May 27, 2021

Successfully Flipping Houses Remotely with Wendy

We're celebrating yet another student's first flip! Our FlipSister Wendy in the Salt Lake City area just completed her first flip and is closing on her second one this week! 

Like many of our students, she's chosen to flip houses in a different city. Her chosen market is about 3 hours from where she lives. 

You see, you can save old houses anywhere! Our systems teach the precise methods for doing so.  

In this episode we discuss:

  • The two critical pieces to successfully flip houses remotely (and locally, by the way)
  • Wendy's first flip journey
  • The numbers on her deal: purchase price, rehab, timeline, profit
  • How she financed the deal
  • Who did the renovations
  • What she will do differently on the next flip

...and so much more! You do not want to miss the golden nuggets of wisdom dropped in this episode.


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You're listening to the flip houses like a girl podcast where we educate, empower and celebrate everyday women who are facing their fears, juggling family and business, embracing their awesomeness and wholeheartedly chasing their dream of flipping houses. Each episode delivers the honest to goodness tools, tips and strategies you can implement today to get closer to your first or next successful house flip. Here's your spiky haired breakfast taco loving host house flipping coach, Debbie DeBerry. Hey,

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how's it going today? Thanks for spending some time with us. As we get into an interview with one of our flip sisters, one of the women in our coaching program, who recently completed and sold her first flip. So we get to hear all about her journey. And what's awesome is that we have many students who are flipping houses remotely. So they are in one city or state, and they are flipping houses in another city or state, perhaps their local market is really, really expensive. And they don't want to spend over a million dollars just to buy a property that needs, you know, several $100,000 in renovation, whatever their reason is, they've chosen to go outside their local market, I do the same thing. I flip remotely as well, I flip locally and remotely. It all works when you know what data to look at, and how to be smart and build your team the right way. Alright, so let's get into this conversation with one of my awesome students and flip sisters, windy Billings, in the Salt Lake City area of Utah. Do you want to introduce yourself and let us know like where you are in a little bit of your background?

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Okay. My name is Wendy Billings. And I live in Utah near Salt Lake area. And I have been doing accounting since 2015. So, but before that, I mean, I've got six kids, so raise kids, I drove school bus, I worked in a cafeteria, you know, for school. So I did all sorts of other jobs. And I just always had this desire to do something creative. And sorry, but accounting, isn't it. It's numbered years, it's reports it's fairly monotonous. So I just wanted something different. And I had worked with my husband doing because he did construction. He was a contractor for years. And a lot of times I would go on jobs and work with him and do stuff. So I kind of knew a lot about that industry. And it always fascinated me. And then he went on and became an engineer. So he does something complete, you know, I mean, sort of in the same field. But so I always had this desire to do something creative. And this, but I found your program. I was like that's it. That's that's how we're so

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I love it. I love it. I loved it. I popped up it just the right time till Yeah, I do that. I'm listening. I'm always listening, and then I'm going to pop up. Okay, so you're outside of Salt Lake City. Let's talk about your first lip that you recently completed and you celebrate it by taking the family to Disney World, which is so awesome. I love that so much. the crazy part

Unknown Speaker  3:40  
is I didn't buy what in my area. So my my parents live three hours south of us in place. Remembering this, I'm remembering this conversation. Okay. Yes. There. There's when I look at houses up here I have, I have a realtor up here. And I've been looking religiously, and I'd go to a house and there would be 2030 offers on it. And the house was on the market for 385. It sells for 450. And there's no margin for you know, fixing it and it needs $50,000 for the work. So I just couldn't do it up here. So I drive south. I stay with my parents. I work on the house on the weekends, and then I come home.

Unknown Speaker  4:26  
I love that you you figured out how to make it work for you. Like that's awesome. That's awesome. You didn't get you didn't just decide. It's too hard here not gonna do it. Oh, well. You're like, No, I'm doing it. I'm just gonna it's gonna look a little different than I thought

Unknown Speaker  4:40  
it does. And the crazy part is the markets still hot down there. It's just not safe. So we're still able to have lots of buyers without having to have the crazy purchase. Oh, yeah, up here. There's so many people wanting to do the same thing. There's just no margin for it.

Unknown Speaker  4:58  
And the last deals are tough. So did Do you find your first deal on the MLS? Did you buy your first deal on MLS?

