Oct. 27, 2021

Teresa's First Flip to STR in Another State

You know just one of the wonderful things about real estate investing? You are not limited to your local market. You can buy, renovate and sell or rent houses in any darn city and state you please!

This conversation is with Teresa one of our FlipSisters in our Coaching Program who recently completed her first flip to short term rental and is currently in the process of her first flips to sell. 

She lives in Houston but her flips are in Arkansas. She holds rental properties in 3 cities, none of which she lives in. 

In this episode we'll discuss:

  • The key thing you MUST DO to effectively manage contractors, subs, vendors, or anyone you're working with 
  • Ignoring everyone who says otherwise and flip houses if you want to flip houses
  • 2 things about YOU that are important on this journey
  • The numbers on her first flip to rent: purchase price, rehab amount, current value
  • The challenges she faced on her first flip to rent
  • The numbers on her current flips to sell

...and so much more! Like, the solution for all problems: blue painter's tape (ha!) 


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Unknown Speaker  0:01  
You're listening to the flip houses Lego girl podcast where we educate, empower and celebrate everyday women who are facing their fears juggling family and business, embracing their awesomeness and wholeheartedly chasing their dream of flipping houses. Each episode delivers honest to goodness tool, tips and strategies you can implement today to get closer to your first or next successful house flip. Here's your spiky haired breakfast taco loving host house flipping coach Debbie DeBerry?

Debbie DeBerry  0:39  
Hey, how's it going today? Thanks for hanging out with us for a little bit. I'm excited to share my recent conversation with one of our flip sisters. Her name is Teresa. She's in the Houston area. However, she has short term rentals, not in the Houston area ones in Colorado, ones in Arkansas. And she is flipping houses not in the Houston area. She's flipping in Arkansas. So this is going to be a fun conversation super informative. PR huge. And I can't wait to dive into this with you. So let's do it. Let's jump in. We're going to talk about her past projects, her current projects and a part of her journey. And it's going to the two things that I was left with are the two things that I reiterate in every single episode. So it's always nice when someone else goes on here and says the same things. Because these are the things that we need to be concerned with. All right. All right. So let's get into it. Let's hear what Teresa has to say. Tell me a little bit about you where you are a little bit about your background. First of all, thank you for sharing part of your story with us. It's gonna inspire people and you have no idea. We get new students often who have listened to the podcast, and they heard the let us know. I heard so and so on the podcast, and it made me feel like I can do this. And I'm ready to jump in. Let's go. So

Unknown Speaker  2:27  
it's awesome. That fired me.

Debbie DeBerry  2:31  
Oh my gosh, you came from the podcast too. I didn't know. That's amazing. It makes me teary.

Unknown Speaker  2:36  
I love it. About me. So I'm graduated from Texas State. So I'm familiar with that area that sorry about my husband. We have two kids. Our oldest is a senior in high school. Our youngest is a freshman. So actually when we're empty nesters, like in three years, I think we might move into that property in Austin because we love it there. And I started off teaching once my kids got in school. I did that for a few years. And I'm too much of the like Control Freak perfectionist to be in the classroom. I love the kids. I was like, Hey guys, I'm teaching a lesson here. They didn't want to talk about US history. So I did that for a few years. And then pharmaceutical sales for 10 years. Oh, got it until April of this year.

Debbie DeBerry  3:20  
Oh wow. What company were you with? The Salix

Unknown Speaker  3:23  
it's ouch health. They bought out. That was the GI fi. So for 10 years. And and I liked it but okay, tomorrow's my 40th birthday. And I'm a big thank you and like writing down your goals every year. After that, and if you write them down, they're more likely to happen. So one of my goals was retire from pharma before I'm 40 and split my first house before I'm 40. So like those were my big goals. And I'm five weeks into an eight week flips, so I haven't completed it. I did the short term rental flips short term. Yeah. Um, but that was a huge step. And honestly, I really attribute like making that cuz it's scary. And I made decent money.

Debbie DeBerry  4:15  
Yes, yes. Right.

Unknown Speaker  4:19  
Yeah, I just I was like, I didn't I didn't want it was so stressful. Tuesday night, numbers night, and you're ranked stock ranked every single week. And I'm competitive and you know, when you're on top, it's fun and like you enjoy it and everything's awesome, but it's not sustainable.

