Sept. 8, 2022

Sandra's Journey From Teacher to House Flipper

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Sandra in Florida is one of our awesome FlipSisters in our Coaching Program. 

She's a recently retired teacher and shares her journey through her first two flips with us.  And she has a fantastic message for teachers! 

In this episode, she shares:

  • How she found her flips
  • How she financed them
  • How she handled any challenges that came up
  • Two big "a-ha" moments 
  • Her biggest lessons learned
  • The transferable skills from teaching to flipping

 ...and of course, so much more!

You do not want to miss it!


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Debbie DeBerry | The Flipstress®
Leaving people and places better than we find them.

Unknown Speaker 0:01 You're listening to the flip houses like a girl podcast where we educate, empower and celebrate everyday women who are facing their fears juggling family and business, embracing their awesomeness and wholeheartedly chasing their dream of flipping houses. Each episode delivers honest to goodness tools, tips and strategies you can implement today to get closer to your first or next successful house flip. Here's your spiky hair to breakfast taco loving host house flipping coach Debbie DeBerry? Hey, Debbie DeBerry 0:41 thanks for hanging out with us. Today's episode is with our flip sister Sandra in Florida. She's taking us on her journey from being a school teacher, middle school teacher of all, and taking us from there through her first couple of flips. And she's got an important message for teachers. And she shares her lessons from her first couple of flips. And we just have a really great conversation. I know I say it every time because it's true. So we're going to talk to Sandra, she's going to tell us how she found the properties, how she financed them any issues that came up what she would do differently. Her big lessons learned and what she wants other beginners on this journey to know. All right, let's meet Sandra. We want to start with introducing yourself. Let us know a little bit about you like what's your background? Where are you located? That sort of thing. That's always interesting to hear. Unknown Speaker 1:49 All right. Well, I'm Sandra. I'm from Tampa, Florida. I was born and raised here. They're about 10 natives here. But at any rate, before I started flipping, I was a middle school teacher for 16 years, taught science. I like you know, it was good. It was good. While I was a good gig for a while. Before that I was how did I get into teaching? Oh, I was a recreation director for this. city of Orlando cool for doing programming for special needs children and adults, which I really enjoyed that a lot. But that I ended up moving back to Tampa, after a few years anyway. And then before that, I just was kind of a I don't want to say just a stay at home mom, because that was my full time job was at home. Debbie DeBerry 2:43 Got it. Okay, nice. So you did that 16 years you were a middle school teacher. Unknown Speaker 2:48 Yeah. So right after the pandemic. So in Florida, we weren't as strict as other states, it was kind of a free for all. But at the very beginning toward the last part of the school year, we did virtually and that was fine. But my husband and I talked about it, he has asthma. And we still really didn't. It was still at the beginning were a lot of unknown. So we decided I would take a personal leave for a year. So I did that. I did fine. Enjoyed it. i But let me backtrack a little bit before that. I really was not happy. I don't want to say I was unhappy. It was fine. It was fine. Yeah, I didn't hate it. But I didn't love it. It wasn't exciting. I mean, I did at the beginning. But at any rate, so I had been getting ideas on where I wanted to go my career to go in. And so at any rate, after shortly after this was 2020 a lot of things happen my father passed away is unexpectedly as it can be when somebody's 90 So so that was hard. My mother has passed passed away 13 years ago. So I'd have no parents anymore. So you're right. In my mid 50s, it's still anyway, yeah. So but he was very accomplished. And I really thought you know, I need to do I want to do something I really like or love. Like he he was very passionate about what he did his whole life. And anyway, I was just toying with things. And I decided, and I was like 1000s millions of other people thinking you had to have money to start this. So then I was going to take a second year, personally, but they said I couldn't. So that's where I had to like, Okay, well, I