknown Speaker  15:53  
I still felt like I had the upper hand. And I was still willing to let that money go the earnest money go

Debbie DeBerry  15:58  
for you have to be.

Unknown Speaker  16:01  
So a few hours later, that guy's boss calls me. He tries to offer me 150,000. I said, No. He goes.

Debbie DeBerry  16:16  

Unknown Speaker  16:18  
Now I told him I wanted one four hours, I could pay 140. And he wasn't okay with that. And at that point, I thought the deal was off. I did some soul searching. I thought about it for about another half hour. And I called him back and I told him I would take the 145

Debbie DeBerry  16:38  
So were they initially asking

Unknown Speaker  16:41  
160 So they were gonna put 100 They were gonna put $30,000 in their pocket. And I wasn't okay with that.

Debbie DeBerry  16:49  
Yeah. That's amazing. So what coffee? Were you drinking that morning? Because I need some coffee in my life, man.

Unknown Speaker  17:00  
Exactly. cup of courage. Yeah, no. It just it all became clear that yes, I needed to speak up for myself. Oh, my God had that really hard conversation with my husband. And, and then with the wholesaler, and I was just, I was standing up for myself and my family.

Debbie DeBerry  17:20  
I understand that completely. It took me five years to have that aha moment with myself. So I'm really impressed that you had it that quickly. But mine was around mostly around contractors, just like Oh, sure. Oh, sure. You're gonna Okay, sure. No problem, right. Like, I'll just take it on shirt. No problem. Oh, you're gonna be about a week late. Okay, no problem. And then I like had that same kind of aha. And I was like, Wait a second. This is my family. This is my livelihood. No, this isn't okay. Oh, my God. That's, like so inspiring. So that's awesome. Thank you for sharing that. Okay, so you get him from 160 down to 145. And what's interesting to me is that their ARV was so much lower because very like, right, they usually have low repair estimates and high ARV ease. So that was interesting. So what did your friend I'm so glad that you contacted that person. Right. Like, that was another thing, right? That like your gut said, reach out to this person. And you did? Exactly. Okay, so what did he think the ARV would be?

Unknown Speaker  18:48  
He was right in the middle of the 240. So that's what I based all my numbers on. Okay.

Debbie DeBerry  18:55  
Yeah, I think I would have gone with his opinion as well. Out of all the three. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  19:00  
He had been in the property multiple time. Right. Right.

Debbie DeBerry  19:03  
And he's no he knows the area and yeah. Okay, so would you ever work with that wholesaler? Again? Never. Okay. We're done with them. Cool. Okay, so you get into the project. And were there any other big or strange construction things that came up? Just the septic tank kind of trying to figure out where that where that was?

Unknown Speaker  19:31  
there that was a big one. Another was we had to replace several spots of the sub floor. Okay. You know, around the tub. Oh, yeah. One of the bedrooms and then one around like a patio door.

Debbie DeBerry  19:46  
Okay. And so with hardwood floors on top of that original hardwood floors on top of that.

Unknown Speaker  19:53  
It's a newer build. I think it was built in 94.

Debbie DeBerry  19:57  
So was it pretty cosmetic Like flooring, paint, updating cabinets tile, or was there any like structural stuff y'all had to do,

Unknown Speaker  20:06  
we ended up knocking down a wall in the kitchen that separated the living room. And it was just just an odd very odd wall, that the stove had been on one side for the kitchen. And then on the other side, they had mounted their television. And so we just, we knocked that in half and kept the kitchen island there. Oh, my gosh, opened it all up, and it looked totally

Debbie DeBerry  20:29  
different. Isn't that amazing? I mean, just opening up, even if it's just a section of a wall, it can just change the entire feel of a place. Um, okay, so you are in August, when you bought it, how long did you think the repairs would take? How long were you estimating for the repairs?

Unknown Speaker  20:53  
The contractor said between six and eight weeks? And that's what he that's where he was the nicer. How did you find your contractor? Or my real estate agent?

Debbie DeBerry  21:02  
Yep. Yep. There's a wealth of people. They have the resources to recommend.

Unknown Speaker  21:09  
Yeah, he was absolutely amazing with this communication. Great quality work. One of the one of the issues that actually came up was with the granite. I've never picked up granite before. I don't know what I'm doing. But I knew that he had told me in the real estate agent had told me that we needed to stick with a level one granite. I was like, Cool. So go to the grant place pick out what I want level one, level one level one only show only show me level one. Then whenever it came time to get it to the house, you know, after they had measured and everything. There was delays on top of delays on top of delays. And the contractor actually switched our job with another job to get it in there faster, which I definitely appreciate. Sure. I come back from vacation. And he tells me Hey, there's a little bit of a price difference on that granite. Like what what's this issue? Yeah. He handled it. But what the issue was, ended up being that the granite company charged $1,200 more than what I was quoted.

