Jan. 18, 2022

Tami Buys 4 Houses in 12 Months Using Other People's Money

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*There's a little bit of "rustling" background noise in the first couple minutes, but it goes away, so hang in there! Ha!*

Sharing another story from our FlipSisters Coaching Program! 

Tami in Waco, TX  shares her journey with us, from being brand new to real estate investing to buying 4 houses in 12 months without using her own money.

Many investors flip houses using other people's money. There is an abundance of financing out there looking for solid deals as investments. 

It doesn't matter whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, good deals ALWAYS find money. 

Here's some of what we discuss in this episode: 

  • The fears and limiting beliefs she had to overcome to get started
  • Her recently sold first flip 
  • How she found and financed the deal using hard money and private money
  • Overcoming her hang-up around having contractors sign her contract 
  • The challenges and surprises she faced on flip one

...and so much more!

This is such an inspiring conversation and proof that you can absolutely run a house flipping business that's NOT focused solely on profit and NOT just transactional. 


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Debbie DeBerry | The Flipstress®
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Unknown Speaker  0:01  
You're listening to the flip houses like a girl podcast where we educate, empower and celebrate everyday women who are facing their fears, juggling family and business, embracing their awesomeness and wholeheartedly chasing their dream of flipping houses. Each episode delivers honest to goodness tools, tips and strategies you can implement today to get closer to your first or next successful house flip. Here's your spiky haired breakfast taco loving host house flipping coach Debbie DeBerry.

Debbie DeBerry  0:39  
Hey there, thanks for hanging out with me today, I'm excited to share this conversation with you. With one of our flip sisters, Tammy, who is in the Waco, Texas area, she is sharing with us how she went from brand new in real estate investing to buying four flips in her first year with us. We're going to talk about the importance of using contracts with your contractors, right you got to use them, you got to get them signed, you got to use them, we will talk about being flexible, and realizing or recognizing the things that you can actually control and controlling those and not worrying about those other things that you can't control. I know it's tricky to do, we will talk about the importance of community and impact and doing things in a way that feels good and isn't transactional. You know, we can go into these neighborhoods and renovate these houses. And we can do it in a way that isn't focusing solely on money. I promise you money will follow when you're showing up in a way that serves other people. Okay, Tammy is a beautiful example of not running her business in a transactional way. Also, we talked about the importance of support, and having your team around you, people who know what the heck they're doing, who have been doing this, who are experienced, who can help you and guide you, people who are there to cheer you on. And tell you yes, you can. Alright, we're going to talk about a lot of stuff. I'm super excited to share this conversation with you. Let's just get into it. Do you want to start by introducing yourself and giving us a little background about you and where you are a little bit of your story? Sure.

Unknown Speaker  2:40  
I Tammy Espinosa and I was a project manager in corporate America for 20 years, mostly for major major retailers and, and a lot of fashion companies and outdoor companies actually, and had a lot of fun with that, but was always in the back of my mind. I'm, I'm a creative, I have both sides of the brain. So I was kind of getting burned out on using Jeff's my like, type A personality side and needed more of a creative outlet. And I want to add a clothing line. So that was good, but it was just like eating away all of our dollars. So I always wanted to flip but I always thought, Oh, well, I don't think I don't have the capital for this. And so never really jumped into it. So just kept living my life then had some vivid and and it was then that I was like I can't go back to work full time and do something that I'm good at project management and that I do get joy from being organized and all that but I just really needed a change. And I just I was I started working Oh, I know what I did. I went to night school at our local community college to take an interior design class. And I became I just loved that class. I loved my instructor, we became friends. I started working for her in project management. But she saw she told me she saw pretty quickly that I was good at interior design. So she brought me on as her design like designers junior designer with her. And then she hired another project manager to do the project management work. So that was super fun. And that was

Debbie DeBerry  4:41  
was that your goal when you when was that like kind of in the back of your mind? Like I want to really want to be doing this or did you not really get it like

Unknown Speaker  4:49  
do you know I knew I wanted to do it but I was like maybe I maybe I just want to do interior design, but I really thought I wanted to do flipping so I told her that. I was like there's no question addition here, you know, and she knew that anything I was doing with her was just for me to learn and for me to add value to her team, but that I really thought I wanted to do flipping, but I didn't really know how to get started. So I also just wanted to see, am I even good engineers?