the thought of like going back in the classroom was just I couldn't do it. So. So then it was like, Okay, I'm gonna get into real estate The decision may so I, you know, it's one of those you don't know what you don't know, though, you know, I knew I have a pretty good eye, you know for taste to be kind of I don't know if generics are word but neutral. I know the neighborhoods very well in Tampa what people are looking for, but the money aspect of it. So I just went on MLS and I was working with a buyer's agent and I found the house, it was super cute. And I was kind of like, I want it, I want it. You know, I wasn't even thinking, you know that you make money on the purchase, right? You know, I thought it was okay, I'll make it pretty quick acute, which it was beautiful. I was so pleased with it. And it took a while because I didn't have you know, I was using personal money. So I didn't have huge payments every month I had to worry about. So it took me about six months. And this is all pre pre Debbie. So I got that done. Just use my contractor I've used on personal things. So honestly, I don't know if I made money because I would like come in and like crawl around my car grabbing receipts and just kind of like, Oh, I just gave it to my husband like here can you like so it was very, you know, in some I bought some capital improvements, like I bought a miter saw and a couple things like that. So I don't think I lost any money, really, but Unknown Speaker 6:36 I don't know. But it was super cute. Unknown Speaker 6:40 You know, I learned a ton. And I learned that. I don't know. So. And I don't know how it came across you if it popped up and feeds or podcasts. But anyway, you know, I was just I knew I needed something and your attitude towards it was great. I liked it. It was women because it is, you know, pretty much male dominated. So so then I took your course and I bought my second Debbie DeBerry 7:13 project. Awesome. Let's talk about that. When do you have the hope you have the numbers on that one? Yeah. Surely, surely you pick that up in the program? Okay, how did you find how did you find this one? Unknown Speaker 7:30 So I got some names of some contractors from other people. And one of the contractors I had been talking to. I asked him if I could go and look at one of his projects. And I did and I thought, okay, you know, this is something I could work with. And then he, we were talking on the phone after that. And he said, Oh, I have a house. It needs some work. But if you want to look at it, you know, it's a great location. So I, I just kind of hemmed and hawed for a while. And I don't know if people say him been hot anymore, but I waited. I Debbie DeBerry 8:11 do. I think it's a really, I think it's appropriate. So yeah. Unknown Speaker 8:15 So, you know, week later, I was like, Okay, I'm gonna do it. So I call him he's like, now it's too late, too late. But I have a friend. She's a realtor, and she has some condos. She's trying to get rid of or get rid of sell. So I gave her a call. And it was, I guess, a pocket listing maybe. And so it's in a super hot area, it'd be just really super hot. So I looked at it, it was, you know, is a townhouse so there's not like a lot of structural things, but it had been a rental and it was just disaster, you know, it had been cleaned out, but just everything had filled them, you know, neglected repairs, which led to other things, though. So I, I bought that one. Debbie DeBerry 9:08 Nice. Okay, so that was a pocket listing from a realtor. You got their name from the contractor that you were awesome. I love it. I love it. This is why it's so important to have conversations with people. Okay, what was the purchase price of that? Unknown Speaker 9:25 201 Okay. And I actually, after my first deal, my brother wanted to kind of dip his toe into everything. So we kind of partnered he put in a little, a little money, but it was mainly a cash deal. Debbie DeBerry 9:43 Okay, so you mostly used your own cash to fund it? The purchase right? Unknown Speaker 9:47 Okay. Right, which I kind of flip flop with that because part of me thought I'm not going to use my money anymore because I don't know why I just didn't think I should but then the interest rate As I'm like, why am I gonna pay 6% on my money is only getting like 1% in the bank. So it's my money. Debbie DeBerry 10:08 Hey, you know what it puts money to work right however, can like if your money's producing income? That's that's the whole point. Yeah, right. Okay, so you use your own cash your brother partnered with you a little bit