Debbie DeBerry  22:21  

Unknown Speaker  22:25  
yeah, if he ended up eating $300 Pass $300 on to me, and then made the granite company eat 600

Debbie DeBerry  22:37  
Wow. Oh my god. I love this contractor. I know. Obviously, you're using him again.

Unknown Speaker  22:44  
Yes, he's very direct. And he knows what he's doing. He doesn't beat around the bush.

Debbie DeBerry  22:51  
Yes. That's amazing. It makes it like okay, cool. Yeah, we could do this

Unknown Speaker  22:57  
again. Sure. Exactly. And yes, already. Hey, you found another one.

Debbie DeBerry  23:02  
I love it. Yeah. I love it.

Unknown Speaker  23:05  
I love it. You know, you're gonna be the first one to know this time.

Debbie DeBerry  23:11  
You were only 10k off on your on your estimating. That's not too bad. But I hear you. Okay, so you get to October. Are you in October when you list it?

Unknown Speaker  23:27  
Yes, exactly. Okay.

Debbie DeBerry  23:31  
And you were thinking to 40 When you first went under contract? What did the market do? In the meantime? Did it stay around? 240.

Unknown Speaker  23:44  
It didn't. Whenever we went to list it. We thought 260 was more appropriate. And so that's what we did. We started at 260 I couldn't believe it. I was still gonna be happy with 240 Yep. But yeah, 260 seemed to be the sweet spot. We got offers multiple offers. We accepted one for 10,000 over okay. That one actually fell through and I was heartbroken and so scared that we relisted it, and several more offers and many, many more showings, and we ended up getting what my real estate agent called a unicorn offer. Oh gosh, what's the unicorn? The unicorn offer is all cash. No inspection, aha. No. appraisal. Mm hmm. And they had an escalation call clause. They will go $1,000 over anybody else who wanted it up to like $290,000. And these people were out of state never walked in the house. Their real estate agent only did video.

Debbie DeBerry  25:05  
Oh my gosh. Where are they moving there? Yep. Or Dino. Okay. What did they end up getting it under contract at

Unknown Speaker  25:16  
281 41,000 more dollars than my mom ever thought was possible.

Debbie DeBerry  25:25  
And this is okay. I feel like this is the house was in a more rural area. Is that right or am I making that up?

Unknown Speaker  25:32  
Yeah, that was definitely a selling point. The quiet seclusion. Yeah.

Debbie DeBerry  25:37  
Yeah. So was it outside of Knoxville though?

Unknown Speaker  25:42  
It was okay. And to be honest, I didn't realize it. Definitely didn't realize it whenever I went to go look at it. And never look too much more into it until we started thinking about the septic. And what county I needed to get that permit from? Oh, yeah. Yeah. So right before closing it was like, oh, it's it's an Anderson County. Okay.

Debbie DeBerry  26:08  
Oh, so that's a different county than what you live in? Uh huh. But it's just like

Unknown Speaker  26:12  
a mile and a half over the line. Got it.

Debbie DeBerry  26:18  
Mmm, that's amazing. Okay. Wow. So what was your profit?

Unknown Speaker  26:27  
I have $45,000 profit.

Debbie DeBerry  26:32  
On your first flip.

Unknown Speaker  26:34  
That's more than I make in a year at my regular job. And we did that in three and a half months. And I couldn't be happier. I'm just so grateful. Oh my

Debbie DeBerry  26:46  
gosh. Isn't it amazing that we can do something we love. And that brings us it gives us so much more time freedom. And we're rewarded in such a result all these people, and you've helped all these people. I love this. I love this business so much. Oh, my gosh. What did your husband think?

Unknown Speaker  27:16  
One of the comments was before we know before we knew how much it was going to go for. I think he was really scared about, you know, yes, we get this profit, but then it's all gonna be by taxes. Yeah, yeah. And so, I mean, I think he's just also really blown away that this is something that I can do. Don't get me wrong. He was huge. Help him. My father in law. Oh, God, all the landscaping work that needed to be done. I spent the days out there. That's so awesome. backbreaking days.