Debbie DeBerry  5:16  
Yeah. So she

Unknown Speaker  5:18  
helped me build confidence in that area, we became really good friends. And she let me travel with her to like the LA market and everything. So that was, that was super fun. And I met a lot of awesome people, and vendors on that trip. And so we all stayed connected. And one of the women that was on that trip also lived in our town in Waco, and then when my boss lash BFF, when she ended up moving away, because her husband got another job. And she recommended me to a designer here that I had. I mean, I knew her, but I really got to know her better on the trip. And so she was like, yeah, come be my assistant. So started working with her and design and just learned a whole other set of skills with her because they're both wonderful designers and do beautiful work. They just do things differently. Yeah, like everybody has their own processes. Yeah. So and, and everybody has their own eye for design and how they design. So I learned a lot of different styles and stuff, too. And learned about a bunch of different vendors through working with both of them. Very cool. Yeah. So I think it was then then oh, then she moved during the middle of the pandemic, she went back to Colorado, so that I was like, Okay, back to square one. So we actually adopted a sweet baby in the meantime of all that, and so getting to know her and everything. At this point, I had a four year old and a newborn, and just, you know, getting to know them at home, we're in the pandemic, we can't leave. And I was really in my head a lot, just thinking, what am I going to do? Like, I really want to do this, but I don't know how to get started. So I kept googling mentorship for flipping and coming across a bunch of dudes that charge a lot of money.

Debbie DeBerry  7:18  
Like, focus on the profit.

Unknown Speaker  7:20  
Yeah, I was like, This doesn't seem like it's for me. I don't need a Lambo.

Debbie DeBerry  7:26  
So yeah, I

Unknown Speaker  7:27  
just I found you, Debbie, when I was doing that, and I was like, Oh, this actually feels like, this fits. Like she really cares about people like I do. She really cares about her community. She really cares about helping others, and she likes to restore homes in the process. And I was like, it's kind of like a deer moment when I found you. And when I told my husband, he was like, oh, yeah, she sounds awesome for you do that, you know, so cool. Yeah, it was really cool. And he's been my partners through this. This whole thing, and it's just been really fun to work with him on this. Is your

Debbie DeBerry  8:04  
husband working with you full time? Or does he have like another business or job or

Unknown Speaker  8:09  
so he has? He has a full time job. So he is paying our bills right now and our insurance. Not that so yeah, he's doing that.

Debbie DeBerry  8:17  
Got it. Okay, so fast forward to you deciding? Alright, I'm just gonna I'm gonna start flipping houses. Yeah. And you found your first flip. I know, I keep talking about it. But I love I love that house. You know, it's, we it's a design that we don't see often here like, yeah. And so I love it. Tell us walk us through that, like how you found your first flip. And then we'll kind of jump into like the numbers and all that. But

Unknown Speaker  8:55  
yeah, I so we were looking since I finished the program, I think was in March of last year. And so we just started looking and I was calling different realtors to be part of our team. I think we now have about five that are in our team, and they know about each other and all that kind of stuff. But the first one we went with, she was really looking, you know, hard. So we were MLS, she doesn't do off market deals. But what we found with her was that she's really good about watching the market for us. And if something's been sitting there for longer than 30 days, she would reach out to us. Oh, that's awesome. And this was a house in our neighborhood just across one busy street but I mean, I could walk there was less way less than a mile from our house. And so I knew about this house just from going on walks and stuff. And so we were like okay, you know what, it's on the market. Let's just put an offer in like what what we could really do to work within, you know, the numbers that we needed. And they said no