Debbie DeBerry  4:38  
Right? Yeah, it's hard to be on top all the time. Yes. It's exhausting. It's almost impossible. Yes.

Unknown Speaker  4:46  
What I always build myself to try and get there because you see your name and like you always want to be like, on the top. So I really stressful and probably not great for my health. Um, but yeah, so I just really started to get this firm vision of like what I really wanted to do. And part of that was listening to your podcasts. And like your message of, like doing it, like a girl really resonated, because so much one of my husband's best friends is a commercial real estate. And he's like, No, I Why would you ever quit fails? Like you're doing great. And he's like, Well, why don't you do? Like, if you like decorating or designing? Why don't you be a decorator? I'm like, no money and not like, I'm still like, competitive. I want to make some money. And that's what I want to do. Or then like when I started, kind of, like, making more steps towards it was like, Well, why don't you wholesale? Oh, God. I'm like, that's still not what I want to do. So like listening to you and hearing about that, like, really made me take that stuff. And in April of this year, I resigned, I created my LLC. I'm not like, it's, it's great. And it's freeing. And it's nerve wracking. But it's exciting.

Debbie DeBerry  6:02  
I love that so much. That is awesome. Yeah, I mean, seriously, keep telling me one more time what I should be doing and how I should do it. And I mean, come on. Oh, I love hearing what resonates with people. So that's yeah, thanks for sharing that. And

Unknown Speaker  6:19  
testing in your question yourself. And like I've, I've done well, so far. What Why would I think they would fail at this. So that was,

Debbie DeBerry  6:27  
exactly you'll be okay. Yes, things are gonna come up. Yeah. It's not always gonna be fun. Yeah, it's not as glamorous as we think it's gonna be all the time. But you'll be okay. Yeah, yeah. That he that's huge, especially with women. It's huge, the self trust, because we're not taught to do that. Like, that's not inherently how we act. So we have to remind ourselves of that. Okay, so, you. Alright, so you mentioned that you have a long term rental in Austin. And then, and y'all bought that just wait, did you you didn't live here. You just bought it because you like Austin? Okay, cool. And

Unknown Speaker  7:12  
bought anything in Houston, except for we live in Cypress. If we're going to get out as soon as I'm here. So I was like, this is just part of the deal, like we're gonna have. And my husband is from Copperas Cove area. And before that, me he was like, I'm never living in Houston. And here we are. So

Debbie DeBerry  7:31  
but because you're in medical and you were in pharmaceutical sales. That's why you were in Houston.

Unknown Speaker  7:35  
That Well, my family was from here. So they are grandparents.

Debbie DeBerry  7:40  
So Got it. Got it. Okay, so you bought the long term rental. You didn't do much to that. And then you bought a short term rental in near Breckenridge and didn't do too much to that. So when did you buy that one? That short term rental?

Unknown Speaker  7:59  
Two and a half years ago? So yeah, it was like, two years ago, and then we bought Austin like two years after that. So yeah, I mean, sorry.

Debbie DeBerry  8:07  
Two years before that, Austin?

Unknown Speaker  8:10  
Yeah. Okay. Four years. Two years. Two. Yeah. So yeah. Okay. We're on a two year track.

Debbie DeBerry  8:16  
I liked it. I liked it. Yeah, I sense that. Um, the cycles are important. Okay. The wine in near Breckenridge, you bought that because you like to vacation there. And y'all were there one time and y'all were just looking at real estate as we do because we're obsessed with houses everywhere we go.

Unknown Speaker  8:35  
Yeah. My kids mountain bike and my husband mountain bikes. So and we ski and snowboard. So it's in the summertime, you can mount bike and then in the winter time, you can ski and snowboard so very cool that that was a great investment.

Debbie DeBerry  8:54  
Deal. Get to use it. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  8:56  
we're going up every year for Christmas. Usually twice a year. Okay, good. Good. Someone else is paying for us to vacation there, which is amazing.

Debbie DeBerry  9:04  
It's crazy, right? Yeah. Um, I bet that So you bought that two years ago? Nice. Okay. Which I mean, it's still it's still not inexpensive, but it's not as expensive as it is now. Um, how is Do you know what your cash flowing there?

Unknown Speaker  9:26  
We're making about 50 a year now.