or invested a little bit in it. Yeah. All right, so 201 And what were you thinking was going to be the renovation? Like, what were you estimating was going to be the budget? Unknown Speaker 10:34 I use the labor thing I 27,000. Debbie DeBerry 10:38 Okay, and how did that come out? It Unknown Speaker 10:41 was like 26,500. So it's pretty close. Okay, Debbie DeBerry 10:45 fantastic. And were there any major surprises? Unknown Speaker 10:52 Well, it was kind of like the one thing I overlooked when I was using the deal analyzer and doing like comps, and this was like, a huge thing out now I know. But that was looking at all the comps in the areas and they were like, 299 300 and mine, you know, I was like, Okay, great. Yeah. Three, hundreds, good. same location, same school football. What I overlooked was they all had garages. Yeah, I had, you know, out to you know, live it was right in front of the door, but the fact of the matter is, it was not a garage. Debbie DeBerry 11:29 Yeah. Isn't that interesting? The nuances are so important. Unknown Speaker 11:34 Yeah. So that kinda was an unpleasant surprise when I realized the ARV wasn't what I had originally thought it would be. Okay. Debbie DeBerry 11:43 What Okay, so what did you originally think? Unknown Speaker 11:46 I thought it would be like 290 to 95. Okay. Debbie DeBerry 11:51 And how long was how long did it take you guys to do the renovation? I feel like it was really fast. It Unknown Speaker 11:59 Well, I could go out. He's okay. nother learning experiences. You know, he said, Oh, it only take like three weeks, which made sense to me, because it really did not. It was just cosmetics. But it took six weeks. So but I was pretty hands off on this when in fact I was out of town. No, no, no, I didn't go to town to after that. But it was six weeks. And I kind of had to get after him a little bit. Because it was the actual contractors partner. And so there wasn't the one I talked to But at any rate. In my in my mind, I kind of got the feeling that maybe they had a bigger project. They were focusing on probably, but it's frustrating, frustrating as it was, I will say he was he never ghosted me, he always responded. And so, you know, there was that? Yeah, that makes sense. And my realtor knew him. So she kinda got on him a little bit. So, but it took six weeks. Debbie DeBerry 13:02 And okay, so you were initially thinking to 90 to 95, six weeks later you go to put it on the market and work. Is that when you realized, oh, no, I think our ARV is not that or when did you realize Unknown Speaker 13:18 it was probably a few weeks? And so I was thinking at that point to 75. Okay. I wanted to actually listed for 277. Okay. And then the realtor, I worked with the same realtor who bought it for me. She said, Now I really think she's 69 Nine, and we'll get multiple offers. I was like, Okay, great. Yeah, and sure enough. I had probably eight offers. And it there were a couple that were interesting. One was from ribbon financing. That one was hurt. That was through 290. But the problem was they were using FHA. And I wasn't at the 90 day mark. So Right. So I thought about waiting. And then she said, Well, you never know what people are going to do. They may find something better and you know, so it's like okay, so I went with one at 283 So it's like bird in the hand. Yes. And then after the inspection which in Florida I think you have I gave her inspection period for whatever reason she knew this going in that the air ham the air handler inside was newer than the one outside and they were fine actually had Mr. Frosty come out and I only hired him because I liked the name Mr. Frosty names. They came out clean it set up. Yeah, it's fine. But for whatever reason it was her first time she got cold feet. She backed out. Oh gosh. I And so we put it back on the market. At this point, the markets kind of getting a little a little iffy. Debbie DeBerry 15:08 So was this in what may? Yeah, okay. Unknown Speaker 15:12 This, this was a May, this time, I mean, I'm on a vacation in Europe. So I'm having to like email WhatsApp going back and forth with the realtor. And I'd actually toyed with the idea of selling it myself. But thank goodness, I had you guys to steer me astray. So put it back on the market. This time, I didn't get quite as many offers, they weren't quite as strong. No waived inspections, they, there were some appraisal contingencies, but not as high. So this one I went with was 280 with a 3000. appraisal contingency. Like, okay, great. Okay, that was, I think it was cash or then no, the realtor