Debbie DeBerry  10:00  
Okay, how far apart

Unknown Speaker  10:02  
were you? Like, what was their asking? Okay, so they were asking to 25. And we were offering 165. Okay. And so but that's what we could do. So we weren't going to go over that yet. Numbers don't lie. Yeah. And so they said, No, but it continued to stay on the market. And in the meantime, we were going to look at a few houses per week and walk the houses and stuff. And I was still looking for a contractor. But at this particular house, we met the neighbors. And because we would go on walks to the neighborhood and stuff, we ended up meeting the behind the fence neighbors, and they told us about who was working on their kitchen, and contractor. So we interviewed him, loved him, and ended up going with him on the job. So that's so interesting. Yeah. So that's how we found it was it was on the market for two months. And people like it would go off the market, because people would actually put bids on it, or offers on it, and then get it and then they were like, oh, within the option period, and then actually come back to it. No. So that happens, why. Okay, and then our agent was like, okay, they keep getting rejected. I think this was a house that she actually that agent called her and was like, okay, are your people still interested? Oh my gosh. And she was like, yes. So we ended up the market. Within those two months. got better. Yeah. And so we knew that we could go up on our Ask offer price. So we ended up getting it for 176.

Debbie DeBerry  11:32  
Oh, but you didn't go up that much. No, no.

Unknown Speaker  11:35  
Um, so yeah, that's how he's Yeah, that's how we got this IKEA girl

Debbie DeBerry  11:39  
got that house for 176. ago. Lee. Okay. Um, I love that story. Because it's as with anything, it's all about the follow up. Mm hmm. Like it's all about, like, when you make an offer, and you get rejected, a lot of people are like, okay, fine, I'm done. My feelings are hurt. I'm going away. And it's like, no, you got to stick around, because that's

Unknown Speaker  12:10  
how we got what number two also instead of sticking around,

Debbie DeBerry  12:14  
it is all about the following. Yeah. And just sticking around. Oh, my gosh, okay. That's amazing. So the second, your second purchase was the same way.

Unknown Speaker  12:22  
Yeah. And it actually happened to be the same realtor that on the market. Yeah. And so she already knew about us. It was she didn't reach out to us. We had a different agent. And I told our agent like, hey, this was the realtor that we bought from on our first flip. So just let her know it's us. Let her know that. Oh, yeah. Cuz our first hard money lender ended up crashing and burning and so we had to get a second one really quick on the first flip. So I was like, I don't know. It's the second hard money lender that we're going with this time. So she knows we can actually close within like

Debbie DeBerry  12:55  
two days. Yes. Okay. Awesome. perfect segue into Okay, so how do you say you found it on the MLS? Yeah. You were persistent. You stuck around didn't get your feelings hurt and run away with your tail top. Right. Even though Hey, it's no fun getting getting to know especially like, I mean, we're just obsessed with houses. So we want them all we want to save them all. We want to love them all. And yeah, okay, so MLS now. You used hard money to finance it, what was the issue? So you get it under contract, you're lining up your hard money lender. And what happened?

Unknown Speaker  13:38  
They just kept saying they needed more documents. And it was all at that. It tail ended like right before you're supposed to close. And I had been reaching out saying, Yeah, hey, do you have everything you need? Hey, do you have everything you need? Hey, I'll get in. I would say I'll get to you about I'll get back to you. If I don't, I'll get back to you. And then the last minute, I need this, this, this and this. So we give it to them. And they're like, Oh, well, now you're gonna have to put in 30,000 more dollars like the day before. And I was like, I can't come up with $30,000 By tomorrow at like three. Sorry. So we reached out to Ranger. And they were they had never done a deal in Waco. So we didn't know if they'd be able to help us out. But they were like, Yeah, let's do it. I was like, I'm part of Debbie's group. And they're like, Alright, let's do this. So we did it and it like, boom was I think it was in two days. They turn that around.

Debbie DeBerry  14:30  
That's amazing. Yeah. I mean, they've done that for a couple of our sisters. They've they've done that. Like it's amazing to be able to do that. Yeah. Especially for a new investor. Right, a new relationship and like, that's just awesome. And they hadn't loaned in Waco flow.