Debbie DeBerry  27:58  
Yeah. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  28:01  
But neither of us ever could have expected the return that we got for sure. Lots of people were like, you could list it yourself. I'm like, why would I want to do that? My real estate agent was amazing. And I want her to get paid for that.

Debbie DeBerry  28:19  
Yeah, that's awesome. That's, I'm so glad you said that. Because there's there's enough to go around. And everybody can be happy. And everybody can have abundance. And everybody can benefit if you don't have to DIY everything. Like we can have a team that we get to support and we get to work with and they get to do the things that they're great at. So they get to do the things they love and shine at. And you can stay in your lane and do what you love and what you shine at. And it's just a beautiful thing. Oh my gosh. She was right. And yeah, Lee in that crazy how accurate she was. Well, I mean, it was 21 More than that. But she was

Unknown Speaker  29:10  
and that's why she's on my team. Yeah. She She and I found that rental house together a few years ago. And I feel like we made an offer before my husband husband even saw it. I love it. That's the way we work.

Debbie DeBerry  29:27  
He'll be fine. I'll work on Hansel you'll be fine. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  29:33  
She she has a lot of good ideas. Suggestions for paint colors. Yeah, things like that.

Debbie DeBerry  29:39  
Absolutely. Absolutely. And yes. invaluable.

Unknown Speaker  29:44  
The walk in shower. I'm not sure that's something that I would have done without her encouragement. Yep.

Debbie DeBerry  29:51  
Well, it is it came. It was it's so beautiful. The house is so beautiful. It's really cute. It is that Like, you did that, you orchestrated all of that.

Unknown Speaker  30:04  
When I first saw that, that first coat of paint, so after we cleaned it out ourselves, which was no small feat. Oh, I'm sure. After we demoed everything, there were still, you know, it was still I still couldn't see the full vision. But after they had gone through, and put that first coat of paint on after they primered us, I could see it. That's the day I did the video. Uh huh. Yes, that dorky video. It was a Facebook page. I was so excited. And I couldn't believe that it was actually all coming together. And I started to see it. And so I'm really excited.

Debbie DeBerry  30:54  
Yes, I can completely relate to that feeling. It never it never gets old seeing that. The transformation it just like, oh my gosh, the putting back together. Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker  31:10  
Wow. Okay. Little staging stuff that you get to do. Yeah, we took stuff from the house. Just put it here and there. That's one thing I would have done different would have been actually hiring a stager. Things happened really fast there. At the end. I thought I had more time. That didn't happen. I really wanted to buy a refrigerator. That didn't happen. I'll make sure these things happen on the next one.

Debbie DeBerry  31:37  
Yeah. Well, for your first one. Your first learning experience, I think you handled it as well as you cut out like that's just it all. Mean. You from the start from you, before you buy the dang thing. You're all of a sudden drinking a cup of courage and you find your voice. And you're like, This is how it's gonna go.

Unknown Speaker  32:07  
That was my biggest whim. Yeah. Yeah. That and just find in just, I guess, realizing that I can do this thing that I thought was super scary. Yes. I hate to say it, I'm gonna it was almost too easy, Debbie. You make it almost too easy for us. With all the knowledge and all the materials that you have for us and the support in that group? Come on.

Debbie DeBerry  32:41  
Right. Yeah. The group? I mean, just the group is just amazing. Yeah. Oh, my gosh, that is I'm so happy to hear that. I'm so happy to hear that. It doesn't have to be it really doesn't have to be hard and painful. And you know, like this awful thing. But it for many of us, it's just doing that first one already. You just have to do it. You just have to do it. Yeah. Ah, and you did. Okay. So did you guys close in November?

Unknown Speaker  33:21  
Well, we were supposed to close at the end of November. And then there was some strange clause that we didn't know about in New Jersey, where the buyers were they were closing on their the sale of their home and then they were gonna turn around and fund the purchase of this house. Yeah, well, apparently there was a certain amount of time that had to be between those two transactions. It gives the people in New Jersey time to actually change their mind about their purchase. So whoever bought their house could have changed their mind. Oh, wow. I had no idea. I didn't either. The the buyers real estate agent didn't know about that either. Which I thought was crazy. But now we all know now we all know. Yeah, so we closed December 3. Okay, was that was fun for me.

Debbie DeBerry  34:11  
That's so interesting. Yeah. So what did you do to celebrate?