called New or solid financing, because she talked to the bank, you know, she like, this is good. So am I okay. So then the appraisal comes back. It appraised at 270. So they would only go to 273. So at this point, though, the markets, I don't know what the markets gonna do, I could already see just between the first and the second, you know, they were getting not as strong, not as many. So I just went with I ended up going with that. And that was fine and ended up closing no real issues. So we I bought it on March 4 and closed on June 7, Debbie DeBerry 16:42 nice three months, basically, what did your profit end up being? Unknown Speaker 16:46 22,003 54? Nice. So part of me is like, well, it wasn't 10%. But then I think, you know, my goal was to make what I made teaching, which was this was about what I would make teaching but I spent a month on vacation with no lesson plans to make, Debbie DeBerry 17:04 right. I mean, seriously, you're on vacation in Europe, and you're making $22,000 profit. I think that's a pretty nice life. And Unknown Speaker 17:14 it was quick. It really was not a long deal. So anyway, I'm happy with it. And then the 16th I just closed on my next project. Okay. I'm doing now, Debbie DeBerry 17:27 is it um, is it another condo or is it a house? Unknown Speaker 17:32 I know it's a house and I got this went through a wholesaler, okay? That we've been, he's just been sending me stuff all the time. So. And this was the one I was kind of pleased with that I kind of talked him down a little bit. Yes. Because I just told him I, the numbers didn't work. I said, you know, it's a great house. It's really cute, although it's just not quite as great as I thought. But anyway. But But, um, you know, I said the numbers don't work. And he's like, Oh, are you using like bigger pockets? I said, Oh, now. And I kind of pulled it up on my phone real quick and just kind of ran through it. He was like, Okay, I said, so. Yeah, it doesn't work. So he said, there's another investor, I don't know what he's doing. I said, Well, I'm sure he doesn't want it, you're gonna come down, give me a call. And, you know, like, two hours later, he called me. And he they wanted to 72 Unknown Speaker 18:29 to 72. Unknown Speaker 18:34 But the deal analyzer told me 261 850 So he came back at 265. I said, Now I said, really the most I can do is put it out there. I can do 261 850 That's it. And he was like, I don't think we're gonna make enough money or any, any money. Like they're not gonna make any money. But anyhow, let me talk to my manager field. Let me and I just like the car dealership, manager. But he comes back. He's like, okay, that works. So that was good. That's awesome. It was good. And there's like two really good things about one my closing costs were $500 Because they cover it all. And I don't need it even on the even on the close the auto statement. I don't think I even saw it on there. But I don't know. Debbie DeBerry 19:25 That's not That's unusual. That's not uncommon. Unknown Speaker 19:29 Yes. So that save the time. Yeah. Debbie DeBerry 19:32 I'm impressed that you got net worth to come down. And what if that much and that you didn't have to pay all the closing costs we have to pay, so I'm super impressed. That's amazing. Okay, so tell us about this one. What are you tell us about the house. Unknown Speaker 19:52 So it says I did my little analyzer for ZIP code. So this was like number two in the county. Like it's a three bedroom two bath 19 I think it's built in 1958 Oh, nice. I don't like that. So it has galvanized plumbing. So I got to make a decision about that if I just want to make do with what I have or dig deep and pay for replumb. So yeah, weighing that one out. But they kind of have like a mid century modern vibe. I think I posted on there I was torn between the terrazzo floors or LBP so I think I'm gonna hold out for trousers if he saw another listing that there terrazzo floors were polished up and when they're polished up and shiny, they're, they're beautiful. These are Unknown Speaker 20:40 I think they're awesome. A little one, Unknown Speaker 20:43 like, the colors and all that the condition is fine or no cracks or anything like that. So I'm just gonna go with it. Worst case scenario is I get it done. I don't like it. And I just put something over it because you can just put anything on it. Yeah, so hopefully I'll have to do that. Hopefully I'll love it when it's all done. Debbie DeBerry 21:03 Is it the same contractor? Unknown Speaker 21:04 No, no, I'm doing I'm kind of doing a little of it myself a little