Unknown Speaker  5:03  
I did. We actually went through a realtor who is amazing. She's been looking for all these types of things that she's she knows exactly what I want. And she is always sending me things that she's like this will work because this is where I see it once you got a hold of it, because she never seen what I did. And he has been now looking specifically for those new deals.

Unknown Speaker  5:26  
I love it. Have your team doing things? Yes. I love that. Okay, so you were you the only offer? Or were you in multiple offers when?

Unknown Speaker  5:37  
No, I wasn't, but we were the only cash offer. So they were thrilled to just it was it was a weird situation. But and that's why sometimes they are It was a the mom had. It was a single mom with four kids, their most of them are adults. And one teenager, she passed away. And so the four brothers had lived there for like two years. And then now it was time for them to kind of go their separate ways. And so, you know, they were selling the house, finally, but apparently, it was that house in the neighborhood. Every person who walked up was like, Oh, I'm so glad to see this house being fixed up. I'm so glad someone's doing something. It was the if the dishwasher didn't work, we throw it on the front lawn house. There's a broken vehicle. It's just on the property just in pieces. And so that's what this house was for the neighbors and they were so glad to see it being fun. Sure, yeah. Okay,

Unknown Speaker  6:40  
so you find it on the MLS or your realtor says, Hey, this is a good one, make an offer.

Unknown Speaker  6:46  
make an offer you get accepted. I didn't even see it. You didn't you're just trusting your team. And I trusted and my I did send my mom to go look at it cuz my mom and dad kind of wanted to be part of this. And so they would looked at it said, I think this will be a good one. And we put an offer in on it with what I have.

Unknown Speaker  7:07  
And that's what you got to do sometimes, right? Did you have a contingency? Like an inspection contingent? I did get inspected. So okay, good. Good. I'm super important when we're buying sight unseen, right? Yes. Okay. So you get it off MLS. Alright, so let's talk about the details. Some like what was your purchase price? We purchased it for 189. Okay. And going into it. What was your renovation? What were you thinking? Initially,

Unknown Speaker  7:39  
we were thinking about 27 28,000 renovation. Hey, dude, go over. We were okay. You know, things happen. What, what did it end up being? It was it was just right under $35,000 for Okay, that's not bad. No, no. Yeah. Okay. All right.

Unknown Speaker  7:59  
Were there any major surprises repair wise that came up any big hiccups?

Unknown Speaker  8:07  
Well, what, because it wasn't a stick built house. It was a modular home. doorways are not as they're not two by fours, the two by threes. And so when you buy for Home Depot, it doesn't fit. And so you had to rip down every single doorway, or every door that we had to put it. And so that was something I hadn't anticipated. Wow. Yeah, we pay over twice as much for a custom door. So we just written down.

Unknown Speaker  8:36  
Okay, so yeah, that's really interesting. See, that's not I've not never done a modular home. So I wouldn't even know that. Yeah, there's something new on all of these. Okay.

Unknown Speaker  8:46  
And because of that, also, because of weird walls. When we did the, the planner put the bathtub in, instead of just going nicely in. That was a fight. And it took him like, instead of a few hours for two tabs. It took him all day for two tabs. And so there was a slight increase in cost for that, but not he didn't charge me too much more. So that was nice, but, but it was a fight for a lot of things. There wasn't a standard size sink. I had I custom made my countertops because they didn't fit in the bathroom. So I do things like that.

Unknown Speaker  9:25  
So interesting. That's so interesting. Okay, so lots of little surprises like that came up then because it was a modular home. Okay, so what was your initial timeline?

Unknown Speaker  9:37  
My initial timeline, I was hoping for about six to eight weeks. Okay. But since I was doing it only weekends, it did take me 10 Oh, not bad. No. And literally, it was I would drive down on Thursday night. And because I work from home, I do everything online and mostly Fridays are kind of a non day. So I would work Like an hour in the morning on Friday, and then all day, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and then drive home Sunday night. And I did the majority of the work myself, either me or my mom, my my parents were great. My mother was like, dive right in. She's 73. And she loved it so much. She was right in the middle of it with me.

Unknown Speaker  10:21  
Okay, so did so you did most of the work? What kinds of things did you hire out?

Unknown Speaker  10:25  
I hired out the plumbing. I hired out the deck in the back. We got a painter come in and did the outside. He will do the inside next time. What else did I have hired out? Let's see. I also had the neighbor. It was funny because when the plumber came does you do know your neighbor next door is an amazing handyman? No, but I do know. And he came over and fixed our gutters and he fixed the bathroom fans because we were going to replace them. And he says no, no, you don't want to replace them. You'll have to redo the entire sheet mark on the ceiling. Let me fix the motor. And he came in and did a great job. So so he did that part. Then mercy. Oh, in the carpet. Somebody else made the carpet. I don't do that.