Unknown Speaker  14:49  
No amazing. There who we use on the second flip, too. So

Debbie DeBerry  14:54  
okay, so you use them for the second one and whatever.

Unknown Speaker  14:57  
I haven't even told you guys

Debbie DeBerry  14:59  
what they What are we

Unknown Speaker  15:04  
talking about? We have a cutie little third one that I haven't had time to post because my children are sick all

Debbie DeBerry  15:08  
the time. Your children need to get well.

Unknown Speaker  15:13  
I know girl I know.

Debbie DeBerry  15:15  
Oh my gosh. Congratulations. Thank you. And we are supposed to close on a fourth. Are you? Where are you with flip number two? We are

Unknown Speaker  15:28  
flipped number two. We talked to the contractor this morning. I mean, we're he says he can wrap it up by first week, second week of February.

Debbie DeBerry  15:39  
Awesome. Yeah. Great. So

Unknown Speaker  15:40  
we're about a month away from being done. I think

Debbie DeBerry  15:43  
are you able to use your same contractor for all your projects? We're not using the

Unknown Speaker  15:47  
one that we use on the first one. But he is working on flip two, three, and he said he could do for two, if we can get the funds together for it. So

Debbie DeBerry  15:58  
so he he can expand his team to kind of absorb all that.

Unknown Speaker  16:02  
Yes. Yeah. Then he wants to continue to, to work with this

Debbie DeBerry  16:06  
horse. Yep. Yeah, that's the way to go. That's, that's super exciting. Oh my gosh, yeah. Now you have two houses that you have to share with us.

Unknown Speaker  16:13  
I know I do.

Debbie DeBerry  16:16  
The things I learned on these calls.

Unknown Speaker  16:17  
I know, right? I was like, I have to post about this on all the places and I have not done it yet.

Debbie DeBerry  16:25  
Okay, um, alright, so you get that one closed? And let's talk about when you okay, you, you did what did you say? 176? Six?

Unknown Speaker  16:36  
Yeah, that was our purchase price. And then

Debbie DeBerry  16:39  
when you were estimating repairs, and getting all that done, what were you estimating your repairs to be?

Unknown Speaker  16:46  
We were estimating the repairs to be at 4000.

Debbie DeBerry  16:50  
Okay. And what did you come in at?

Unknown Speaker  16:55  
There were some there are some things that came up, so that we just had no idea would come up. And I mean, one of them. Our contractor, when I asked him how much my portion would be because you know what contractors send their bid over. They're like, this is how much my stuff costs, and then your stuff will cost this amount. Why I was like, What is my stuff? I've never done this before. So he's like, Oh, countertops, appliances, cabinet hardware door knobs throughout. We need a fireplace inserts, flooring throughout tile plumbing fixtures seek and I needed a primary bath vanity. So he told me and I had never done this site. And he told me it'd be $12,000 Oh, gosh. Well, I still I was very frugal with everything. And I still ended up my portion was 21,500

Debbie DeBerry  17:48  
That's still good.

Unknown Speaker  17:49  
I thought it was good too. And I will have to say Lowe's came in for me like I went in there. And I was like, Wait, you guys do countertops. What I don't tell me more about your ways, Lowe's. And so um, so she ended up getting me great pricing on everything like bathroom vanities. I mean, she like went all out. So anyway, yeah, Lowe's has been my friend since we started this whole process. I love it. Yeah. Um, well, and then other things that we didn't know. So while we're doing repairs and stuff, I'm standing out with my contractor and he has his foot on the existing railing outside that, you know, and it just like starts wobbling. So I was like, Okay, with this isn't good, I suppose to do that. The name of our company. Well, in flourish, we want people to dwell on flourish not dwell and that, you know, don't fall off, do not fall off of the front porch. Don't do that. So we ended up having to bring our metal guy out our fence guy that give us an estimate on the fence. I mean, that 1600 bugs and then I wasn't thinking about how, you know, vertexes mosquitoes I was like, We need to get this place. Mosquito bombed outside before, before it goes on the market. So when people are walking through, they're not just being like, attacked by mosquitoes because that's not a good, that's not a good fit for anyone. Um,