bit of like, there's one wall is I 99.9% sure it's not load bearing but I'm not brave enough to like knock it down. So I the first contractor I used I asked him to come in and give me a bid for that. And then there was one other thing I have two giant jalousie windows like floor to ceiling jalousie window. Yeah. So I'm going to take two of them, actually, there are three but the two in their front are like right next to each other. So he gave me a bid to to take those out and just put in a picture window. And then the other one, I'm going to take it out, but then make it a regular, not floor to ceiling window. Got it. And then the door in the kitchen. I'm going to close off because there's another door that goes to the backyard. So that gives me because the kitchen is small, but that gives me more space. Unknown Speaker 22:07 Yeah, yeah. Debbie DeBerry 22:08 Nice. What are you thinking your budget is on this? Unknown Speaker 22:12 I have 47,000. Okay. Debbie DeBerry 22:18 And what's your what's your timeframe? Unknown Speaker 22:26 I put down from beginning to end four months. Because once I get that wall down, that's like, the only big thing Yeah. But you know, the markets slowing so it may go a little bit longer than four but the actual Reno stuff, I think. Two months. Unknown Speaker 22:44 Okay, nice. Debbie DeBerry 22:47 So you're using the contractor for some stuff, and then you're subbing out some other stuff. And then you're okay, got it. Now, what what are you guys thinking for ARV? Unknown Speaker 22:57 375? Debbie DeBerry 22:59 Nice. How did you finance this one? Unknown Speaker 23:03 I use my own money. Okay. Yeah, no, no, I take that back. My aunt, oh, is a private money lender. She's lending me some money. And then my husband too. He's like, you know, now that he can see I'm not losing money. Because if you have some money set, you know, like mine, they can 1% Right. So on a good day, that my aunt's giving me a better rate than my husband, so I don't know. But yeah, so they're doing that. And then I have some. Okay, got it. It's about half and half half mine half borrowed. Debbie DeBerry 23:41 That'll be good. Yeah, I'll be we'll be watching. We'll be watching for some updates on that one in the group. Any major lessons learned so far? Unknown Speaker 23:51 Let me think on this one. Well, I did learn that even though my brother and I did great, I don't I think I don't like having a partner. Like I don't mean that in a bad way. But just everything I wanted to do. And I got a call is that okay? And get out. Oh, so he was involved. He wanted to kind of learn what's what it's all about. He also learned he felt it was more stressful than he wanted. So he's not he didn't want to do it again. Yeah, Debbie DeBerry 24:23 you know, it's a that's actually a really good lesson for some people. I mean, honestly, because for some people, being a private money lender is their bet like an offer out of out of sight is best for them because they cannot handle the surprises that come up. Like it freaks them out. And they can't, they can't think like they don't make quick decisions. It it really is very stressful for them. I've partnered with one of them before and I've been I was just like, Nope, I'm not doing that ever again. Yeah, it was like there was so much energy that had to go into me managing that person's emotions, and trying to problem solve all the stuff. I was like, I can't I can't handle all of this like, project and like, you got to go figure out your stuff. Maybe talk to your therapist, because you're freaking out about things that like, this isn't. This is nothing if this is freaking you out. Unknown Speaker 25:23 I know, I know it was bothering him a whole lot, but maybe just you know, I was a middle school teacher. So Debbie DeBerry 25:31 that age group would be my last one I would choose because I was so bullied by middle schoolers there. They are going into my son's school. I still am like, Oh my god. Unknown Speaker 25:41 Oh my god. That's a top nobody know. And if you find this person, let me know. But I've never met anybody that I've loved Middle School. It was so awesome. They love Canada. I love my first grade teacher, my fifth grade, or I loved high school. Middle school. And I love first Debbie DeBerry 26:00 everyone is such as hormonal mess. It's awful. Yes. Sorry about that tangent. Okay, so I Unknown Speaker 26:10 can handle stress. Yeah, exactly. So I did learn that I did learn that I need to look for make sure I'm looking at garages and carports that kind of thing. Right? Debbie DeBerry 26:23 Those