Debbie DeBerry  9:30  
That's amazing. profiting. 50k. That's awesome. I assume that somebody else is managing it is somebody else fully managing it. Like,

Unknown Speaker  9:42  
my husband does all the contact with the guests. And then we have someone that does the turnovers, but that's it.

Debbie DeBerry  9:49  
That's awesome. So you don't you're not paying a property management company. Awesome. Yep. Okay. I think it's having well what I've experienced is Having a house cleaning crew and have some sort of like handy repair service, right that you can call when the little plumbing thing happy things happen or whatever the towel bar gets ripped off the wall and whatever happens,

Unknown Speaker  10:16  
like a plumber or something, but we have to see. I don't even know. Bryce even tells me when we have to, like, happen where we've had any issues. So we've been fortunate.

Debbie DeBerry  10:27  
Okay, so then Alright, so that was two years ago. So then you recently bought now I see. Okay, I'm seeing the trend of mountain biking community. Yeah, because that area. Super cool. eautiful

Unknown Speaker  10:44  
Beautiful. Love it. It's gorgeous. It's so pretty and outdoorsy, which we don't have in Houston. Awesome. Like that. That's why we like Austin to

Debbie DeBerry  10:55  
see that's interesting. Like, I feel like in Houston, we all have a lot of trails, and we don't have very many, but I know it's not really mountain biking trails, like just because they're crushed granite trails. That's not very fun for a mountain biker. Okay, so y'all bought the house in? What city?

Unknown Speaker  11:17  
It's in Bella Vista, which is like five miles from Bentonville, which Walmart headquarters, not why we bought, but it's just a super cool town with good restaurants and bars and mountain bike trails everywhere. That Bella Vista has lakes. And it's just gorgeous. It's the Ozarks. And we looked for a property out there for a while and we put three offers on different houses. And one of them I just fell in love with it was gorgeous. And like literally in your backyard. There was like a waterfall. And I was like not to get this house 12 offers in, like 24 hours. Or something ridiculous. I think we offered like 40 over or something like we weren't even that comfortable. But we're like we have to get this house on. We didn't get it. Um, but we met someone in Bentonville when we stayed at her Airbnb. She's door b&b. And she was like, Look, I I know this realtor, and he found an off the market lake house. And I'm like this. And so that's how we got this.

Debbie DeBerry  12:27  
Oh my god, that's amazing. Okay, so she connected you with a realtor who had at the time, he had an off market listing or y'all have kept in touch with him. And he said, Hey, here's this off market.

Unknown Speaker  12:38  
A little bit later. We were still is. Yeah, and then very cool. I don't I don't remember the timeframe. That was a few weeks later. She was like, Hey, let me connect you with this realtor. He's got an off the market listing and then we went saw that.

Debbie DeBerry  12:54  
Okay, what was the purchase price on that?

Unknown Speaker  12:57  
For 20?

Debbie DeBerry  12:58  
Okay. And how much did you anticipate the repairs being going into it?

Unknown Speaker  13:04  
Exceeding I want to say, Okay,

Debbie DeBerry  13:07  
were you able to stay around there? Were there some pretty close,

Unknown Speaker  13:10  
we used a contractor that we've gotten contacts through the same girl who introduced us to the realtor. And she's like, look, this guy does, too. I want to say six or so properties in that area she used to she's from Austin, so we kind of moved up there. Um, he did tile work and stuff like that for her painting. But this was his first like, be chalk. And we kind of knew that we were giving him this huge job. It took a lot longer than we expected, but it was cheaper than it would have been happy gone with someone else. And overall, super happy with it.

Debbie DeBerry  13:52  
What was the timeline on it? Or when did y'all close on that first of all window by that? April 30. And how long? Well, I guess the repairs just finished. Okay. Okay. Okay. Were you stressed?

Unknown Speaker  14:10  
Yeah. Okay. Yeah. I was it was tough. Um, yeah, it was stressful but I mean, I knew we were gonna get to the other side it was just such a relief to be on the other side know that it's not going to forever that this house I mean, I've been there every other week you know, check on progress and I don't know what I would have done if I wasn't there because he like there are so many questions so and I made every decision for like, every knob pool like tile like grout, everything paint color, light fixture everything. So I mean, my days were like waking up and like kale would have his crew there and I was like, Good morning and happy like this, this and this. And I was literally because he had me He's not really a general contractor like we were figuring it out together. Oh, um, yeah, it was fun. But there was times that I went up there and I was like, kale. What'd you do the last week?