Unknown Speaker  11:15  
I love it.

Unknown Speaker  11:16  
Okay, did you go into it wanting to be hands on wanting to do a lot of the work.

Unknown Speaker  11:22  
I did want to do a lot of it myself. I think this next time I'm going to set out a lot more. She rock is fine. I can do it. But it's not fun. Right? I said pacing inside, not fun. I like to force that. Like the laminate flooring is so satisfying.

Unknown Speaker  11:40  
I love that you tried some things and you're like yeah, okay, so these are, these are some things I don't want to do next time. These are some things I do. And we're gonna hire out some things. I love it. I love it. And it sounds like your mom, you're gonna have to have a chat with your mom because it sounds like your mom wants to do well every

Unknown Speaker  11:58  
day. But she did. She was the one who stayed to the house. When we got done. It was beautiful. And everyone commented on how great it was. Oh my gosh. She's

Unknown Speaker  12:10  
so good. She did she deserve that trip to Disney World. Oh my gosh, that's so fun. Your renovation budget and your timeline. They went over a little bit like nothing major. Like you did a really good job, especially the fact that you were doing so much of the work yourself. Okay, so let's talk about the sales price. What did you end up getting? For the sales price? 285,000. What were you What did you go into it estimating 265 Uh huh. Because it just kept increasing and Yep, that's what happens. Right? And it just keeps going up a little bit. At least lately, so Okay. 25. Oh, I meant to ask, how did you finance the purchase?

Unknown Speaker  13:01  
That's where my parents speaking. I do hard money lenders. I had fully planned on it. And my dad came to me one day says, I feel like we should go into this and help you with this. And I was like, okay, that's my arm. I know, they they funded the entire thing back. When I go down, you know, feel my take your gas, they'd reimburse the gas. And it was they did anything financially. And that was because they just kind of were like, we've got money, we might as well. Right. To invest in this fund to do it. Right. I dad didn't think of us as fun as we went along, as my mother did. Why? What was your dad? What was your dad? What was he was he worried about stuff? No, I just, it's not his thing. He was great though. He took loads to the dump. He went to the store. He did that. But it really wasn't his kind of thing. He had, he was very supportive. In fact, he made a comment. He's like, I never thought I'd see my daughter doing construction and building houses. But you're doing great. That's so cool.

Unknown Speaker  14:17  
I was so cool. And what did your husband Think of your venture

Unknown Speaker  14:24  
up? He was supportive. It's funny because he's a worried Sure. You know, the idea of getting stuck with a house that costs you know, X number of dollars and then we go to second payment and and he kind of he's stressed a little bit about that type of thing. And so I felt like I had to like get past or not dive down that rabbit hole with him. Yeah, because you could start stressing about the cost and the what ifs and that I could be in trouble if this happens. And I discussed that with my parents. What happened? If this does go wrong, and they said, well, then we have a rental and we'll just pay you your profits. There you go. And so we had already dealt with that before we stepped foot into it, which was really nice. But, and I learned a lot from him, he was able to find out help from time to time and, and you know, hey, you know, maybe we should try this this way or, or no, that's not how we do backups. He was, he was glad to see me in something that I'm doing something that I love. So that was nice. Good.

Unknown Speaker  15:29  
Yes, absolutely. Okay, so your parents financed it? That's fantastic. Did you guys do? Did you do like a loan type situation? Or what?

Unknown Speaker  15:37  
Did you do a partnership or anything? Or was it just initially it was a because they were doing so much on it? It was a 5050 split with profits? Yeah. This next time, my dad feels it should be greater on our side. Like, we should get more of the profits because they're unable to do as much as as I do. And still, they're there, we're going to renegotiate that deal and, and get it down in writing. Especially because they're in their 70s. And not that they're, they're in great health. But if something were to happen, it'd be really nice for my five siblings did not question what was going on with this financial deal?

Unknown Speaker  16:16  
Absolutely. It's good to have things in writing it is I completely get that. Okay, so the first one, you guys split 5050. That's super helpful. It's helpful for people to hear how people structure deals, like loans with family and friends. So that's the Yeah. Okay, so then the next one, you guys are going to structure a little bit differently.