Debbie DeBerry  19:18  
and then after we got the

Unknown Speaker  19:19  
inspection report back from when the buyers you know, had their inspection then there was some water damage on some floors. We had to remediate and stuff that ended up being like $3,100 There was walls and floors. I mean, everything needed to be put back together. There was like a leak behind the new vanity we put in. I don't know if that was a plumbing flaw or if it was, I don't know what happened because we got all that done, but we have it take the big entity and that wall apart which had wainscoting and chair rails and stuff. So we had to take everything apart, put it back together. So All of the those things that we didn't know about the unknowns were 7000.

Debbie DeBerry  20:05  
Well, that's not terrible, but it's not fun. I know. It's not

Unknown Speaker  20:09  
fun. No. So that's stuff that we just couldn't see. You know, and even with an initial inspection report, it just was stuff that we didn't see. And we, we really do care about our buyers. And so we wanted to take care of anything that we found. So that's what we did and like waterproof everything afterwards and stuff. And so I'm actually have met them because since we, since they bought the house, I got a call from my realtor saying their faucet in their kitchen just stopped working. And it was a pretty but dinky one I'd bought on Amazon too. I didn't know that, that, you know, a low costing one with fine reviews just wouldn't work. But yeah, they the first week they moved in the house, their faucet didn't work. So I ended up going to Lowe's and buying them a nice delta one, but and bringing it over, I was like, happy, happy first week in your house. So sorry, I felt like a jerk. But they were so sweet.

Debbie DeBerry  21:06  
That's so awesome. I love hearing that. Like, it's things like that, you know, it's it doesn't have to be so transactional, right? Where you're just in and out and done. And it's in the rear view and I'm out. It feels so much better

Unknown Speaker  21:26  
that way. I just want it. We want to take care of it. My husband was on the same page. I was like, I kind of want to go buy them a faucet right now. He's like, Yeah, me too. That's what I was gonna say. I was like, Okay, go to Lowe's. See you later.

Debbie DeBerry  21:36  
That's awesome. I love that so much. I do. And I'm the same way with things that come up on repairs. Like I'm like, fine. Yes, I'll fix it. Even the little things. I'm like, Yeah. And it's like, you know what? Goodwill? Like, that's gonna go so far. Right? Yeah. Then yeah, it's just easier. Um, okay. So some surprise costs. And what was okay, so what was your initial timeline from purchase to when you thought you would be done with renovations and put on the market? Right,

Unknown Speaker  22:09  
well, initial timeline. He thought it was gonna be 12 weeks. The contractor did. But then once we had him sign the contract, you know, the contract where it says he would have to pay money. If he goes over the time. He's like, he changed it to 16 weeks. Just for just in case because he did it. I was like, Okay, well, that's good to know. You know, like it. I read it, because initially, he said five months. And then we had a compromise on the forecast. I was like, No, you can't jump two months, like, so. But I get it. Because that contract, having to get it signed was so nerve wracking for me, because I was like, I don't want to have to do this. But it's important. Yeah. And then. And he still came in with within 16 weeks. Well, it took 16 and a half weeks, I will say but our team got COVID And it wasn't good. So the crew got COVID. And we were like everybody leave. Don't come back for quarantine time. Yeah. And

Debbie DeBerry  23:10  
yeah, so So y'all would have been within the 16.

Unknown Speaker  23:14  
Yeah. And we told him, we were like, we would never charge you money going over because of a global pandemic. Yeah.

Debbie DeBerry  23:21  
Yeah. There's a difference when you don't when you just decide not to show up or you send you send your crew to another job. There's a difference. But there's a difference between that and actually being sick, right? Yeah. Okay. So 16 and a half weeks. Yeah. And when you bought the house, what were you thinking that ARV was going to be? When

Unknown Speaker  23:45  
we bought the house, we were thinking the ARV was going to be 325. But then as the market started heating up, we realized that we could do 340 As our ARV.