nuances, right? Yeah, for this one. Unknown Speaker 26:28 I don't think I I mean, the plumbing was I knew it would be older plumbing. So because you don't really get an inspection and the walls were closed, so I really couldn't see anything. So that was a little bit of a gamble. But um, but it doesn't have to get replumbed you know, I think he's just trying to, so I got to talk to a couple other plumbers. So it's not 100% like the from the road to the house. That one That one's fine. It's just like in the walls, like in the showers. Debbie DeBerry 27:01 So Gotcha. Is it a three to three bedroom, two bath or what is it? Unknown Speaker 27:05 Yeah, it's a three, two. So it's not like a lot of plumbing either. So yeah. So anyway, we'll see. I'll get another another opinion and take it from there. Nice. Oh, and then the other thing is, I learned is, I've always done this, but this really was super important is that, you know, just meeting the neighbors. It I like it the townhouse. I knew the people next door, Joe and Tracy and they filled me in on everything. And they were great. In fact, he does hauling so that was good to learn. So he hauled some stuff for me. But then at this house, I was talking to Henry next door. And I have her name written down. I can't quite remember it. But we were chatting and kinda like who lives where? And she said, Oh, yeah, I'm that house behind you. It's she cuts the grass. But she hasn't lived there for two years. She got sick. And now she lives with her daughter. So I'm like. So I'm gonna wait a little bit and then ask her if she knows her daughter's phone number, right and seeing what becomes that? Well, Debbie DeBerry 28:13 at least they're mowing. My most recent project, they moved the mom out like three or four years ago, and they're not mowing. So I mow the portion that connects to my grass. My crew mow that and I'm so tempted to mow their main yard because it's getting kind of unruly now. Um, but yeah, but Unknown Speaker 28:42 yeah, so this this neighborhood is it's kind of a little pocket and transitional type neighborhood kind of gentrifying, but this little pocket, they're just older homes, but they all have taken pride in their homes. And that's kind of that house behind me. It's it's purple. But it's nicely done. They keep the you know, like I said, yard mowed. It's very attractive. So and that's what I'm finding with this home too, with. Its older, but it's not like junk. You know, it wasn't chunked out or anything just older too. So. Anyway, I'm gonna see if I can get in that one. Debbie DeBerry 29:25 Yeah, yeah. It sounds like you've got a good one you're working on now? Unknown Speaker 29:29 Yeah, yeah, I'm excited about it. So my backup or actually, I'm not 100% sure what I want to do because I'm running the numbers on having a midterm rental. Yeah. And actually, I kinda am having trouble and this might be a better for the q&a phone call is on the analyzer. Like if you only borrow some money and and then when you refi you just need to, I don't know, it's because like some of the money I need to pay back to my aunt but if I refi I, you know, are those numbers I use or you know, that whole thing? Because I need to get enough out to pay her back? And my husband, right. But I don't need all of it. Debbie DeBerry 30:12 Right? Yeah. So it'd be the ARB, whatever it would be like, whatever 300k just using a random number. And if the lender lends up to 80%, might be 75 might be 70. But if they lend up to 80%, then that's, you know, you're left with the 240. And as long as that pays everybody off, Unknown Speaker 30:33 so So when I'm doing it when it says like purchase price is the loan and all that I would just put in that I'm using alone. Debbie DeBerry 30:42 And then you just run it as two separate? Yeah, one is the flip. One is the rental and that way it keeps it separate. And also helps you understand, do the numbers even work on this. And I really like the rental comparison spreadsheet. I use that one a lot. I really liked that one, because it's just like, okay, cool. This shows all three rental strategies. And you know, which one makes more sense? Unknown Speaker 31:07 Yeah. Well, in Tampa, you don't have to have a permit. If it's something over 30 days. Yeah. Debbie DeBerry 31:12 See, that's why I like midterm. Yeah, in Austin. There's short term rentals that ship sailed years ago. As an investor. Yeah, you can have it on your personal residence, but not as an investor. Unknown Speaker 31:25 Okay, yeah, they're pretty hot here. But I think Austin and Tampa are kind of similar in their