Unknown Speaker  16:37  
Probably, I think they're thinking more like 80%, less than 20%, then, but they'll still be like I said, on site, they like to clean and help them do what they can, but they just they physically can't do as much. So that's why they realized that we talked about the structure being different, but they're still wanting to finance it. 100% so I'm okay with that.

Unknown Speaker  17:00  
Yeah, fantastic. Right. So they, I mean, where else can they put their money for such a short period of time makes such a

Unknown Speaker  17:08  
wonderful return? Okay, so you bought it. So what was your

Unknown Speaker  17:14  
profit? What did your profit end up being?

Unknown Speaker  17:17  
My personal profit was 20,000. But it was 40 for that product. Got it? That's awesome. That's fantastic. We put on the market on Thursday. On Monday, we had a signed contract from purchase to sale. How long? Was it? 15 weeks? Gosh, that's to close on the house. Yeah, everything. So I mean, come on. Yeah. Where can you get that kind of money? Right?

Unknown Speaker  17:46  
That's a 40 grand in 15 weeks? It's a fantastic, fantastic profit. Congratulations, again, that's just awesome. What was your favorite part of the process?

Unknown Speaker  18:00  
You know, it's almost when the neighbors would come by, and just tell us how amazing things looked. And they were so excited to see the progress. And it was, it was always it feel good to improve the neighborhood. And to we told our neighbor, the one who helped us, you know, did the fans and stuff. We told them what we were planning on selling it when we thought it was at 265 and keep out how heart attack. He's like, there's no way it's worth that much. And I said, pretty sure it is. And then we sold for more and so we up the value of the homes in the neighborhood, right? By doing the work we did it feel really nice to be able to do that and improve everybody's place. Yes.

Unknown Speaker  18:42  
Oh my gosh, it is so validating when the neighbors buy in and are appreciative. Because sometimes you just never know sometimes people get real, real cranky about that. Okay, so how did you find the subs that you did? You did hire out? How

Unknown Speaker  18:59  
did you. So for the plumber, we went to the local plumbing supply store. And luckily he or he actually knows my dad cuz they're gonna rock having clubbed together. So he, we went and talked to him, and he's like, here's some names of some people I would highly recommend. And so we contacted one of them and he had a great quote. So we kept him. We same thing we went to the local is a Jones painting glass is the company. Now we went there because that's we thought we should do high quality paint. And so we talked to them and they give us the name of some painters. And we found Alberto, he was fantastic. He did his guys. They were phenomenal. In fact, the inspector when we sold the house that he had never seen a better paid job. We love Alberto he's going to be we're going to contact him for our next one because he did such a good job. And then the third one was actually recommendation from the plumber for the deck Because we just realized at one point, we need a deck on the back. We don't have time. Like, physically I can do it. It's just there wasn't time. And so we just contacted him. But you know, and he did a great job. It's beautiful. And it kind of added to the backyard and made a little kind of sitting space. So yeah, yeah, that's those are big ones. And, and so we tried to contact the figure that the supply store should have an answer, you know, somebody that they can recommend.

Unknown Speaker  20:30  
Absolutely, yes. Yes. I love. I love asking suppliers. Who do you recommend? Who like which installers? Or which, you know, try trades? People are coming in regularly? Who do you like working with? Who are the good ones? super smart. Okay, what kinds of worries or fears Did you have going into this whole first flip process?

Unknown Speaker  21:00  
probably my biggest fear was that would screw something up that I couldn't fix. And, you know, that is a, I guess, a valid concern because there's, it's a big project, lots of money attached. And and that was, or something would come up that I hadn't seen. Because you open up walls, and all of a sudden, he could have rot, he could have all sorts of major issues. And, and so that was my biggest concern is that I would get into that. Yeah. And find disaster. Yeah. And then you'd figure your way out of it.