Debbie DeBerry  23:56  
Okay. So you listed it for 340 Mm hmm. And what did you guys end up selling it

Unknown Speaker  24:01  
for? 340. Within five days, we had two offers. One was for 325 cash, and one was for 340 cash. So we took the 340 cash.

Debbie DeBerry  24:13  
I'm still amazed that somebody could get that awesome of a house, which is why you got cash offers. Yeah, 25 and 340. That awesome of the house for that price. I mean, really? That's amazing.

Unknown Speaker  24:25  
Yeah, it was it was really good. And I got to put, I'm a big midcentury fan. So I got to put my midcentury spin on it and still try to do it in neutral enough colors. But not all just like black and white, you know, neutral enough colors to where somebody felt like they could still put their spin on it too. So

Debbie DeBerry  24:44  
yeah, it's beautiful. I really love that house. So congratulations on that. Thank you. Um, okay, when did you guys close?

Unknown Speaker  24:53  
We close November clash? Was it 11th Okay, I think it was November 11. Yeah.

Debbie DeBerry  25:00  
Awesome. And what would you say? You obviously, you had some surprise costs in there. What would you say were some of your biggest lessons,

Unknown Speaker  25:16  
I would say that I wish as much as we love our first contractor, he is more expensive than other contractors in town. And so I wish that we would have taken the time to find more just to interview them before just to kind of get an idea of what pricing should be, because then maybe I wouldn't even known that my portion would be in the 20s, rather than just like, what he thought it would be in the 12. And the 12. So I think with that one would be Yeah, interview more contractors beforehand, when you're first getting started. And I mean, that's what you recommend in the modules, too. We were just excited to get going and find somebody that we actually liked and was trustworthy.

Debbie DeBerry  26:02  
In there, I get it. All the lessons come from all my things. Oh, my

Unknown Speaker  26:07  
gosh, um, I think just not, you don't know until you get started. And you tell us a lot, you you give us a lot of heads up and their heads up. And they're all true. And I would just say learn from everybody in your on your team and your team being the biggest one I learned from, you know, and then then when it's local to your community, when you're starting to interview contractors and getting your materials and stuff, I would say, I just learned that things cost differently in different communities. So even when we're posting in the group that some people's contractors cost as much as other materials cost this much, even in my small town, Waco, like things cost more here than even in Austin, sometimes that would you wouldn't think so. But, but they just do. And so we have to go with what our local costs are. And you just have to

Debbie DeBerry  27:05  
do it. You can do it. Yes. Oh, my gosh, when people post, what do you think about this bid? What that's why we're like, we don't know. That person, right? And you can get three bids, three different people, and they're all going to be different? Because it is you all you can go by is what that one person who was going to do the work says it's going to cost like that's all you can go by?

Unknown Speaker  27:30  
Yeah. First one, he is really good. And they do really good work. And I think, you know, for our own house, like we would want to go with him or but for one that we're trying to like, this is our business. And we have to have this many dollars go towards this. And it's allocated towards different things. Yeah. I mean, yeah, I wish we could have worked with him on every project. And we still may be able to, again on future flips. As soon as material costs kind of level out, because I think that's a big thing for him too, as he kind of felt like our project was one kind of in the pandemic where lumber costs and everything was fluctuating so much. He was like, oh, man, I don't even know how much things are gonna cost tomorrow. I do have people kept changing. And I felt so sorry for him because he ate a lot of cost for us because of just the materials cost changing. And so he did so many solids on the first one.

Debbie DeBerry  28:21  
His material costs kept

Unknown Speaker  28:22  
changing. He was just like, well, I'm going to just eat it because I don't want you guys because this is what I told you. And I don't want you to have to pay for it. I know. So yeah, I think it was a really great experience. And you haven't asked us yet, but we ended up profiting. $9,000 Which wasn't what we thought, but it's something. Yeah, and yep. And we didn't lose. And we want to do more obviously, because we are doing right. And yeah, love it.