Unknown Speaker  34:20  
What did we do? It was very close to my birthday. And I feel like we celebrated at my birthday. Awesome. went out for a really nice dinner. Nice. I think we celebrated pretty much like before we close close, but I was always Waiting to Exhale if you if you will. Like, I guess I always thought that maybe the other shoe would drop. Yeah. And we closed and that didn't happen and it was just like, I couldn't believe it. Do

Debbie DeBerry  34:52  
we do that to ourselves? Gosh, waiting for the other shoe to drop instead of just

Unknown Speaker  34:58  
just enjoy In the moment, yeah,

Debbie DeBerry  35:01  
it doesn't always drop. Doesn't always drop. Oh my god. I love the story. I'm so glad I was tickled the other day. I got tickled again. I think Sissy and I tagged you in the group or like, podcast interview, podcast interview. Your gift. Oh, my gosh, it got me tickled all over again. That was perfect. Um, okay. Anything we didn't touch on that, about the project or anything?

Unknown Speaker  35:43  
I don't think so. I think we have it all. I think I've gone through all my notes.

Debbie DeBerry  35:48  
What was one or maybe two of your biggest fears before you flip the house? What were your big fears? playing in the background?

Unknown Speaker  36:01  
I was mostly concerned that if we lost money, it it would impact our marriage. And not in a good way. Truth. Yeah.

Debbie DeBerry  36:12  
And your husband was? He's always been on board, right? He wasn't like, No, you can't or No, you shouldn't.

Unknown Speaker  36:21  
No, he's not like that. Yeah. He knows I'm gonna do what I want. Whether he's on board or not, usually. He comes around before we get to that point.

Debbie DeBerry  36:32  
I love it. I

Unknown Speaker  36:33  
love it. He was a little bit more skeptical. Sure. Than me for sure. Yeah. But that's no longer the issue. He definitely has more. More of a numbers and he's more logic kind of mind. Yeah. Than me. I like to see the best in projects and people. Yeah. And so I think we work together pretty well on that. I've, like on the house I was telling you about with the wholesaler I worked with initially that I liked Yes. I went in, and I got an inspection. Paid like $300 for an inspection. Yeah. And that was one thing. He was like, What are you doing? Yeah. Why are you spending this money? Yeah. But in the end, I ended up selling that inspection to the person that bought it. for half price. So I got some of that money back. Yeah. There's always a way to Yeah. to recoup some costs.

Debbie DeBerry  37:39  
Yeah, for sure. And did the inspection results? Did those those make you not want to move forward? Yes. There you go. I mean, there you go. You saved money like by that? Exactly. Yeah. That's so great.

Unknown Speaker  37:57  
What are the when that I'll get out of that is, um, pushed myself out of the comfort zone that I wasn't in, got to talk to this wholesaler realized they weren't so scary, and built a really good relationship with them. And I'm still on their list. I looked at a property of theirs last week. i That's my intention is to work with them again, in the very near future.

Debbie DeBerry  38:23  
Nice. This all again? Yeah. If that's your intention, that's what's going to happen. So there you go. Well, this has been so fun. I'm so glad to hear your story. You know, I don't ever Well, I rarely know the numbers before getting on the on the interview. And so I'm always like a wonder. I wonder, I wonder. And yeah, 45 grand. That's amazing. We'll take good. Yes. And we'll do it again.

Unknown Speaker  38:57  
Thank you for making this easy process for us. You're welcome. You set everything out, lay everything out step by step. And really, you're your only limiting factor. That's for sure.

Debbie DeBerry  39:09  
Say that again, for everyone in the back. Or everyone who close their ears. Right when you said that. It's the truth. It's the truth. It is absolutely the truth. Oh my gosh, if we could just get out of our own way, faster and sooner. But you know what, we all have our own journey. And that's kind of the beauty of it. Really? Yeah. Yeah. Well, this has been lovely. Thank you for sharing your story with us. Thanks for taking time out of your day. I appreciate you. I appreciate you. Thanks, Sabrina. Bye. Tell me you don't want what was in that coffee cup. Right? Not even kidding. Wow. Such a great story. So inspiring. Thanks again, Sabrina, for sharing that with us. And if you listener are still sitting on the sideline, what are you waiting for? It is 100% possible for you to do this for you to chase this dream 100% possible. You've heard countless stories of other women, everyday women on this podcast, doing the thing, you totally can. And if you want to be part of an amazing community that not only do we show you step by step what to do. But you get so much more out of it than just that. You have this big community of women supporting you every single day. Go to her first flip.com schedule a call with us. All right, let's see if we're a fit. This is what we do. It's our specialty. helping women start house flipping businesses that they love. What we do, Alright, until next time, go out there flip houses like a girl. Leave people in places better than you find them and chase your curiosities. Bye