Debbie DeBerry  15:12  
What do we do it but hey, oh god,

Unknown Speaker  15:18  
I had a different house one time because there were no working bathrooms. I was like, kill you knew I was coming and you want to tell me like, I couldn't shower?

Debbie DeBerry  15:27  
Oh, good.

Unknown Speaker  15:30  
Now because he's building his business, right, like you photos and like it's kind of cool that help out with that too?

Debbie DeBerry  15:37  
For sure. Would you use him again?

Unknown Speaker  15:41  
No, because I was gonna use them for my clip. And it just was

Debbie DeBerry  15:45  
taking too long. Okay. Yeah. Especially with the flip. Yeah. I mean, yeah, flip to rental if you have a little bit a little bit more leniency on the timeline. But when you're selling you got to get in and out as quickly as you can.

Unknown Speaker  16:01  
And I and I not. This is my first loan that I've like, taken out and it feels Yeah, and I'll talk is going to be taking I don't have time for kale to be like,

Debbie DeBerry  16:12  
put. Oh, that's amazing. Um, okay, so what? Alright, so you were managing it from afar? How far? What's the drive time?

Unknown Speaker  16:27  
Eight and a half hours?

Debbie DeBerry  16:28  
Oh, wow. Okay. Okay. So it's not like super easy. I mean, it's a day, but it's it's a long day. It's a long day.

Unknown Speaker  16:36  
Yeah. Yeah. podcasts have like that faster.

Debbie DeBerry  16:41  
Yeah, totally. What were some of your biggest lessons learned? Managing that project?

Unknown Speaker  16:51  
I think that you should definitely hire people with experience. Because even if you think you're saving money on hiring someone who's starting out, you're going to probably spend more in the long run. Yeah, I would say that's the biggest one. Yeah. And also, I would say like just communicating what you want. And being firm in that and not having people kind of sway you in a different direction or tell you. We don't usually do it like that, you know, you have something in your mind and you want to make that happen. I would say that that's a big one to being direct to, we got to the point where we figured out how to work together after a while, like, I made very specific lists and put them on the frigerator. And it would say like, super specific or like in the bathroom. I would say this fixture here. And I love my blue painters tape. i Oh my God.

Debbie DeBerry  17:49  
My friends and family makes so much fun of me with my blue paint painters tape. I mean, they always say Are you pleased? Are you out blue taping today? You know what? I might

Unknown Speaker  17:59  
be? Yeah, no, we went, we went through some rolls of that. But it would be so specific. Because it had to be but but it ended up working out

Debbie DeBerry  18:09  
that way. So yeah, it feels like way over communicating. But it's not like it's if you feel like you're way over communicating. Or you're saying the same thing too many times. You're not.

Unknown Speaker  18:24  
I would get texts where he'd asked me something I'd be like, okay, so kale, we'd have this cup. I didn't say just like, Yeah, over is definitely the way to go. As per

Debbie DeBerry  18:36  
my previous text.

That's hilarious. Okay, so yeah, over communicating for sure. And I love the the second thing you said, of being firm, and what you want, and not letting somebody Yeah. persuade you into doing something you don't want to do.

Unknown Speaker  19:02  
Yes. So my husband's kind of like, he's a stickler. And he's great at just being firm and communicating. And so I'm kind of always like, the nicer one. But I'm really learning to step into the role of this is what I want. I'm just going to communicate it and not apologize for it.

Debbie DeBerry  19:21  
Yes. Oh, my gosh, yes, sister. That's what I'm talking about. That's huge.

Unknown Speaker  19:27  
Yeah. Because I I'm not unreasonable. And I need to remember that I'm, I'm not asking for anything crazy, or more than I, I know that I'm reasonable. So what I'm asking for is okay, and just being direct and not making apologies for that. I think

Debbie DeBerry  19:44  
this man, this is our lifelong lesson like this is what we are trying to overcome. All of us are trying to overcome that.