Debbie DeBerry  28:51  
So here's the thing, like I always say, the whole point of the first one, right is to do it in a way that makes you want to do it again. And I will tell you that I'm 100% of the people that I ask in the group, like oh, you know, what, what does that look like for you? And they all say it looks like not losing money on the first deal. So congratulations, they are not losing money on your first. Yeah, I mean, that's there's so much you have to go through the process. There's so much learning in the doing that you cannot learn any other way except for in it. Yeah, um, and every deal is different. Every project is different, different problems, different things come up. So I'm super excited for you. I love that. You've just boom taken off. And now you have three projects. Oh, exciting. Did you use only hard money on the first deal or did you use some private money to we use

Unknown Speaker  29:54  
private money my brother in law gave us I think we use $30,000 of private money, so we didn't use. So far we haven't used any of our own money yet on any of the flips. So it's doable. Yeah. So that was my, that was my always my whole my whole back was that. I don't we can't do it because we don't have the capital. But then you know, when you told us no, you don't. I mean, that's one way. But there are other ways. Yeah. Right. I mean, there are other ways. And that's the only way we can do this. And so I'm thankful to learn that that's the way

Debbie DeBerry  30:28  
that's awesome. Right? And everybody benefits. Everybody benefits by that, like, you're doing the thing. Investors want to put their money somewhere that's going to give them a great return. Yeah, they believe in you. Like, it's they believe in the deal. Like it's all of those things. Yeah. That's so that's so cool. Yeah, it can't be done. None of your own cash. Let's see, we talked about the project and the surprises. And how about this? What were some of your fears or concerns or worries going into this whole venture?

Unknown Speaker  31:08  
I, I didn't know if I could do it. I mean, I just didn't know. I think the paperwork, the legal stuff scared me like, how do you know what contracts to use? That kind of stuff? Which you step by step, give us those and say, This is stuff you can use, take it to your attorney to make sure this is right. And, and, and that's all we had to do. You just get the thing signed. And it's not as scary as, as I make it in my head. I made it in my head. So scary in the first one. And now I'm just like, Oh, these are them. And this is what it is. And this is what you have to get signed. And it's everybody's like, cool. I'm used to signing contracts. These are business documents. And, and it's all fine.

Debbie DeBerry  31:51  
I love that you're not alone, you are not alone. That's why a lot of the women don't use them. And it's like, no, you have to use them. You have to protect me. Yeah, it's business. We're signing contracts all the time, right. That's how business happens. I know

Unknown Speaker  32:07  
why that holds us back. But it does. And then also had the confidence thing like, I had never, I had always designed for other businesses, or other people but not for myself or for homes that people were going to live in that I was solely responsible for the design. And so I didn't know if I could do it. And I didn't know how it was gonna look. And what if it looks gross, and it didn't. And so it actually looked pretty. I got really good feedback. And people want to work with us. Actually, people have been asking me if I would help with designing their homes, which I don't have time for at the moment. But I'm not saying no, forever. Yes. I have done a couple friends houses since then. But yeah, it's just yeah, it's been great. Like I was scared of these things that worked out and better than I could have imagined, like, my confidence is just boosted in this area of design, and that I can do it and I can run a business. And my husband and I are a good team. And now my brother in law and his wife have actually moved from California to be closer with so we could all be close together. And he's gotten the bug to since he's invested with us. And he's wanting to do more flips with us and stuff. So it's awesome. So it's been good.

Debbie DeBerry  33:26  
Is there anything you would have done differently? On your first flip or? You good?

Unknown Speaker  33:33  
It's like, I change the things I could control as we went. Pivot. Let's keep going. But there's but there's, I mean, yeah, there's nothing else. There's nothing I would change. I feel like it all went the way it was supposed to go. We all learned a lot our contract. We had a great experience with our contractor. He even said he learned a lot. But yeah, I think it's been a great experience for us. I've liked meeting my local vendors. Yeah. And it's just been really fun. Getting to have my own relationship with vendors and not building relationships for other other companies and stuff has been really fun.

