March 9, 2023

Using OPM for 30k First Flip Profit in Indianapolis

Tiffany and Sha-Hanna are absolute rockstars in our FlipSisters community. They give, engage and encourage, which are exactly the things that make our group so great. 

They also flipped their first house using a private money loan from a member in our FlipSisters community and they made a 30k profit! 

Listen in to hear:

  • How they found the deal
  • How they found 100% financing for it
  • The fears that came up throughout the entire process
  • Why the heck they want to do this again!
  • How they're doing big things in their family
  • The surprises that came up and how they handled them
  • How they managed the people, project and problems

...and so much more. 

You will LOVE this episode and them. 



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