April 29, 2021

Small Town Flipping Domination With Wendy Scribner

Wendy and her wife, Syndee, have purchased (or are in the process of purchasing) 8 flip properties since joining our coaching program last July! This includes a commercial property!

Some common excuses I hear from women as to why they can't do this house flipping thing they want to do so badly: 

"My town is too small to do this in, Debbie!"
"My city is too big to do this in, Debbie!"

Many of us will tell ourselves excuses such as these. Excuses help us feel better about being on the sideline and not really chasing our dream.

And yet there is loads of evidence all around us in all sizes of markets of people successfully buying, renovating and selling houses.

Psst... it has nothing to do with the size of your town, city, metroplex, etc.

Excuses are reasons we give ourselves to stay comfortable. If we have excuses and reasons as to why this won't work, then we don't have to get uncomfortable, and we don't have to go do the things that make us feel vulnerable. 

In other words, we can avoid the scary things.  And stay in our little bubble where we know what to expect and it's full of certainty.

Hard pass.

I'll take Wendy's route and make things happen!


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