Debbie DeBerry  34:12  
What a great point. Right? Right. Because you've done it. You've done it so much for other people. That's so interesting.

Unknown Speaker  34:19  
Mm hmm. And having less flexibility to to be

Debbie DeBerry  34:22  
able to go to

Unknown Speaker  34:24  
my kids school for things like that. I have my oldest ones in kindergarten now and she has little programs that are super cute, or her school is down the street. So sometimes she's like, Nah, can you just come sit and have lunch with me? You know, and so I can do that kind of stuff.

Debbie DeBerry  34:41  
Oh, it's so good. Yeah. That is it's the most important like, it is the most important part for me is to be able to go be with my kid when I have the chance to go be with my kids. Yeah. Was there anything that we didn't touch on that you wanted to? That you wanted to say? Or anything? I want to make sure I try to make sure people feel like, yeah, I got everything out.

Unknown Speaker  35:12  
Yeah, no, I got everything out. And I think to having the support of the ladies in our group two, has been really helpful. And it's so true to I mean, you put stuff into the group, and you get so much out of it, you know, like, the ladies, their support and your support and our admin team, like everyone, it's just, I couldn't really do this without you like, you're part of my team, too. And it's with the competent stuff. It's with the I don't know this, I don't how do I do this? How do I record I feel stuck. And we don't have to feel self conscious about it, or beat ourselves up about it. Because we know that you guys, somebody in the group, at least has felt this way in the past. And they will speak up and be like, oh, yeah, I have felt that way. And this is how I got over it, or through it, or I'm still in it, but I'll be with you in it. Oh, my gosh, that's huge. Yeah, it is huge. And to know that I have the support for ever, ever. Is, is huge. It's very, it's just, um, it just motivates me to keep going because like, well, I can do this. Because if I think I can't, there's going to be somebody that helped me get unstuck.

Debbie DeBerry  36:32  
Exactly. Good. I'm so glad that you know that because that is that is a huge role that we fill you and and that's the part of it. Like you don't know. We don't know what we don't know, right? And we get into something and all of a sudden, we're like, what, what is this? Yeah. And that's why we're there. Yeah. Someone might think, like, this is easy. You just go to buy a house? It is right. It's a simple process. Yeah. It's a simple framework. With all these things come up. And then that's what we're there for. Like, alright, we're your safety net. And my mom was always my safety net. It's like, that's what I want to be like, we're just your safety net. Yeah. When you do need us true. You are. Yeah. Yay. Good. I'm so glad. I'm so glad that we were able to have this conversation finally. Oh, oh, man. It was touch and go there.

Unknown Speaker  37:26  
But first, let me remember my first flip because I might get a walk a few

Debbie DeBerry  37:30  
more years later, we're having our first flip debrief.

Unknown Speaker  37:34  
No, it's almost my one year anniversary of being in your group, though.

Debbie DeBerry  37:37  
Yay. And you've bought four houses.

Unknown Speaker  37:42  
Oh, my God. You're about to buy about to buy our fourth. Yeah. Yes. Which my goal for my first year within the group was to do 123 flips. That was my goal. And I'm doing it. You did it. I did it. I did it. And I'm still doing it.

Debbie DeBerry  38:04  
So Oh, my gosh. Congratulations. Thank you. I'm so thankful that you let us be part of your journey. So thank you. Yes, of course. Awesome. Thank you, Tammy. Thanks, Debbie. Bye, bye. I mean, come on. How inspiring is that? From brand new to buying for houses, for projects for flips within her first year with us using none of our own cash. Yes, it can be done 100% It can't be done. We have many women in our community who are doing just that. Alright, so if you want some help, if you want somebody to show you how to do these things, you want an amazing community. You want the step by step you want the community you want the support, go to her first flip.com And let's see if we're a fit. Because if this is something that you want to do, if this is a dream, you want to chase, get off the sideline and go for it, sister, what's in your way what's stopping you. Go do it. Alright, until next time, go out there flip houses like a girl. Leave people in places better than you find them and chase your curiosities. Bye, y'all.