Unknown Speaker  21:36  
You'd figure it out. Yeah. Okay. Is there anything that you would have done differently? Looking back? I mean, honestly, it sounds like a pretty painless. First flip experience. My only

Unknown Speaker  21:53  
Well, there was a learning curve. So I don't know if I if I put the pictures on but I did my own countertops. No. So I did apoxie countertops. Have you seen those done? So I have done an epoxy floor. Oh, wow. I haven't done those yet. They turned out gorgeous. The problem was, because we hadn't put the sink in yet. We were thinking we wouldn't catch it fully first. And the problem is because it wasn't secured to the wall and sealed. Some of it kind of down behind it. So I never had like a puddle of epoxy on the pill. Luckily and flooring wasn't down yet. But learning curve on the epoxy countertop. It was so much fun. I will do those in every house. They're so gorgeous. And their work like granite, so I don't have to pay granite prices. So yeah, I've already gone through the next house. So I've got to submit that today. Okay, so are you under contract? I am. Did I know that? I don't know. Did you post it in the group? I thought I had. Yes, you did. Okay. On Friday, so Oh my gosh, Wendy, that's so awesome. The rendus thing until the 21st. Because they had a contract, which is fine. But we can do the roof. We can do this yard we can do the you know fence and stuff like that before the 21st of June. So we'll get started outside. It was funny because my I was kind of lamenting, trying to find a house I was frustrated. And then this kind of all fell together. And my husband goes, You do realize that didn't take as long as you think it felt like an eternity because it was like three weeks.

Unknown Speaker  23:38  
I love it. It's all it's all relative, right? It's all relative. And also the excitement of it is like it feels like it's taking longer because it's just so exciting to be in it to me that being in the energy of a flip and in the creative energy of it is so exciting. I love it so much. It does feel like a long time in between I get that.

Unknown Speaker  24:03  
Yeah, but now I have to figure out the design and the layout cuz the knees ish detail, but that's why we're here. Super cool.

Unknown Speaker  24:13  
That's so fun. It's so fun to problem solve and figure out spaces.

Unknown Speaker  24:16  
Is this another one that you got up the MLS? It is it's down in Cedar City again. I think it's time because I do work remote. My plan is to be up here on Tuesdays for something. So I figured out that down Tuesday night, and I'll stay till Sunday night maybe be here for two days. And because it'll be summertime, the kids can all come with me and well, I don't have to at home right now. But you know, they can come with me and hang out at Grandma's and you know, kind of have time down there so it'll be fun.

Unknown Speaker  24:48  
Oh my gosh, that's so great. Okay, what do you let's talk about that one for a minute. What do you what are your projections on this one? Is it a? Is it a similar project in scope? It sounds like it might be a little bit bigger, a little bit more involved.

Unknown Speaker  25:02  
So got some different changes this time last time it was just basically rip out things and put it back and make it pretty. This time you're taking out some, you know, I've got like in one room in the kitchen, there's three doorways that are going away, and one that's expanding. So that's going to be fun to change.

Unknown Speaker  25:20  
Oh my gosh, the before and after the transformation. It's going to be really fun.

Unknown Speaker  25:23  
It will be as they've got, like the master bathroom for some reason. They have a half bath and I yeah, it's just a toilet seat and a big huge linen closet. And then this door that doesn't need to be there. I said, Oh, take out the door. We put it a shower. And we have a master bathroom.

Unknown Speaker  25:39  
So amazing. Oh my gosh, amazing. Okay, great transformation. This is gonna be so fun to watch. What's your purchase price on this one?

Unknown Speaker  25:48  
This one is 139 239. Sorry. 239. Okay, point the realtor says fixed up. she expects it to be at least 375. That's a good project. Very excited. Wow. So renovation wise, what are you thinking? We're thinking it's going to probably cost us about 40. to renovate it. That's gonna be a very nice return, it will be very excited for people who are

Unknown Speaker  26:13  
thinking about Hmm, I'm gonna I want to flip in an area that's not my local market. I want to branch out a little bit. What kinds of what words of wisdom would you share with them? Like I always say it's important to have people there like boots on the ground that you can trust? What are some? What are some words of wisdom you would have to share with people?

Unknown Speaker  26:35  
For me, it was finding a fantastic realtor. I mean, because I can't be there. I can't look at all the things coming on the market daily. And, and she has been amazing to me. I can I feel like I can send her a house and get honest feedback on whether it would be a good one to remodel. It's huge. How did you find her? Um, she works. So when my parents bought their house, they went through this office. And so we went to talk to some of the realtors there and found her and she was a good fit. So awesome, you know, interview the realtors. And because for you they really yes to be your agent, not just some buddy who post things online.

Unknown Speaker  27:18  
Thank you for saying that. Yes, absolutely. 100%.