Unknown Speaker  19:54  
Because if a girl is like that they're bossy, right? As opposed, right? The opposite I guess maybe Doing it is just henbane

Debbie DeBerry  20:02  
knows what he wants. Right? And he's being normal. Right? We're being difficult. Yeah, we're being difficult. Exactly. Yes. Oh my gosh, huge, huge, huge. Okay, so let's talk about the first one that flip is beautiful. My I bet. Like it's beautiful. That property is beautiful. Are you happy that I know you missed a waterfall property? But are you happy with this one?

Unknown Speaker  20:27  
Yes, I'm very happy. It's part of what I love about what I'm doing now is the creative aspects. And I'm like seeing your vision and the thing. And I had this in my mind for such a long time because the renovation took forever. So for so many months to like, see it in my head and fully, like actually have it out. So rewarding and so fulfilling, and I'm super happy with it. And yes, we're gonna love going there. I know, Tomorrow's my birthday, and we're gonna spend the weekend next. So

Debbie DeBerry  21:00  
awesome. Yeah. Awesome. Awesome. I love that. Okay, so now you've got your first flip to sell happening over there. When did you close on that?

Unknown Speaker  21:15  
I closed on it a few months ago, but they started renovations. Four and a half weeks ago. So we're in. I'll do the fifth payment this Friday. So that's five weeks.

Debbie DeBerry  21:29  
Got it? Yep. Oh, how did you find this deal?

Unknown Speaker  21:33  
So the same realtor that got us the off the market deal in Bellavista. And I communicated with him what I was doing, which that was for me to, you know, when you say like, oh, I want to flip houses, people like, oh, did you watch an HGTV shows, all of a sudden you think you flip houses? So I have it and saying that and now I must just this is what I'm doing? And I'm gonna make money doing it. But yeah, so I love it. And he was like, Hey, I think I found some properties. I looked at a couple of Bentonville. And they were more expensive and a little bit riskier, you know, just crunching the numbers and looking at everything. He found the two properties in Rogers, Arkansas, Baylor, and they're next door to each other 1021 South East Street, 1023 South East Street. And they're really close to the downtown area, which is a super cool area. Like they have breweries there and they have a bike park. It's, it's just a really, it's a really cool area. So I bought both of those cash closed a few months ago.

Debbie DeBerry  22:40  
Do you are you at two properties? Yeah, sorry, flips.

Unknown Speaker  22:43  
And I'm doing one right now. And I'll be another one after I finish this one. So. Yeah, um,

Debbie DeBerry  22:52  
what were the purchase prices on those?

Unknown Speaker  22:55  
So 84,000 for the one they're doing now? And the other one was 73,000.

Debbie DeBerry  23:02  
Wow, that's really inexpensive. And this place has breweries in like,

Unknown Speaker  23:07  
like two mile. Yeah, it's Yeah. i They're gonna do well. I'm excited to get that closed and everything. Yeah.

Debbie DeBerry  23:18  
That's amazing. Okay, so you're the one you're flipping now. Alright. So eight week project?

Unknown Speaker  23:25  
Eight weeks? Yep. And I was president when they said that because our situation with kale, but there's they're staying on track. So.

Debbie DeBerry  23:33  
Okay. And how did you find this contractor, the new one that you're working with,

Unknown Speaker  23:38  
during my realtor? Cameron's been awesome.

Debbie DeBerry  23:41  
Exactly. Like what I say like you use your resources. That's what they're there for. realtors have people that they recommend because that's what their job is. If they want to keep their clients happy. They have people recommend. I think

Unknown Speaker  23:55  
that's what's so important too, is we're not going to know everything. So finding someone who's like an expert at this and making us and like, he's He's helping me manage it from a distance. So he's progress. And it's been it's been great. It's been That's awesome.

Debbie DeBerry  24:16  
Yeah. Having I mean, boots on the ground is so important. Like, it is so important to have people there that you can rely on and building your team is it's so we don't first of all, we can't wear all the hats because we can't do it. Well, we can't do everything well. And it doesn't let other people do what they do well, right. So we're taking that away from them. That opportunity to do what they love to do, and they're really good at doing we take that away from them and we're like, no, we'll do it ourselves. It doesn't turn out well. Yeah, um, okay. So four weeks away. What is your Okay, so the one you're working on now you bought for 84? Okay, what's your rehab budget for that one.

