Sept. 11, 2019

Intro to Marketing for Houses to Flip

This is the entry level episode discussing all things marketing for houses to flip. Whether you are actively marketing for deals or not, you need to understand this information. This knowledge will put you lightyears ahead of...

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Sept. 4, 2019

How She Made Nearly $30k on Her First Flip + Her Secrets to Finding &…

Nicole Good is a talented and highly-skilled General Contractor who owns Good Construction out of Hot Springs, Arkansas. She also happens to be in my mentoring program and recently completed her first flip! This episode is no...

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Aug. 30, 2019

5 Steps for Real Estate Investors to Get a Seller's YES

Do you know the exact 5-stage process that every single seller goes through when making their decision about whether they're going to work with you or someone else? You must know these stages, how to continue to move the cust...

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Aug. 28, 2019

What it Means to Flip Houses Like a Girl

I've added listener shout-outs so tune in to see if you hear your name! Oh, what's that? You haven't left a review yet? Well, do so! And you may get a shout-out on the next episode. In this episode, you'll …

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Aug. 21, 2019

How She Turned $10 into $36,000 on Her First Flip with Angelique Nayl…

This episode is so inspiring! Angelique Naylor has been investing in real estate since 2001 and has been involved in over 300 real estate transactions, ranging from wholesales and rehabs to rentals and commercial properties. ...

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Aug. 14, 2019

7 Ways to Buy Flip Houses with Little to None of Your Own Cash

You know that saying: You don't know what you don't know? Well, it's true. Traditionally, when buying a house, you'd go to your bank or credit union and apply for a mortgage. You turn in all kinds of paperwork and …

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Aug. 1, 2019

13 House Flipping Mistakes to Avoid

In this episode, I'm uncovering the top 13 mistakes I see house flippers making, seasoned and newbies alike. So many women I talk to who have this big dream of flipping houses for a living also have a lot of …

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July 31, 2019

First 5 Steps You Must Take to Start Flipping Houses

By far, the most common question I get asked is, "How do I get started flipping houses?" There are 5 crucial steps that you must take, things that must be in place, in order to be able to jump on …

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July 30, 2019

Welcome to the Flip Houses Like a Girl Podcast

Welcome to the very first episode of Flip Houses Like a Girl! Wow. I am equally excited and humbled to get to do this with you. I decided it was time to cut through some of the hype and BS …

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