Unknown Speaker  27:22  
I had one up here. And I've still got one up here. That's great. But the first one I worked with, I talked to them. And they didn't hear me and I would speak and I would tell them what I wanted. And they would send me the same listing six times. And I'm like, No, no, no, no, that's not what I was asking for. And it didn't matter what I said they were not paying attention. And so I finally had to tell them that I couldn't work with them anymore. And it's not fun stuff on the fire. And I had never actually bought a house through them. So but at the same time, I couldn't have them kind of wasting my time

Unknown Speaker  28:00  
is such an important point. And I feel like a lot of women I talked to who are starting this house flipping adventure. It's like they're in a position of Oh, I hope they choose to work with me. Right? No, it's not that no. It's an this. Yes, it is your business. Like it's not you are bringing them business. They need to woo and Wow. You in right. Yep. So it's so important. And if they aren't performing, find someone else because there is somebody else out there that will so

Unknown Speaker  28:36  
move on. And then you have to be ready for disappointments. I had a house that I was so excited about. And I was at the time I knew the only person buying this house. And it was going to be a big one. It was like 500 and he was $550,000. But the resale was 750. And it would have taken me at least 100 to fix it up easily. But it was someone who had passed away it was someone who you know, they hadn't put it on the market yet. And at the last minute, the neighbor who knew the family brought a person in and the family since they had a connection with them. And it was I had already remodeled it in my house. Gosh, that hurt planned out what I would put were in here because you kind of get I get worked up and excited about what I could make it into. And so I was already there. And then it all fell apart. And you know I was second runner up have to it was really hard for me to kind of just come back from that and go Okay, it's not the right house. We'll find one that will work. And yes,

Unknown Speaker  29:49  
yep. Build your team. It's your team. Get people who want to work get people who are working for you yell so important such important messages. Awesome. I love this conversation. This is so cool. It's I'm so I'm so happy for you. Congratulations. It's so fun to see women go do the thing that they say they want to do. Do you have any, anything that we didn't touch on or anything that you want to pass on before we, before we close out?

Unknown Speaker  30:25  
I had to revisit the whole look at it critically and go, what things would I improve for the next job, and the next house? And so now I've got that I could move forward and improve on what I did improve the house. I didn't make it look beautiful. But now I can do even better. I feel like the next time because

Unknown Speaker  30:45  
that's it like that's the point like just Yep, keep learning. keep improving. Keep doing the thing. I love it. You did it. You did it. I can't wait to see your mom's staging to your pictures of that, because she did a beautiful job. super curious about that, too. And I'm, I'm glad you staged it. I know that in this market, everything flies off. I know. And I promise you it looks better stage.

Unknown Speaker  31:09  
Oh, it made such a world of difference. It's an amazing every person who walked through that house, put an offer on it. Oh my god. What more could you ask for?

Unknown Speaker  31:19  
I know, it totally works. It totally works. Well, this has been just lovely. Thank you so much, Wendy, for sharing your story with us and for hanging out with me for a little bit. I can't wait to see your next project that you start soon. I will post pictures. Awesome. And I yeah, I'm here. We're all here cheering you on. Thank you. All right. Thank you so much, Wendy. Thank you. Have a good day. Bye. That was such a fun interview. Congrats again, Wendy in, can't wait to follow along on your next flip that you close on tomorrow. So congrats. Alright, there are two things you cannot skimp on. Alright, regardless of where you're flipping, whether it's in your local market or another market, you cannot skimp on the data, you have got to know the market data period, the market data specific to that market where you are going to flip. Second, you cannot skimp on your team. You can't This is not a one person show. And people who insist upon keeping it a one person show, instead of bringing people on who are experts at what they do. So build your team have people you trust and can rely on who are experts in their domain. And know the market data, period, wherever you are, wherever you're flipping. Alright, if you have no idea how to do either of those things, building your team or learning the market, and you want your own team of women, wholeheartedly supporting you on your journey, guess what, we do all of that. And then some inside our incredible and amazing, and results producing house flipping coaching program in community for women, that's what we do. And we do it really well. If you're sick of sitting on the sideline, sick of watching other people do the thing that you want to do. Or you're sick of banging your head against the wall, doing the same things and expecting different results and not getting now then you have got to get inside, get in our program, get on the waitlist at first flip and you'll be notified within a few days of an opening. All right. But you got to do it. You got to jump you have to be tired of where you are and you have to want to change enough that you're willing to take the steps and you're willing to go all in because we are absolutely all in when it comes to supporting you and encouraging you and educating you and all of those things. Alright, that's it for today. Go out there, flip houses like a girl. Leave people in places better than you find them and make it a great day. Bye