Unknown Speaker  25:02  

Debbie DeBerry  25:03  
Okay, what's the size of it? Like, is it a big house? Or what is Tell me about it?

Unknown Speaker  25:08  
Well, 43 it's I wish it had more than one bathroom. But it's a three bedroom, one bath. 43 square feet. Side citing two miles from downtown cool area. It's really transitioning. I want to hold on to it, but I'll sell it. Yeah. I knocked down part of the wall to kind of open it up. And I'm going to put in like a little island. It's small, but it feels open now and it's looking really good. So oh my gosh,

Debbie DeBerry  25:43  
that's awesome.

Unknown Speaker  25:43  
I didn't have to work too much. So yeah.

Debbie DeBerry  25:46  
Nice. Yeah, it's hard. It's hard because we like to collect houses. It's really hard to let them go. But every now and then you got to let them go. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  25:56  

Debbie DeBerry  26:01  
okay, so at 4k $75,000 renovation about eight weeks. What will your ARV be on that?

Unknown Speaker  26:10  

Debbie DeBerry  26:12  
Nice. Wow,

Unknown Speaker  26:15  
I might a little bit over budget, it might be 80. But still, I'm feeling really good about it. And that's going to be like such a sense of accomplishment. I did this and like I made money. And I'm not great. I'm not wholesaling. Like I'm doing want to.

Debbie DeBerry  26:35  
Thank you. Yes. I can't wait to celebrate that with you. What? Are there any issues going on with that one? Are there any surprises?

Unknown Speaker  26:48  
Now? I mean, it needs an H back. And that's more than I wanted to spend. But it's been. I mean, I can't believe how little I've had to worry about it so far. I'm sure something will come up. But no, it's been too easy.

Debbie DeBerry  27:07  
Let's knock on every piece of wood

Unknown Speaker  27:08  
for something to happen. Okay,

Debbie DeBerry  27:11  
so let's talk about are you going to stage that house? And how are their stagers in the area? Are you going to rent the furniture yourself? Okay. Hmm.

Unknown Speaker  27:23  
There's a couple of stagers in the area have gotten their contact. I haven't contacted them yet. But actually, that's on my list to do this week, because we're like four weeks out. But yeah, for important to do.

Debbie DeBerry  27:36  
Yeah, yeah. Um, that sounds fun

Unknown Speaker  27:40  
in my heart, which, like I do trust him, but he doesn't always see like everything. And he's like, you're gonna spend money to stage it? And I'm like, You're You're welcome. Because it's gonna look good.

Debbie DeBerry  27:52  
Exactly. I'm helping you get your job. You're welcome. It's like, people always ask, like, even at this, whatever price point your stage? Yeah, any price point it looks 1000 times better. When it's done? Well, I mean, it could look really bad. But from like, a professional person who knows what they're doing, um,

Unknown Speaker  28:19  
and then the buyer yet and I think dollar and that's when maybe, hopefully, multiple offers and that kind of thing. And then it's not sitting on the market. Like there's data behind all that. Absolutely.

Debbie DeBerry  28:33  
100% 100% Okay, so how did you did you buy these? You said loan for these up? Did you finance these?

Unknown Speaker  28:41  
So I bought both of them cash a few months ago, but I want I couldn't do the rehab on it. So that's been a little stressful because things have gotten tight because I didn't want to let my contractors go. I wanted them to like get started so that I've been funding also and like, Okay, I need to close on my loan. So I did a delayed purchase. Well, okay, post Debbie today at 12 o'clock. Like, I was like, Oh my gosh, it's gonna take so I had the notary out today. Thank goodness, I was supposed to close I thought I was gonna close on Monday, but there was like hiccups with the insurance company and um, that's not not my comfort zone, but I feel good about doing it. Usually it's my been doing like the loans and like, all that kind of thing. Feels really good. Cuz that's gonna be like a little bit of a weak spot, but I did it. I did everything. I did it myself. I signed everything under my LLC. So

Debbie DeBerry  29:40  
I love it. Yeah, who did you go through for that

Unknown Speaker  29:44  
phone call? Isn't it that I didn't love doing that. But you know, you got to do it. Um, so called a bunch of different people and some people I just didn't get a good feeling about that was a trust your gut thing. Amen. When I talked to him, he like walk me through it and I was like, Look You know, I'm kind of newer. This is my first loan I'm doing and he was like, Well, you could do a delete purchase. He knew what he was talking about. And he was also a patient. Nice. But like your questions really helped, because I was like, Yeah, what about this?