markets. Debbie DeBerry 31:33 Yeah, those those metro areas are doing the same thing. So people go out to like, cities like right around the core, where there's not as tight of the regulation. And there's still demand. Yeah, it's crazy. Unknown Speaker 31:48 Yeah. So anyway, that's about it. As far as where I'm at now. Debbie DeBerry 31:54 Yeah. Was there anything that we didn't touch on that you wanted to touch on? Unknown Speaker 31:58 You know, I think a key thing, you know, but you say it all the time, it just stick to your numbers. And sometimes you walk away. And sometimes it works out anyway, that and I've also learned that the more I learned about paint colors, the harder it is to make a decision. Like it used to be just a white paint. No. Oh, what about the undertones? And Debbie DeBerry 32:23 oh, my gosh, right. There are 1000s of shades of white. Yeah, Unknown Speaker 32:29 that's a lot of stress. They're trying to do it myself. But it'll be fine. Yeah, you know, yeah. And then, one other thing, too, that I kind of was flattered. And then I kind of had to think Yeah, but like, probably three people have said, it does take some guts to just do it. You know, so throw your hat in the ring. So that kind of made me feel good. Like the people view me that way. Debbie DeBerry 32:59 It's huge. It takes huge guts to do it. Yes. Unknown Speaker 33:05 So it's nice to hear it from somebody else. But yeah, there's one other thing if there are other other teachers out there, because when I was thinking about leaving, teaching me poor actually laughed, I thought, Okay, what is it I like about the job, and I really enjoyed the lesson planning. I really love you know, there's so much data, I love crunching the data. And you know, I liked it. It's different every day and dealing, like, flipping deal with data flipping you do like planning you deal with people. It's almost like it's the same thing minus students. No, Debbie DeBerry 33:45 you're totally right. It's exactly what y'all have been doing. Yeah, Unknown Speaker 33:49 I think teachers just discount A lot of times, what they're doing is like, legit, you know, translates into the real the real world, you know, you know, lesson planning is project planning. Debbie DeBerry 34:04 100%. So that's huge. I love that. I love that you made those parallels, because I think it's really important. Well, also, I think a lot of teachers don't see that they add value, because they're not paid in a way that shows them they add value. Unknown Speaker 34:20 Right. And the attitudes. Yeah, that is public. Yeah. Debbie DeBerry 34:24 Yeah. And I know for sure, since COVID. I mean, that's just that's just a whole different beast in itself. Yeah. Well, thank you. Thanks for hanging out with me. And thanks for sharing your, your part of your journey with us. Unknown Speaker 34:38 Well, thank you too. And I keep saying you don't just flip houses, you're flipping our lives. So thank you. Debbie DeBerry 34:44 That's huge. That's awesome. Because like, the whole mindset, you know, that's, that's what it's about. It is 100% what it's about. So, I'm in the process of writing a book. And it's it Is that? Because it's true? It's it's not the house is great like that renovation that transformation. Fantastic. I care about the person because that's the transformation. We're like, that's the big one. Because that translates into every part of your life. Every little part. Yep. Absolutely. Yeah. Thank you so much, Sandra. Thanks for hanging out. I'm so glad you're here. All right. Well, Unknown Speaker 35:23 thank you. Keep us posted on your current project. All right. Thanks. All right. Bye. Bye. Debbie DeBerry 35:29 I just loved it. Thanks so much. Again, Sandra. I loved your messaging directed at teachers in particular. Because, well, for so many reasons. Thank you for speaking to teachers. Such wise words, such great insight you shared. And just thanks for taking us along on your journey. Awesome. All right. Now, if you are sitting on the sideline, and you don't want to be on the sideline, but you're scared, or you have no idea what you're doing. You don't even know the first thing to do. I'll tell you what that is. Go to her first and schedule a call with us. And let's just see where you are, where we are. And if those two things fit right now. All right. We walk you through all the things. We also have an incredible community that is just priceless. All right. Until next time, go out there. flip houses like a girl. Leave people in places better than you find them and make it a great day. Thanks, y'all.