Debbie DeBerry  30:14  
Yeah, I love it. You're like, I don't know what I'm saying. But what about they're totally designed to help you feel confident. Yeah, that was a great suggestion on his part. That's the perfect loan product for you. Yeah. That's awesome. I love everything. I love your story. I love your journey. I love that. You're, you did flip a house. So it was a yes, it was a flip to rent. But that totally counts. And you're in the middle of your first flip to sell. So you hit your goal, your 40 year old goals. I hope you're celebrating that. Yeah. Yeah. Good. That's amazing. Thank you, Lily. Like, you're doing it. And I just had no idea. I had no idea. And then you just threw this amazing property on the group. And I was like,

Unknown Speaker  31:04  
I'm working in the background a little bit. Uh huh. I get it introduced myself. But I also another thing with women, we don't want to be like showy or be like, Oh, this so I just kind of like, I wanted to celebrate that win. Good. That's nice to get that like, affirmation, you know? Yes. Um, so thank you. But a lot of my journey, and, you know, doing everything that I'm doing now is, you know, because you do a lot, Debbie. Thank you. Oh,

Debbie DeBerry  31:36  
oh, I appreciate that. Thank you. That means a lot to me. Thank you for saying that. I'm grateful to be part of your journey. Like, honestly, I'm like, ready to put you up and be like, Oh, my God, you're amazing. And I know that that's comfortable, uncomfortable. Like it's like, oh, but you, people seeing you do what you're doing will be inspired. And you'll have no idea that you're inspiring them. And to you. It feels like but I mean, I'm just doing like this. It's not like I'm flipping 80 houses a year. don't minimize it. Most of us don't want to flip 80 houses a year because we want the time freedom.

Unknown Speaker  32:10  
Yeah, exactly. I mean, it's been amazing. My like I said, My oldest is a senior in high school. And he gets home at 1230. Now because he's done the work. Like he doesn't have to stay a full day. So it's just so nice to have that pretend plus my husband, I say you have Ansons pants, like he likes to travel a lot. And it me I'm like, and he has more had more freedom than I did in that regard. Just about like taking off of work and all this and now I'm just like, it's Wow. That's awesome.

Debbie DeBerry  32:46  
Yeah, time freedom is like the biggest the biggest driver for sure. Like, yeah, that's that's the thing that we can't renew. So yeah, congrats

Unknown Speaker  32:59  
to you. Yeah. Thank you. I'll keep you posted on

Debbie DeBerry  33:01  
Yes. Keep me posted. I want to hear uh, I want to see the before and afters of your flip. And your two flips that you have coming up. Yeah, yeah. Congrats. Thank you. Thank you. Thanks for sharing your story with us, Bryce. You're awesome. I'm grateful. And, yeah, I'll see you in the group. Okay. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  33:23  
I'll keep you more we will be on the market hopefully for more bearish crap.

Debbie DeBerry  33:28  
That's amazing. That'll go by so fast. I know that. Yeah. Have so much fun this weekend. Your birthday weekend? Yeah. Yep. Thanks for taking time out of your day to hang out with me. Of course. Thank you. Appreciate it. All right. Bye, Teresa, by what a great journey. Thank you so much, again, for sharing that with us, Teresa. Now, the big takeaways here, as I see it, are one. Do what you want to do. You want to flip houses, flip houses, you want to wholesale, go wholesale? Do what you want to do. Okay, chase your dream. This isn't about doing what other people want. Do what lights you up, period. Chase your curiosities. Okay. And then the second big one. We talk about a lot on here as well. In addition to doing what you want to do, trust yourself. You have to trust yourself. That's it. You'll get through whatever thing comes your way. You have to trust yourself. All right. Okay. If you are sick of sitting on the sideline, if you want a team of awesome women around you, who help you see how truly powerful and awesome you are, and how you absolutely can step into the role Have CEO of your very own house flipping business, go to her first flip comm and schedule a call with us. Let's see if we're a fit to work together. All right. Okay, until next time, go out there flip houses like a girl lead people in places better than you find them and make it a great day. Bye ya'll.